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duresse; dureth; durian; durians; durin; duringe; durion; durius; durn; durndest
  1. On the place where Oswald is said to have raised a cross, as his standard during the battle, a church was afterwards erected.

  2. The placing of the cannon at Castle Stead is another proof of the ignorance of some of the transmitters of the tradition, the ordnance during Charles's time being useless at such a distance.

  3. The burial of treasure, in times of great disaster, was a very ordinary occurrence during the Roman dominion in Britain, and was not unusual with their successors, the Anglo-Saxons and Danes.

  4. During the seventh century many sanguinary encounters must have taken place in Lancashire, many of which are unrecorded, and the sites of others utterly forgotten.

  5. It is, of course, at the present time, impossible to define the extent of ground covered by the contending armies during the conflict, or to give even a satisfactory outline of the general features of the battle.

  6. Our factory has doubled its capacity during the last three years.

  7. This offer sent out by a merchant tailor brought results, for he had a good reason for doing an extra service--he wanted to keep his help busied during the quiet months and the customer took advantage of the inducement.

  8. Just to keep my men busy during the dull season I will make an extra pair of trousers at the same price ordinarily charged for a suit, on orders placed during July and August.

  9. By this time John Newton was standing in front of the raised platform on which the principal and teachers sat during the morning exercises.

  10. In turn they were informed that during the night two prisoners had escaped from the jail at Blissville, the next town to Pentkirk, which was the village they were then in.

  11. I was in the laboratory getting some chemicals for home experiments during vacation," he added with a perfect look of innocence on his face.

  12. It can make a lot of trips during a day with one filling of gas.

  13. Let's go for a row on the river after school," suggested Bart to his chums during the noon recess, and they agreed.

  14. Lot of jobs to do around the house and dad says I might as well keep busy during vacation.

  15. Some students arranged with their teachers to do some studying during vacation to make up "conditions," and others were consulting with the instructors about the work for next term.

  16. The four chums, and the girls, left, each one trying to outdo the other in telling of what they thought and what they saw during the excitement.

  17. I knew that if I did not tell you of Tehuantepec and Salina Cruz now, you would never hear, and I think what those names have meant to you during the years.

  18. One minister, whose posts during a long career have been Guatemala, Siam, and Mexico, talks wildly, and has stocked his house for a siege.

  19. A few days later he escaped his guard at El Paso, and shortly afterward was killed during a raid on the border.

  20. During the building large quantities of lime and all sorts of unproductive refuse were left about, and Hohler thinks he will have to change the whole soil.

  21. He said he had a very interesting conversation, accidentally turning on the claims of Americans who had been killed or wounded during the revolution, in El Paso and Douglas.

  22. Killed during the battle of the Somme, 1916.

  23. During his years of exile he and his beautiful wife lived in the quietest manner on an income sufficient only for the ordinary comforts of life.

  24. During that period an unhappy lot of passengers spent the hours more or less recumbent.

  25. Thus the whirling glass globe, during its friction against the cushion, draws fire from the cushion, the cushion is supplied from the frame of the machine, that from the floor on which it stands.

  26. Dangerous, therefore, is it to take shelter under a tree during a thunder-gust.

  27. But if the persons on wax touch one another during the exciting of the tube, neither of them will appear to be electrised.

  28. A ride over the trail, therefore, during pleasant weather afforded a most pleasing variety of scenery, this being especially the case in spring and summer.

  29. During these exciting moments Melville did not forget Saladin.

  30. He was now heading toward the home of the Clarendons, where he had met so many singular experiences during the earlier part of the evening.

  31. Several noteworthy things took place during the latter part of this eventful afternoon.

  32. Trumbull was a veteran who had done good service during the lurid summer of 1862, when the Sioux desolated a large portion of the Minnesota frontier, and Tall Bear feared him more than any white man living.

  33. During the interval, many glimpses of the Sioux had been caught, as they moved backward and forward at will, sometimes mounted and often on foot.

  34. This was hardly possible, for it was summer-time, but the plains of Texas and many portions of the west are often swept by what are termed "northers" during the warm season.

  35. The next morning everything looked gloomy and muddy, for there had been a shower during the night, and it was still drizzling.

  36. She built fences, prepared the dead for burial, acted as midwife and nurse, delivered messages that nobody else cared to undertake, sometimes at night or during severe storms.

