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taise; tait; tak; taka; takas; takee; takeing; taken; takeoff; takeover
  1. Maitland had not sent to Hotham for permits; he held out no hopes of Napoleon's going to America; he only promised to take him to England to be at the disposal of the Prince Regent.

  2. The seizure of Hanover by Prussia had led the King of Sweden to declare that he, for his Pomeranian lands, would take no more share in the deliberations of the senile Diet at Ratisbon which took no notice of that outrage.

  3. The allies will also take steps to cause Denmark to join the league.

  4. After dictating this despatch, he ordered Lobau to take a division of infantry for the support of Pajol on the Namur road.

  5. Despite Napoleon's eager arguments that England would never make peace until Austria accepted the present situation in Spain, Alexander quietly but firmly refused to take any steps to depress the Hapsburg Power.

  6. The conditions hastily concluded by our commanders were that the British forces should occupy the citadel and dockyard for six weeks, should take possession of the ships and naval stores, and thereupon evacuate Zealand.

  7. He hoped that, before so mighty a confederacy as was framed at Tilsit, England would bend the knee, give up not only her maritime claims but her colonial conquests, and humbly take rank with Powers that had lived their day.

  8. But the plenipotentiary dared not take on himself the responsibility of accepting the terms offered by the allies two days later.

  9. Delicate advances having been made by the two Emperors, an interview was arranged to take place on a raft moored in the middle of the River Niemen (June 25th).

  10. Take all the howlers down into the yard and let them play in the sand tables till I call you.

  11. I take some credit to myself that when there were yet no such things as Settlements and Neighborhood Guilds I had an instinct that this was the right way to work.

  12. Shall we take soap and towels and all go down into the yard where the sink is, children, and turn up our sleeves and have a nice wash?

  13. This is in effect no more than to bid them first be slaves, and then to take care of their liberty; and when their chains are on, tell them, they may act like freemen.

  14. Thirdly, Despotical power is an absolute, arbitrary power one man has over another, to take away his life, whenever he pleases.

  15. Bob aimed carefully and fired just as the bird prepared to take flight.

  16. But they have proven that they are able to take care of themselves in almost any predicament, and we wouldn't need to worry about them.

  17. Why can't you arrange to take us with you?

  18. It did not take him long to reach the patch of trees.

  19. Otanima turutee nevark [take big chance]," he said vaguely, and then proceeded to point out the many dangers that would accompany the venture.

  20. Oh, do take us, Mr. Holton," he went on more pleadingly.

  21. No conversation was carried on during the trip, for the boys resolved to take no chances.

  22. We can easily get there before he does if we cut across and not take the through street.

  23. Unwilling to have their sons take any unnecessary risks.

  24. Here'll be a good chance to take some pictures.

  25. It don't take them detectives long to get on a guy's trail.

  26. We only have the one car, and it doesn't take up all the room by any means.

  27. The three Indians in the back boat complained that one of the clamps for an oar is loose, and it may take quite a while to repair it.

  28. We'll be careful and not take any chances," Joe assured the men.

  29. Now take that small furred creature that just passed," Bob continued.

  30. The explorers found that it would be comparatively easy to walk to various places of interest, and, after passing the former governor-general's palace, they resolved to take in as much of the city as they could in two hours.

  31. Whether I should ever take my place among those illustrious names, scarcely entered into my thoughts.

  32. He had departed that morning, his brother remaining to take charge of the place.

  33. It would take a page to mention the manifold horrors that presented themselves.

  34. Luckily they failed to take it; but they burned and destroyed, without exception, every one of the numerous villas by which it was surrounded.

  35. I found out afterwards that he was president of a temperance society, the devil take them all!

  36. They hasten to the port, and find themselves close to a gentleman and his servant, dusty and travel-stained, who are enquiring for a vessel to take them to England.

  37. Sometimes most of the other passengers had done their dinner, and were gone to the bar to take a glass, and he still praying.

  38. Take them by their weak points, their unlimited vanity or their love of what they call glory, and you may ride them like a horse to water.

