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Example sentences for "acoustically"

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acordyng; acorn; acorns; acoustic; acoustical; acoustics; acqua; acquaint; acquaintance; acquaintances
  1. There are a number of music rooms in the city, perfectly adapted acoustically to the different sorts of music.

  2. The voice is not heard acoustically any more than the figure is seen optically.

  3. For this purpose the two plates must be acoustically tuned to each other and placed not too far apart.

  4. Acoustically intermediate between the freely unvoiced and the voiced sounds are a number of other characteristic types of voicing, such as murmuring and whisper.

  5. The chamber is, acoustically and otherwise, the sepulchre of speech.

  6. On the other hand, if this was not the case, his works must have been brought into Venice and their merits artistically as well as acoustically well thought over.

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