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Example sentences for "eardrums"

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eaque; ear; earache; eard; eardrum; eare; eared; earely; eares; earf
  1. The humming increased, however--grew into a vibration that made his eardrums ache.

  2. Then that discordant sound again, breaking so swiftly that it fell upon the eardrums of Sarka and Jaska like the crack of doom.

  3. Then there came a whistling scream from the depths of the earth--from far underground it seemed to be--and this mounted in pitch until their eardrums tingled.

  4. Yes--break his eye-lenses and his eardrums and he'll stop whatever he's doing and send out distress calls.

  5. Their eardrums ached, and seemed ready to snap apart.

  6. As his eardrums recovered, Vance heard a new roar, deeper and throatier than the sound of the Agusta, welling up around him.

  7. The pain seemed to work in opposition to the numbing effects of the shock wave that had buffeted him, assaulting his eardrums and his consciousness.

  8. When a shell actually struck our ship and penetrated the structure there was a reverberating crash that roared from end to end and nearly drove our eardrums in and made work of any delicacy impossible.

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