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wayting; wayward; waywardness; wayworn; wazeer; weah; weak; weake; weaken; weakened
  1. Henry Bynneman, 1569, and is remarkable for containing (see Ath.

  2. The Latin and French verses beneath each device unmistakeably impress a true emblem-character on the work.

  3. Lily, the Marigold, or the Violet, with an appropriate motto.

  4. St. Luke and the lion of St. Mark standing upright on their hind legs.

  5. There is not to be found, I believe, in any other work so much information about the early Emblem books, gathered together in so compendious and orderly a manner.

  6. Whereunto is added a Preface contay-ning the Arte of composing them, with many other notable deuises.

  7. This was executed in the German language, and was printed by Pfister at Bamberg in 1462.

  8. Humphreys, “illustrate first a passage in the New Testament, and secondly the corresponding subject of the Old, of which it is the antitype.

  9. We argued this out at some length last night, and the Chairman--Lawyer Thoms-- admitted that we had reason on our side.

  10. We have just arrived home from Newquay, Cornwall, where we have been spending the summer holidays for the sake of my health, as papa has not scrupled to blurt out, once or twice, in my presence.

  11. So we decided to try it first upon the children, and see how it worked.

  12. Then we ought to be nearing the Line," said Joby.

  13. The missionary, I am told, is already beginning to talk as if we disappointed him.

  14. I got a call from the Lord a year after we was married, and gave up wrestlin'.

  15. In daytime, through the glass, we could watch the keepers walking about in the iron gallery round the top: and all night through there it was beckoning to us with its three white flashes every minute.

  16. But Old John got to look sly and wink at my father when we came to this question, out of the hundred others.

  17. He'll lend you that till we can get one down from Plymouth.

  18. So we handed up our nomination papers, and while the Chairman and overseers were checking them off by the register, Old Pilot James got upon his legs.

  19. Well, sir, we cooled our heels outside there for a spell, but nothing occurred.

  20. We hadn't said more than a word or two to each other for a week; indeed, till yesterday we had to shout in each other's ear to be heard at all.

  21. And that is just what we have been asking each other for a week past.

  22. In a general way we understood it to be a good thing, and upon that ground (optimists that we are) believed its ultimate success to be but a question of time.

  23. I place you in an upper part of a most convenient building, that you should also rule the lower?

  24. It had been a fast and furious night, and Trevyllyan had lost more I.

  25. OLD STYLE “There’s nothing that emphasizes the amari aliquid of life like one’s tobacconist,” mused Fane Trevyllyan as he flung a box of eighteenpenny Emeticos into the fire and lit a Latakia cigarette.

  26. To see the bright eyes weep, to see her grieve Will make me a coward as I sink, and cleave To life though Destiny has bid me go.

  27. And as regards my Welsh readers, they have done me the honour of suggesting that an illustrated edition of the work would be prized by all lovers of 'Beautiful Wales.

  28. The blackcap has a climacteric note, just before his song collapses and dies, so full of pathos and tenderness that often, when I had been sitting on a gate in Wilderness Road, it had affected me more deeply than any human words.

  29. The Times, in a kindly notice of The Coming of Love, said that the kind of Gypsies there depicted are a very interesting people, 'unless the author has flattered them unduly.

  30. I would come and sit staring at the ocean, meditating on tilings in general, but chiefly on things connected with cripples, asking myself, as now, whether life would be bearable on crutches.

  31. I see them and I hear As there they sit at morning, side by side.

  32. Verses are extant, in honour of King William, from which we learn that it was his custom to toast that king in bumpers of wine.

  33. With a lofty and noble morality does he describe the truly gay:-- Whom call we gay?

  34. His ghastly doctrine seemed to be that we should eat, drink, and be merry when we can, and go to the deuce (if there be one) when the time comes!

  35. Sheridan's success in life, as well as his attachment to party, was mainly owing to his connection with one of whom we shall next speak, viz.

  36. And when we remember that it is recorded of an old song, that It hath been sung at festivals, On ember eves and holy ales, we shall the better appreciate the nature of the fall.