  37. The entire congregation stands or kneels during the entire service.

  38. For this reason our cattle were always safe during their migration.

  39. The Cossacks have to be very active during the migration, for it lasts only a few days.

  40. During the dance the house was packed with people.

  41. Put yourself in his place is a good rule during the investigation.

  42. This art of handling men is called leadership; and during the late war was made a study for practical application in all armies.

  43. He can get a reputation for this ability by carefully planning ahead of time for certain tasks and thus being able to make quick decisions during their execution.

  44. Soon thereafter his major brought him to me with a most unusual request for authority to let the man go to Chicago to be with his wife during a serious operation.

  45. The lady's exquisitely balanced mind received a shock, and it was during a short mental illness that she married Dr.

  46. A great silence filled the house during the evening.

  47. She earnestly hoped that she might see a good deal of her during these few days.

  48. In preparation for the feasting which went on during father's birthday, nurse was wont to see that all the useful unpleasant nursery bottles were well filled.

  49. She determined that Basil and his sister should be together as much as possible during the holidays.

  50. During the rest of that evening no one seemed happier, or laughed more often than Ermengarde.

  51. He was their willing slave, their captive to do what they pleased with during the long hours of that summer day.

  52. I made some slippers during the term for you," she said.

  53. In short, during this day Chaos reigned instead of order.

  54. Ermengarde's face, which had been growing whiter and whiter during this interview, now became convulsed with a spasm of great agony.

  55. Thousands of men are employed in logging during the winter.

  56. During the rest of that day they had much to show their guest--and to tell him, as well.

  57. Of course during the afternoon the boys were in and out a great deal.

  58. Nackerson moved a trifle uneasily at the mention of wolves; it afterward turned out that once he had been treed by a pack of those animals, and came very near freezing to death during a long night's vigil.

  59. But show me what you were telling about this mink, Frank; and how the old chap visits around in and out of these holes in the bank during the winter and early spring.

  60. They would never forget the sensations they experienced during that few seconds while bringing their guns to a level.

  61. Of course, during the progress of their cruise, the mystery began to clear up.

  62. If the wolves came closer to the cabin during the night, no one seemed to be aware of the fact.

  63. Everything looked peaceable and stupid enough during the week I passed in Paris.

  64. I had neither time nor impulse for such walks during this visit, but in driving out to dine at Nidrie, the fine old place now lived in by Mr. Barclay and his daughters, we passed under the crags and by the side of the great hill.

  65. Salisbury Cathedral was my first love among all the wonderful ecclesiastical buildings which I saw during my earlier journey.

  66. The noble Norman tower, one hundred and thirty-two feet in height, was once surmounted by a spire, which fell during divine service on Easter Day of the year 1559.

  67. Our greatest trouble during the passage was from fog.

  68. During these readings there were frequent interpellations, as the French call such interruptions, something like these: "That will do, sir!

  69. The whole region about him must have been greatly changed during his residence there, for the Thames Embankment was constructed long after he removed to Chelsea.

  70. I should find it hard to account for myself during our two short stays in London in the month of August, separated by the week we passed in Paris.

  71. I ought next to have gone to the hospital La Pitié, where I passed much of my time during those two years.

  72. The Athenaeum was particularly attentive, but I was unable to avail myself of the privileges it laid freely open before me during my stay in London.

  73. Among the professional friends I found or made during this visit to London, none were more kindly attentive than Dr.

  74. Dover Street, Mackellar's Hotel, where we found ourselves comfortably lodged and well cared for during the whole time we were in London.

  75. The youngster will improve his racquet work, hone his reflexes (especially on volleys and half volleys), and keep his legs in shape during the off winter months.

  76. The closer your position to the side wall, the easier it is to hit a shot that stays right next to the wall during the entire flight of the shot (see fig.

  77. A player may not hit a ball twice during a stroke, but, while the ball is still in play, it may be struck at any number of times.

  78. Wolf reigned alone and supreme as the amateur champion during the ensuing decade.

  79. During his reign Muhammad the prophet was born.

  80. The people are forced to starve themselves during the whole day, and consequently they overeat themselves during the whole night, when they ought to be asleep in their beds, as nature intended.

