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ordinarie; ordinaries; ordinarily; ordinario; ordinarius; ordinate; ordinated; ordinates; ordinating; ordination
  1. These, however, are not the nominees of the Corporation, but are chosen by the ordinary civic constituency, the ratepayers.

  2. The Common Council of London City has, therefore, to-day the powers which belong to an ordinary borough council.

  3. County magistrates are not, in virtue of that office, ordinary members of these bodies, which are almost solely elective.

  4. Any ordinary driver might have refused to make the attempt in broad daylight, and on a dark night it needed skill as well as courage, both of which, however, Rodwood seemed to possess in a marked degree.

  5. Now, instead of reaching its destination in the ordinary manner, it was supplying the needs of a band of outlaws in the fastness of a sea cavern.

  6. What such fellows as Liddle and Rigby had done we could certainly accomplish; and, after all, if we had an ordinary amount of luck, the risk was not great.

  7. The article which he held up was an ordinary rope halter.

  8. Worthless as it might have appeared under ordinary circumstances, to us it proved a valuable find; and George offered at once to go down and fill it with water from the cave below.

  9. Crandall of an ordinary Indian regiment--arrived from Exeter on the morning of the match, he was cheered along the whole front of the College, for the prefects had repeated the sense of that which the Head had read them in Flint's study.

  10. Well, I am a most ordinary clergyman; and Mr. Hartopp's in Orders, too.

  11. You see, it isn't as if we were just an ordinary school.

  12. St. John's College, Oxford, wholly composed of minutely written characters, which at a short distance resemble the lines of an ordinary engraving.

  13. Even ordinary noblemen considered such an attendant indispensable, and thus the system reached its last stage, and toward the end of the seventeenth century it was abolished.

  14. The stone itself is of the ordinary size, but the spoons are so small that their shape and finish can only be distinguished by the microscope.

  15. She was appareled, and began to accustome herself to ordinary meats like unto any other, yet she sought still means to escape and to get into the water, but she was straightly guarded.

  16. The flamingo arranges its nest in a peculiar way, as its long legs would not adapt themselves to the ordinary style of nest-building.

  17. They therefore reduced their extracts to fifteen, afterwards to ten, then to four, then to two dromedaries, and at last there remained only enough to load a mule of ordinary size.

  18. Thus, flying at nearly double its ordinary weight, we can fancy the power of this animal, surpassing in proportion the strength of the eagle or condor.

  19. This was penned by the Queen, probably while she was in captivity at Woodstock, as the spirit it breathed affords a singular contrast to the towering haughtiness of her ordinary deportment.

  20. The Burmese monarch is called "The King of the White Elephants," and is regarded under that title with more than ordinary veneration, which oriental despotism extracts from its abject dependants.

  21. There is nothing that will so deliver us from the tyranny of majorities, and of what we call general opinion and ordinary custom, as to feel that we belong to Him because He died for us.

  22. That is to say, I suppose, according to the ordinary idiom of the Old Testament, 'Watch, in order that you may keep.

  23. The instructions given and at once accepted are as unlike those of ordinary warfare as is the whole incident; for there is to be no sword drawn nor blow struck, but they are to 'stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

  24. I do not suppose that the ordinary Bible-reader knows very much about Nehemiah.

  25. The ordinary operations of Providence amply suffice to bring it.

  26. So all round the horizon we see this: that the godly man is involved like any other man in the ordinary contingencies and possible evils of life.

  27. The worshipper is first regarded as going to the house of God, then as presenting his prayers in it, and then as having left it and returned to his ordinary life.

  28. The world is full of God's instruments, and He sends punishments by the ordinary play of motives and circumstances, which we best understand when we see behind all His mighty hand and sovereign will.

  29. According to my best judgment, the work which a slave here is required to do, amounts to about one third the ordinary labour commonly performed by a New-England farmer.

  30. On ordinary occasions he was diffident and even awkward in his manners, but here he was "at ease in his inn," and felt called upon to show his manhood and enact the experienced traveler.

  31. On the contrary, it was the outcome of a great law of God's kingdom, which law regulated the ordinary procedure of His providence.

