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sombreros; sombres; sombrous; somdel; somdy; somebodies; somebody; someday; somedeal; somedimes
  1. At last, thinking he heard some kind of movement in the stables of an Inn, he called.

  2. All at once, the sick woman, who for some minutes past had been shivering at intervals, seemed to be fighting against some horrible dream, and gave a piercing cry of anguish.

  3. Accordingly, he seized hold mechanically of some floating piece of stuff which he took to be the lover’s cloak, and, with the persistency of a drunken man, continued to hang on to it.

  4. The tips of their silent wings brushed against his hair; some of them alighted to perch upon his shoulder.

  5. I do not get all that I want from the ladies I run after, they, at least, afford me some valuable object lessons by the way!

  6. He was still some distance from home, and he began to feel tired.

  7. Had he not been carried to some wizard’s castle, to some fairy’s palace?

  8. An old woman, led by some kind hand, for she was apparently blind, went up to the coffin to give the dead one a last kiss; the peasants lifted the pall from the still face, and there lay Agnelette.

  9. Thibault stood for some time looking after her as she walked away across the moor.

  10. Madame Magloire, somewhat imprudently, “you will see, he is going to invent some scandalous tale about me.

  11. This is a most serious accusation which you bring against her, my friend; and before repeating to anyone what you have been telling me in private, I think it would be as well if you tried to collect some more proofs.

  12. I want you to learn a lesson of some kind every day you are with us.

  13. I remember once seeing a boy tease some geese in order to make them angry.

  14. Albert also picked up some pretty shells by the river-brink.

  15. When he opened his eyes next morning, it was yet quite dusk; but papa was getting ready to go to a pond to shoot some ducks for breakfast.

  16. We all begged him not to kill it; and after some talk it was settled that I should have it, and try to bring it up.

  17. Some Indians across the river called to him, and asked him what was the matter.

  18. If he has been a good boy, she reads some of the stories in "The Nursery" to him, which pleases him very much.

  19. He then ran off, and soon returned with some more hay in his mouth, and put it in the same place.

  20. Ware very much for the skill and care which he had shown in the case; and Emma's mother said, "I hope to show you some day how grateful I am, Dr.

  21. I made him a bed in a basket with some hay and a bit of flannel; but he soon outgrew the basket, and we then made him a bed under the kitchen-stairs.

  22. He thought he would catch some fish, and give them to Jane, and perhaps she would not tell his mother.

  23. By some this is pressed so far as to make it an instrument of actual oppression, and with all it is a source of weakness and a bar to progress.

  24. We know that the whole of anything consists of all its parts and not only of some of them; yet this is just what we do not seem to know about ourselves.

  25. But this change of mental attitude cannot be brought about till we have laid hold of some fact which is sufficient to afford a reason for the change.

  26. We cannot sit still producing nothing: the mental machinery will keep on turning out work of some sort, and it rests with us to determine of what sort it shall be.

  27. And, on the other hand, we can never cease creating forms of some sort by our mental activity, thinking life into them.

  28. He finds that in the last resort it is energy of some kind, whether as heat or as motion; but he does not throw up his scientific pursuits because he cannot analyse it further.

  29. We require some solid ground for our belief in this higher law.

  30. Beauty is the law of perfect Thought, be the subject of our Thought some scheme affecting the welfare of millions, or a word spoken to a little child.

  31. The salt pits extend over at least ten miles of the country we traversed, and we certainly saw some thousands of pits.

  32. The symbols, or at least some of them, may be traced even in the Chinese characters for gold, silver, &c.

  33. It is thought by some authors that many of the Arabian writers who belonged to the college of Baghdad were educated at Jondisabour.

  34. Homer, in the Odyssey, describes Egypt “as a country whose fertile soil produces an infinity of drugs, some salutary and some pernicious, where each physician possesses knowledge above all other men.

  35. At the lower part some iron kettles are placed in the flue for the purpose of heating the lye before it is ladled into the evaporating pan.

  36. He also spent some considerable time at Babylon, and was taught the lore of the Magi.

  37. Denotes almost the whole to be corrosive, but retaining some resemblance with silver, which the artists very well know holds true of lead.

  38. A person like Mr. Thain in some way disturbs me.

  39. Can't you believe that to some extent, at least, we have sanctified our love?

  40. There is perhaps some misunderstanding," the Marquis remarked.

  41. She had seen the grey twilight of morning pass, seen the mists roll away and, turret by turret, the great house stand out like some fairy palace fashioned from space in a single night.

