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aftuh; aftur; aftyr; aga; againe; against; againste; agam; agamic
  1. Take off those ill-omened clothes that speak to us only of death, and become again our gay little daughter who has yet before her many years of happy life.

  2. Again and again the furnace was fed with fuel, but the shapeless mass of metal remained firm as a rock.

  3. There is one alleged objection to ancestor-worship which only a few years ago might have been regarded as most serious; and indeed it has been urged again and again by missionaries, travellers, ethical writers and sociologists.

  4. A few days later she again hanged herself, this time successfully.

  5. When an hour later she appeared before her mother again she was almost unrecognisable.

  6. Then again there is, or was, an English superstition against the use of certain feathers in feather-beds and pillows.

  7. On arrival at the house the p'ai-wei was again taken out of its chair and set up in the large hall where the dead man's family and their guests were waiting to receive Chang Shih.

  8. Just as these streams of water come together and cannot again separate, so will riches and honours flow from various quarters and finally unite in the hands of the family that has its graveyard in this fortunate locality.

  9. Therefore I ran down with exceeding speed, and came again to Golgotha about the tenth hour.

  10. But presently she rose up whole and sound, being delivered from the devil; nor was she ever again afflicted.

  11. When Jesus heard these things, he sighed, and cast his eyes down again on Nazareth, even on the place of his nativity; and he looked at it for a long while very lovingly.

  12. On the fourth day of the month Nisan, being (as I said above) the tenth day before the Passover, we set forth again on our journey to Jerusalem, and much people went with us.

  13. But then he turned again and went before us, beckoning to us to follow a little behind; and so he continued his journey, steadfastly looking toward the north, where the Mount Hermon rose up before us all glorious to behold.

  14. For to hope that we should look again on Jesus, and afterwards to fail of that hope, had been to have had Jesus snatched from us a second time.

  15. But he appeared again (as in former days) like unto one waiting for a message and marvelling somewhat that the message came not.

  16. And enlargement of the concentric circles that bound his life only demonstrates over and over again the social nature of goodness.

  17. Here again the gauntlet is thrown at the door of the church and the challenge is to her manhood from the manhood of tomorrow.

  18. The pastoral spirit of the new era claims again the entire parish, however organized, and guards its children still.

  19. I hesitated some time whether I should again conceal myself in the woods or deliver myself up to their mercy.

  20. This gave Mrs Compton an opportunity of indulging herself again in long invectives against Harry, his breeding, family, and manners.

  21. A sudden gust of smoke and flame burst forth immediately after, which made the people imagine he was lost; when, on a sudden, they beheld him emerge again with the child in his arms, and descend the ladder without any material damage.

  22. Thus is the poor animal overpowered and killed, in spite of his immense bulk and irresistible strength; for, gradually wearied with his own efforts and the loss of blood, he soon relaxes in his speed, and rises again to the top of the water.

  23. When he arrived at Mr Barlow's, his first care was to ask Harry to accompany him again to the farmer's house.

  24. When all was dark and still, I ventured abroad, and laid in my scanty provisions of fruits and herbs, and drank again at the spring.

  25. Tommy appeared in ecstasies at the confidence that was reposed in him, and, after thanking his father for his extraordinary goodness, he desired leave to go back again with Mr Barlow's servant.

  26. And when the sun comes again what happens?

  27. He now again went on, crying and roaring with pain, but at least expected to escape without further damage.

  28. When he had finished, the father of Sophron again embraced the venerable stranger, and assured him of all the safety which their mountains could bestow.

  29. As it is difficult, in a wild and uncultivated district, to find the path again when once it is lost, Sophron only wandered the farther from his home the more he endeavoured to return.

  30. Again I broke up his formation, so the next time he tried a new device.

  31. Our Governor, who was again a candidate to succeed himself, was the Federalista head.

  32. Domingo," she said, "I have told you again and again not to make those pointless, mechanical gestures.

  33. Then the march is taken up again by those who desire to continue, and the rest race back to their doorways to wag their tongues over the news.

  34. I waited till eight and sent Romoldo again for news.

  35. Our driver had released the check-reins of the horses, but he ostentatiously checked them up again as we appeared.

  36. The women of both high and low class not infrequently organize a little card game immediately after breakfast and keep at it till lunch, after which they begin again and play till evening.

  37. Half a dozen times in the upward journey we were well soaked, but we dried out again as soon as the hot sun peeped forth.

  38. Again he brought back word that the D----s had not appeared.

  39. But there we stuck again in a swift reach, and there were time and opportunity to marvel at the impenetrable green and silence of the nipa swamps.

