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  1. Whatever may have been the Motive of his being approbated at last his own Determination now shows that he had rather be a Representative of the People since he has had so repeatedly their Election and Confidence.

  2. Many Boston people agreed with Anna in her estimate of Rev.

  3. It is now bitter cold, & such a quantity of snow upon the ground, as the Old people don't remember ever to have seen before at this time of the year.

  4. Samuel Adams wrote bitterly of him, saying, "He performed this servile task a week before the time, when the people were not aware of it.

  5. The Semites would seem to have been a less wandering people at the first, but subsequently to have encroached on and mingled with the Hamites, and especially on that western line of migration leading to the Mediterranean.

  6. Next we find murderous violence, and a consequent separation of the primitive people into two tribes, one of which migrates to a distance from the other and adopts different modes of life.

  7. Possibly these people were merely 'confederate' Hittites and Amorites (Sayce, Records cf the Past).

  8. Egyptian monuments as yellow or brownish people with a Jewish style of features, and all of whom, as mentioned above, would be known to the Egyptians and Canaanites as 'Hebrews.

  9. These people were Aryan in speech, allied to the Gauls and Belgae, and the ancestors of the so-called Celtic populations of the British Islands.

  10. The Cro-magnon race has been classed as neanthropic, and has been confounded with a very dissimilar people which succeeded it after an interval of some duration.

  11. In like manner history assures us that people of one race have often adopted the language of another.

  12. A later inroad was that of the Hittites, evidently a people having affinity with the Philistines and Egyptians, but whose chiefs and nobles seem to have been of Tartar blood, like the modern Turks.

  13. These people are now identified with the people of the south and west of England, called by the Romans Silures.

  14. Quatrefages it is stated that, while this applies to the probably later race of smaller men found in some of the Belgian caves, it does not apply so well to the people of Cro-magnon.

  15. They are represented in the monuments as people with European features, fair complexions, and sometimes fair hair and blue eyes.

  16. We have taken steps quite often to make the people hereabouts believe this temple haunted!

  17. There were people about, but none whom he chose to favor with a second glance.

  18. He was finding time to study the long room, its divans and deep cushions around the walls; and it did not escape his notice that many people were expected.

  19. The important people of Poolborough had retired sullenly from their endeavours.

  20. It was not because there were people coming up that I ran away.

  21. Those poor people are now in prison,” said Doctor Santos sorrowfully.

  22. At last he dropped altogether, and the best people in Poolborough were conscious of his existence no more.

  23. I am now going to speak of an event in his life which, if it were not absolutely true, would seem to many people to be altogether improbable.

  24. And a good many people dropped in, hearing the noise; and everybody was plumb scandalized at pa, and said he was a downright infidel, and all their sympathies was roused for Kate.

  25. He brought her reports of what was said, and what was thought on the subject among the people who had influence, those who were straining every nerve to obtain a reprieve: and she hung upon his words breathless with an all-absorbing interest.

  26. It was all very well for the people who stopped in the road and looked through its bars at the fine old oaks, the green lawn beyond, and the quaint, straggling structure, and then drove on their way.

  27. He goes and pays people long visits, and bores them to death, I’ve no doubt, and then hopes all the town will take it for granted that he is attending them.

  28. But what shall I say when people ask what's become of you?

  29. He dealt in old horses; and people have great faith in a horse bought of a man who is dressed in farmers' clothes.

  30. But in the country I've seen people cry more when one of their cows falls than when their children die.

  31. He forgot that it was George's peculiar delight, when people passed with a heavy burden, a sack of corn, or a bundle of clover, to hold them fast with questions.

  32. People were not restricted to Biblical stories, narratives of men and women who had lived in other climes and under other traditions, having no immediate correspondence with their own condition.

  33. He saluted the people who came from the fields with a peculiar earnestness, as if they were his friends.

  34. If it was our Lord God's wish that people shouldn't get married, he'd have made nothing but men and let them grow on trees.

  35. They ordained that people should rest every tenth day, instead of every seventh.

  36. It is strange how easily people are satisfied with their friends the moment they pay their own expenses.

  37. The people of a village, as of a city, are grateful to any one who will furnish them with a subject of conversation.

  38. The College Chap suspected "psalm-singing" in all things, and said that his brother only meant to catch the people first and pluck them afterward.