  37. The bush, which was for ages with us the sign of an inn, we owe immediately to them.

  38. In Othello we have a terrible reputation.

  39. But champagne, we have said, suffered like other French wines from the War of Succession and the Methuen treaty.

  40. A cold lodging in the grave; When swift death shall overtake us, We shall sleep and none can wake us.

  41. I am a little drunk, so that's why I say this now, but you know, it is petty!

  42. By seven o'clock the dinner will be done to rags in the oven.

  43. She was not in her study, the door leading to her bedroom was closed.

  44. Don't come in to me, but only come to the door--that's right.

  45. Ivan Ivanitch sneezed into his handkerchief, brightened up, and as though he had just woken up, looked round at my wife and me.

  46. The visitors had taken her by surprise in the very throes of migraine.

  47. For the first two or three weeks we did not see my uncle often.

  48. This Afanasy was usually standing at the door with his arms folded; with a deep sigh, he would mutter always the same thing: "'There are plenty of them about nowadays!

  49. Time passed slowly; the streaks of moonlight on the window-sill did not shift their position, but seemed as though frozen.

  50. Suggestion plays a great part in love affairs, and still more in getting married.

  51. In my uncle's presence my tutor gave up talking about epizootics, frowned, and even laughed sarcastically.

  52. A uniform sharpening of both upper and lower incisors is assured by a peculiar arrangement of the hinge of the lower jaw.

  53. For several days it remains hidden in the grass while the mother grazes nearby and keeps constant vigil.

  54. Two great highways cross this area from East to West.

  55. Antlers as weapons of offense are far overrated, for they seldom serve this function.

  56. Bugling can be heard for a great distance, and on a clear quiet evening one of the greatest charms of wilderness camping is to hear this clear challenge flung out from some nearby ridge.

  57. In like fashion the mule deer of the Rocky Mountains can even now be seen in the Badlands of North Dakota, several hundred miles east of the Continental Divide and well within the western range of the plains white-tailed.

  58. The response is quickly returned from other hillsides, some so far away as to be mere whispers in the distance.

  59. Yet, even though at first glance there seems to be little evidence of life of any kind, a close scrutiny will reveal low mat-like plants growing among the exposed rocks and tiny paths leading to burrows in the rock slides.

  60. In Nature's balance the order Artiodactyla seems to have been meant as food for the large predators.

  61. Under these favorable conditions there is usually a colorful display of wildflowers late in the spring.

  62. With patience and attention to details the layman will occasionally discover facts about the daily life of some common species that have escaped the attention of our foremost naturalists.

  63. More important--these great storehouses of our natural resources that in early days meant only gold and furs, and perhaps sudden death to the pioneers, have now been unlocked by their descendants.

  64. This is no criticism of the scientific approach.

  65. But you persuaded me I had seen an apparition.

  66. You will have cause to repent this step," rejoined Renard, furiously.

  67. Rise, my good woman," said Jane, "and compose yourself.

  68. Can we not frame some excuse for landing at your lordship's residence, Baynard's Castle ?

  69. Your highness will be speedily satisfied of the truth of my assertion, if you refuse compliance with Northumberland's demands," replied Pembroke.

  70. See you not that her supposed wrongs have turned her brain ?

  71. Foremost amongst these rode the Earls of Pembroke and Arundel, bearing the arms and crown.

  72. Mary graciously acknowledged the salute, and inquired from the elder giant what had become of his diminutive companion.

  73. I am sorry I cannot comply with the request," answered Lord Clinton, "but my orders are peremptory.

  74. The last person who approached her was a remarkably handsome young man, with fine features and a noble figure.

  75. But she had scarcely ascended the steps leading to the Green, when she was chilled by the sight of Renard, who was standing at the northern entrance of the Bloody Tower, wrapped in his cloak, and apparently waiting to see her pass.

  76. Jane, perceiving from his speech that he meditated some new project.

  77. Your august father was a prince of high and noble qualities, but the defects that clouded his royal nature would show to double disadvantage in one of your sex.