  39. But the bustle at headquarters told me that some movement was about to take place; and, under those circumstances, to ask for leave was impossible.

  40. I think you had better take a walk, Charles, and leave Fanny and me to entertain them.

  41. You can go and take some more lessons in sketching, eh?

  42. In a week she will feel stronger than ever she did and declare nothing hurts her, then she can take two dances, then three, and so on.

  43. Cast may be enlarged by having the "At Home" take place on the stage.

  44. She is to take singing and music lessons and have all the advantages of the city, and I shall go to her for the summer.

  45. Take off all whalebones and strings around her lungs.

  46. It is just the thing for home entertainments where children are to take part.

  47. This education, however, in order to be adequate and fruitful, should be comprehensive in nature and should take into consideration not only the physical and the intellectual side of man but also his spiritual and ethical aspects.

  48. However, it will inevitably take time for you not only to study the Bahá’í teachings so that you clearly understand them, but also to work out how they modify your professional concepts.

  49. This also allows them to support one another as Bahá’ís and to take advantage of their professional status to promote the interests of the Faith.

  50. Moreover, such exposure is creating in the public mind the realization that the Faith has answers to current problems and thus the expectation that the Bahá’í community should take a more active part in public affairs.

  51. Stay at home, then, and take care of your worthless existence.

  52. Her hand was still clasped in Flodoardo's; but it was so natural for him to take it, that she could not blame him for having done so.

  53. Only let us take care to make the confusion as general as possible.

  54. The Cardinal and Contarino were engaged in a conference with the Doge, while Memmo, Parozzi, and Falieri stood silent together, and revolved the project whose execution was to take place at midnight.

  55. Flodoardo is a clever gentleman, no doubt, yet I would advise him to take good care of himself; for he will find that Abellino knows a trick or two, or I am much mistaken.

  56. When does your uncle take his departure to a better world?

  57. I shall not take upon me to deny that, signor.

  58. We are honest fellows, and the devil take him who dares to say we are not.

  59. Things must change, or if they do not, take my word for it, my friends, this world is no longer a world for us.

  60. At that word both old and young, both male and female, with the rapidity of lightning, flew to take shelter behind Andreas.

  61. Or do ye take Abellino for an ordinary ruffian, who passes his time in skulking from the sbirri, and who murders for the sake of despicable plunder?

  62. During this year Donne completed his Pseudo-Martyr, Wherein out of certaine Propositions and Gradations, This Conclusion is evicted, That those which are of the Romane Religion in this Kingdome, may and ought to take the Oath of Allegeance.

  63. For I have much to take in, and much to cast out; sometimes I thinke it easier to discharge my self of vice then of vanity, as one may sooner carry the fire out of a room then the smoake: and then I see it was a new vanity to think so.

  64. If I shall also tell you, that when this place affords any thing worth your hearing, I will be your relator, I think I take so long a day, as you would forget the debt, it appears yet to be so barren.

  65. I would not that death should take me asleep.

  66. Religion is Christianity, which being too spirituall to be seen by us, doth therefore take an apparent body of good life and works, so salvation requires an honest Christian.

  67. He wrote his want on a slip of paper and giving it to Rouse said, "Take this to mother.

  68. But I could take no chances until I knew.

  69. A spoon was at his mouth, and he was forced to take it in or have its contents spilled over him.

  70. It is not hard to fight for a good brother--but if he is bad, it may take an angel to do it!

  71. He turned his head so that he could take in the length of the cabin.

  72. Between the river and the balsam and spruce was only the rock behind which he was cringing like a rabbit afraid to take to the open.

  73. And then--I won't take long to tell the rest of it!

  74. And then I will send him back for you to nurse, cherie, and for that blessing I think he will willingly take my punishment!

  75. In delicate matters it was seldom that McVane did not take him into consultation.

  76. For St. Pierre's code would not have had her eyes droop under their long lashes or her cheeks flush so warmly at the words of another man--and he could not take vengeance on the woman herself.