  42. Don't you like women, or have you got some queer scheme in your head which keeps you living like a man with his head in the clouds?

  43. Your lordship's expenditure, some ten or fifteen years ago, rendered them first necessary.

  44. Will you become just a man about town here, make friends partly in Bohemia and partly amongst some of us, endow a theatre and marry the first chorus girl who is too clever for you?

  45. I have a letter to some lawyers, at my rooms," he said.

  46. David Thain, on a great black horse, had come galloping across the park from Broomleys, and had brought his restive horse with some difficulty up to the side of the paling.

  47. As though with some curious prescience of the fact that this was an unwelcome visitor, his bow, as he threw open the door, was lower even than usual.

  48. I am in need of a brief rest and some refreshment," he said.

  49. He looks as though some one had left him a fortune.

  50. Like some great serpent black and still, Old Morgan's men stole down the hill.

  51. He circled round the lonesome ship Like some wild beast within a wall, That keeps his paces round and round.

  52. Some far-off sounds had lost their way, And seem'd to call to him and pray For help, as if they were affright.

  53. Some mouse-brown cows that fed within Looked up.

  54. Loud The great whips rang like shot, and steel Of antique fashion, crude and large, Flash'd back as in some battle charge.

  55. Some said, a stolen bride was she, And that his strong arm in the strife Was red with her own brother's life, And that her lover from the sea Lay waiting for his chosen wife, And that a day of reckoning Lay waiting for this grizzled king.

  56. Her eyes, men say, grew sad and dim With watching from the river's rim, As waiting for some face denied.

  57. It molten hung Like some great central burner swung From lofty beams with golden bars In sacristy set round with stars.

  58. Not only the venerable ladies, but their house, was full of interest; indeed it contained some real treasures.

  59. From that moment they formed the design of withdrawing from the world, and of settling for good in some sequestered retreat.

  60. You see I presume to involve myself, as if, in some sort, the interesting little virago belonged to me.

  61. There is scarcely a remarkable person of the last half century who has not sent them a portrait or some curiosity or antique as a token of remembrance.

  62. We heard from some of the older inhabitants several anecdotes of the benevolence and charity of the departed "Ladies," whose memory is most affectionately cherished in the neighbourhood.

  63. The other, silent and pensive, has too much candour and innocence for you to suppose that repentance has conducted her into solitude, but you would suppose that she still cherishes some painful regrets.

  64. Above these three windows runs a kind of framework, analagous in some respects to that at the eastern end of the choir.

  65. It is covered inside and out with carved wood, some of value, and some quite worthless; and all that remains of the taste of the former proprietors merely proves how little was required to please fifty years ago.

  66. I thought of the Mahometan who turned back when he observed some such rich and fertile plain, saying, he had been only promised one Paradise, and did not wish to enjoy it upon earth.

  67. After a pause of some length, Clifford said, with a little hesitation, "Is Miss Brandon related to the celebrated barrister of her name?

  68. Despite the contagion of the Mug, despite his associates in Fish Lane, despite his intimacy with Long Ned, thou hast seen him brave temptation, and look forward to some other career than that of robbery or fraud.

  69. What a pill for the good matrons who had coupled my image with that of some filial Mary or Jane,--ha, ha, ha!

  70. My actions were henceforth regulated by principle; and at some time or other, I will convince you that the road of true morals never avoids the pockets of your neighbour.

  71. Soon afterwards he got a brief on some cause where a major had been raising a corps to his brother officer, with the better consent of the brother-officer's wife than of the brother officer himself.

  72. Why, in going out of the play-house his watch was stolen by some dexterous pickpocket.

  73. Time, however, and circumstance, which alter and harden, were to decide whether the inward nature did not possess some latent and yet undiscovered properties.

  74. I formed one of a capital knot of 'Free Agents,' whom I will introduce to you some day or other, and I soon rose to distinction among them.

  75. It is not my fault if some of these objections appear to be foolish.

  76. And until we find some more appropriate title, we intend to make the best of what we have got.

  77. The groans and screams of this poor persecuted race," as De Quincey said of cats, "if gathered into some great echoing hall of horrors, would melt the heart of the stoniest.

  78. Has it a past which may serve in some measure to explain its present and guarantee its future?

  79. Take, for example, the following extract from some notes descriptive of the Chicago meat factories: "Slithered over bloody floor.

  80. Now, as then, there are some few vegetarians who abjure all that is of the animal, but the rule of the Society now, as then, is that the use of eggs and milk is permissible.

