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wotteth; wotting; wou; woud; wouen; woulda; woulde; wouldent; wouldest; wouldna
  1. But he answered that the earle should set his owne men in good order of battell, while he would arraie his companie, and come to him in time conuenient.

  2. Edwards daughters, which was the strongest foundation of his building; by reason whereof he iudged that all his freends in England would abandon and shrinke from him.

  3. Those that I haue brought vp my selfe, those that I had weent would most suerlie serue me, euen those faile me, and at my commandement will doo nothing for me.

  4. Who plainelie answered, that he would neuer put them to death to die therefore.

  5. Or would your Highness have the music play Again, which meditation, as they say, So often loves to float upon?

  6. But to defend what yours would force from me.

  7. Though thus far well, yet would myself had drunk The potion he revives from!

  8. But, truly, would not any one believe Some fairy had exchanged us as we lay Two tiny foster-children in one cradle?

  9. Boldon at once became confused and, with trembling voice and agitation in his whole manner, blurted out to me that he would not allow me to interfere in his affairs and would shoot every man who dared to run counter to his orders.

  10. He shut his eyes, smoking as he spoke, and tumbling out his sentences without finishing them as though some one would prevent him from phrasing them.

  11. In discussing our plans he expressed grave doubt as to whether we would get through Tibet but he did not wish to explain to me the reason for his doubts.

  12. We fully realized that it was only necessary to fire one single house at the right part of the town and the entire settlement of wooden buildings would go up in flames.

  13. In response I related all that I thought would interest him and he appeared quite excited over my tale.

  14. I still apprehended that the Baron had it in mind not to dispose of me before my friends there in Van Kure but to prepare this journey for me under the guise of which it would be so easy to do away with me by the road.

  15. A Chinese chief in command of the fortress gave offence to an old Lama who cursed the place and prophesied that it would all be destroyed.

  16. We proposed to the colonist that he take only our food and ammunition in the boat, while we would swim our horses across, in order to save the time of the many trips.

  17. The Lieutenant first spoke: "I reported the case to Uliassutai and received word back that the relatives of the deceased would come with two officers, who would investigate the affair.

  18. Had I been deliberately told that I was living only a Dream to see if my ethics would hold up even when I thought I wasn't dealing with reality?

  19. Would you make yourself comfortable here for a time, Councilman?

  20. Once he fed that document to the archives, I would be obligated to help him even without the gun.

  21. My keen powers of deduction would have seen through him in an instant!

  22. That would constitute a misuse of authority, and the next time you turn up before me, I'm going to give you life in Dreamland.

  23. My word would probably be taken that I had been forced to do it at gunpoint, but there would always be doubts, enough to wreck my career when it came time for promotion.

  24. I've always thought," I said, "that it would be a good idea to show a prisoner what the modern penal system was all about by giving him a Dream in which he dreamed about Dreamland itself.

  25. They would find out some day that I had lied to them, but maybe by that time they would have realized this world wasn't so bad.

  26. It was a pair of fantastic stories that no man in his right mind would believe--but that didn't make them invalid to a brace of ex-Sleepers.

  27. If it were true, if I had forgotten that everything that happened was only a Dream, and if I admitted it, the councilman would know I was mad.

  28. If I got through it, giving a good show, I would be released from my Dream, he had said smugly.

  29. On the other hand, maybe I actually wanted something to go wrong so my sleep sentence would be extended.

  30. If fallen in battle, and I knew where his bones were laid, whether bleaching on the plains of Xeres, or buried in the waters of the Gaudalete, I would seek them out and enshrine them as the relics of a sainted patriot.

  31. Should we attempt to find a fault, it would be the want of a little more warmth and clearness in the dark parts of the fore-ground.

  32. Perhaps I am not as considerate as I ought to be on such occasions, for doubtless she knows what she would be at, but I confess I do not.

  33. Some would read while others listened; some practice fencing; some sing, some dance.

  34. Then with eager, swelling eyes, aiming with the fore-finger of each hand, he would run up and point at some phrenological bump upon the cranium.

  35. She knew that flight would be vain, for what human being could outrun a hungry panther?

  36. It would have its own disadvantages--it would be cold and damp--and the wind and seas on the lively deck had to be faced on the way to it.

  37. He told me the Medea's crowd was there, but perhaps Macandrew had already signed, and so would not appear.

  38. Captain Williams would rise then, and stand before his ship's picture, pointing into her rigging.

  39. We felt confident there would be a clearance soon, so but shrouded our navigation lights.

  40. I told her she would die, if she didn't leave the working of that ship to those who ought to do it.

  41. Perhaps they were in disagreement as to where the church would be in daylight.

  42. It would not be easy to forget the Susie.

  43. Dockland would seem to others as any alien town would seem to me.

  44. There would be a long lath of sunlight, numberless atoms swimming in it, slanting from a corner of the window to brighten a patch of carpet.

