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  1. The flowers, resembling in appearance those of the dog-rose, are borne on terminal flower-stalks four and five together, but are very ephemeral in character.

  2. In many parts of Britain it grows over 21 feet high, but it is usually grown in tubs for floral decoration.

  3. The flowers, which are borne in the axils of the leaves, are yellowish in colour, but inconspicuous, and appear in early spring.

  4. The flowers open in early spring, but are inconspicuous, and hidden by the foliage.

  5. Hereupon the Pope sent an ambassador to her, who spoke in a high tone, but he was answered in a higher.

  6. It is not by concealing the framework, but by making it distinct, that we obtain more character.

  7. The waves lap the shore gently, or roar tumultuously in the red caverns, and it is all familiar, but none the less welcome and soothing because of that familiarity.

  8. For several minutes I stood contemplating this proud and noble river--violent, but not furious; wild, but still majestic.

  9. Martin Schongauer was dead, but under that master's brothers Dürer studied and helped to support himself by his art at Colmar and at Bâsle.

  10. Herder was just dead when I arrived at Weimar; but Wieland, Goethe, and Schiller were still there.

  11. So I do not find that they ever had any protector but the great Master of Prussia; and their want of a protector did do them some prejudice in that famous difference they had with our Queen.

  12. Nothing disturbed the stillness of the night but the rustling of the waters at my feet, the heavy tramp of a horse's hoofs upon the bridge, and the sound of a blacksmith's hammer.

  13. To give the dog our pilgrim was desired; But though he would not grant the thing required; He whispered to the maid the price he'd take, And some proposals was induced to make.

  14. SAID he, remember, when upon the road, Conducting Argia from her lone abode, You must contrive her men to get away, And with her none but you presume to stay.

  15. Gasca had assigned the plain of Sacsahuana to him, as his repartimiento; but he grumbled loudly, and all the malcontents looked upon him as their leader.

  16. He was of a noble but impoverished family.

  17. Hernando de Haro, taken prisoner by the Ynca Titu Atauchi, but treated kindly.

  18. Of La Cosa, who is said to have been of Basque origin, we know but little.

  19. He was hasty in temper, but generous and warm-hearted, and his fine qualities attracted to him many faithfully attached adherents.

  20. Sailing in July, touching at Cuba long enough to raise the anger of Velasquez, but not long enough for him to catch them, these followers of Cortés reached Spain in October, and found the agents of Velasquez ready for them.

  21. For a while the Mexicans maintained night communication across the lake for supplies; but the brigantines at last stopped this precarious traffic.

  22. Florida was no longer to be regarded as an island, but part of a vast continent.

  23. He is made of an age from forty to fifty-four by different writers; but the younger period is thought by most to be nearest.

  24. It may be possible to determine a variety but I don't know the extent to which that is possible, from microscopic examination of the pollen.

  25. Smith has made a very careful study of fruit trees and knows its effect on them from experiments, but it is well perhaps to consider fruit and nut trees separately.

  26. For several years I have thought that it would be better for people in the New England States to give more attention to nuts than so much to apples, but I have not been in a position to start in with nut trees much until now.

  27. I raise them true to the type too, but I would not think of putting out a commercial orchard of seedling peaches.

  28. In that way we can accomplish something, but to appoint a committee when we have nothing to go on will do no good.

  29. Mistakes have been made in the past by the prospective nut growers because they did not stop to consider the possibilities of the nuts that were native in their own locality, but looked abroad for something else.

  30. I won't attempt to explain all that but will say that an orchard must be eight or ten years of age before you may expect or hope for a reasonable profit.

  31. REED: In February, I think, but I think it would be much better if they were cut in November or early December, especially the walnut, and I shall do that this year.

  32. Their appearance is almost the same as the English but the tree is much hardier, growing at the extreme north of China.

  33. They resented my criticism and my judgment but among themselves said, "You have got to have an awful good talker to get that nut on the market.

  34. However the method we like the best is the slip bark method, but we have had fairly good results with both methods.

  35. Spoor In this same period but three men have occupied the office of president: George M.

  36. The coat hanger, and the mirror in the upper berth are minor details, but their convenience is attested by their constant use by passengers.

  37. These figures are staggering in their immensity, but even more amazing is the system by which these articles are provided, changed, washed, returned in traveling hotels, at times hundreds of miles removed from the nearest supply station.