  81. The true function of the chemist in his general relation to the diet question is to help the coming dietary by transferring to the vegetarian system some of the scientific attention that has hitherto been solely devoted to flesh meats.

  82. Luke would remain some weeks longer with Professor Keeps.

  83. In the stores which they had brought ashore from the launch there was some canned milk; but they were sparing of this.

  84. Then some of them walked up to the spring.

  85. But I got some smut on my hands just the same," and he displayed two very grimy hands.

  86. But we have some provisions and I can see that there is fruit growing in plenty yonder, and this cove probably offers many shellfish, and finny denizens of the sea as well.

  87. It was not the splashing of the silvery water in the pool that aroused them, but some sound--a groan or sigh that actually seemed to have been uttered right in their ears!

  88. St. Sergius was a commercial port of some importance, and the business that called Mr. Howbridge there was of moment.

  89. There was considerable coffee and tea and some canned fruits and meat.

  90. Why can't you invent us some bathing suits?

  91. But near the western end of the island some of these trees had been laid low--possibly in the hurricane which had driven the Isobel and her crew to Palm Island.

  92. The boys brought tarpaulins and pieces of sailcloth, and between four palm-stems in the middle of the cocoanut grove some rods back from the water, they proceeded to set up a shelter for the girls to use as a bedroom.

  93. There'd be some fun in that," declared Sammy, inspired instantly to romantic imagination.

  94. Suppose it had crashed upon some rock--some island shore?

  95. The waves flattened about her for a considerable space, and for some moments, as though the wind came from directly overhead.

  96. It is a curious fact, however, that on some of the Christian tablets the same letters which were used by the heathens have been found.

  97. Prodigious stories were told of his hoard of gold, and some of the less enlightened thought that even the outlandish ornaments of the balustrade over the portico were carven silver.

  98. I won't swear that I have not some tendency to these not wise practices even at this present date.

  99. Certainly, if you wish it; but that course will necessarily be attended with some expense.

  100. A mutiny having occurred among some troops at San Juan, a detachment was sent against them, and with it Quiroga and his horsemen.

  101. As we have before remarked, in speaking of works of Art, the presence of some heathen imagery and ideas in the multitude of the paintings and inscriptions in the catacombs is not so strange as the comparatively entire absence of them.

  102. His life is in some respects more adventurous than that of his brother in the West; for he contends with winter as well as the wilderness, and there is a greater interval of time at least between him and the army which is to follow.

  103. But O, the keen pain as she sees in her child A trait of some kinsman at home in the wild, For here all is strange, and these people don't care How nearly she's starving for those over there.

  104. There are some who call him brother In a philanthropic mood, But he looks to many another Just a wretch from labor's brood.

  105. Yes, just now he's plain Croatian, But if you will help him through, He will some day guide the nation Which depended once on you.

  106. His sentences must not merely roll along, but must hit some object or arouse some deep emotion.

  107. I am in favor of the class lessons so popular in Europe, and hope some day we will be able to make them universal.

  108. Some find their head tones first by humming through the nose, while to some this suggestion would be of no value.

  109. It is positively absurd to insist on a beginner knowing the structures of the vocal chords, neither will the patting, pinching or massaging of the neck and facial muscles, that some teachers advocate, make you sing any better.

  110. It is undoubtedly of some benefit to "wrinkles," but not to the voice.

  111. Lillie Lehmann says: "I expended ten years in perfecting the trill which every voice must master," and yet some pupils become discouraged because they can not master the art of singing in a few months!

  112. Do not show or cover your teeth because you have seen some singers do so; individual construction differs.

  113. In order to fully appreciate a difficult composition one must have made a study of music, same as a doctor, in order to appreciate a lecture on some intricate subject about his profession, must have made a study of that profession.

  114. Give the stomach some work to do and that "giddy feeling" will entirely disappear.

  115. Always be on the lookout for something you can identify with yourself, just as the artists all have some favorite song.

  116. What was her astonishment to learn that the player was not some beginner as she had supposed, but the great artist, Hans Von Bulow.

  117. Some pupils desire to take their lessons in private, as they do not care to sing before a class.

  118. Scarcely a week passes that my daughter does not sing at some entertainment.

  119. Now we know that this squadron was at Punta Arenas on September 28th, and leaving on that date was employed searching inlets and bays round Tierra del Fuego for some days.

  120. It was some time before we got the fire under, which necessitated keeping the ship before the wind, and consequently we could not go to the assistance of the survivors, some of whom got away in boats and were picked up by one of the colliers.