  45. It did vouchsafe us one ship that morning, a German trawler with a fir tree lashed to her deck, ready for Christmas morning, I suppose, when perhaps they would tie herrings to its twigs.

  46. They had never been moved, and they never would be.

  47. Heed not the words of the Enchantress Who would us still betray!

  48. And half a million tiny hands, And eyes, like sparks of frost, Would dance and come tumbling into the moon, On every breaker tossed.

  49. Who would think, now, a throat So lank and so thin Might make birds seem to warble In the dream she is in!

  50. There's no one I knows on would come so late, A-clicking the latch of an empty house With nobbut inside 'un but me and a mouse.

  51. And then with sly and greedy thumbs Would rifle the sweet honeycombs.

  52. But soon as ever came peep of sun On coral and feathery tree, Three nightcapped dwarfs to the surf would run And soon were a-bob in the sea.

  53. What would you say of a pilgrim commissioned of God to travel up and down the earth singing a strange melody, which, when once heard, caused him to forget whatever sorrow he had?

  54. It would make a beautiful picture if some one would paint it.

  55. How would we get the refreshment we need in the rough world, if the Shepherd did not see to that?

  56. Yes, the sheep would indeed have a hard time finding water to drink, were it not that the shepherd sees to that.

  57. He wrote as often, indeed, as he could, and always with an amused, uncertain expectancy of what the consciously directed little square envelopes which brought back the reply would contain.

  58. On his way home Kendal reflected that it was doubtless a question of time; she would take to the customs of civilization by degrees, and the sooner the better.

  59. She would write and ask him for something--for what?

  60. As it grew before him, out of his consciousness, under his hand, he became more and more aware that he would prefer to postpone her seeing it, for reasons which he would not pause to define.

  61. I'm afraid it would take a good deal," Rattray returned.

  62. It would be only justice--poetic justice--to say no.

  63. It would be to-morrow, he reflected, before he could screw himself up to talking about it, even to Janet.

  64. Janet would have preferred to have been met by one of the old affectations; she would have felt herself taken more seriously.

  65. At which she reflected, deciding that for the present he might not, but when they reached her lodgings she would permit him to renew his acquaintance with Buddha, and give him a cigarette.

  66. You would have to learn Paris about five times as well as you fancy you know it already, and then you would require a special course of training to find out what to write about.

  67. If she could bring herself to consent to her own removal, the situation, she could not help seeing, would be considerably simplified.

  68. We could have done it," said Jimmy, "and we would But what's the use of talking?

  69. Michael here, says it would be better for you to stay in Finnabeg.

  70. Don't I know as well as yourself that it would be no use?

  71. He spoke to Paddy Doolan and told him that his old mother would be wanted to attend on the new doctor and must be ready whenever she was called for.

  72. It was very doubtful whether he would stay there long, his lungs, heart, and stomach being what they were.

  73. There was no doubt that the agency, which meant the sole right of selling the Manners' machines in Ireland, would be exceedingly profitable.

  74. Didn't I say that without we'd get a republic in Ireland the country would do no good?

  75. I think I may safely promise two--and shells--would your people care for making shells?

  76. Corinne," said the king reproachfully, "would I ask it?

  77. If it was more wages they were after I would say there was some sense in it.

  78. It isn't you, nor your Orange Lodge nor all the damned Protestants in Ireland would be fit to stop us," said O'Farrelly.

  79. The sergeant is after sending me round to you, sir," said Constable Malone, "to know would it be convenient for you to attend at Ballygran any time this afternoon to certify a lunatic?

  80. I don't remember a case quite like it, and it would be exceedingly interesting to see what view the Court would take.

  81. One little zap would do it, and Alvin Sherdlap would encumber the Earth no more.

  82. Soon the Grand Procession would begin, starting as always from the Temple-on-the-Green and wending its slow way northward to the upper end of Central Park at 110th Street.

  83. If he had been doing his own picking, he thought a little sadly, the job of tryout stand-in for Dionysus was not the job he would have chosen.

  84. It would be laid at the door of William Forrester, together with a nice, big, black funeral wreath.

  85. All he was supposed to be was a double--and anybody who looked like Dionysus would be accepted as Dionysus by the people.

  86. Why would Mars do something like that and especially now?

  87. My goodness, what would that boy be doing in California?

  88. You don't suppose that we would pick a mortal for an important job like this without making certain that he was capable of doing the job, do you?

