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Example sentences for "handsome"

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handsful; handshake; handshakes; handshaking; handsom; handsomely; handsomeness; handsomer; handsomest; handsomly
  1. His handsome regular features looked as though they had never been disturbed by any idea inconsistent with honourable habits, or the good counsel of elders and superiors--nay, as though he had never had knowledge of such things.

  2. It happened, about an hour afterwards, that a handsome carriage stopped at the door of Messrs.

  3. Anyway, not mucky stories about a handsome stranger coming along just because a girl's car busts down.

  4. The groom was not only splendidly handsome in a French way, but wore a shining uniform, and upon his breast sparkled a profusion of medals.

  5. Two years ago she got confidential one night and told me she was going to Italy some day and get carried off to a cave by a handsome bandit in spite of her struggles.

  6. Now this man was a Greenlander by birth, with a very white skin where the sun had not burnt it, and handsome blue eyes placed wide apart in his head, and a broad good-humored face, and plenty of curly flaxen hair.

  7. Yet the Sunday dinners that Handsome Mary served up .

  8. Entering the sign of the Clipper, Jackson ushered us into a small room on one side, and shortly after, Handsome Mary waited upon us with a courtesy, and received the compliments of several old guests among our crew.

  9. Pray, captain, how much do you generally pay a handsome young fellow like this?

  10. She was a hale, good-looking woman, about forty years old, and among the seamen went by the name of "Handsome Mary.

  11. He hadn't made his handsome face, and fine head of hair, and graceful figure.

  12. I then went to my boarding-house, and told Handsome Mary of what I had seen; asking her if she could not do something to get the woman and girls removed; or if she could not do that, let me have some food for them.

  13. Two of them are as handsome hounds as I ever saw; and the other one, while not so good a hound, looks as if he were smart enough to keep up his end of the running all the time.

  14. Her mother's handsome face wore a look of frozen contempt.

  15. The set of Twenty-seven Volumes can also be had in a handsome ebonised case.

  16. The something was the vision of a young woman in a brown linen suit seated in a runabout and driving a horse almost as handsome as Pepper.

  17. Ain't that a handsome steel-engravin' of the gentleman?

  18. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if Victoria eloped with a handsome nobody like that.

  19. Because Mead is a handsome young man and looks good-natured, you think he can't possibly be a murderer.

  20. He is a very taking young fellow, with his handsome face and good-natured smile.

  21. She's handsome and she's got a stunning figure.

  22. Ellhorn was the handsome one of the three friends.

  23. I can go and find out if the English girl is in love with this handsome big fellow who has been stealing my cattle.

  24. Nick Ellhorn was there, tall and slender and smiling, with a happy, triumphant look overspreading his handsome face.

  25. Here Billy laughed, and he was very handsome with his damp hair pushed back over his bronzed face and his wet clothes showing the outline of his splendid boyish figure, matured and strengthened by his outdoor life.

  26. One of them was a tall young man with black hair, a singularly well-cut though rather pale face, and handsome hazel eyes.

  27. Bob followed, with a shot at a green chatterer, a lovely little bird, all rich green and black, with a handsome crest.

  28. Well, he's a handsome chap at all events," said Bill, putting out his hand to pat the monkey on the head.

  29. It was intended that the change of flags should have taken place on the 4th of July; owing to a detention, this was frustrated; but the inhabitants celebrated the 4th with a handsome public ball at the governor's house.

  30. The elder couples opened it with minuets, succeeded by the younger couples displaying their handsome light figures in Spanish dances.

  31. The beautiful young girl ran off with a handsome young man whose name was Calvert.

  32. He is so very handsome that most girls, including Ruth, are raving about him.

  33. His face, handsome and animated, his voice musical and well modulated.

  34. But he is handsome as a picture--almost more so than our Prince, who has given strict orders that his friend has to be obeyed like himself.

  35. He is the bosom friend of the Prince, whom he accompanied upon his Eastern travels, and a young man handsome as a picture--his eyes positively sparkle with fire.

  36. His handsome features were distorted beyond recognition when he finally left the room, with tightly closed teeth.

  37. Shall I, an old man, remain perhaps alone in this world, and not see you any more--so handsome so young and happy!

  38. The other continued: "The boy has grown as handsome as a picture in these last few years.

  39. His companion, a handsome young officer with sparkling, saucy eyes, now approached, and the Prince performed the introduction.

  40. He scanned the youthful, handsome person of his son with a long, gloomy glance.

  41. Even during his controversy with Crellius he wrote to him in a very handsome manner.

  42. A New and handsome Edition, excellently printed and bound.

  43. Bewdley and Wribbenhall are surrounded by pleasant spots, not a few of which are occupied by mansions, handsome villas, and gentlemen's seats, seen from the line.