  40. Warned by many previous disasters the Saxons never broke their close order, and so, though greatly outnumbered, hurled back again and again the onslaughts of the Northmen.

  41. The Mahometan centre, after a sharp conflict, was again broken, this time irretrievably, and a way opened to the intrenchments of the Emperor.

  42. Over and over again they had sworn to him, and broken their oaths the moment it suited their purpose; had given hostages, and left them to their fate.

  43. Wessex stood again front to front with the Northmen.

  44. The Bishop of Winchester had again changed his side.

  45. A synod, assembled in St. Peter's on December 23d, again pronounced all three popes deposed, and a canonical pope had consequently to be elected.

  46. It was ruin, however, to stay where they were; and the main army again began its march, to undergo once more the old monotony of hardship and peril.

  47. Better service was done by the generosity of Tancred, who made up his quarrel with Raymond: and the enthusiasm of the crusaders was again roused by the preaching of Arnold and the hermit Peter.

  48. Three months after that it again occurred to Doctor Rolfe, of Afternoon Arm, that the practice of medicine was amply provided with hardship and shockingly empty of pecuniary reward.

  49. He listened--until the tender little sound ceased an' sleep fell again on the hill.

  50. You might come back for breakfast, too, an you is hungry again by that time.

  51. She was quite sure that Dickie Blue would be angered again if she did (he was savagely angry)--that he would be driven away for good and all.

  52. Cobden turned again to the picture; he stood in a frowning study of it.

  53. Twas a vision again for the lad that was I--first glimpse o' the end of any path of evil.

  54. I'll try not t' have it happen again when you're about.

  55. He went out again and stumbled down the path to Blow-me-Down Dick by Tickle-my-Ribs.

  56. Again he threw back his head, and once more, beyond his will, and innocent of offense and blame, he laughed a great, free laugh.

  57. However, he did not draw blood, and through the mercy and power of God I was again preserved from an awful death.

  58. On the 21st of October that year President Woodruff again made a tour of the Pacific Coast and to Canada.

  59. He then mounted the chair again and said to the people: 'I have just heard that the last man who spoke belongs to the Latter-day Saints,' and he began to rail against us.

  60. It was while living with Mr. Cowles that Wilford again witnessed a religious revival which was conducted by the Presbyterians, who were at that time the only sect in Farmington.

  61. He will rise in his glorified celestial body and meet again with his brethren the apostles and elders of Israel, and will stand in days to come as the leader among us in celestial glory.

  62. Next day we again went over the city to see if we could find any of the children of God.

  63. I again repeat--no man can stand at our head except God reveals it from the heavens.

  64. The latter complied, and the man remained in a sane condition of mind until about one o'clock the following morning, when he again became possessed.

  65. The camp had a prayer meeting in the morning and met again for public meeting.

  66. On Sunday, November 5, he met with a large assembly of Saints and friends, and again engaged in baptizing those who received his testimony.

  67. The crossing of Loup Fork was a mile-post on the journey; and the 23rd was a day of great anxiety to those who had been looking carefully for a suitable fording place from which they might drop down again on to the banks of the Platte.

  68. He entertained doubts of the truth of the work; and though he was treated well by all the brethren, he was nevertheless unhappy and returned to England to take up again the life in which he had been reared.

  69. On the 25th of September I again took leave of the Saints in my Herefordshire field of labor, to attend the Staffordshire conference which was held at Hanley.

  70. He again went to Philadelphia where he had several visits with Colonel Kane with whom he talked over the situation relative to a Territorial Government.

  71. If you touch me again you shall find that I can sting!

  72. Henri; his cheek grew suddenly pale; his knees seemed to tremble beneath him; he had risen to his feet, but he sat down again hurriedly.

  73. Presently he rang again in order to ask whether his orders had been obeyed.

  74. Sooner I would never see you again than meet you, as you suggest, in Moscow.

  75. Michel, you wound me again by these words.

  76. The battle raged all day with varying success, the French capturing the redoubts, losing them again, and again recapturing these and other outworks.

  77. And did not I reply that I would rather never see you again than meet you in Moscow?

  78. Let us talk no more of the war, sister, nor yet of love; let me thank le bon Dieu that I have done both with one and the other; I would rest and rest and again rest.

  79. Try again your feint flanconnade Dupre, Mademoiselle Louise; only be prepared this time for a subtle riposte!

  80. Accordingly, his serious musical studies began in 1830, when he came back again to Leipsic and became a music student with Frederick Wieck and Heinrich Dorn.

