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  1. Footnote 114: The author appears to refer here to the XLV Psalm, 'Eructavit cor meum.

  2. Al cor gentil ripara sempre amore Si come augello in selva a la verdura: Non fe amore anzi che gentil core Ne gentil core anzi ch' amor, natura.

  3. Fuoco d'amore in gentil cor s'apprende Come vertute in pietra preziosa; Che da la stella valor non discende Anzi che'l sol la faccia gentil cosa, etc.

  4. Write or telegraph me a line, and I'll instantly meet you at Granville, at the Cor d'Abondance.

  5. For she was herself going back to the dear delights of her beloved London, and her liberal lover had already given her his address at the Cor d'Abondance.

  6. With a sullen brow, Jack Blunt departed the next morning on the Granville steamer, and, only when in the safe hiding of Etienne Garcin's Cor d'Abondance did he dare to breathe freely.

  7. Too late Pollione discovers the worth of the woman he has abandoned, and a beautiful duet ("Qual cor tradisti") forms the closing number.

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