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Example sentences for "cognoscenti"

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cognizing; cognoissance; cognoistre; cognomen; cognomento; cognoscere; cognoscit; cognovit; cogon; cogs
  1. His imitations of Anacreon, and the soft bard of Erin, have on many occasions puzzled the cognoscenti of Eton.

  2. It was realized in a way that was almost sinister by the cognoscenti of Cox's Piece that if there was such a thing existing in the world, Ginger was really and truly It.

  3. Ginger looked around magisterially; the cognoscenti concurred as one.

  4. While the crestfallen and unwilling Parkins deferred to the master mind, a wave of solemn curiosity passed through the cognoscenti of Cox's Piece.

  5. The Sailor winced, but the cognoscenti were much too busy to notice him.

  6. The audiences were composed exclusively of the nobility of the town and foreigners of note, and among these classes the preference was given to the cognoscenti and amateurs.

  7. The music did not meet the expectations of the cognoscenti and music-lovers, lacking the passionate expression which is so compelling in Mozart and Cherubini.

  8. For about a century or more many Italian liutaros were busily engaged in sending forth under competition works which are now by the cognoscenti treated as unrivalled excellence of quality, classical, and the outcome of genius.

  9. The railway cognoscenti declared that all the details of the railroad management, and the sheds, warehouses, &c.

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