  121. He then got hold of a fire hose and flooded the compartment, extinguishing the fire in some empty shell bags which were burning.

  122. We sometimes passed some of these in their crude dug-out canoes, which they handle most dexterously.

  123. She was thus unable to report the result of her action, and caused the Commander-in-Chief some anxiety regarding her fate.

  124. At night these excursions have a strange, unreal effect, and our boarding officer used to say that when climbing up a merchantman's side in rough weather he felt like some character in a pirate story.

  125. Some of us, being unable to coal ship, landed on the day of our arrival and shot some hares and geese--a welcome change for the larder.

  126. They had only three active service ratings on board; some of the gunlayers were old men, pensioners from the Navy.

  127. Some of the Carmania's first shots, which were fired at a range of 7,500 yards, were seen to take effect, and she continued to score hits afterwards with moderate frequency.

  128. A short description of some of the movements of the German ships during the first few months of war will suffice to show that their primary object was to damage our overseas trade as much as possible.

  129. Her fate was for a long time shrouded in mystery, the first clue being some of her wreckage, which was found washed up on the shores of the island of St. Vincent in the West Indies.

  130. You'd think a clerk in a dry-goods store would get over it some time now, wouldn't you?

  131. I presume some of these folks will have a spare seat, and my boots have shrunk, and I don't care for picnics as a general thing, anyway.

  132. The next day I bought a handsome seven-dollar ring, and sent it to Hetty as some compensation for the damage done to her dress.

  133. I have a good breakfast in this basket, which we will eat in some dewy nook of the woods, while we are waiting for a nibble.

  134. There's nothing at all funny about it, though some people seem to think there is.

  135. I had been the means of Spitz's death--very well, I could hide myself in some obscure corner of the amphitheater, and gaze at her mournfully from the distance.

  136. Auntie Harkness wanted some stch-uff, and we thought we'd do it for her.

  137. Then you can go home and marry some pretty girl, my boy," said one friendly fellow, slapping me on the shoulder.

  138. This was better than sailing for some Juan Fernandez, or being clerk of the weather on Mount Washington.

  139. On the fourth day some young fellows came to see me, and told me there was to be a picnic on Saturday, and I must get father's horse and buggy and take one of the girls.

  140. I would show some people that some things could be done as well as others.

  141. At some point or other along the Border line, invasions either on the part of the Scots or English were constantly occurring.

  142. The propriety and wisdom of this deliverance will not be seriously questioned by those who have some knowledge of the motives and principles by which human life is moulded and governed.

  143. In the accounts of expenditure incurred by the King during this visit to Dumfries some curious items appear.

  144. Some have been wicked enough to wish that this coup d'epee had been more effective, as both Queen and country would have been spared much trouble and many heart burnings had Elliot's well-aimed blow fallen with more deadly effect.

  145. Some four days passed; all which time his friends came unto him, and he kept his chamber.

  146. This was the plan adopted by the Scotts and Kers, and which, after some vexatious delays, proved entirely successful.

  147. This measure was not devised, as some suppose, for the purpose of crushing the nobility.

  148. This was generally some convenient spot near the Border, most frequently on the Scottish side.

  149. It led to the adoption of a wiser policy in regard to this particular part of the realm, with the result that for some years prior to 1603, a noticeable improvement had taken place in Border affairs.

  150. Some preferred to live in the middle of the field.

  151. For some weeks past Master Meadow Mouse had been living in a rude shelter, which he had built for himself near the fence between the pasture and the meadow.

  152. Mr. Great Blue Heron waded about the creek for some time, searching everywhere--or almost everywhere.

  153. Although most of the birds had gone South to spend the winter, there were still some that Master Meadow Mouse had to shun.

  154. Once in a while Mr. Crow dropped down into the meadow on some business or other.

  155. And high in the top of the shock he made himself a nest of dry husks, which he stripped off some of the ears.

  156. If I only had some oars, or a rudder, I could steer this old raft away from him," Master Meadow Mouse thought.

  157. He had made up his mind to seek some snugger home.

  158. Some ruffian fellows, and a posse of the country people have bound and dragged him from the door, on the allegation of three men, who mean to swear he has robbed them; and they have taken him to Lady Amaranth's.

  159. This three month's excursion has shewn me some life, and a devilish deal of fun.

  160. I thought I should find you here, Abrawang, and that you had some knowledge of these fellows.

  161. Ay, here's the honest fellow has brought us some cash.

  162. I would bring myself home with some money.

  163. Since I must remain here some time, and I've not the most distant hope of ever speaking to this goddess again, I wish I had inquired her name, that I might know how to keep out of her way.

