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buzzes; buzzing; buzzum; bwoken; bwoy; bycause; byde; bye; byegone; byen
  1. Her poor old father's in despair, For China's throne is now without an heir; He longs for her to wed some prince or other, And not perplex him with continual bother.

  2. Your husband shall not come to any harm, So pray don't needlessly yourself alarm.

  3. To-day a horrid deed will be enacted,-- A cruel death, by Turandot exacted.

  4. Obey my royal pleasure, And thine shall be this pile of golden treasure.

  5. All these belonged to men who dared to hope With Turandot in subtlety to cope.

  6. Tis lucky She proved herself in house-letting so plucky.

  7. Your hate alone, adored Princess, can move My soul.

  8. Bryant's poems, which are published by D.

  9. By day, along the astonished lands The cloudy pillar glided slow; By night, Arabia's crimsoned sands Returned the fiery column's glow.

  10. Since every creature was decreed To aid each other's mutual need, Appease your discontented mind, And act the part by heaven assigned.

  11. The old Earl's daughter died at my breast; I speak the truth, as I live by bread!

  12. Aroused by Gelert's dying yell, Some slumberer wakened nigh; What words the parent's joy can tell, To hear his infant cry!

  13. Vainly we offer each ample oblation; Vainly with gifts would His favor secure: Richer by far is the heart's adoration; Dearer to God are the prayers of the poor.

  14. And I conjure thee, Demon elf, By Him whom Demons fear, To show us whence thou art thyself, And what thine errand here?

  15. So warm, so beautiful withal, In perfect fitness for its aim, That to the kind by special grace Their instinct surely came.

  16. Day by day the Indian tiger Louder yelled, and nearer crept; Round and round, the jungle serpent Near and nearer circles swept.

  17. All sunk beneath the wave Fast by their native shore!

  18. For never again shall bark o' mine Sail o'er the windy sea, Unless, by the blessing of God, for this Be found a remedy.

  19. There to the brooding bird her mate Warbles by fits his low clear song; And by the busy streamlet both Are sung to all day long.

  20. We buried him darkly at dead of night, The sods with our bayonets turning; By the struggling moonbeam's misty light, And the lantern dimly burning.

  21. Luther and his doctrines were condemned by the chief of Christendom.

  22. Think of a power which, by a single edict, caused the deliberate murder of more than fifty thousand men in the Netherlands alone!

  23. Even with the great Luther ever by his side, he could hardly get loose from Rome and retain his wholeness, and when he was loose could hardly maintain his legs upon the ground that had been won.

  24. On foot he undertook the journey, believed by all to be a journey to his death.

  25. The Dutch of Holland, impelled by the spirit of mercantile enterprise, established a colony on the Hudson, and founded what afterward became the city and State of New York (1614).

  26. Sweden of all claims of the English to the country on the Delaware growing out of the rights of first discovery, and for the very purposes of this colonial free state and asylum first projected by the Swedish king.

  27. From his tomb there still comes forth A magic which appalls them by its power; And the brave monk who made the Popedom rock Champions a world to show his equal yet!

  28. If he was harsh and unsparing upon hypocrites, malignants, and fools, he called things by their right names, and still was as loving as he was brave.

  29. Those on whom he most relied betimes imperiled his cause by undue concessions and pusillanimity.

  30. Overwhelmed with terror, he cried to Heaven for help, and vowed, if spared, to devote himself to the salvation of his soul by becoming a monk.

  31. But from that time forward everything moved toward general regeneration by means of that marrow doctrine of the Gospel: Salvation by loving faith in the merit and mediation of Jesus alone.

  32. Simultaneously the declination is noted by A in the darkness.

  33. The periodic parallactic proper motion is caused by the motion of the earth around the sun, and gives the annual parallax (π).

  34. The type is grouped into five subdivisions represented by the letters Oa, Ob, Oc, Od and Oe.

  35. These plates have been counted at the Lund Observatory by Hans HENIE.

  36. The mean wave-length is pretty closely defined by the colour, whereas the dispersion of the wave-length is found from the spectrum of the stars.

  37. As this is only the component along the line of sight, the absolute velocity is still greater, approximately equal to the component velocity multiplied by √2.