  81. This octave middle figure continues without interruption for sixteen measures, and then, after the chords are repeated, is continued again for the same length of time.

  82. Again it subsides into pianissimo, and again the crescendo.

  83. When he has carried this as far as he cares, the first subject returns; and after this again the trio, but now in the key of A major.

  84. In the coda the whole work is brought together again as one, since the leading motives of all the parts here occur and intermingle one with the other.

  85. It is another peculiarity of Schubert that, beginning with an entirely simple melody, he sometimes digresses to a remote key, within which for a moment he goes quite as simply, only to return again immediately to the main key.

  86. The third variation brings the melody high in the treble (later changing again to the left hand in the middle range of the piano), while the left hand performs an arpeggio figure in thirty-seconds.

  87. At the end of this, again the original subject, and so finally the end.

  88. The third variation brings the melody again in the bass, with an accompaniment figure in sixteenths for the right hand.

  89. In 1848 he settled again at St. Petersburg, where he was so fortunate as to win the patronage of the Grand Duchess Helene.

  90. The syncopation gives place to agreeable running work for the right hand, and this again to another subject in double notes, a very earnest melody.

  91. Louet is again a-foot, accompanied by the innkeeper's dog, Soliman.

  92. If this was the devil, the fiend must again have put on his original heavenly form.

  93. I will never contradict you again on the subject.

  94. It would be as like again if he had his hand in any other body's pocket.

  95. Triumph setteth thee on fire, the fear of failure maddeneth thee, tearing thee to pieces, tormenting thee with dread of the judgments of men; then again ariseth the terror of dying with thy task unfinished.

  96. Again he made a most beautiful point; but although I looked with all my eyes, I could not see the thrush.

  97. Before the Golden Horde could recover from this blow, it was again attacked, defeated, and plundered, by the khan of the Crimea.

  98. Few women will curtsy to him; and I question if he ever will lead any one to their chair again as long as he lives.

  99. No; but a second man of his own choice: and, if again he chooses amiss, who is to blame for that?

  100. Making the sign of the cross, with a fluttering heart she ventured to look out--she could not trust her eyes, again she looked out; confusion!

  101. And, as I may be here only a Day longer, I write again to you: though I do not know if I have anything to say which needs writing again for.

  102. But this fragment is important, in that it strikes a note of warning, which had to be repeated again and again during the partnership between the poet and the fisherman.

  103. Cowell is gone off to Devonshire instead of coming to meet me at Lowestoft: but I dare say I shall run over there again before long.

  104. Once again the epithet "good," which he so pre-eminently merited.

  105. But you somehow do not attend so regularly to things which I do care about, such as gales of wind in which you are out, and such directions as I have given over and over again about money matters.

  106. He was to have started away again on Sunday: but one of his men who had gone home had not returned by one o'clock, when I came away.

  107. Posh came up with his Lugger last Friday, with a lot of torn nets, and went off again on Sunday.

  108. The builders are coming to my house again next week, I believe, having left their work undone.

  109. And there again is another matter not clear to me.

  110. And who shall tell us how they grow; and the fashion of their rustling pillars--bent, and again erect, at every breeze.

  111. I shall not be satisfied, unless I can feel that the little maids who gather their first violets under the Acropolis rock, may receive for them Æschylean words again with joy.

  112. Early in the following spring, Verdugo again appeared before Coeworden in force.

  113. Again the commander-in-chief enlightened the world by an exhibition of a more artistic and humane style of warfare than previously to his appearance on the military stage had been known.

  114. Thus the uses of artillery were again proved to be something more than to scare cowards.

  115. When they again presented themselves they found the archduke with his court jester standing at his side, the buffoon being attired in a suit precisely similar to their own, which in the interval had been prepared by the court tailor.

  116. He infers logically, if we would again realise that natural and beautiful condition of harmonious communal life, that ordre naturel, both these evils must be driven out of the world.

  117. But difficulties soon presented themselves; the young Marx, then allied with Bruno Bauer, was carried away by the reactionary tendency which at that time swept again over the Prussian universities, especially over heretical Bonn.

  118. The year 1889 opened the series with a working-men's congress in Paris, again at a world's exposition.

  119. This very opposition is now to be found again in Italy in the struggle of the North Italian industries against the rotten, half-feudal Haute finance which Crispi represents.

  120. Since the passing of English supremacy from the markets of the world, since the rise of lower strata of working men, the "social movement" is again on.

  121. This spirit must be reformed; faith instead of scepticism, idealism instead of mammonism, self-sacrifice instead of selfishness, and social spirit instead of individualism must again come into the heart of man.