  81. Several months passed in this tranquillity, during which I never put my foot out of my apartment.

  82. The prayer of night, any time during the darkness.

  83. During this absence, I only lived in the hopes of meeting again.

  84. Ramazan is the ninth Muhammadan month, during which they keep Lent.

  85. Literally, "has existed during the four jugas," or fabulous ages of the Hindus, i.

  86. Thirst for it is common during youth: and one would think the French mother worthy of the crown of wisdom if she were not so scrupulously provident in excluding love from the calculations on behalf of her girl.

  87. Marko sank into the category of dreams during sickness.

  88. It is curious: I have found myself thinking of her two or three times during dinner.

  89. By some tacit agreement the "talk," which on Mrs Maryon's part had been one underlying motive of the invitation, was during the first few days evaded.

  90. Her silence during these cogitations had reacted on her companions, and for a few minutes neither spoke.

  91. The gōriki have cautioned me not to venture outside during the night without calling them.

  92. A Red Sunset [Illustration] I The most stupendous apparition of red that I ever saw was a tropical sunset in a cloudless sky,--a sunset such as can be witnessed only during exceptional conditions of atmosphere.

  93. Before Meiji the social rank occupied by any one during life was suggested by the kaimyō.

  94. During the rainy season it may appear and disappear alternately many times in one day,--like an enormous spectre.

  95. Almost every night of the year there are en-nichi in some quarter of the capital; and the insect-sellers are rarely idle during the summer and autumn months.

  96. During 1897 I noticed for the first time since my arrival in Japan a sprinkling of dark greens and light-yellows in the fashions of the season; but the general tone of costume was little affected by these exceptions to older taste.

  97. Hushed only during the later autumn and brief winter, with the first wakening of spring waken all the voices of the marsh-lands,--the infinite bubbling chorus that might be taken for the speech of the quickening soil itself.

  98. The two necessarily held little converse during the day.

  99. He listened attentively while the wizen-faced little headman gave a detailed account, not only of the present dispositions, but also of what had been seen during the short march to M'tela's stronghold.

  100. During the moment of decision the man's duty and principle had been the most important matters in the world.

  101. During the march they walked apart most of the time.

  102. Kingozi settled himself stolidly in his chair before the fire that was now beginning to eat its way through an immense pile of fuel, where, during all subsequent events, he remained in the same attitude.

  103. His vision had been blurring badly during the day, and now his eyeballs ached as though they had been seared.

  104. I will be down during the morning to make some lemon puddings.

  105. My funds were low, and I might need what change I had during the day.

  106. A brief silence ensued, during which the only sounds audible to the ears of each, was the beating of their own hearts.

  107. But, that was not all--over thirty dollars were paid during the first year for repairs.

  108. A Christmas tree had been obtained during the day, and it stood in one of the parlors, on a table.

  109. Twice again during the summer, I was left without a single domestic.

  110. This was all that was said on the subject for another quarter, during which time the two young men alluded to as being in arrears, went off, cheating the widow out of fifty dollars each.

  111. We had some friends staying with us, and among the various matters of discussion that came up during the social evenings we spent together, shirt buttons were, on one occasion, conspicuous.

  112. How they will get along during the last week of next August, we cannot say, but hope the lesson they have both received will teach them to bear and forbear.

  113. Just at that moment a young man, named Martin, who had lived with them during the last year of their experiment in keeping boarders, called in to see them.

  114. During the next week, she knew little or nothing of how matters were progressing out of her own chamber.

  115. By great persuasion, Nancy was induced to stay during Sunday and cook for us.

  116. An attempt was made during the week to recover the coat, valued at some twenty dollars; but the china ornament-man was not to be found--he had made too good a bargain to run the risk of having it broken.

  117. In different districts, different omens attached themselves to circumstances connected with this observance, but generally it was deemed an evil one if the log went out during the night or, we suppose, during the symposium.

  118. During the entire twelve months there is no such illumination of pastry-cooks' shops, as on Twelfth-night.

  119. Father and Mother wouldn't object, but they miss me so during the year that I feel as though my holidays belonged to them.

  120. Anne, who had kept strictly in the background during the little scene, stepped out into the hall, Grace following.

  121. I'll see you again during the next hundred years," jeered Mabel.

  122. During the walk across the campus the two girls exchanged no words.

  123. Your record during your freshman year seemed to indicate plainly that you had a very clear conception of what constitutes an Overton girl's standard of honor.

  124. During the morning exercises in the chapel, Miss Duncan had mounted the steps of the platform, and, standing beside Dr.