  89. An ordinary mortal, he knew, would see nothing at all.

  90. He would know at eighteen hundred, and such were the ways of the Gods that he would not know one second before.

  91. If it had been that, the Myrmidons themselves would have taken him.

  92. Uh--would you mind keeping your voices down a little?

  93. This sounds strange, for it would appear that if no pledge had been given the students might have behaved as they liked, without terminating their careers.

  94. He would not command the army, save as an agent acting under direction from the Master.

  95. He quacked indeed, but he would not bend his head or bow to the old duck properly.

  96. So much so, that they nicknamed him the "Daring Duckling," and prophesied that he would come to a bad end.

  97. He whom they desired to obey" would wear an inferior sort of crown, robes of cotton-backed velvet, trimmed with imitation fur.

  98. He would not give away orders--he would only take them.

  99. There is nothing he would not do to secure the goodwill of his great, his benevolent, his all-powerful Master.

  100. The golfer was obliged, of course, to lift the ball and place it behind, as it would have been gross cruelty to have played it from the nest.

  101. So we would petition on our knees that the painful omission should be supplied.

  102. The Chairman thought if the gruel was sweetened with a spoonful of treacle the children would then like it.

  103. The title is "British Boulevardism;" but one still more suggestive of the mixture would be "John-Bullvardism.

  104. After each one she would sink into a swoon from exhaustion, and frequently said to her physician, Dr.

  105. The queen declared that she would never release Mary, and ordered the execution of the duke.

  106. He travelled incognito, and although one of the queen's attendants recognized him after his arrival at the palace, and told his sister of his presence, she would not believe it until he stole up behind her chair and gave her a kiss.

  107. She retained her palace of the Cockpit also, and demanded the one at Richmond; but that passed into the possession of Madame Puissars, one of the daughters of Lady Villiers, and she would not relinquish it.

  108. James himself was amused at the adventure, and issued a proclamation offering pardon to the escaped prisoner if he would return to his duties.

  109. If the governess, Lady Frances Villiers, had done her duty faithfully, this would not have been the case; but her tastes lay in a different direction.

  110. Now, it was perfectly useless for Prince William to demand money from any one but his uncles, who would have supplied him without hesitation.

  111. To these blind blasphemers, who thus deny its power, I would respectfully say, Come to Le Morvan, and observe the woodcock, and then dare to say that love is an untruth.

  112. What a field for Father Mathew; but never, I am certain, has the worthy Apostle of Temperance ever dreamed of offering the pledge to the wolves of Le Morvan--the rub would be to hang the medal round the necks of these Bacchanals of the forest.

  113. Would you prefer confronting a wild boar?

  114. Had I been at that frightful moment cut in four quarters, not one drop of blood would have been found in my veins; my teeth chattered with terror, and I would have given every acre of my inheritance for strength enough to run away.

  115. The very next day, as good fortune would have it, I met him again in the forest, and lost not a moment in asking his forgiveness for my brutal conduct of the previous day.

  116. How severely would this tremendous triumvirate judge some of the so-called great men of our own time!

  117. Billy would have avoided him, but the young man and his two friends would not be denied.

  118. With a wife, young enough to be one of his children, disorganizing, the routine of his villa, would it be any more comfortable than he now found it?

  119. They were his escort, and it was evident that until nine o'clock, when he sailed, his movements would be spied upon; his acts reported to the president.

  120. But to prove that the life of Jack was not all play he would be seen fighting for the flag.

  121. I would rather starve with you in New York," said Claire, "than die here without you.

  122. But the possible loss of his back pay would be a catastrophe.

  123. And I pointed out to him if he dismissed me it wasn't likely the Wilmot people would loan him another expert; not while they were fighting him through the courts and the State Department.

  124. An hour later, before the flight of Claire could be discovered, they would have started on their voyage to the mainland.

  125. For they trusted Billy, and they knew while in the courts they were righting to regain their property, he would see no harm came to it.

  126. If he knew the truth, he would apologize.

  127. They would then make their way to one of the less frequented wharfs, where Claire would arrange to have a rowboat in readiness, and in it they would take refuge on the steamer.

  128. Or would that be just a coincidence, too?

  129. The doors of the inner hall were opened; the eager, panting throng rushed in: it was known that the selected picture would be raised above the rest upon a wooden dais.

  130. There were light and warmth and abundance everywhere, and the child would fain have made the dog a guest honored and feasted.