  38. The observations are performed by the observer A and his assistant B.

  39. These subdivisions are conditioned by the varying intensities of the bright bands named above.

  40. Just run to the parlor mirror now and watch yourself.

  41. She has been christened Marguerite Elizabeth, but the Indians call her Zintka Lanuni--Lost Bird.

  42. I am sorry to be obliged to take this step," said Dr.

  43. Imp, grasping his hand and giving it an affectionate squeeze.

  44. May your drop-kick never fail you, May your aim be ever true.

  45. This is obviated by having two lamps in each lantern and an instrument called a "buzzer," which makes a fuss right behind the steersman if one of the lights in a lantern goes out.

  46. He's blown into our galleries on the ridge!

  47. Under the circumstances the following named Knights kindly took charge of the details: Beverly S.

  48. These dials are little electrical devices, showing exactly how many revolutions the screws are making.

  49. There are many of their handsomer cousins whose history is not half as interesting as that of this poor beetle that we tread upon in the grass.

  50. An embarrassing wait of five hours was before them.

  51. I've half a mind not to let you in at all!

  52. That is, our supply of circulars will not last always.

  53. The heaviest man on the team is Edwards at right guard, and he is playing about the best all-around game of any man on the team.

  54. Sixty bright faces welcomed me as I took my place with other visitors, this afternoon, in the school-room of our practice school.

  55. One part of the problem before us is to develop manly courage.

  56. And we take the task willingly of telling of it.

  57. I think it is just grand to see it, and to hear the great noise it makes.

  58. Extensive and expensive repairs were made necessary before the school could be opened.

  59. One morning while we were staying there we had a very hard storm, but in the afternoon it cleared off and we went to the shore and gathered some shells and stones to take home with us.

  60. In pushing out through the swamps that lie all round Dorchester, the teachers not infrequently see great, venomous snakes (water moccasins) tumble off the path before them into the water.

  61. But, stay, there is here a debt to be paid, restitution to be made.

  62. Leave there thy gift before the altar, go thy way, first be reconciled to thy brother, then come and offer thy gift.

  63. At Boston we had service Sunday evening, and after the close of the meeting one lady came up and said, “Is your teacher Indian?

  64. Letter from a colored boy to his teacher.

  65. I think more of the school every time I go away and come back.

  66. And smoke, billowing inward from the main tunnel, was growing thicker by the minute.

  67. Just above and as parallel as though it had been ruled there by a draftsman.

  68. There are over two thousand million suns in this galaxy, and the best estimate is that there are more than that many planets habitable by beings more or less human in type.

  69. It was your thought that some thousands--perhaps five--of spy-ray operators and other operatives will be required to insure that the Grand Rally will not be marred by episodes of violence.

  70. I can and I will remain here as long as you do; I can and I will accompany you whenever you venture out of the volume of space protected by Eddorian screen, wherever you go.

  71. In sheer mass her screen generators out-weighed her entire cargo, heavy as that cargo was, by more than two to one.

  72. Samms was shaken by the calm finality with which the Rigellian dismissed all possibility of the usefulness of inter-stellar exploration, but stuck doggedly to his purpose.

  73. Although its rudimentary ego could neither receive nor transmit thought, it knew that it was a fontema, that it must roll and roll and roll, endlessly, that by virtue of determined rolling its species would continue and would increase.

  74. From all the planets of Civilization, attracted by carefully-worded advertisements of good jobs at high pay on new and highly secret projects on newly discovered planets.

  75. I drove back out and I did not head back the way I had come.

  76. I'll come out the back way and away we'll go.

  77. Though I didn't feel right about it, I took the plunge.

  78. A smallish man with white hair and a red whisky face sat half behind Lieutenant Prine, on the small gilded radiator in front of the single window.

  79. When she got out from high school she weighed two hundred.

  80. It didn't set so good on what I had been drinking.

  81. But you used to have the seventh and eighth here.

  82. He knew what the score was when he got back to town and saw the things she'd taken.

  83. You see, Timmy was very popular in high school.

  84. He was a big red-faced man who drove a gray Studebaker and came to Hillston about once every six months.

  85. It was nearly three when I left her place.

  86. When she died in the hospital she was nearly four hundred.

  87. He pushed by my chair and went out to a sink.

  88. The sucker has to have two or three thousand he wants trebled.

  89. She lowered her voice so I could barely hear her.

  90. This work of demolition had not yet ceased in the beginning of the sixteenth century; and the moral confusion due to it was increased by various causes dependent on political and other circumstances.