  44. In High Street, leading from the Cathedral to the Cross, is the Guildhall, erected from a design by a pupil of the great Sir Christopher Wren, and considered to be one of the most handsome brick-fronted structures in the kingdom.

  45. There are nearly as many dissenting and other chapels, several of which are handsome specimens of modern architectural skill.

  46. Our view of the Valley of the Severn, with Ironbridge in the distance, is from the hill overlooking the handsome mansion of John Anstice, Esq.

  47. At the Restoration the king did not forget his host, but presented him with a very handsome tankard, with the inscription, "Given by Charles II.

  48. The town is rich in specimens of ecclesiastical architecture, and possesses some very handsome churches.

  49. The station occupies a narrow isthmus of the latter within the precincts of the castle, and is a handsome structure, of the Gothic style of architecture.

  50. It is no matter whether one is handsome or not; a fine face changes soon, but a good conscience is always good.

  51. I do not think him as handsome as the Court women do, who are mad about him.

  52. She was neither handsome nor pretty, she was better than either.

  53. Tall, prissy Azazel, always acting important, planted Satan's flag and then sat down at a table opposite wide-shouldered Mulciber and handsome Belial.

  54. Apparently, old Mulciber had done a bang-up job, and Nick roared in laughter at evidences of the engineer's genius and those of wily Belial, the handsome court wag.

  55. The two represent to the king, on his return, that the queen has had a handsome thrall for her partner during his absence.

  56. Four an twenty handsome youths Were a' playing at the ba, When forth it came him Little Munsgrove, The flower out ower them a'.

  57. After three months the serpent begins to assume the legs of a man, then a man's body, and finally the face of a handsome youth, the son of a king, and marries his young deliverer.

  58. A handsome lad, wi shoulders broad, Gold yellow was his hair; None of our Scottish youths on earth That with him could compare.

  59. The youth now wins; she makes him handsome offers, rising constantly in value, to let her off, but he will not.

  60. The king wishes to give Fair Isambourg a husband, but her heart is fixed on a handsome knight, whom she loves more than all her kin together, though he is poor.

  61. I did not remain so long; this flower, which had been reserved for the handsome Prince of Massa Carara, was plucked by the corsair captain.

  62. I had not been eight days in this employment when one evening I met with a young Ichoglan, who was a very handsome fellow.

  63. While they were journeying, the Holy Brotherhood entered the house; my lord the Inquisitor was interred in a handsome church, and Issachar's body was thrown upon a dunghill.

  64. It were wiser to take Jessica for the handsome and voluptuous girl that certainly she is, and to leave her rectitude out of the question.

  65. She was a tall, handsome girl, with the bearing of a princess.

  66. She looked like a fashion-plate in a tailored gown and handsome hat.

  67. Some old wise man declares that it is woman's fault if she be not handsome at forty years; for then the body is but the reflection of life itself.

  68. This Rosa Williams, so the southern woman said, was a handsome mulatto woman about forty years old.

  69. There was no real lace, and there were no handsome gowns.

  70. His ruffles were of very handsome point lace.

  71. The Duc de Chartres, then possessing a very handsome person and most insinuating address, soon gained the affections of the amiable Mademoiselle Penthievre.

  72. Very much of the gentleman; above the middle stature; and, from what I could see of his countenance, rather handsome than otherwise.

  73. I am commissioned," said my mysterious companion, "to make you a very handsome present, if you will tell me what you are waiting for.

  74. He used to ride on horseback with her, and, as he is so handsome a man, that he has retained the name of the handsome man, it was natural enough that he should be thought the lover of a very handsome woman.

  75. A valet of the Duc de Gontaut, a very handsome young fellow, had perfectly caught the sense of what was spoken in a mysterious manner.

  76. The King gave me an order upon the Treasury for four thousand francs, and Madame had presented to her a very handsome chiming-clock and the King's portrait in a snuffbox.

  77. I took courage to ask her whether the child's father was a handsome man.

  78. The said Abbe was rather a coxcomb; he had a handsome face, and wrote poetry.

  79. You ran away from your parents, out of an ungovernable passion for a handsome young man.

  80. He stood before the old Jacobean fireplace, with its high overmantel of carved stone and emblazoned arms, a handsome man who would prove attractive to any woman.

  81. Already the handsome Tremlett knew most of the ladies in the hotel, as his coming and going always caused a flutter within the hearts of the gentler sex, for he was essentially a ladies' man.

  82. If this did occur, then was it not more than likely that somebody would identify Dick Drummond the motorist, with the handsome Prince Albert of Hesse-Holstein?

  83. The Prince stood unflinching, his dark brow slightly contracted, his teeth hard set, his handsome countenance pale and serious.

  84. The elder woman, handsome and well-preserved, evidently a foreigner from her very dark hair and fine eyes, was dressed handsomely in black, with a bunch of scarlet roses in her corsage.

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