  39. All the people who sat before their houses arose and greeted them: the older women smiled on the pastor, as if to say, "We know you and like you.

  40. When Flint was found dead, in the lack of any other clue, people thought of Lansing.

  41. He longed inexpressibly to be one of those up-sitting young people that he might push his chair close to Callista Gentry's and whisper to her in the privilege of the hour.

  42. Several young people lingered there for the fun of hearing Lance Cleaverage and Callista Gentry fuss.

  43. People said that they were the handsomest couple that ever stood up together in the two Turkey Tracks.

  44. People gazed with open mouths and protruding eyes.

  45. Finally, most of the people in the room noted something strained and peculiar in the situation of affairs, and began to stare and listen.

  46. People do sometimes betray what they aim to cover up.

  47. The mother-in-law was everywhere, looking at the contrivances for housekeeping, full of fond pride in what she saw, anxious to convince the young people that she did not resent their unceremonious behavior of the night before.

  48. The two were apparently alone together; but neither Ola Derf nor Flenton Hands was among the young people moving away down the further slope.

  49. Lance, the loath, the desired and always invited, found that in his present mood people fell away from him.

  50. Flenton Hands had been taken to the house of his kinsman the sheriff, and the bulletins sent out from his bedside were not encouraging; yet Lance's people clung to such hope as they might from the fact that the man was not yet dead.

  51. Mountain people are so courteous to each other as to make those who do not understand call them deceitful.

  52. When I go back to Hepzibah, I'll settle this here business with Mr. Flenton Hands, that thinks he can sick the law on people and call it off, same as you would a hound dog.

  53. The circle of young people mended itself and grew closer.

  54. I went to him as fast as I could, and three hundred of my people were to follow on foot, but they were too late; for the day after I reached him was that of the fight in which he slew Elias, and was well nigh slain himself.

  55. I will send a guard of my people to thy lodging, they can both watch and protect.

  56. Those people get money by their work," said the dame, with a sneer.

  57. From hence I can send my own palkee, and a litter for the child, and my people as escort.

  58. Meeah must have reached Beejapoor before this, and some of my people are going for their yearly State services.

  59. It was nearly evening when it reached Almella, where it was met by a crowd of people who had heard of the outrage; and a comfortable lodging had been prepared, where the old man was reverently deposited.

  60. At Juldroog everyone was accustomed to see Zora abroad, but here, in a populous place like Korikul, it was quite another matter, and people would talk; who could stop their mouths?

  61. Among the latter were many Jutts and Kaikarees, peaceful-looking people by day, but terrible by night.

  62. The people there will rejoice to be delivered from his insolence and tyranny.

  63. It was impossible to exceed the enthusiasm of the people when approaching the places where they imagined I was confined.

  64. There are a thousand instances of virtuous people being as miserable as a bear with his fur shaved off.

  65. But they were not the only people who entertained similar notions.

  66. Its learning enriched the whole world; its manufactures produced clothing for almost every people by whom clothing was required; and its mechanical improvements conferred wealth and power on every nation that adopted them.

  67. The first day, although there was great slaughter on both sides, no important advantage was gained by either party; and at night the soldiery remained under arms, and the people were busily employed in preparing to renew the conflict.

  68. Since then, under its own rulers, the people had advanced in prosperity, and had become powerful among the surrounding nations.

  69. They are a people worthy of being studied," said Oriel.

  70. My good woman, can you tell me the attraction which brings all these people together?

  71. I have heard say as people ha' been missed who was axing their way through the country; and not a spar or a bolt-rope on 'em ever heard on again.

  72. Our people will accept peace on no other terms.

  73. There are many things which every fool knows, which people of sense do not know.

  74. Your people fired at us down the river, and we had to turn back and come overland.

  75. Wouldn't the people I sent you to let you in?

  76. The people have since found an antidote for these experiences in Blair and Tupper, and other authors of renown.

  77. Beneath a majestic grove of the great live-oaks which glorify the South-Carolina soil a liberated people met to celebrate their own peaceful emancipation.

