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  1. Here the acoustics are perfect, and the artist has those wonderful silences through which his slightest tones carry clearly and sweetly.

  2. Acoustics play a greater part in the success of a public concert than most people realize.

  3. Acoustics Names of sciences ending in ics, are generally regarded as singular.

  4. Acoustics is a very considerable branch of physics.

  5. Do not say, "The acoustics of this hall are good," but "The acoustic properties of this hall are good.

  6. When we speak of a standard tone we enter the domain of acoustics and must proceed according to the laws of physics.

  7. A handbook of acoustics as relating to music.

  8. The teaching of singing, as an art, then rested altogether on an empirical basis, and the acoustics of singing had not received the attention of scientists.

  9. He led her by the hand to his office, and beyond every doorway they passed was a V/DT Experience Designer pretending not to peek at them as they walked by, having heard every word through the tricky acoustics of O'Malley House.

  10. The smell of her powder and the familiar acoustics of Union Station's cavernous platform whirled him back to his childhood in Toronto, to the homey time before he'd gotten on the circadian merry-go-round.

  11. But the deplorable acoustics of the concert-room had a prejudicial effect on the works that were performed there; and the public did not respond very warmly to M.

  12. It seems to us that some of the many failures in practical acoustics come from considering the air--the material involved--as perfectly elastic.

  13. Many a one versed in acoustics would probably have been restrained by the practical difficulty of impressing the vibrations on a yielding material, and making them react upon the reproducing tympanum.

  14. Theorists have been known to pronounce against a promising invention which has afterwards been carried to success, and it is not improbable that if Edison had been an authority in acoustics he would never have invented the phonograph.

  15. Yet no professor of acoustics thought of this, and it was left to Edison, a telegraphic inventor, to show them what was lying at their feet.

  16. It is the function of you and your brother cops to preserve the acoustics of the city.

  17. The acoustics of the small town are faultless, and the activities of this spendthrift had been noised abroad.

  18. Her mother's business of plain and fancy dressmaking did not a little to make the acoustics of Newbern superior.

  19. A Acousticon transmitter Acoustics characteristics of sound loudness pitch timbre human ear human voice propagation of sound Air-gap vs.

  20. Since human beings communicate with each other by means of speech and hearing through the air, it is with air that the acoustics of telephony principally is concerned.

  21. The holes, therefore, being smaller than the laws of acoustics demand, have to be placed proportionally nearer the mouthpiece in order to avoid deepening the pitch and deadening the tone.

  22. The Owl's Ear obviously inspired another,[47] both being records of supernatural acoustics the latter dealing with spiritual sounds.

  23. Supernatural acoustics enters[206] in the story of a man who discovers the sound-center in an opera house and reads the unspoken thoughts of those around him.

  24. He applies the laws of acoustics to mentality and spirituality, making astounding discoveries.

  25. A Contribution to the History of Acoustics 375 II.

  26. They were so new that none of the workers in acoustics could think that Ohm had made a great discovery.

  27. In giving up electricity, the disappointed priest turned his attention, first, to acoustics and then, practical man as he was, to the construction of musical instruments.

  28. Acoustics thus can show me the analogous effects of sound on every object of its impact.

  29. Your laws of acoustics and optics are nullified by the sounds you hear in your brain during sleep, and by the light of an electric flash, of which the rays are often overpowering.

  30. Heisenberg could, of course, have said the same of the science of acoustics in regard to one born deaf.

  31. For all the processes essential to a physical acoustics are accessible to the eye and other senses.

  32. By this term in acoustics is understood a property possessed by sound apart from pitch and volume, and dependent on the nature of the source from which a tone is derived.

  33. The grave polyphonic music, perfectly rendered, greatly pleased me; but the acoustics of the building seemed to be defective.

  34. Acoustics is the science relating to sound and hearing.

  35. The contributions on optics and acoustics have been continued to the present time, but they by no means limit his interests.

  36. The papers on acoustics were followed by the publication in 1877 of the classical work on the 'Theory of Sound.

  37. The science of acoustics is full of interesting facts of this kind, and is of profound value to any one who would gain an insight into the structure of music.

  38. The same well-defined principles, based on acoustics and other modern sciences, that have led to the steady improvement of other musical instruments ought surely to be of some advantage to the violin.

  39. Advanced knowledge of acoustics and improved methods of construction have made it the magnificent instrument we know in concert hall and home, and to which we now apply the more intimate name, piano.

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