  122. But here again we are not satisfied with the purely personal element; we must rather seek after the real grounds for the explanation of the fact.

  123. We shall see later that, after the different nations have developed their peculiarities, the social movement has a tendency again to greater uniformity.

  124. Mighty, magnificent, in sudden outbreaks; again faint and flagging after the first repulse.

  125. She pleads with him not to reprove her again as she has been reproved before, for exaggeration, morbidness, sentimentality.

  126. Nor yet again had Madame Heger any strong personal liking for me; nor did she show me any special kindness.

  127. It is true that I did fall asleep in the middle of it myself; but that does not prove it was a dull sermon, for I took it up again in the morning with renewed zest.

  128. I felt he was going again over 'fractions' and the 'integers.

  129. Heger may have again forgotten all about it?

  130. As he is neither mortal nor immortal, he is alive and flourishing one moment, and dead another moment; and again alive, by reason of his father's nature.

  131. Once again he took me by surprise, and I was full of anxiety as to what might come of it.

  132. With this evidence that Great Britain was willing to do her part, he again appealed to the Assembly.

  133. Falling into one of his rages, Nicholson, in a thundering voice, commanded him never again to visit the house unless sent for, and never again to speak to Lucy.

  134. The old struggle for self-government had to be resumed; the representatives of the people again had to steel themselves against the encroachments of arbitrary Kings and arbitrary Governors.

  135. So the Privy Council wrote again to Harvey, commanding him once more to restore Mathews' property.

  136. Most of the Burgesses of the Assembly of 1774 had hardly rested from their journey home when they had to repack their saddlebags, mount their horses, and set out again for Williamsburg to attend the provincial convention.

  137. Had it pleased God to have spared him but a little time longer amongst us, he would have healed all those unhappy differences that have of late made us uneasy, and united us again to be one people," wrote William Bassett.

  138. A new election was held in which, presumably, no such promise was made, and Cole and Digges were again elected, and this time permitted to take their seats.

  139. But by the autumn of 1647 the Governor seems to have decided to root out Puritanism in defiance of Parliament, and at his urging the Assembly again ordered all ministers to conform to the canons of the Church of England.

  140. But in the summer of 1678 Jeffreys again became ill, and the Green Spring Faction renewed the "old exactions and abuses.

  141. And when the matter was brought again before them by the Governor, they refused even to resume the debate.

  142. I go to him no more, to win new stain, And scorn of Trojan women again outbrave, Whelmed even now with grief's illimitable wave.

  143. After a visit to Peloponnesus, Empedocles returned to Agrigentum, but was soon obliged to quit his home again by the animosity of his political enemies.

  144. But again at this point, when Achilles is at the very pitch and summit of his glory, the voice of fate is heard.

  145. To me it is indifferent where I begin, for again to the same point I shall return.

  146. The maiden Iole, now evening and not morning, visits him again in death; and he ascends from his funeral pyre of empurpled mountain peaks to heaven.

  147. It sounds once for the death-blow given; and once again it sounds to mark a second stroke.

  148. I am again for Phthia; for better far, I ween, it is homeward to sail with beaked ships: nor do I think that if I stay unhonored wilt thou get much wealth and gain.

  149. Need we ask ourselves again the question whether he existed, or whether he sprang into the full possession of consummate art without a predecessor?

  150. Thus as the sea often is calm and innocent, a great delight to sailors in summer-time, and oftentimes again is frantic, tearing along with roaring billows; so is this woman in her temper.

  151. Nor will it here again avail to demur that Zeus was originally the open sky, Pallas the dawn, Phoebus and Artemis the sun and moon.

  152. I shall have occasion farther on to revert to this subject, and to dwell again upon the fascination which the flower of youth possessed for the Greeks, and the horror with which the ugliness of age inspired them.

  153. Again he says, "In justice the whole of virtue exists entire.

  154. Peterlin then and there resolved that he would wait till he was older before he started again on his travels.

  155. At length the sounds of departure warned them to return; and as they parted, Hortensia said, "We shall meet again to-morrow.

  156. Ralph made no comment, but strolled back again toward the house, feeling a little dissatisfied with himself for not having adhered to his resolution of the morning.

  157. I thought I saw Master Robert Woodhall pass by me in the street," he said, after having thanked Lord Woodhall again and again; "has he been here?

  158. The father buttoned up a portion of his waist coat, and drew on again a slipper which, under the pressure of cogitation, he had kicked off his foot.