  78. Our people want peace,--your people do, and your Congress has recently said that you do.

  79. These Penns, in addition to the pride of possessing acres by the million, felt themselves to be the lords of the land they owned, and of the people who dwelt upon it.

  80. Fate, when the contest is not to be determined on the spot, but by quiet and remote people coolly reading his speech several hours or days later?

  81. Why, Sir, the man who should go before the Southern people with such a proposition, with any proposition which implied that the North was to have a voice in determining the domestic relations of the South, could not live here a day.

  82. People said it was a habit of his to climb into the organ loft of an inconspicuous rural church and so astound people with his improvisations that the cry would go up: “That must be Bach or the Devil!

  83. When people had remonstrated that his preludes, interludes and postludes were too long, he had gone to the other extreme and made them too short.

  84. The town council seconded his efforts in many ways even if some people resented the independence and progressive though disturbing projects of a young man of twenty-two.

  85. Sangerhausen offered a possibility, but that was thwarted by the machinations of high-placed people with influence.

  86. Sick people often take such fancies," said Mrs. Bradford; "and when Dolly has gone you will be glad to think that you have pleased her by even such a small thing as caring for her plants.

  87. There's enough of bad people without making up any more.

  88. Bessie might well say they were nice people in this house.

  89. Why, dear, do you think I would be so ungrateful of this very nice place, and the kind people that are here as not to be contented?

  90. Permission was given, and the grown people went away, leaving Maggie and Bessie with the good-natured Fanny.

  91. Colonel; "your big people all had enough last night, and I kept these out for you, knowing how fond you and Maggie were of them.

  92. Harry and Fred laughed at this, but Maggie and Bessie thought it no laughing matter; nor did mamma, when alarmed by their screams the grown people came running from the house.

  93. This is our new dairy, Mrs. Bradford," she continued, as the older people came nearer.

  94. It was only 'cause I am so sorry that you don't have a nice home and plenty to eat, and people to love you.

  95. Then I s'pose you feel very thankful for it, and as if you'd like to help make sick people as well as you are; don't you?

  96. When she raised herself again she saw a large boat, out of which several people came to meet them, the foremost of them a tall man in a long, white garment.

  97. Melissa's lips, or had she only intended to shout it down to the people in the stadium?

  98. Who were those people who went wandering about among the slain, turning first to this side and then to that, as if searching for something?

  99. Lady Frances, "how we may mistake even the people we know best--Georgiana, can you conceive it?

  100. Her ladyship would never permit her protégée to ask the name of any person in public places or at private parties--because not to know certain people "argues yourself unknown.

  101. And as only a few hundred millions of people in the world are in the same condition," added Mrs. Percy.

  102. He went about every where talking of her in raptures, and making interest for her with all the great people of his acquaintance.

  103. Don't affront people for nothing, who may be of the greatest use to you.

  104. The young people are going to walk, and now we can talk the matter over by ourselves.

  105. During this period, the atmosphere has a smoky, hazy effect, which is ascribed by the people generally to the simultaneous burning of the prairies of the western part of the continent.

  106. Ned rode that day Brian Boro, Mr. Gumbleton's famous chestnut, and people call it Ned Sheehy's Leap to this hour.

  107. The belief in the appearance of headless people and horses appears to be, like most popular superstitions, widely extended.

  108. There are few people who have not heard of the Mac Carthies--one of the real old Irish families, with the true Milesian blood running in their veins, as thick as buttermilk.

  109. With people thus headless 'tis fun To drive in such furious career; Since headlong their horses can't run, Nor coachman be heady from beer.

  110. Why, then, begging your reverence's pardon for my freedom, it is, if the souls of the good people are to be saved at the last day?

  111. People may have heard of the renowned adventures of Daniel O'Rourke, but how few are there who know that the cause of all his perils, above and below, was neither more nor less than his having slept under the walls of the Phooka's tower!

  112. Foolish people used to think that there was, but you are very learned and you have taught us better.

  113. I hope he has brought Delia's fortune with him safe, for fear her people might go back on the bargain and I after making it.