  77. And yet, before he would take what did not belong to him, he knew he would put a pistol to his head and blow his life out.

  78. Shortly his adventure would take a new twist.

  79. I am going to take you to the Chateau Boulain, which is in the forests of the Yellowknife, beyond the Great Slave.

  80. He had insisted that she take possession of her cabin again, and Bateese had brought out a bundle of blankets.

  81. If they closed in there could be no escape; in fifteen minutes they would inundate him, and it would take him half an hour to reach the safety of the clearing.

  82. And Roger Audemard, mind you, was the same as myself, for I had sworn to take my brother's place if it became necessary.

  83. Shafter's staff, who informed me that the troops were not yet sufficiently deployed to take advantage of my fire, and advised me to wait.

  84. Any one of the four could take a team of mules up a mountain-side or down a vertical precipice in perfect safety.

  85. Waitah, take this gentleman's ordah," said the host.

  86. The infantry are not deployed enough to take advantage of your fire.

  87. The hospital attendant was again ordered to take the temperature.

  88. This problem had been made the subject of special study by him for several years, and had led to the conclusion that some form of machine gun must be adopted to take the place of artillery from 1500 yards down.

  89. As you enter he says curtly, "Take a seat.

  90. The Gatling Gun Detachment was to move at daylight on the morning of July 1st, take position at El Poso sheltered by the hill, in support of Grimes' Battery, and there await orders.

  91. Shafter sent peremptory orders to the lighter to lay alongside the Cherokee, take the Gatling guns and detachment on board, and land them on the dock.

  92. The next immediate duty confronting the detachment was to take stock of losses and to occupy the captured position in case of necessity.

  93. Shafter directs that you give one piece to me, and take the other three beyond the ford, where the dynamite gun is, find some position, and go into action.

  94. Sumner, and ordered to proceed to the Cherokee, take her out into the offing, and order another to take her place to unload.

  95. Take that chair," pointing to the seat in the warm corner.

  96. I reckon you'll take it out in wanting," said her mother, who had also leaned on the fence and watched the show pass by.

  97. He was a rich young man, and he had the courage to take for his friend a poor fellow who hadn't two cents to his name.

  98. Why didn't you own that you threw that plaguy paper ball, and not sit there like a coward, and see me take your whipping?

  99. I'll tell you why: he is trying to take the Saviour for his pattern.

  100. I've known the right way all my life, and I've gone the other way; now I must just take my pay.

  101. The third arithmetic class take the first page in multiplication for their next lesson to-morrow; you may take your place in that class, and remain there as long as you can keep up with it.

  102. Now's your time: if you take her to the circus, very likely she will do what you want her to.

  103. Let him that thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall.

  104. Already the Dalcassian line was preparing to take the place of the declining Eoghanacht power in Munster.

  105. Most of the modern baronies, so-called, take the place of ancient kingdoms.

  106. I take it that the Laudabiliter is genuine.

  107. It is not likely that any other seed but wheat is referred to, and we may take the testimony of Mela as evidence that wheat was known in his time to be grown in Ireland, but not so successfully grown as in other countries.

  108. Cenél Conaill on the other hand, holding the natural fastness of the Donegal Highlands, was never forced to take a permanently subordinate position.

  109. He ordered them to return thither, he states, lest the Germans should take possession of the territory and thus become neighbours to the old Roman province in southern Gaul.

  110. Take the period preceding the confiscation of Tyrone.

  111. Along with these we may take into account an old Gaelic tradition.

  112. I think we may take both together and regard the southern Fifth of Leinster as comprising both territories, which are represented by the dioceses of Ferns and Ossory.

  113. The kings of Dál Riada, according to the Annals of Tigernach, did not take up their abode in that region until far on in the fifth century, A.

  114. Let us take up another current handbook of popular instruction, the volume entitled "Prehistoric Britain," by Dr.

  115. And now, before considering further the character and effects of the Feudal conquests in Ireland, let us take a general view of the domestic polity of Ireland.