  91. Wasn't he give to me to do just as I wanted to with?

  92. Again there was silence on Mr. Lord's part, and again the crooked eye glowered down on Toby.

  93. There wasn't so very much money there, after all, an' you'll soon get as much more.

  94. They invited me in there to dinner," said Toby, modestly.

  95. But has Job told you where you was going to sleep tonight?

  96. Toby, after hesitating a moment to find some word which would exactly express his idea.

  97. The shadows were beginning to lengthen in the woods, and, heeding this warning of the coming night, Toby took the monkey on his arm and started for home, or for the tent, which was the only place he could call home.

  98. But no sooner had he secreted himself than a strange, shrill chattering came from the foremost of the group, and in an instant Toby emerged from his place of concealment.

  99. Even the monkey seemed affected by the odor, for he danced about on his master's shoulder, and chattered so that Toby was obliged to choke him a little in order to make him present a respectable appearance.

  100. They gave no hint of their suspicions, however, as they were overjoyed at the possibility of further delay by the Mohawks.

  101. A guard led him through the darkness, but made no attempt to save him from the stinging blows from branches which were released by the warriors in advance.

  102. The year previous, Dancing Owl had been captured by the Shawnees, who were taking him to their village, when Running Fox and Spotted Deer discovered his plight.

  103. Running Fox realized that unless he could learn which of the prisoners was Big Dog, it would be impossible to carry out the daring, plan by which he hoped to rescue Spotted Deer.

  104. The village was brightly illuminated by the glow from a large fire in the center of the camp.

  105. Running Fox was immediately besieged by a host of eager volunteers who wished to accompany him.

  106. Stroke by stroke, he dragged himself from the clutches of the current.

  107. Several times they thought they saw it, but they were deceived by stumps and shadows.

  108. He realized that he might lessen his punishment by dashing wildly along the course, but his spirit rebelled at the thought.

  109. There is the great chief Big Dog," he said, as he pointed toward the Shawnee who had been betrayed by his friends.

  110. Then they were joined by Painted Hawk and Dancing Owl.

  111. Spotted Deer found himself in a good-sized room which was occupied by an old woman, who was busily engaged poking the embers of a small fire.

  112. Encouraged by the success of their comrades, the rest of the Mohawks were fighting their way into the tangle.

  113. Protected by the dense cover, they fought with a desperate ferocity that astonished their foes.

  114. He believed that he was confronted by a crafty and dangerous foe, and he realized that he must be cautious.

  115. If he succeeded, and the way was an easy one, Dave was to follow, and lastly White Buffalo.

  116. There was a tiny bluff overlooking the broad stream, and back of this a long, low hill, covered with a forest of exceptionally good timber.

  117. You are usually a good one at such things.

  118. Running to the doorway, he called loudly for his father.

  119. They were much disappointed, for they had expected to have a rare feast on the big carcass lying before them.

  120. I will send out a party at once, and if we can capture the Indians I will see to it that justice is done.

  121. All right, if ye ain't too tired after sech a ride as we've had.

  122. For Dave had fallen behind a few strokes.

  123. When Pontiac finally came, dressed as became a great warrior, he listened gravely to what Rogers had to say.

  124. The man had had the babies in a bundle, and to keep 'em from gettin' too cold had put 'em in the tree instead of on the ground, or else he did it to save the babies from the wild beasts.

  125. He's moving," said the hunter, and in a few minutes Jadwin took to the trail as before, and the others came after with the horses.

  126. But the Indian knew exactly what he was doing, and soon he and the youth with him were at the bottom of the hollow in safety.

  127. But he did not turn back, and every minute wasted only added to his alarm, for Sam Barringford, rough though he was in outward appearance, had a heart that at times could be as tender as that of a child.

  128. They slowed up and soon the young hunter came in sight.

  129. But how would they be able to find such a cave?

  130. I've been wondering if there is anything left of the trading-post.

  131. I suppose you want to draw something,” guessed Hiram, recalling the artistic efforts of the evening previous.

  132. Those vessels on the lake look like play-ships.

  133. I can’t help that,” retorted Hiram, coolly.

  134. Another thing,” resumed the manufacturer, “when this lieutenant of yours speaks of Benoists and Gyro Motors, he is talking about something he does not understand.