  125. I had my own pet mount, Elixir, here during my freshman and sophomore years.

  126. During the short walk to Vinton's all mention of Ruth's name was tacitly avoided.

  127. She wondered what Mabel would think when Miss Duncan asked her to identify the theme as the one Grace had written during that evening in Holland House.

  128. She arranged music to be played during Anne's recital of 'Enoch Arden.

  129. It was theirs last year and they arranged with me last June to occupy it again during their sophomore year.

  130. During the evening all thought of the troublesome theme had left Grace's mind.

  131. Far from being spoiled by so much adulation, Eleanor laughingly attributed it to her father's genius, and flouted the idea that her own delightful personality had made her a reigning favorite during her stay in Overton.

  132. Always eager to excuse other people's shortcomings, she found it hard to account for the feeling of strong dislike that had risen within her during her first encounter with the young woman Elfreda had laughingly named the Anarchist.

  133. Remember, girls, if during vacation you think of any good plan for the Semper Fidelis Club to make money, make a note of it.

  134. Then Miss Duncan said stiffly: "Miss Harlowe, the young woman who wrote the theme you have in your hand dropped it into the collection box of another section during the very evening you would have me believe you were writing it.

  135. The movement was very slight and made no progress during the short presidency of M.

  136. The office of constable of France was suppressed by purchase during the first half of the 17th century, and of those in the first rank only the chancellor survived till the Revolution.

  137. During Thy passion she alone did not forsake Thee.

  138. During the disturbances of 1848, Francis Joseph spent some time in Italy, where, under Radetzky, at the battle of St Lucia, he had his first experience of warfare.

  139. At this time he was a prisoner in the hands of the Spaniards, into whose hands he had fallen while bearing important despatches during the campaign of Talavera.

  140. A faint echo of it was heard during the Boer war, but French sympathy with the struggling Dutch republics of South Africa was based rather on anti-English sentiment than on any abstract theory.

  141. The 10th and 11th centuries were a period of profound anarchy, during which feudalism was free to develop itself and to take definitive shape.

  142. The legislative power of the crown again began to be exercised during the 12th century, and in the 13th century had full authority over all the territories subject to the crown.

  143. It was during that interval that occurred the incident known as "The Scare of 1875.

  144. He retained through life his early love of song, and during his last illness he passed much of his time in singing.

  145. It encouraged them in their opposition to the parliamentary Republic during the Dreyfus agitation, the more so because the Russian autocracy is anti-Semitic.

  146. But in its policy of colonial expansion, during the last twenty years of the 19th century, France constantly encountered England all over the globe.

  147. It is noteworthy that during this period the right of the House of Peers to force a ministry to resign by a hostile vote was not recognized.

  148. This volume contains the record of various experiments made with ants, bees, and wasps during the last ten years, with a view to test their menial condition and powers of sense.

  149. These considerations impress us, just as much as the abundance of spore-cases, with the immense amount of the vegetable matter which has perished during the accumulation of coal, in comparison with that which has been preserved.

  150. The Corniferous limestone is absent in Gaspé, and probably in New Brunswick, where, consequently, the Erian flora could continue undisturbed during that long period.

  151. Some of the above considerations, along with astronomical evidence, prevent us from assuming any considerable change in the obliquity of the axis of the earth during geological time.

  152. Matt was wondering, during that last lap of their run, whether they were to be defeated at the very finish of their plucky flight.

  153. There was just one report, and then silence fell again; but, during the silence, the troubled glances of those on the Grampus met questioningly.

  154. A man of pluck and determination, who furnishes valuable information about his friend, Jeremiah Coleman, and even more valuable personal services during the rescue of Coleman.

  155. I didn't take care of Ysabel during that run for the river, did I?

  156. During that time Gaines and Clackett were busy with the rope, hauling the submarine back to the bank, and Matt was listening for more firing.

  157. During that night run down the coast the Grampus was driven at full speed.

  158. No sign was seen of any hostile undersea vessel during the short trip across to English shores.

  159. This was high enough to have shed the rains that had been falling during the better part of the winter now drawing to a close.

  160. During storms and snow, or even rain, it was useless to take the risks of venturing aloft, because the view would be so limited, with the earth shrouded in fog or snow squalls, that it would not pay to ascend.

  161. The wind that has kept up during the last three days seems to have blown itself out, and we're likely to have a quiet spell.

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