  38. The design was ingenious but failed in many vital respects to compete with the greater comfort and roominess of the Pullman car.

  39. Single cars of the American pattern had been running on this line for five or six years, but in this train for the first time the English public was offered a "solid Pullman" equipment.

  40. Undoubtedly candles were used at the earliest period, but the use of oil dates back beyond the birthday of the Pullman car.

  41. To the passenger, the presence of the steel construction is apparent, but the insulation, which forms a vital factor in the car's construction, can be seen only during the process of building.

  42. An opportunity fortuitously created was seized, and not only was an increased livelihood secured, but the wider scope of this new activity gave the young man an increased confidence in himself on which to enlarge his future activities.

  43. The oxide of lead which covers the plates not only prevents leakage, but enables the supply to be withdrawn with perfect regularity, and renders sub-division easy.

  44. I think they are firing about every three minutes, but you had better time the first two or three.

  45. It will be a great change and a great trial; but since you seem to have set your heart upon it, I am willing to adopt your plans instead of my own, and we will therefore consider it settled that we will go to New Zealand.

  46. We were all pretty well knocked up, but the two ladies bore it bravely, so you see I had no excuse for grumbling.

  47. Several of them looked very pale and scared, but even the most timid felt that his life depended on his making a fight for it.

  48. The weather is generally fine, I admit, but occasionally short but very violent gales sweep down from off the land.

  49. I hear that a reserve force is to come up in two days with rations and ammunition; but one can never calculate upon these natives.

  50. No, it was proposed at a meeting of some of the settlers that this should be done, but Biggs assured them it was altogether unnecessary.

  51. The ship has been as steady as if in port; but you must not flatter yourself this is going to last all the time.

  52. This morning I feel that under happier circumstances I could enjoy a steak, an Irish stew, and a couple of eggs, but a biscuit and a cup of coffee are all I can hope for.

  53. Again and again this was tried, but each time without success.

  54. They tried their best to push their way into the house, and when Wilfrid opposed them one of them drew his club; but they might say this was only done to frighten him, and that they had no thought of using it.

  55. I can understand your feelings in the matter; but the same time I think that after Mr. Atherton having saved your life and mine, his feelings and wishes should influence you very much.

  56. If we were under sail there would not be much chance of getting a word with him; but as the tug has us in charge, I see that he has time to chat to the passengers.

  57. She looked at Pete for help, for explanations, but she could not see his pale, tormented face.

  58. We hurried back, but the storm caught us.

  59. I couldn't see the rock, Pete, but it felt like a mountain.

  60. When I found her, you'd have thought she'd be afraid of a wild man like me, but she just lifted up her arms like a baby and dropped her head on my shoulder.

  61. She moved a chip along the ground with her foot, but Pete failed to notice this curious seeing gesture.

  62. I don't know why a man like you lives off here in this wild place, but thank God, you do live here!

  63. He drew his mouth into a crooked smile and looked at the other two as a naughty child looks at its doting but disapproving elders.

  64. He thought of Sylvie, but he thought of her as a man thinks of a lovely memory.

  65. He bent his head and kissed her again, but he had learned his lesson, and there was restraint and timidity in that kiss.

  66. In spite of himself, the young man's pulse quickened, but his face and voice were stern.

  67. I tried to follow back on my footprints, but in some places snow had shaken down from the branches.

  68. Dear fellow, I admit your home discomforts; but to jump out of the frying pan into this confounded-- what does she call it?

  69. It may be regrettable, scandalous, but the common rules of right and wrong have ceased to apply here.

  70. The same roof may cover us; but between two wings of a house, as you may know, there often stretches a wide desert.

  71. The old tune; but I enjoyed the novelty of being so near the instrument.

  72. We shall have to be poor, I expect, but we shall be content.

  73. The she rises and walks across the room, outwardly calm but twisting her hands.

  74. Between recessed double doors on either side of the room is a fireplace out of use and a marble mantelpiece, but a tiled stove is used for a wood fire.

  75. The room itself is beautiful in its decayed grandeur, but the furnishings and hangings are either tawdry and meretricious or avowedly modern.