  135. The new Ariel can do its share,” insisted Mr. Brackett.

  136. He rammed his hands into his pockets and clenched them, pacing about the spot to give Hiram time to regain his composure.

  137. There’s something here to interest you,” observed Dave, drawing a bulky envelope from his pocket.

  138. He noticed that the man had an uncertain gait.

  139. I’ll tell you all the particulars of that some time, and maybe you can advise me, and help us to get our rights.

  140. This individual was wading stumblingly towards him.

  141. Hiram as, with a second swoop, he made a direct hit of the second target with a second bag.

  142. You are one of the wisest boys in the world,” spoke the young airman.

  143. It had been depressing to Hiram to note the buoyancy and assurance of this crowd.

  144. In 1858 Ewald thus wrote of the work: "Certainly, mighty changes have taken place amongst those Jews to whom the missionary has not been debarred an access.

  145. Faltin then fell on his knees and earnestly prayed that God might open the eyes of the rabbi to see Christ in all His glory.

  146. Mr. Isaacs was a man of keen intellect, marked ability, deeply taught by the Spirit of God, and a faithful servant of Christ during his long ministerial career of fifty-three years.

  147. All the rabbis, all the teachers, and all the delegates (116 individuals) arose.

  148. Testimony is given him that he heartily loved his people, and defended them against blood accusations.

  149. One day when I was sitting opposite to him in a state of great dejection, he read out the following news from Hamburg:--'We have just witnessed a very interesting event.

  150. He was subsequently chief rabbi of Chicago.

  151. He became a Christian in his eighteenth year, and was baptized at Erlangen in 1819.

  152. He came in contact with a clergyman of the Church of England, who led him to accept Christ and Him crucified; after which he ever remained a faithful follower of the Lord Jesus, and a promoter of Christian work.

  153. Through unseen fissures and filmy crannies the waters of cliff and plain have alike vanished; only far down in the depth of the main valley glides the strong river, unconscious of change.

  154. Something tangible, that brings before us the person, rather than his work, is what we all like; for though successful workers are continually asking us to judge them by what they have done, we know there is more.

  155. In writing, he held the pen as we are taught to hold a drawing-pencil, and the long fingers gave much more play to the point than is usual in formed penmanship.

  156. There was an ugly prison, too, put up next the cathedral; and even St. Remi did not make amends.

  157. That is quite like him, to ask how the man felt at his work!

  158. Ruskin's journals, I understand, are not to be published.

  159. Signor Boni is now world-famous by his antiquarian work at Rome; one sees his name in the papers, expounding the Forum to our king in the King's English, with a strange legend of his Oxford pupilship to Ruskin.

  160. But there, I think, comes out one of the leading points in his character.

  161. His bad dreams had gone, but he could not get exercise enough to sleep well.

  162. Rough as the sketch is, you see the structure of the Alps, the lie of the land, at a glance.

  163. The Head of the Lake of Annecy 71 The Mont Cenis Tunnel in Snow, Nov.

  164. Doubtless some of our men can tell you," said Mr. Wright.

  165. Stepping softly over the rough ground back of the tent, the boys made their way some little distance from it before they hardly dared breathe freely.

  166. I don't see how you stayed on as long as you did.

  167. Nort after half an hour of search, during which no signs had been seen.

  168. Dirk Blanchard will be with you, and so will Chot Ramsey, and you three ought to be able to bed 'em down to-night.

  169. We knew there was a ranch over in this direction.

  170. They did it to throw us off the track, so we wouldn't try to have a hand in it.

  171. He turned back up the hill, Dick and Nort continued down it toward the tents.

  172. They're after something, but I reckon it's something we don't know anything about.

  173. Bud and his cousins were to help drive the animals in.

  174. At first he imagined these were Diamond X cowboys who had been in the rear of the steers, and he thought they had ridden up to help the boy ranchers turn the stampeded animals.

  175. He rode up alongside one of the animals and focused on its rump the gleam from an electric flash light.

  176. Now and then a steer would try to break out of the line of march, only to be quickly hazed in again by one of the cowboys, or one of the trio of boy ranchers.

  177. Looking out from the opened tent Nort saw being driven, along the bank of a small brook that ran through the swale, several big steers.

  178. He stopped in such a hurry that I slid off and fell, and this excited him so I had quite a job holding him.

  179. Yes, no use shooting when they start racing," agreed Dick.

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