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Example sentences for "coronas"

Lexicographically close words:
coronae; coronal; coronals; coronam; coronary; coronat; coronata; coronated; coronation; coronations
  1. Probably they are fragments of coronas of unusual size produced by exceedingly fine cloud particles.

  2. Well developed coronas show one or more series of spectral colors outside the aureole.

  3. Halos and coronas are circles of prismatic colors which, in certain states of the atmosphere, surround the Sun and the Moon.

  4. Coronas are seen when a light mist is floating in the air, and are supposed to be formed by reflection from the external surface of the globules of vapor.

  5. You'll find the Corona--Coronas the best.

  6. As I am not a millionaire I don't offer these Coronas to everybody.

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