  131. A dead dog more or less--it was nothing in Brabant: it would be nothing anywhere in the world.

  132. He said nothing to any one: his grandfather would not have understood, and little Alois was lost to him.

  133. He would have had us see them any day, every day: that I am sure.

  134. Only to Patrasche he told all, and whispered, "Rubens would give it me, I think, if he knew.

  135. I would rather have that than any name in the world.

  136. Yet she smiled bravely, telling me that all was well, and that her father would be ready for me in the summer-house.

  137. To do this thirty times or so in succession without mistake was past hoping for: there were at least thirty crockets to be manoeuvred, and a single miscalculation would send me spinning backwards to my fate.

  138. Now why," he asked, "would he be taking this particular paper with him?

  139. She went to him and would have taken his hand.

  140. The fun would be, now, to find one of these windows unfastened, and slip in upon him without announcing ourselves.

  141. I hazarded, though even this would not have surprised me.

  142. I never condescended to be a bride: yet I feel sure, that had I done so, it would have given me an extra compassion for the fatherless.

  143. I wish you would tell me about it: I never heard, before, of anyone belonging to you.

  144. Do you think that Mr. Trapp, if you asked him politely (and I trust you have not forgotten your politeness), would permit you to meet me at 5 p.

  145. But the town, here and for the moment, I had to myself: and it was waiting, trembling to know what my revenge would be.

  146. It was most delightful to all the party, and would have been only too short had it not been for what was to follow.

  147. She breathed a little heavily as she glanced up at the pulpit on the left, and almost felt as if she would hear a voice rise from the empty air and chide them for their boldness in entering so sacred a place on workaday business.

  148. You know she has always said she would teach when she had finished school, and it will be years before she does that.

  149. Then the old gentleman sputtered and scolded, and said he wished little girls would look where they were going once in a while, and that they were nothing but "giggling nuisances" anyhow.

  150. She has forbidden it, and in such a way as to make me feel that it would be a breach of honor to disregard her wishes.

  151. But I would want a bigger yard than these, where I might have a garden.

  152. But what would Ernestine do if her mother should die?

  153. She would not join them for a day's pleasure because she thought I could not go, and she is having a lonely time of it at home.

  154. For many a day after Harry would not even have the name of Black Beauty mentioned in her hearing.

  155. Nadine Holt would be green with envy, and so would the rest of the girls, down in the secret depths of their hearts.

  156. Up this lonely path walked a woman, young and very fair, but with a face white as it would ever be in death.

  157. She quite believed that she would know the inmates of the cottage, for she well knew every one in the village.

  158. You would always be welcome to me, Iris," he said, huskily.

  159. Then, after a brief pause: "Or would you like me to show you a new book of poems I just bought?

  160. She would be very glad to take you to the matinée, Dorothy," he persisted.

  161. I imagine she would quite as soon prefer a garden filled with hollyhocks and morning-glories to the daintiest flowers that ever bloomed.

  162. Harry Kendal seized eagerly upon the idea, because it would please Iris.

  163. He knew Dorothy would be waiting for him, and he did not feel equal to the ordeal of meeting her just then.

  164. She never once dreamed that her betrothed lover would decide against her.

  165. She tried to tell herself that even if Jessie were to die, she would never make herself known to Jack.

  166. He learned very early to do as he was told, and not to do, under any consideration, what he had said he would not do.

  167. The whole performance would have driven a sensitive drill-sergeant or ballet-master to distraction.

  168. The Boy was to amount to much or not; and while The Boy is proud of the fact that he is his father's son, he would be prouder still if he could think that he had done something to make his father proud of him.

  169. He would have liked it well enough, and been touched by it, too, if it had been some other boy's grandfather.

  170. He promised faithfully that he would not pick any of them, but he had a notion that some of them might drop off.

  171. And although he became foreman of a juvenile hook-and-ladder company before he was five, and would not play with girls at all, he had one peculiar feminine weakness.

  172. If that were my dog he would not live forgotten in a stable: he would take the place in the society to which his birth and his evident breeding entitle him," was the friend's remark, and Mop regretfully went back to his stall.

  173. Everything you can hope for from death would come to pass, and yet you would live.

  174. In great and entirely natural terror, she started back: as luck would have it, not in the direction of the water, for else she had certainly tumbled in, perhaps dragging me with her.

  175. How much time would have to elapse after the operation, before the patient would be able to take care of himself again--before he would have regained sufficient knowledge to act as a responsible and competent human being?

  176. Ashore, my first act was to enquire when a train would leave for Paris.

  177. Didn't I say in my telegram that it would imperil her life?

  178. So that you are sure one of two things would happen either the operation would prove a success, or the patient would die?

  179. You would need a medical education to follow such a description.

  180. Once in a while she would drink a little water, with a drop of brandy in it; but even that distressed her cruelly.

  181. Anxiously did Josephine and I count the days that must elapse before the post would bring us their first letter; and little did we dream what ominous news that letter would contain.