  114. They shall be speaking for ever, The people shall hear them for ever.

  115. To keep to yourself the thing that you know, and to do in quiet the thing you want to do, there would be no disturbance at all in the world, all people to bear that in mind!

  116. Then all in a minute one smells summer flowers, and tall people go by, happy and laughing, and their clothes are the colour of burning sods.

  117. The people will be running from all parts.

  118. It is his trade to see more than other people would see, the same as I myself might be seeing a split in a leather car hood that no other person would find out at all.

  119. Letting on people do be to make the world wonder the time they think well to rise up.

  120. When I went by Kilcluan where the bells used to be ringing at the break of every day, I could hear nothing but the people snoring in their houses.

  121. They were altogether alive like Him that made them in His image, like people in that unfallen country.

  122. When the people see me quiet, they think old age has come on me and that all the stir has gone out of me.

  123. There is a great crowd of people talking to your pupils.

  124. They shall be remembered for ever, They shall be alive for ever, They shall be speaking for ever, The people shall hear them for ever.

  125. Go then, get food and drink, whatever is wanted to give you strength and courage; gather your people together here; bring them all in.

  126. You live in that country people only see in their dreams.

  127. All the world knows it's not for love of what I drink, but for love of the people that do be with me!

  128. The voice of the people is heard no more.

  129. Many (probably more than eight thousand) people were stationed all around us, from the tops of the mountains to the banks of the Dee, and were cheering and exulting, with intervals of silent astonishment.

  130. The people attributed the dreadful tempests which at that season occurred to the magic power of Owen, who found it his interest to encourage their credulity.

  131. When the corpse is consigned to the earth, the clerk receives the donations of the people that are around the grave, upon the spade with which he is throwing the earth upon the coffin; and this is his share of the fees.

  132. But few of the people have gone away, they have become schooled in the process of accommodation, and accommodate themselves to a woeful change.

  133. I had learned to love this place and these people whom I seem to know so very well from having read René Bazin, Daudet, Maupassant, Balzac and Marie Claire.

  134. Here and there I could discern houses where no light shone, and where no people dwelt.

  135. To save myself the trouble of telling people why I didn't," he answered with a laugh.

  136. I was on sentry go at a dingy place, a village where the people make their living by selling bad beer and weak wine to one another.

  137. You'll annoy those good people across the way.

  138. I asked for a transfer back to a beat so's I could see some people again.

  139. What would those people down there think if they were told the true story of the Nipe?

  140. I suggest you return it to the people who have donated it to your organization.

  141. We also represent hundreds and hundreds of people who have had friends and relatives murdered by that horror.

  142. Only a small handful of the vast array of people who were dispensing this carefully tailored propaganda knew what was going on.

  143. Nor had he pointed out that ten thousand times as many people had died during the same period through preventable accidents.

  144. The one that blinded those people in Baghdad?

  145. To tell the Real People that he is a gentleman!

  146. The people around him were not a part of his world, really.

  147. So it would not surprise him to find that the Real People of this system were humanoid in shape instead of--ah--Nipoid?

  148. Could those people down there, and the others like them all over the world, be made to understand that, by his own lights, the Nipe had been behaving in the most civilized and gentlemanly fashion he knew?

  149. The number of people killed in ordinary accidents in a single week was greater than the total number killed by the Nipe in the last decade, but nowhere were men banding together to put a stop to that sort of death.

  150. The group of people that occupied it had deliberately chosen it that way, so that there would be no chance of its being picked out for slicing by one of the mining teams in the Asteroid Belt.

  151. It makes me happy to see their gratitude, for most of them have been cuffed about so they don't know that there are people who will be kind and love them.

  152. Just then the boat lurched badly and the people slipped and slid on the slanting, wet deck, but Jan did not move.

  153. I was told that between twenty and twenty-five thousand people pass over the trail each year.

  154. Monday morning people came for the dogs, and the captain patted each of his four-footed friends, before it went to its new home.

  155. Too many people have complained," was the reply.

  156. He saved forty-two people and died in 1815, just after the terrible storm that cost the lives of almost all the Hospice dogs.