  76. Yes, but I'll look through your copy first, so that I can slip it into the post at once.

  77. Simple print and paper, so you pretend to regard it; but it frightens you.

  78. She moves firmly but noiselessly--a placid woman, with a sweet, low voice.

  79. It didn't last long, but it was dreadful, almost intolerable.

  80. It did not often obtrude its presence, but she knew it was there.

  81. There was a slightly chalybeate taste in Lady Ellington's hot water to-night, and she remarked on it; this was more noticeable if the water was hot than if it was cold, but the taste was not unpleasant.

  82. She knew that this was true essentially and fundamentally, but she had to make it true not only in principle, but in the conduct of the little trivial deeds of life.

  83. Yet he proposed not to take up his option, but to lose at once L7,000.

  84. In the ordinary course of things they must often meet, but till she had conquered herself, made sure of herself, such meetings were impossible.

  85. Philip said something sympathetic in tone, but he did not catch that; he wanted only to hear how far Madge agreed with himself.

  86. But this had not been the cause of Madge's disquietude; Philip's remark indeed had, so far as it alone was concerned, gone in at one ear but to come out at the other.

  87. Then with infinite care she tip-toed back into their bedroom and dressed, but before she left it she looked at him once more.

  88. Ah, but in real life people don't go and live in the New Forest and do nothing.

  89. The way he pursued was narrow and winding, but step by step he traced it out.

  90. The doctor needed but one glance, one touch.

  91. Assembled at her house too would be those who, right and left, would endorse Lady Dover's opinion, not because she had intimated it to them, but because they would naturally think as she did.

  92. He put his hand out and took hers, and pressed it, and would have carried it to his lips, but her wicked little pony suddenly jerked away.

  93. We spoke of the world of nature, Miss Mayfield; but how is it with the world of man?

  94. His grandfather would certainly never have consented to this prolonged absence, had it been at his own cost; but the expenses were met by advances upon Thurston's own small patrimony.

  95. But Thurston soon put an end to his sufferings--not in consideration of his feelings, but because the young gentleman could not afford to lose or risk the chance of making one of the party which was to number Marian among its members.

  96. The doctor has been sent for; but he must not be moved; it would be fatal to him.

  97. She was thinner, but not paler--an intense consuming fire burned in and out upon her cheek, and smouldered and flashed from her eye.

  98. The storm was beating wildly upon the assassin and his victim; but the one felt it no more than the other.

  99. Whether the son was exempted from this disagreeable performance we never thought of inquiring; but our awe rose ten percent, for a girl who was so rich as absolutely to devour money.

  100. I was almost ready to cry from mortification; but I remembered that I was now fifteen, and took the articles down stairs for the purpose of exposing Master Fred, but what did I get for my pains?

  101. The old hen rushed furiously at me, and kept beating me with her wings; while I, afraid that my eyes would be pecked out, could do nothing but scream.

  102. I broke off a piece, and put it in my mouth, expecting to find a delicious morsel, but it had a very queer taste; and I saw that Holly was surveying it with an appearance of the greatest curiosity.

  103. She looked around in surprise at first; but then deliberately taking them one by one, she carried them all off in her mouth, and we saw nothing more of them for some time.

  104. Then we went to the barn-yard, and she showed me a young calf; but it was an awkward-looking thing, that scampered about without sense or meaning.

  105. I fancied myself decked with the ear-rings, and the pleasure I should experience in showing them to Mammy and Jane; but then on the other hand, the idea of the needle was anything but agreeable, for I could not bear the least pain.

  106. I was not easily daunted, and took each one in succession, but all to no purpose; I returned home, fairly sick with disappointment, and hope delayed.

  107. Every one stood ready to execute his order; but I interfered.

  108. I was as recluse as ever I had been at the convent, but how different was my seclusion.

  109. I was ardent in my temperament; quick, mercurial, impetuous, formed to be a creature all love and adoration; but a leaden hand was laid on all my finer qualities.

  110. Love and jealousy were raging in my heart, but I had to choose between obedience and death.

  111. There you were all silence; but here you absolutely keep the table in a roar.

  112. Wolfert found several of the old frequenters of the tavern at their usual posts, and seated in their usual places; but one was missing, the great Ramm Rapelye, who for many years had filled the chair of state.

  113. He did not think and feel so strongly as is the fashion now-a-days; but had he lived in these times of hot hearts and hot heads, he would have written quite differently.

