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Example sentences for "sensitively"

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sensim; sensing; sensit; sensitised; sensitive; sensitiveness; sensitives; sensitivity; sensitized; sensitizing
  1. A more sensitively imaginative poet was Timrod, yet even he was not strong enough to lead his time and become more than a minor singer.

  2. No poet has shrunk more sensitively from the realistic, material age of which he was a part than Sill.

  3. The degree of fit between the worm and the wheel may be very sensitively made by revolving the worm spindle by hand.

  4. What wonder that he had given this inheritance to the most sensitively constituted of his children, whose musical genius, the least sane of all gifts, put her in touch with the greater mysteries of the Universe?

  5. I say our colleges to-day are business colleges--Yale more so, perhaps, because it is more sensitively American.

  6. Stover was sensitively proud, and the thought of how the story had traveled with all its implications wounded him keenly.

  7. I had laughed at her for yawning wide with her wolf-like jaws, and she was sensitively on her dignity.

  8. She was sensitively alive to the intricate phases of honor that were entangled in the situation, and, showing such fineness and delicacy, I could quite ignore the fact that she was a negress.

  9. Instead of inflicting a bitter pang on his sensitively affectionate feelings, the sentence of exclusion from his boyhood's home merely caused Shelley a little irritation and a vast amount of amusement.

  10. But he was not of an independent character to start with; and his life had made him sensitively deferent to literary opinion.

  11. That a sympathy of no commonplace kind subsisted between this delicate and polished princess and her sensitively gifted poet, is apparent.

  12. He coloured sensitively when he saw her and stood aside for her to pass.

  13. The suavely curving linear rhythm, characteristic of Garhwal painting at its best, is once again the means by which a mood of still adoration is sensitively conveyed.

  14. Yet the patron by whom this version was commissioned may well have felt that it was sensitively rendered and within its minor compass expressed to some extent the magical enchantment distilled by the verses.

  15. And in England that sensitively religious Unitarian, W.

  16. But now, sensitively conscious that she had troubled Elisabeth's peace in some way, she decided to make definite arrangements regarding her immediate future.

  17. I wish that we might know the forest intimately and sensitively as a part of our background.

  18. I hope that the farmer's obligation may be so sensitively developed in him as to produce a better kind of mass-cohesion than we have yet known.

  19. She moved close against him, slid her sensitively thin hands over his shoulders; looked straight up into his eyes, almost honestly.

  20. There must be a counter-influence; as the East now so strongly felt the West, so must be the West made sensitively aware of the East.

  21. And melancholy had touched her bright spirit; he sensitively felt that when the little princess ran away and her smile faded.

  22. These words, to the sensitively observant Doane, had connoted an unpleasant blend of aggressive enterprise with an equally aggressive plausibility.

  23. She was sensitively observant, despite her own trouble.

  24. She had never, sensitively keen as were her perceptions, felt so curious a hostility in Connor.

  25. The actual world had turned unreal to him, as it does to the sensitively young that suffer poignantly.

  26. But, though with sensitively wrinkled nostrils, Finn made his examination very thoroughly.

  27. Next instant Finn was beside her, with lolling tongue and sensitively questioning nostrils.

  28. And, indeed, to a mind so sensitively delicate and honourable, it is no easy task.

  29. More than this, she is sensitively alive to the fear of shame, to the dread of detection.

  30. Thousands of pilgrims had piously visited it, coming from afar; now yet another pilgrim had come from afar, sensitively eager to approach a shrine which held something desired by his soul.

  31. Lady Ingleton sickened now when she thought of the lovely hands sensitively touching, feeling, the thin china.

  32. A far less sensitively organized man might have been overwhelmed, as he was overwhelmed now, by the immense, the instantaneous revulsion of feeling which the event of the last few minutes had wrought in his mind.

  33. Miss Neelie appears to have felt the imputation fastened on her, in connection with you, far more sensitively than she felt the threat.

  34. About the matter himself, he was sensitively reticent; yet he must have told someone--someone must have told me.

  35. For a day or so in the place, he was a well-known figure; for a day or so they slipped odd pennies into his sensitively opened palm, but the next morning would find him missing.

  36. Paul was pitiably weak, but, also, he was sensitively tender.

  37. His second large Synchromie, exposed in the Salon des Independants in March 1914, was more complicated and more sensitively organised, both as to movement and to colour, than his first.

  38. Many of his figures are appropriated from the works of the old masters, but because he fails to adapt them sensitively to his needs, they lose, rather than gain, in beauty by the transfer.

  39. The surgeon who sensitively sympathizes with a man whose diseased or crushed limb it has fallen to his lot to remove, has lost a portion of his power and skill, and has become a poorer surgeon for his sympathy.

  40. Percival, shrinking sensitively from one disclosure that might wound Helen in her kinswoman.

  41. He was sensitively alive to kindness,--little enough had been shown him to make the luxury the more prized from its rarity!

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