  78. And he then added, in a lower tone, "Have mercy upon me, O Lord, for I am weak !

  79. Or, rather, she was determined to ignore the difference.

  80. What if the poor devil of a survivor turns out to be a navigator?

  81. Along the narrow winding street were many little shops, flowering with a variety of articles.

  82. Then there was the shape of the sails, which were narrower at bottom than at top.

  83. Rooms must be twice as difficult to get there as on the edge of town.

  84. As he'd said to the boy, there were demons imprisoned in the bowels of the island of Shimdoog.

  85. As Green was already in his, he had some leisure to observe the whole outlay of preparations for fight.

  86. Still, he ought to know enough to get her off the ground and into space.

  87. How cleverly the ancient builders had fashioned those towers!

  88. Green turned his head and told him in indelicate language what he could do with the yard and the whole ship for that matter if he could manage it.

  89. Though you're not the easiest one in the world to live with.

  90. If, in the beginning, those models had been furnished with every little detail, the passage of many thousands of years would have seen them blunted and reduced to their present state of fuzzy symbolic images.

  91. The skin seemed to have been torn off the palms of his hands.

  92. He wasn't worried about the inhabitants of the village.

  93. Not that he would have cared to live with them, because he wouldn't.

  94. We set the best minds that we could find to the task of discovering the best method of reorganization.

  95. And it is imperative that we should stand together.

  96. We shall continue to value most highly the advice and assistance of these gentlemen and I am sure we shall not find them withholding it.

  97. Upon this as a platform of purpose and of action we can stand together.

  98. We shall yet prove to the Mexican people that we know how to serve them without first thinking how we shall serve ourselves.

  99. In that matter, too, principle was plain and it was imperative that we should live up to it if we were to deserve the trust of any real partisan of the right as free men see it.

  100. In regard to these essential rectifications of wrong and assertions of right we feel ourselves to be intimate partners of all the governments and peoples associated together against the Imperialists.

  101. Shall we not resolve to put upon ourselves the restraints which will bring to our people the happiness and the great and lasting influence for peace we covet for them?

  102. But it is worth while asking and answering the question, When shall we consider the war won?

  103. The loan we are met to discuss is one of the least parts of what we are called upon to give and to do, though in itself imperative.

  104. He first met stragglers of his army, and then passed through brigade after brigade of his retreating army, which so blocked the highway that he was compelled to leave the same and take to the fields.

  105. Each a curtaining cloud Drew back, and each exclaimed aloud: "Behold, we three have drawn the same, From the same model!

  106. Did you bend on your knee, like an actor, Hardly knowing just where to begin?

  107. If they think so, let them try-- She's divine.

  108. I told her all: my talents few, My direful lack of pelf.

  109. By Jove, I'm not going to ask her to-day.

  110. I don't doubt it; You were made for that sort of a rôle.

  111. Now a portrait we'll paint, my dear, To be called "The American Slave.

  112. And the old clock ticked his time away, For the editor's mind would go astray.

  113. O’er many a league of land and sea We hither have repaired; Dame Grimhild is our sister, The truth is now declared.

  114. Twas then I lost my acton good, And trusty courser grey, In yonder ice-cold winters When besieging Troy we lay.

  115. O, we will fight with them to-day, And we will slay them all; Then his red gold and forest green Shall in our power fall.

  116. But in the first decade of the nineteenth century, in consequence of what we call the Romantic Revival, poets and scholars in many countries turned simultaneously to the treasure-house of Danish balladry.

  117. By the same light she thought she saw the topmasts of a vessel on the sea.

  118. He added two months to the ten into which the year had been previously divided, and called the first one Januarius, in honor of Janus, the deity supposed to preside over doors.

  119. So when they'd made their game of her, And taken off her elf, She roused, and found she only was A-coming to herself.

  120. Illustration] But as they fetched a walk one day, They met a press-gang crew; And Sally she did faint away, Whilst Ben he was brought to.

  121. No, she only taxed her little head for some means of escape.

  122. I would like to exchange Texas postmarks for minerals or postmarks.

  123. The tender ship," cried Sally Brown-- "What a hardship that must be!

  124. He tied his scarf, pulled his cap over his ears, and rocked harder than ever.

  125. When I knew her, her home was in the Brick House.

  126. She well knew where the matches were kept, and in a moment she had a lantern burning brightly.

  127. Our Saxon ancestors originally called this the Wolf-month (Wolf-monat), because wolves were more than usually ravenous and daring in that season of the year.

  128. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "we" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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