  114. Again I gazed at it for a livelong summer's day; but oh how different the emotions between departure and return.

  115. Word was returned that he was engaged with company, and could not attend to business, but that if I would "step in and take a drink of something, I was heartily welcome.

  116. They listened for a moment, but only heard the rain pelting against the windows, and the wind howling among the trees.

  117. The alderman was advised to take an escort to Fondi and Itri, but he refused.

  118. Aye, but are you sure it was a dead body they buried?

  119. I returned to the convent, that is to say, my body returned but my heart and soul never entered there again.

  120. Such is the main outline of Kidd's history; but it has given birth to an innumerable progeny of traditions.

  121. Our women, also, are certainly wonderful; but it will never do to let the boars think that they know more than we do.

  122. It was good for nothing, but only did harm.

  123. On other voyages, when he had hunted around for curiosities to please the wife of the boss, he had many and anxious thoughts; but now, he was care-free.

  124. So it happened that, on the very day that the bishop had his great church built, with a splendid bulb spire on the top, and all nicely furnished within, but without one bell to ring in it, that the kabouters planned a great surprise.

  125. Here could be seen groups of men in a tussle with the goblins, many more of which, but by no means all, were made capless and visible.

  126. Each one had a pocket mirror, but where they kept these, while swimming, no mortal ever found out.

  127. One wonders how each one of the owners knows his own, but he does.

  128. At last she discovered her worthless husband, but no shaking or pulling could awake him.

  129. You need not marry me yet, but if you will let me spin a web in your room, I shall live there, and, by and by, reward you.

  130. He jumped, for he was scared; but looking down, for a moment, he saw the two balls of yellow fire in her head and knew what they were.

  131. Not a sign of tools, or shavings could be seen, but the clean wood and pleasant odor made him glad.

  132. She attempted to waddle away, but her long hair held her to the post and rails.

  133. They did, indeed, have far more intelligence than dull grown folks, lazy boys, or careless girls; but many good things they did.

  134. Even when her grandchildren played with the pretty toys from the land of Fuji and flowers, of silk and tea, cherry blossoms and camphor trees, it was not only the first but the finest Japanese collection in all Europe.

  135. The next morning, when the crowd assembled, but found that they were to be cheated of their bloody sport, they raged and howled.

  136. The Earthling wondered at this but did not ask about it.

  137. He stared at the orange-flaring torch and contemplated putting it out, but the sounds from the outside drifted in upon him and changed his mind.

  138. He thought of running, but his legs felt like rubber, his blood like ice.

  139. They had come to skin the natives, but the reverse was happening--only literally.

  140. Working on the theory that you can skin a sucker in space as well as on Earth, the con team of Harding and Sheckly operated furtively but profitably among natives of the outer planets.

  141. He had not opposed Harding till now, but desperation was a strong incentive to rebellion.

  142. The lizard-people had seemed friendly enough, but by looking at a strange reptile you couldn't tell how far it would jump.

  143. These people appeared friendly to the Earthlings, but so did the Earthlings give the appearance of friendliness to the natives; that was proof in itself that you couldn't trust actions to indicate purpose.

  144. Sheckly sat down, but he didn't feel like eating.

  145. Differences in skin color and modified body shapes were one thing, but when a race was on a completely different evolutionary track it was a time for caution.

  146. The torch had burned out, but it was no longer needed for light.

  147. Your friend had trouble getting his skin off, but with our help--" "No!

  148. Now so it is with any two human minds, not only when they are separated by centuries and by silence, but when they have their being side by side under one roof and are companions all their years.

  149. He spoke thus in his bed in the inn of a village upon the River Yonne beyond Auxerre, in which bed he lay a-dying; but though he was dying he was full of words.

  150. Now church and purses, that is another thing, but your mid-Devon adventure was simple folly.

  151. Never did an Arab see bridges but he wondered.

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    again; albeit; alone; although; bar; barring; beside; besides; but; entirely; even; except; excepting; excluding; exclusively; however; just; merely; nevertheless; nonetheless; notwithstanding; only; outside; rather; same; save; saving; simply; solely; still; though; unless; when; without; yet

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    but before; but don; but even; but every; but her; but how; but many; but may; but merely; but must; but nevertheless; but none; but remember; but she only said; but simply; but sometimes; but the; but the next instant; but then; but they were not; but when; but when they came; but while; butter rubbed; buttered dish; buttonhole stitch