  32. It was no ordinary battle that was to be fought; it was one that would decide the fate of the country.

  33. It is difficult to say whether the greater hurt was inflicted by such conduct on the cause of religion or on the cause of ordinary morality.

  34. It was a work for which no ordinary man was needed, and for which no ordinary man was found.

  35. That in all ordinary cases suicide is a daring sin, who can deny?

  36. But surely we ought not to blame her if the Divine emotion that so completely filled her soul excluded for the time every ordinary feeling.

  37. In the case of an ordinary massacre, the conquering people abandon themselves to the licence of their passions, and hasten to enrich themselves by appropriating everything of value on which they can lay their hands.

  38. That utter worldliness of mind which we have referred to as his natural disposition would have made him scorn any such employment in his ordinary mood as utterly alien to his feelings.

  39. The class of qualities that are here marked as offensive to God are pride, self-seeking, self-sufficiency both in ordinary matters and in their spiritual development.

  40. Let us take warning at the picture presented to us in this chapter of the terrible results, even in the ordinary affairs of life, of the evil heart of unbelief that departs from the living God.

  41. It is little to say that faith raised him high above all ordinary fears, or that it made him ready at any moment to risk, and if need be, to sacrifice his life.

  42. An ordinary person they would have sacrificed without mercy; but when Jason stared aimlessly at the tree-tops, or gobbled like a turkey, they simply set their mark upon him, and let him go.

  43. We had no doubt that, with anything like an ordinary chance, he would put a ball through the turkey's head, and return in triumph.

  44. All through the night and morning the ordinary winter haze had hung over the town; but now, by reason of a change of wind, the haze began rapidly to thicken into a definite fog.

  45. Now, if I could place myself in a position to account for that skeleton in a simple and ordinary way, it might, in the future, save inconvenient explanations.

  46. As long as he had been with me, something of the old buoyant spirit of playfulness--that was my ordinary mood until my great trouble befell--had been revived by the absurdity of the situation.

  47. To the ordinary observer a skeleton in a museum case or in an art school conveys no vivid sense of humanity.

  48. The long grass was trampled down, and all around were strewn the relics of the hideous orgies which formed the ordinary sequel of an Iroquois victory.

  49. Each had for the other a tale of disaster; but, when La Salle recounted the long succession of his reverses, it was with the tranquil tone and cheerful look of one who relates the incidents of an ordinary journey.

  50. It is useless to fire at the forehead of a buffalo bull, at least with an ordinary rifle, as the bullet flattens against his skull.

  51. Both were somewhat above the station of ordinary hired hands; and Du Gay had an uncle who was an ecclesiastic of good credit at Amiens, his native place.

  52. An ordinary sized loaf, costing about three cents makes a large panful.

  53. Give the extraordinary interview the ordinary setting of humble, banal, tame everydayness.

  54. Dahlia is not an ordinary creature; she is no one; she is the young girl.

  55. When a bit of sense and ordinary life returned and cried in my ears: "It is over.

  56. A circular, an ordinary letter which I didn't have the will to open.

  57. For ordinary people like you and me marriage brings nothing but misfortune and mediocrity.

  58. Whatever she does, whether she laughs, or is excited, or talks with fire of ordinary things, she always has a finger lifted in the air and her wide gaze raised Christ-like.

  59. Charles August of Weimar is no ordinary prince, and you are no ordinary poet.

  60. My ordinary life will be that of a jurist.

  61. Then you, at least, admit that you are no ordinary man," said Andrew Streicher, shrugging his shoulders.

  62. He will not yield to despair like an ordinary man; his soul will soon recover its buoyancy.

  63. If an ordinary head, by ordinary application, can acquire in three years sufficient knowledge to enable a man to earn a comfortable living in the practice of his profession, I can certainly attain the same end in a shorter time.

  64. He estimates you by an ordinary scale, and that is not adapted to Frederick Schiller.

  65. I pray you, Wilhelmine, be no weak, no ordinary woman!

  66. A touch of idealism, of nobility of thought and purpose, mingled with an air of reality and well-chosen expression, are the most notable features of a book that has not the ordinary defects of such qualities.

