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Example sentences for "decapitating"

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  1. The habit of decapitating the dead was revolting enough, but this aged sinner was not satisfied with that: he used to drive sharp wooden poles through their living bodies, and then leave them to die a lingering and agonising death.

  2. The incontrovertible facts, too, remain that Mussulman Turkey has been the first to relinquish the unchristian custom of decapitating prisoners, and other inhuman practices, which the so-called Christians appear little inclined to renounce.

  3. Even with annual heading-in the bearing wood eventually gets too far from the ground and the grower may have to resort to decapitating the trees--an operation commonly known by the inapt term "dehorning.

  4. The guillotine was making away with the enemies of liberty, so the women wore tiny guillotines as ornaments, and the children were given toy guillotines and amused themselves decapitating the figures of "aristocrats.

  5. In former times it had been customary to inflict capital punishment by decapitating the victim with the sword.

  6. Decapitating corpses and desecrating tombs of great criminals have frequently been practised by the existing Manchu government, in criticizing whom we must not forget the treatment of Cromwell's body at the Restoration.

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