  159. The servant again came in, and whispered something over the back of the lord chief justice's chair.

  160. When she again awoke, some two hours afterward, she made further inquiries, and on being informed of what had occurred, hastened to dress herself as rapidly as possible.

  161. Nothing is more probable than that Lord Feversham should order Kirke, as the people told us, to join him again by forced marches.

  162. She refrained from opening it till she and Ralph were again alone, but then perused the few lines it contained eagerly.

  163. However, he did not suffer the lingering feelings of unwilling belief, in that which his reason rejected, ever to affect him in his conduct, and he again expressed his willingness to go.

  164. Ben cried, as he again sprang into the seat of the aeroplane.

  165. The report of a revolver brought the boys’ eyes back to earth again and they saw three men rushing down the gully toward the camp-fire, which still blazed dimly in the light of the morning sun.

  166. The Englishman walked to the flap of the tent again and looked out.

  167. The ridge to the west ran out at the north end of the valley, and the boys turned there, preferring not to ascend into the cold air again unless it became necessary.

  168. Jimmie explained that two were at the camp and one somewhere near the peak unless the thieves had again removed it.

  169. He rushed toward the entrance again snarling angrily, but, evidently sensing danger there, drew back once more.

  170. Again weapons were displayed but no shots came.

  171. The man who had spoken before seemed about to make an angry reply, but his companion drew him away, and again they talked together in whispers.

  172. He missed at the first shot and fired again and again, until the rodent lay dead halfway between his hiding-place and the tempting bait.

  173. Why don’t you go up again and fly about until I signal with my electric for you to come down?

  174. The two aeroplanes again circled over the gully and the boys saw Ben looking down from the seat of the Ann.

  175. Go to sleep again and perhaps you will have another dream," laughed my brother.

  176. He was not again allowed the full liberty of the house.

  177. There are a great many flowers known as daisies and again a given one has a number of popular names.

  178. The cool temperature stops the hatching, which will begin again as soon as placed in water of suitable temperature.

  179. I finally captured the willful son, and fearing lest he should again elude me, I carried him in one hand apart from those in the hat.

  180. As it was, he led him ruthlessly down the narrow steps, past the long line of curious passengers, then down again to the steerage deck, where he deposited him on a coil of rope and bade him stay there until he was sent for.

  181. Then he re-read Ruth's note and again he hesitated.

  182. When the lull came at last, he pressed his hot head against the cold iron grating, and his thoughts returned again and again to Ruth.

  183. Then he put it in his pocket again and sighed.

  184. The answer came when he looked again at Carter.

  185. Once, when Carter Nelson had taken too much egg-nog and his aunt thought he had spinal meningitis, the usual route had been reversed, and again when the blacksmith's triplets were born.

  186. All his life he had followed the current; the easy way was his way, and he came back to it again and again.

  187. But he woke up in the night to wonder again what part of Vergil Sandy had been studying.

  188. Like the angel she is, she let me be near her so long as I held my peace; but, fool that I am, I break me promise again and again.

  189. May the lightning strike me dead if I ever do it again without the asking!

  190. He stopped again and stood staring intently before him.

  191. His thoughts shifted and formed and shifted again like the bits of color in a kaleidoscope.

  192. Rising abruptly, he turned away from the window, and the hot air of the room again smote him.

  193. He knew there was nobody to listen, but still he kept on, softly talking about microscopes and pink soap, crying out again and again that he couldn't ever speak to a girl like that.

  194. Have I the honor to again meet Miss Kate Darlington?

  195. Therefore we again command you to proceed.

  196. The second time she started to run across the bridge, and again she ran back a few paces; then became so paralyzed with fright that she stopped, unable to move.

  197. I tasted within the last twenty-four hours; my brain was never more clear than it is this moment; and again I tell you the child has been murdered!

  198. The time was near at hand when I was to go to Philadelphia again to take my last course before receiving my diploma.

  199. She again fixed her eye intently on me, and appeared to be undecided as to what should be said.

  200. I was conducted aboard, and again found myself flying on at the rate of fifty miles an hour.

  201. Again I beseech you not to meet Harry to-day.

  202. Permit me to take my leave now, and you shall hear from us again soon.

  203. It might have been imagination, but I thought I again heard Lottie calling my name.

  204. The first alley she reached she turned into and again disappeared, but I soon caught sight of her again, and kept close behind her until she came to the private entrance of Ben Bowles' gambling hell.

  205. Oh, how can I wait so long before I shall look again in those dear eyes?

  206. It was somewhere about ten days after my treatment of Miss Tadpoddle's case when she again sent for me.

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