  67. It was only a plain garden, with walks of yellow sand, and beds of ordinary flowers.

  68. There is as much strength in this book as in a dozen ordinary successful novels.

  69. Goethe's entreaties and exhortations were at times successful in arousing him from this condition; but, after a short interval of forced gayety and mocking merriment, he would relapse into his ordinary state of silent melancholy.

  70. Women are generally such sensitively constituted beings that all ordinary laws are set at defiance when they love.

  71. And it is in my opinion fitting for priests to wear the most magnificent dress when they are within the temple performing the services, but when they are outside the sacred precincts to wear ordinary dress, without any extravagance.

  72. This disease generally breaks out in the hot season, when we generally eat all sorts of unripe and over-ripe fruits in immoderate quantities and in addition to our ordinary food.

  73. Very often we get bewildered at the most ordinary diseases out of sheer ignorance, and in our anxiety to get better, we simply make matters worse.

  74. The only difference, in fact, between injection and the ordinary process of eating through the mouth is that the assimilation in the former case is instantaneous, while that in the latter is slow.

  75. He himself recognises that many of his views will hardly be accepted by the ordinary reader, but he has felt himself impelled by a stern sense of duty to give publicity to his convictions formed after so much of study and experience.

  76. Our ordinary conduct would seem to indicate that we attach little value to health.

  77. The best thing for ordinary men would be to keep a small garden near the house, and work in it for a few hours every day.

  78. When we cover up the most ordinary parts of our body, it is as though we felt ashamed of them in their natural condition, and as though we found fault with Nature's own arrangement.

  79. A spirit or kerosine oil stove, or a wood or coal fire, should be kept burning under an ordinary cane chair.

  80. As already mentioned, there is a large percentage of water in our ordinary articles of food, and we also add water in cooking them.

  81. He was such an inveterate walker that four or five hours a day was quite an ordinary thing with him!

  82. At present, we know not how to deal with the most ordinary scalds and wounds; we are helpless if a thorn runs into our foot; we are beside ourselves with fright and dismay if we are bitten by an ordinary snake!

  83. In fact, most women in the country regard child-birth as quite an ordinary matter; they continue to do their normal work till almost the last moment, and experience hardly any pain at the time of delivery.

  84. The book is one of more than ordinary interest in various ways, and presents an admirable conception of the depths and sincerity of female friendship, as exhibited in England by English women.

  85. It was evident, however, that to the men now with him his remaining so closely masked was no subject of surprise, that they regarded it as an ordinary thing, which in consequence had lost its strangeness.

  86. Still it is not the sort of information which the ordinary tourist gives and which the cultivated reader resents and is careful not to remember.

  87. It is my purpose to show not only the close relation of literature to ordinary life, but its eminent position in life, and its saving power in lives which do not suspect its influence or value.

  88. He would point out that such or such a work was above or below its author's ordinary level; but there was never any ill-nature in his comment, no depreciation for depreciation's sake.

  89. Several journals give interesting accounts of this town, and especially of the Indian tombs, which appear to have been arranged with more than ordinary care.

  90. If you were an ordinary man like hundreds of the idle young men one meets in London, I would have nothing to say.

  91. It upset him, and blurred that vision which he liked to have of himself as a calm, important man superior to ordinary weaknesses.

  92. Wally, on his side, knew that Jill was in New York; and had already decided, erroneously, that she had found his address in the telephone directory and was paying an ordinary call.

  93. Say what you will, but there before us are no ordinary shades of the dead night.

  94. Now, gentlemen, our next collaborator will give you an exhibition of some ordinary card tricks, which are worked at fairs, on steamboats and railways.

  95. All seven of us are ordinary thieves--naturally of different departments.

  96. He had strong passions and an ardent imagination, but his firmness of disposition preserved him from the ordinary errors of young men.

  97. Before the table sat a man, unlike an ordinary human being.

  98. A moment, and all disappeared, and the light of an ordinary day shone upon the awakened soul of Ctesippus.

  99. His ordinary converse with his inferiors smacked of sternness, and consisted chiefly of three phrases: "How dare you?