  116. Cæsar tells us that this enterprise was undertaken by the Helvetian state at the instance of a great noble named Orgetorix, and that Orgetorix was commissioned to take charge of the preparations.

  117. This king, if his jurisdiction does not extend to the defendant, must take the case to the king of Ireland, whose duty it will then be to levy the claim.

  118. Take last night, now--but no need to go into that.

  119. Well, you take a good stock of gum drops, that's my advice.

  120. Give it to the cat; she's fitter to take care of it than you are, Calvin Parks.

  121. Honest, if she didn't take and bring me a spoon!

  122. I'd take it as a kindness if you'd let me help you, any way, shape or manner that you can think of.

  123. You know I told you I was owner of a schooner, and so I take an interest in vessels, especially coasters.

  124. You make up and love each other pretty right away, or I'll take the back of the hairbrush to you both!

  125. I'll bring my stock right in, what's left of it, and you can take your pick.

  126. Smeaton at once assembled the men and gave orders that such of them as had any dependence on, or attachment to, the refractory foreman, should take up his tools and follow him.

  127. Teddy Maroon was one of the first keepers, but he soon left to take charge of a lighthouse on the Irish coast.

  128. May be not: but I would be content to take things as they are sent.

  129. By this time the small boat, which the chief engineer had ordered to come off to take him on shore, was alongside the rock.

  130. You'd better turn in, then; an' I'll take half of your watch as well as my own.

  131. I was just going to return you Thanks, and to beg, withal, you would take Care That the Child be not laid at my Door.

  132. We subjoin his persuasive words: "It is deeply interesting to take note of the process of thought and feeling which attends in one's own mind the presentation of some unfamiliar reading.

  133. That Tertullian, when citing the words before and after it, should take no notice of it, would of itself prove little.

  134. Take the case of Irenaeus, in some respects the most important of them all.

  135. In his earlier edition of his Prolegomena (1730) he had spoken of the oldest Greek uncial copies as they deserve; he was even disposed to take Cod.

  136. The view I take is Coleridge's (Table Talk, p.

  137. Soon left an orphan, he was forced to take reluctantly the minor orders, and entered the priesthood in 1492.

  138. We will take but one specimen, the eighth and last, to make our meaning as clear as possible.

  139. Scholz adds "aliis multis," which (judging from my own experience) I must take leave to doubt.

  140. Wrote to Charles Sumner in Boston to stir up some inventive Yankee to construct a wheelbarrow in which Scott could take the field in person.

  141. The President, under the advice of Scott, seems to take coolly the treasonable murders of Baltimore; instead of action, again parleying with these Baltimorean traitors.

  142. He wishes that the gunboats may take Richmond, and he have the credit of it.

  143. The last discovery made by all these deep statesmen here and in France is, that Louis Napoleon intends to take Mexico, to have then a basis for cooperation with the rebels, and to destroy us.

  144. I take note of this declaration, as it corroborates what a year ago I said in this diary concerning the disastrous hesitations of General Scott.

  145. One day the administration is to take the initiative, that is, the offensive, then it recedes from it.

  146. The people's strategy is best: to rush in masses on Richmond; to take it now, when the enemy is there in comparatively small numbers.

  147. Suggested to Mr. Seward that the best diplomacy was to take possession of Virginia.

  148. Some of the leaders are as generals who abandon the troops in a campaign, and take to travel in foreign parts.

  149. The reason may be, that he is too old, too crippled, to be able to take the field in person, and too inflated by conceit to give the glory of the active command to any other man.

  150. If the President earnestly wishes to use his right as Commander-in-Chief, then he had better take in person the command of the army of the Potomac.

  151. Butler, in command of Fortress Monroe, proposes to land in Virginia and to take Norfolk; Scott, the highest military authority in the land, opposes.

  152. McClellan, in a dispatch, assures the Secretary of War that he, McClellan, will take care of the gunboats.

  153. Halleck is not to take the field in person.

  154. Take them to your palaces and entertain them as guests until to-morrow, when I command that they be brought again to my Residence.