  164. We hear some gentleman is in chace of us, so as the shot are all out, we'll surrender.

  165. There is great pleasantry throughout the play, many natural touches of simplicity, and some well-written dialogues and sentiments.

  166. Then Dick Buskin might find some other amusement than shooting off his guns here.

  167. True; Sam said it was some player's people coaxed him away from Portsmouth school.

  168. Some tears will, of course, be mixed in to make the rainbows of happiness shine through, but I fancy that mine will be principally a record of work and play.

  169. Alfred did this, selling his pretty saddle mare for money enough to start in on, then borrowing some from the banks and winning scholarships the rest of the way.

  170. I figured that day that you were a faithful little soul, going out to visit some hallowed spot.

  171. Then she grew cheerful again when some of her best friends among the club members arrived, and only slightly flurried at the advent of Mrs. Barnette.

  172. Why couldn't he have gone to the foot-ball game with some one else--or why couldn't he have come home?

  173. There's one she likes a good deal that she says is a new Phi Chi; and another one that she has to look to some because she's a 'old Tau!

  174. This compartment was built with some other purpose in view than acting as a private dining-room, for the open doorway is unscreened in any way, and the partition itself is only about seven feet high.

  175. But I had to listen to some things, too, in that hour; coming off victorious to such an extent that he finally called himself every kind of high-class villain imaginable.

  176. Some strange things occur during a soldier's time of service, many incidents and occurrences which are thought nothing of by the men themselves, but are nevertheless interesting to civilians.

  177. Apart from the change of scene and a variation to the dull monotony of barrack life, the ride through the country to some distant part, frequently of ten to thirty days' duration, is always looked forward to with feelings of pleasure.

  178. With these people we used to fraternise, and have some fun, at times.

  179. If you come together to talk and laugh, which I do not wish to forbid you to do, let it be in some room at a distance from Constance's so that she cannot hear you.

  180. I was told that one Edouard Murville lived there for some time with his wife, but no one knows what has become of them.

  181. After some time, Adeline noticed with surprise a tombstone which Jacques had caused to be erected under the willow at the end of the garden.

  182. Edouard called his wife's attention to all the spots which reminded him of some period of his life.

  183. Desfleurets followed him, still holding in his hand a pack of cards with which he was preparing some private coup.

  184. He walked as fast as his strength permitted, picking up fruit of which he retained some for the following day, stopping only in the most solitary places, and hiding during the day in the top of some densely-leaved tree.

  185. I cannot go with you now, for some important matters keep me in Paris; but I hope to come to see you often.

  186. Sans-Souci, doubling his pace; "they must give us some supper.

  187. In some manner he escaped untouched, although his horse fell beneath him.

  188. Back up, or I'll have to damage some of you!

  189. Some one was rapping on the door Brad was holding.

  190. Some of the streets were very narrow, with picturesque overhanging balconies and latticed windows.

  191. In Venice you were concerned in some singular and unaccountable things, and in Greece you had dealings with lawless characters.

  192. I believe he was some sort of Turkish confidence man.

  193. If you have influence enough to create a great disturbance about it, some day she will be set free in some remote part of the city.

  194. It strikes me that you are some forward in your deportment.

  195. Now, if you could put me next with some old gazabo who has lots of the needful, and I succeeded in raking him in, I'd willingly make it worth your while.

  196. I think I'll inform the proprietor that we would much prefer having some one else attend us while we are here.

  197. They were taking their ease on divans and couches, some of them smoking cigarettes, some conversing, some remaining proudly apart from the others.

  198. I certain can't help being some wrought up, partner," he said.

  199. We may never meet again, but I feel that I have canceled my debt to you, even as I shall some day make settlement with Hafsa Pasha.

  200. We were behind some curtains, and we dodged out just in time to get ahead of the professor when he took flight.

  201. Even then 'e wasn't satisfied, and arter coming on to the wharf and following me up and down like a little dog, he got in front of me and told me some more things he 'ad thought of.

  202. Some people 'as one and some people 'as the other.

  203. I should ha' lost it with some men, but 'e was a very stiff-built chap and as hard as nails.

  204. Some people have boys, and other people 'ave the trouble of 'em.

  205. So fresh,' ses the skipper, sniffing in some of the air.

  206. He sat for some time puffing fiercely at his pipe and breathing heavily.

  207. I've got more right than some people, p'r'aps.

  208. When they had extracted the last ryal from the sufferers they shipped themselves aboard some Spanish vessels lying in the port.