  100. At first glance you would think it was nothing more than an ordinary house-gown, but only at first glance.

  101. Yet when he lays them bare we know that they are not fictitious, not invented, but as real as the ordinary familiar facts of life.

  102. She saw clearly that there could be no possible connexion between a child's quite ordinary diversion and the continuation of the child's life.

  103. On subjects of ordinary educational interest my hostess displayed such full knowledge of the question and ease in dealing with it, that I listened, fascinated, as long as she chose to continue speaking.

  104. The few attractions of the place, the diving boys and the like, may be a relief in ordinary sea voyages, but I was too much absorbed in my experiment on Brande to bear with patience any delay which served to postpone the crisis of my scheme.

  105. In appearance, this marvel of micrology, so far as the eye-piece and upper portions went, was like an ordinary microscope, but its magnifying power was to me unbelievable.

  106. We coaled at Port Said like any ordinary steamer.

  107. When he paused, I knew that no ordinary doubt beset him.

  108. Might it not be a revolutionary party engaged in a grave intrigue--a branch of some foreign body whose purpose was so dangerous that ordinary disguises were not considered sufficiently secure?

  109. The TIMES says:--"An ingenious attempt to convey to the lay mind an accurate and complete idea of the origin and progress and all the essential circumstances of an ordinary action at law.

  110. Our camp was quickly formed, and our life was outwardly as happy as if we had been an ordinary company of tourists.

  111. The youth Halley would have interested me under ordinary circumstances.

  112. As we ascended the height, every mile in distance brought changes in the botanical growths, which might have passed unnoticed by the ordinary observer or ignorant pioneer.

  113. Now this seemed to me a very ordinary speech, for who would have held back, thinking her innocent?

  114. We talked on ordinary topics without my once noticing how deftly they had been introduced by Miss Metford.

  115. His voice had returned to its ordinary key.

  116. Notwithstanding this; I persevered in my ordinary assiduity, without ever asking to be invited to Marly, and lived agreeably with my wife and my friends.

  117. A servant of hers used to make it, and then put it away in a cupboard where there was some ordinary water for the use of Madame if she found the other too bitter.

  118. She had been almost entirely abandoned, and was refused the most ordinary necessaries of her state.

  119. He could not long confine himself to ordinary language.

  120. I think that, though justified in principle by the ordinary circumstances of Eastern life, there are cases in which the system acts very badly.

  121. Isaacs made a long salutation in Hindustani, and I followed his example, but he did not take off his shoes or make anything more than an ordinary bow.

  122. Some of them wore coloured jerseys that showed brightly over the open collars of their coats, others were in ordinary dress and had come to see the game.

  123. It was clear that Ram Lal's messengers were swift, for even if he had met Isaacs when the latter reached the railroad, no ordinary horse could have returned with the message at the time I had received it.

  124. Still less would any ordinary Hindus be capable of laying a dâk, or post route of relays, over a hundred miles long in twelve hours.

  125. I resolved not to be astonished at anything that occurred, only marvelling that it should have pleased this extraordinary man to make his entrance like an ordinary mortal, instead of through the floor or the ceiling.

  126. If common sense can so little anticipate the ordinary and orderly advancement of human knowledge, it is still less able to take that leap into the dark which is demanded of it now.

  127. This would represent our ordinary waking consciousness of what goes on in the world round about.

  128. Now there are excellent reasons, other than those based on analogy, that the fourth-dimensional aspect of things may manifest itself to our ordinary experience, not as spatial extension, but as temporal change.

  129. As this involves an inward turning of the mind and will, and the withdrawal from the ordinary active life of average humanity, he alone is witness of his own success.

  130. Were we capable of receiving only one impression an hour, like a bell struck every hour with a hammer, the ordinary term of life would seem very short.

  131. DuPrel and others have shown that the difference between ordinary dreaming, somnambulance, trance and ecstasy, is only a matter of redistribution of thresholds--that they are all related states and merge into one another.

  132. The surveyor's aunt had written her message carefully, so that the ordinary reader would not understand just where the stolen car was.

  133. Neale had put on his slicker when the downpour began, and it was well he had, for this was no ordinary rain.

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