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dealers; deales; dealest; dealeth; dealing; deall; deals; dealt; deam; deaneries
  1. The warm spirit that should breathe out through all our dealings is lacking.

  2. Our Lord begins talking about being true in all his dealings with his fellow-men.

  3. There is, of course, a good independence in our dealings with our fellows.

  4. God needed this in His dealings with these people of His in whom His world-plan centred.

  5. John Alfredo's Cabinet succeeded to Cotegipe's, but was no happier in its dealings with the "military question.

  6. According to his lights he was just in his dealings with the Indians.

  7. The Government was even more anxious to avoid action which might give offence to Siam, or have the appearance of want of consideration in our dealings with that somewhat unreasonable power.

  8. It had been intended to make the dealings with these three tribes part of the operations under General Symons's control, and to give to Mr. Ross, under his orders, the immediate conduct of the negotiations.

  9. The policy laid down from the first for the guidance of the local officers in their dealings with the Kachins was one of patience and conciliation.

  10. I found a general unwillingness to lose the sense of security which their presence gave; and possibly also the profits of dealings with them.

  11. The long history of the dealings of the Bengal Government with the Lushais and Nagas, very similar people, had proved the futility of the latter course.

  12. The small quantity, little more than one ounce troy weight, which might be lawfully transported, practically stopped dealings in the drug.

  13. He was just and kind in his dealings with his serfs; but we experienced very little of his kindness and justice, for he was hard and cruel to us.

  14. We have all admitted that Smith is a good, hospitable fellow, and we have business dealings with him.

  15. He narrated his dealings with Sir John and with the syndicate which was subsequently formed.

  16. Habitually to exempt the good would be to abolish prudence in their dealings with physical forces, and to engender presumption in the region of morals.

  17. All the circumstances of his death are doubtful, and whether he was a calumniated sage, or a conceited madman, legends are not a proper illustration of God's dealings with mankind.

  18. Any one pretending to be doing the will of God, while acting untruthfully or deceitfully in his dealings with those around him, is not only guilty of falsehood, but of hypocrisy.

  19. The law of love will govern his dealings with his family, comrades, neighbours--body and soul.

  20. Whether such is the real cause or not, it is difficult to ascertain what could induce the Chevalier to descend from his dealings with the head to dabble with lower commodities.

  21. He had gathered in the course of his dealings with the exiled ones that this remark generally went well.

  22. As far as he could recollect, he had never had any dealings whatsoever with these open-handed gentlemen.

  23. We need not follow further the history of their dealings with the Indians.

  24. But the stories of the dealings of the Spaniards with the conquered Indians, which were widely known in England, seem to have affected all classes of people, not with pious passive horror, but with a genuine human indignation.

  25. As they passed in triumph through the village they were cheered by the men, women, and children, collected as usual on the tops of the lodges, and were exhorted by the Nesters of the village to be generous in their dealings with the white men.

  26. Furs and skins were casually collected by the country traders in their dealings with the Indians or the white hunters, but the main supply was derived from Canada.

  27. The captain, however, became only so much the more crusty and dogged in his adherence to his orders, and touchy and harsh in his dealings with the passengers, and frequent altercations ensued.

  28. The Chinooks and other Indians at the mouth of the river, soon proved themselves keen traders, and in their early dealings with the Astorians never hesitated to ask three times what they considered the real value of an article.

  29. How remarkable the dealings of Providence with men and nations!

  30. Dear friends, how wonderful are the dealings of our God!

  31. In the circle of his family and friends he was courteous and affectionate; and in all his dealings he was strictly just and honourable.

  32. The people of India already possessed their Brahmi alphabet, but had this other alphabet forced upon them in their dealings with their rulers.

  33. I've had dealings with all sorts of human critters in my career.

  34. You've lived pretty high for a youngster, and you've had dealings with sportin' people.

  35. If they've originated this yarn for the purpose of deceiving people, you're responsible because you've had dealings with them.

  36. Some of the pleasantest incidents related in the book are those which befell the author in his dealings with the Indians, in prosecuting his archaeological investigations.

  37. She does not seem to have been questioned point-blank as to whether she had ever had any direct dealings with the Queen.

  38. The first mention of her personal dealings with King Henry is connected with trouble in the Throckmorton family.

  39. What I fear is that there he was informed (which he was not before) of some of Holmes's dealings with his countrymen, and so was moved to this fury.

  40. Eva's natural tact and delicacy stood her in stead in her dealings with Maggie, and made her touch upon the wounds of the latter more endurable than any other.

  41. The reign of the great average masses never can be so agreeable to taste as that of the cultured few.

  42. Everywhere that a vase of flowers could make a pretty show, there was a vase of flowers, though it was December, and the ground frozen like lead.

  43. Ideas of big dealings already loomed large in the minds of the little army of clerks.

  44. They have determined to find our dealings in wheat illegal.

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