  209. Some would be Englishmen from the tobacco fields on Sixteen-Mile Walk.

  210. As they entered, some Spaniards and Indians entered from the opposite side, but no powder was burnt, for the Spaniards stole away by a bypath, "and were seen no more.

  211. As the pirates rowed towards the wreck some of the deserters hurried back to fire her.

  212. After supper they pitched their little linen tents, smeared their faces with grease to keep away the insects, put some wood upon the fire, and retired to sleep, with little thought of the beauty of the fireflies.

  213. The river went brawling past their bivouac at a little distance, and some of the men caught fish, and broiled them in the coals for their suppers.

  214. They dragged along slowly, some in boats, some in the woods, halting every now and then in despair of going farther, and then staggering on again, careless if they lived or died.

  215. The light sails were furled, and in some cases sent down on deck.

  216. He determined to make a cast to the east, as far as the Rio Grande, to look for some suitable ship.

  217. Perhaps some early sea-captains tried to make the between decks less gloomy by whitewashing the beams, bulkheads and ship's sides.

  218. They wore no uniform, but perhaps some captains gave a certain uniformity to the clothes of their crews by taking slop chests to sea, and selling clothes of similar patterns to the seamen.

  219. For some minutes the silence was broken only by an occasional sob from poor Nora.

  220. He ran down himself for a rocket as he spoke, and Jerry ran to the cabin for the red-hot poker, which had been heating for some time past in readiness for such an event.

  221. Early on the morning of the day referred to, Nora Jones threaded her way among the stalls of the marketplace under the town-hall, as if she were in search of some one.

  222. The united efforts, mental and physical, of the ship's crew failed to remove the indignant creature, so they advised the cook to remain where he was for some time.

  223. To act as nautical advisers with the Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, a duty which frequently engages some of the Brethren for considerable periods of time on intricate causes of the greatest importance.

  224. She was alone, and perfectly silent; for some sorrows, like some thoughts, are too deep for utterance.

  225. Allow me to introduce you, Mr Larks, to a friend of Mr Jones, who may be of some use.

  226. Only some grub," answered Jones, putting his shoulder to the bow of the boat.

  227. Signalising the tug with another blue-light, they ran to leeward into deep water, and were again taken in tow; the saved men being with some difficulty put on board the tug.

  228. When Tom had finished the account of Davy Roche and the berrin, it became quite evident that spirits, of some sort, were working too strong within him to admit of his telling many more tales of the good people.

  229. Bryan pressed her much to accept of some remuneration for her services, but she utterly rejected such proposals.

  230. Down along the rocky shore Some make their home, They live on crispy pancakes Of yellow tide-foam; Some in the reeds Of the black mountain lake, With frogs for their watch-dogs All night awake.

  231. But the central notion of witchcraft everywhere is the power to change into some fictitious form, usually in Ireland a hare or a cat.

  232. They entered the bedroom, and heard some smothered groaning, as if proceeding from some one in extreme agony.

  233. Some were hoarse wid laughin'; some turned up their eyes wid wondher; many thought them mad, an' others thought they had turned up their little fingers a thrifle too often.

  234. Since then many have seen it in many places; some in the depths of lakes, and have heard rising therefrom a vague sound of bells; more have seen it far off on the horizon, as they peered out from the western cliffs.

  235. Those who are carried away are happy, according to some accounts, having plenty of good living and music and mirth.

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    about; adept; adroit; any; approximately; apt; artistic; aught; authoritative; bravura; brilliant; certain; clean; clever; composite; coordinated; crack; cunning; cute; daedal; deft; dexterous; dextrous; diplomatic; divers; excellent; expert; fairly; fancy; good; graceful; handy; ingenious; magisterial; masterful; measured; moderately; more; nearly; neat; numerous; one; part; plural; pluralistic; politic; pretty; professional; proficient; quantified; quantitative; quick; ready; resourceful; several; skillful; slick; some; something; somewhat; statesmanlike; stylish; sundry; tactful; various; virtuoso; workmanlike

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    somebody said; something akin; something doing; something done; something else; something for; something foreign; something like; something quite; something which; something wrong; sometimes added; sometimes called; sometimes even; sometimes found; sometimes from; sometimes referred; sometimes represented; sometimes said; sometimes termed; somewhat curious; somewhat different; somewhat later; somewhat like; somewhat more; somewhat resembling