  157. Soon he was dreaming that he was digging travellers from the snow and asking them, "Won't you please tell me how a dog can save people in a land where there is no snow?

  158. He grew accustomed to the motion and as the captain came often each day to see him and talk to him, and many other people also visited him, Jan found life very pleasant.

  159. But, John, the stableman, who had cared for the handsome horses of the Pixleys until automobiles filled the carriage house, had gone away to another place where people still used horses.

  160. All the people in the big house were very kind to Jan, and he soon grew accustomed to his new home.

  161. The newspaper printed the story of Prince Jan and his ancestors, and then people kept coming to see him, and most of them brought money for the trip back to the Hospice.

  162. He could not understand it at all, and as he looked up with puzzled eyes at his master, he saw the old man was staring straight ahead at a strip of land not very far away, where a lot of people were running about in a great hurry.

  163. Before Bruno could answer, Jan shoved up and said earnestly: "But, mother, how do dogs save people where there is no snow?

  164. It appears that the numbers here have recently been increased by the influx of people from one or two small coast villages that have been destroyed by the Germans.

  165. Among others is Mrs. Van Hicks, a lady of great possessions but little culture, who seeks to put people under a lasting obligation to her by making friends with them.

  166. Me fella people say old chief he die alonga you; all proper mad.

  167. D' you see people moving between the wreck and the cliff?

  168. Young people will revel in this most interesting and original story.

  169. This is a book which any boy would revel in, and which people who are no longer boys will read with equally breathless interest.

  170. The heroes of this story, during a tour in an entirely unknown region of Africa, light upon a race of people directly descended from the Ancient Egyptians.

  171. It's a low order of intelligence that admits no superiority but brute force, and I guess you must deal with people as you find 'em.

  172. Flanso was rather impressed by these statements, though he said that his people would probably prefer to eat up all the Germans themselves; and Trentham realised the danger of employing metaphorical language.

  173. Every girl who reads this book will become acquainted with some of the realest, truest, best people in recent fiction.

  174. But the fact is, these people are hopeless.

  175. They had hastened back with the news, and the white men in the village had ordered all the people to withdraw into the inner enclosure.

  176. Some of the people had been killed, some wounded, others had escaped into the forest.

  177. Then the people emerged from their huts, and a number of the elder men formed up in procession and marched slowly into the house.

  178. The conflict between these two schools continues; and many people still think that any poetry which shows polished regularity must be excellent.

  179. People built slighter and slighter every day, until it was feared that the very science of architecture would in no long time be lost to the world.

  180. This would show that Shakespeare had a capacity for attracting people and making lasting friendships.

  181. Why do young people sometimes think Marlowe the greatest of all the Elizabethan dramatists?

  182. People in general have always been more interested in stories than in any other form of literature.

  183. Archer and Kingsford's The Story of the Crusades, Cutt's Parish Priests and their People in the Middle Ages in England, and Jusserand's English Wayfaring Life in the fourteenth Century are good works.

  184. She sees the oddities and foibles of people with the insight of the true humorist, and paints them with most dexterous cunning.

  185. When people reflected how calmly Marlborough had directed the whirlwind of war, they thought that no comparison could be more felicitous.

  186. England anticipated other great modern nations in producing a literature of universal appeal because her common people began to throw off their shackles earlier.

  187. The History of England by David Hume, the philosopher, is the first work of the kind to add to the history of politics and the affairs of state an account of the people and their manners.

  188. His affection for the daisy has for five hundred years caused many other people to look with fonder eyes upon that flower.

  189. This is the first history of any branch of the Teutonic people in their own tongue.

  190. The strange story of his early life appealed to the masses of the people of the North; he was the subject of conversation and of inquiry.

  191. While such utterances probably did cost him votes at the time, later his people could see that his prophetic vision had been right and their confidence in him, always strong, was accordingly increased.

  192. He was always fundamentally democratic, was so close to the heart of humanity that he felt its mighty pulsations and knew intuitively what his people were thinking.

  193. While many good people desired peace rather than agitation concerning such an irritating problem, the question of slavery in the territories had to be decided and the whole question of slavery would not down.