  182. Otherwise his name would never have been introduced into this narrative; or, rather, there would have been no such narrative for me to recite.

  183. Do you think I would have been at such pains to dissuade you from suicide, immediately thereafter to seek to poison you?

  184. My sister, ten years younger than I, the kindest and the gentlest of women, would be your nurse, your companion, and your teacher.

  185. Then this morning, they say, they thought I was so much occupied that, they would do best to wait about delivering it till I was at leisure.

  186. I have heard of you English before--Arabs and traders brought me tales of you.

  187. Well, there is only one thing to do--go on.

  188. At such a crisis, as usual, Prince Joshua took the lead.

  189. I answered that it depended upon the light in which they might be seen.

  190. Leaving the temple in which it was unsafe to walk, she led us to where a strong spring, the water supply of the place, bubbled up into a rock basin, and overflowing thence through prepared openings, ran away we knew not whither.

  191. To all appearance they were engaged, Quick in sorting pound tins of tobacco or baking-powder, and Orme in testing an electric battery and carefully examining coils of insulated wire.

  192. But there are many kinds of firestuffs, O Maqueda, and of one of them which chances to give out violet flames I am not sure that my friend is master.

  193. But if you prefer the Doctor--what do you say, sir?

  194. This seems a pretty wide promise," said Oliver, after it had been read to us and translated by me to Quick.

  195. The front camels left the road, as I presume, following their leader according to the custom of these beasts when marching in line.

  196. Of course, she's a Jew of some diluted sort or other, and I'm a Christian; but those things adapt themselves.

  197. Fearing lest Orme should say something foolish, I answered briefly that we would wait upon her, and the man went, leaving us wondering what had happened to cause her to desire our presence.

  198. In fact he was so disfigured that his worst enemy would not have known him.

  199. I think he said that Harmac would come to Mur and settle his account with the Abati, and that the foreign men would be wise to fly fast and far.

  200. By now this lake would be full, swollen with rains that fell on the hills of Northern Africa, and the space between it and the Mur range nothing but an impassable swamp.

  201. Also, we were anxious that it should be adhered to for another reason, since we knew that on this day but a small number of priests and guards would be left in charge of the idol, and my son could not be among them.

  202. Somehow, although I am quite certain that we ought not to alarm Maqueda, I am not easy about her, and if you two fellows were there, I should know she was all right, and it would be a weight off my mind.

  203. He still talks English, though with a Fung accent, and, of course, would like to escape.

  204. But you were cowards; you would not learn to bear arms like men, you would not even watch your mountain walls, and soon or late the people who refuse to be ready to fight must fall and become the servants of those who are ready.

  205. If the centers were evenly distributed, the fractures from different centers would join forming hexagonal (6 sided) columns.

  206. What would be thought of such a treatise?

  207. All the powers and susceptibilities must be taken into the account, if men would know man as he is.

  208. The idea of Liberty, then, if it does exist in the mind, would not be likely to attach itself to either of these classes of phenomena; and if to either, it would be just as likely to attach itself to one class as to another.

  209. The following principles may be laid down as universally binding, if we would reason correctly, as philosophers and theologians, on the subject under consideration.

  210. How long would it take him to compose himself to sleep in this manner?

  211. The state in which he is, is regarded as in itself the greatest of evils, excepting those which would arise from a vain attempt at a vindication of personal freedom.

  212. It would be just as rational to apply this standard in the instances under consideration, as in any other.

  213. If, in these circumstances, an act of obedience should be put forth, it would be an event without a cause, and in opposition also to the action of a necessary cause.

  214. Otherwise their respect for what is right, would be co-extensive with the entire range of moral obligation.

  215. Lincoln wanted to pay the owners something for the slaves set free, but the cabinet would not let him!

  216. It was now May; in August Hugh would return.

  217. Oh, yes, the windows were so heavy that they would not open, and the carpets so thick they held my feet, and I began to feel as though I were in prison and should never get out, and so I danced to be sure that I was alive.

  218. It would be strange if she did not show some feeling, and besides, ingratitude was one of the traits he most detested in a woman.

  219. Others wanted to hang the chief Rebel leaders, but he would not let them.

  220. And yet John Angus could not understand, and would not had he been there.

  221. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "would" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    would afford; would allow; would appear; would become; would begin; would break; would come; would continue; would frequently; would give; would have been more; would indeed; would keep; would kill; would look; would lose; would naturally; would never have been; would often; would refer; would reply; would send; would sometimes; would suffer; would turn; would wait