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Example sentences for "though with"

  • And this circle is that which I have called the Electric Circle; though with failure to explain.

  • And a thousand times did I perceive things that had life; and I made a very cautious way; though with a great speed and cleverness of going that made my heart glad.

  • The slum doctor, having neglected Hen's injunction hitherto, now obeyed it, though with inattention to the processes.

  • The lad was swimming rapidly, though with a curious waste of motive power, and was so close that Miss Heth seemed to herself to be staring full into his face.

  • For my part, I say with the bastard in King John, though with a little more reverence, and only as touching his ambition, Oh!

  • I have certainly mended much this last week, though with no pretensions to a recovery of youth.

  • I suppose it had come to him from the water, for its skin glittered as though with wet.

  • Indeed it and all the vast plain were red as though with blood, red as they were destined to be on the coming day of the last battle of the Zulus.

  • Recognizing my kind thought for their true welfare they thanked me for it, though with no enthusiasm.

  • I can't see why you want to leave me," I said at last, though with a full sense of the inadequacy of the remark, and a suspicion of its hypocrisy.

  • The young Colonel listened gravely, though with a gleam now and then in his blue eyes.

  • It was a mild affair, and the remembrance of it makes me smile to this day, though with bitterness.

  • I raised myself, though with difficulty, for the fever had left me weak as a babe, and met his gaze.

  • He left his seat, and moved, though with caution, to one nearer Mistress Percy.

  • Then I saw that the sleep was feigned, for she was gazing at the storm with wide eyes, though with no fear in their dark depths.

  • So disengaged, I felt like a guest at a mask, and in some measure enjoyed the show, though with an uneasy consciousness that I was pledged to become, sooner or later, a part of the spectacle.

  • He appealed to Clementine, and I had the mortification of hearing her opinion given, though with a blush, in his favour.

  • The picture was still hers, she thought, though with my skilled brush I brought out the lights and darkened the shadows, and she was charmed to see that my pleasure was as great or greater than hers.

  • As her lover I would defend her to the last drop of my blood, but if she wants to leave me I can only assent, though with sorrow.

  • Ethel scarcely durst speak, in her anxiety to know what cast the die, though with all Dr.

  • The girl kept her eyes lowered, while she said firmly, though with traces of breathlessness and tremulo in her voice, "Please help me down.

  • Peter, though with no cessation of his labors.

  • There they lay prepared for battle, for spies had reported to them that the general, Rames, Lord of Kesh, was advancing northward swiftly, though with so small an army that it could easily be destroyed.

  • Pharaoh's legs and feet, white and withered as though with fire.

  • He rose, though with difficulty, and stood before her, supporting himself by a chair.

  • The one she alluded to was a dissipated-looking young man, though with a well-bred air, and rather handsome.

  • For a week or two she went on resolutely enough, though with an occasional sinking of heart, as if she had set out toward the Promised Land alone, and found it a thirsty, trackless, uncertain journey.

  • It was one midsummer afternoon that he reached Ashurst; he went at once to the rectory, though with no thought of asking Dr.

  • But the rector was not softened by John's letter; there was a curl of contempt upon his lip which colored his words, though with Helen's quiet eyes upon him he forced himself to speak calmly.

  • Both the little ladies frankly wiped their eyes, though with no thought except for the old friendship which had ended here.

  • Then suddenly he caught sight of her face and saw that it was white and drawn as though with pain; also that she leaned forward on her saddle, clasping its pommel as though she were about to faint.

  • Now a low moan broke from the lips of Dingaan, and those who sat with them, while Umbopa shivered as though with cold.

  • He seems to be wounded and weary, also his stomach is sunken as though with hunger.

  • Almost before he knew he had nodded, though with a set face, and by the nod committed himself.

  • She did not answer it; but her grey eyes glinted beneath their lids as she bent them upon the cards Mr. Fossell was dealing in his usual deliberate way--glinted as though with a spark of flint struck out by steel.

  • By daybreak the weather was thickening worse than ever, though with no great amount of wind, and we started again in a fog so thick that from the bridge you could see her bows, and only just.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "though with" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    door neighbor; none shall; she now; though anxious; though less; though many; though much; though never; though only; though perhaps; though possessed; though rarely; though seeking; though sometimes; though there; though they; though you; thought about; thought best; thought better; thought more; thought necessary; thought nothing; thought struck; thought the; thought you would like