  194. And in killing Lincoln he did his people of the South the greatest possible harm.

  195. He enjoyed the confidence of his people and the devotion of his friends.

  196. To show how the people were divided, Douglas, Breckenridge and Bell had some votes in nearly all states both North and South.

  197. And when he did first announce his purpose of emancipation it was to apply only to those "persons held as slaves within any state or designated part of a state the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States.

  198. If elected, I shall consider the whole people of Sangamon as my constituents, as well those that oppose as those that support me.

  199. And at last he was happy, sharing with his people the joy that came with the end of the war.

  200. I was told that several people had formerly lost their lives in attempting to cross the forest.

  201. Inasmuch as the condition of the people falls short of this high standard, blame is attached to the missionary, instead of credit for that which he has effected.

  202. Capital is here so deficient that the people are obliged to sell their green corn while standing in the field, in order to buy necessaries for the ensuing year.

  203. This was shown by the old man patting our breasts, and making a chuckling kind of noise, as people do when feeding chickens.

  204. In the year 1793, one of the most destructive thunderstorms perhaps on record happened at Buenos Ayres: thirty-seven places within the city were struck by lightning, and nineteen people killed.

  205. I was curious to ascertain how rich any of these people might be, but Mr. Douglas says that no one can be considered as possessing a regular income.

  206. Such people have generally visited at the houses of the upper classes, where the domestic slaves are usually well treated, and they have not, like myself, lived amongst the lower classes.

  207. I was assured by well-informed people that a man who should try to improve, could not while living with other assigned servants;--his life would be one of intolerable misery and persecution.

  208. The people rushed out of doors in the greatest alarm.

  209. The people here complained of want of land.

  210. Most people know the English Phallus, which in autumn taints the air with its odious smell: this, however, as the entomologist is aware, is to some of our beetles a delightful fragrance.

  211. The missionaries have tried to persuade the people to change this habit; but it is the fashion, and that is a sufficient answer at Tahiti, as well as at Paris.

  212. Lesson has remarked with justice that the English nation would have thought of making the island of Ascension a productive spot, any other people would have held it as a mere fortress in the ocean.

  213. We carry it because there are people there; because there are American citizens there; not because it pays.

  214. He did not mount his roan horse and ask the people of the community to look at it.

  215. As a rule, people would rather heaf-something bad than something good.

  216. People who live on interest find it always to their interest to have the interest mentioned--always.

  217. He has the right to send his agents there and if the people want to petition for more service, and if Congress is willing to give them more service, no human being has a right to complain in this manner and in a criminal court.

  218. Gentlemen, I just simply speak of this to show how easy it is for people to be mistaken.

  219. It will not be long before that State will have millions of people and give us back millions of dollars each year, and with that surplus we will carry the mail to other Territories.

  220. He has the right to call the attention of the people to what he supposes to be their needs in that regard.

  221. If the man carrying the mail has the right to get up a petition, surely the people have the right; and if the people have the right, surely the man has that right.

  222. They tell you that this is a very peculiar offence, and people are very secret about it.

  223. All these rumors, thick in the air, the bleating of sheep following him wherever lie went; the low of cattle and yet these people never heard it.

  224. All the members of Congress out there, when they go home want to say to the people when they meet at the convention with all the delegates on hand.

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    Other words:
    ancestry; anchor; assembly; billet; bivouac; blood; breed; brethren; brood; burrow; camp; children; citizenry; clan; clansman; class; cognate; collateral; colonize; common; commonwealth; commune; community; connections; constituency; culture; denizen; domesticate; ensconce; estate; everybody; everyone; family; flesh; flock; fold; folk; folks; gens; gentry; get; hearth; hive; house; household; humanity; inhabit; inhabitant; issue; kin; kind; kindred; kinfolk; kinsmen; line; lineage; locate; man; men; menage; moor; move; nation; nationality; nest; occupy; offspring; order; parish; park; people; perch; persons; plant; polity; populace; popular; populate; population; posterity; public; quarter; rabble; race; relations; relative; relocate; reside; roost; sept; settle; sheep; society; species; squat; stand; state; stay; stem; stirps; stock; strain; tenant; totem; tribe; tribesman; world

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