  155. This King was formerly named "Roquat," but after he drank of the "Waters of Oblivion" he forgot his own name and had to take another.

  156. But you'll have to let him take as much treasure as he can get in his pockets, Kaliko.

  157. And while we are torturing them Kaliko must take a hundred nomes and search for the escaped prisoners--the Queen of Oogaboo and her officers.

  158. If I could find my way back to Oogaboo I'd take my army home at once, for I'm sick and tired of these dreadful hardships.

  159. The Love Magnet used to hang over the gateway to the Emerald City, in the Land of Oz; but when I started on this journey our beloved Ruler, Ozma of Oz, allowed me to take it with me.

  160. I must take care of my new-found brother, for one thing, and I have a new comrade in a dear little girl named Betsy Bobbin, who has no home to go to, and no other friends but me and a small donkey named Hank.

  161. Then you'll take off the handkerchief, and I--I'll kiss you.

  162. But there are plenty of people to take my place.

  163. She turned to her attendant and asked: "Can not your magic take these unhappy people to their old home, Wizard?

  164. Seize her and take her to the Slimy Cave and lock her in.

  165. The door slowly opened, just far enough for the Ugly One to thrust out his hand and take the handkerchief and the knife.

  166. The Great Jinjin is so generous that he will allow you to fill your pockets with jewels or gold, but you must take nothing more.

  167. Luckily it did not take long to force the discontented to own the weight of his arm and his superiority as a military leader.

  168. Several parties lay in ambush not far off, that, if the Duke of Burgundy were routed, they might surprise some person of quality or take some considerable booty.

  169. Whereupon we concluded to take some prisoners as slaves, and, loading the ships with them, to return at once to Spain.

  170. So adroitly did the Pope take the absolute control of the Inquisition into his own hands under pretence of impartial justice, and leave the weaker tyrant to eat the fruit of his doings.

  171. The first voyage was undertaken with John Cabot's own resources, the second with the royal authority to take six ships and their outfit on the same conditions as if for the King's service.

  172. This fellow, when Perkin took sanctuary, chose rather to take a holy habit than a holy place, and clad himself like a hermit, and in that weed wandered about the country till he was discovered and taken.

  173. Otherwise, I would hate to take the chance of having this gadget seen in the daylight.

  174. Please take note, Willie," she said coldly, "that the light is on inside and I am all alone.

  175. For all I know, he reflected, they might take me away!

  176. Maybe I can take along this article and ask if he's seen it yet.

  177. On the other hand, we can always get something from the lab and break out from this side, provided we take care not to let him know what is going on until later.

  178. What does it take to have a mind like that?

  179. I've got to take this phone off the outside line anyway.

  180. Of course, they'll take the attitude that I should be doing something instead of asking about irrelevant subjects.

  181. Do you take over for him on other things too?

  182. Fearing the effect of too much liquid in one jolt, the latter forced himself to take only a few small swallows.

  183. The fact that the latter could and did produce fresh water for him aroused his grudging respect, even though the taste was nothing to take lightly.

  184. Let's take a break while I see if any new reports have come in.

  185. He wondered if it might be best to take things easy until they reached either their desert destination or the area outside the city, according to which way they were headed, and then offer to bribe the officer in charge.

  186. So they will follow their normal custom with the dead--take you out to the desert to mummify.

  187. What I'd really like to do is go down to the ladies' room and take a shower, but you always kid me about Mr. Parrish maybe coming in with fresh towels for the machine.

  188. This offered Maria the opportunity to take a double grip upon his belt.

  189. How would you like to take a short cut through the woods to-morrow morning, and visit the hermit who lives on the other side?

  190. Just take another little stroll, for five minutes, until we get on our shoes and stockings.

  191. It would take too long, I fear," replied the major, looking at his watch.

  192. Please, dear friends, don't begin to take this gloomy view of life.

  193. I ever consent to take this dangerous trip?

  194. I intend to enter a monastery and take the vow of silence, and this is a good time to begin.

  195. It would only frighten the girls and take away from the pleasure of the visit.

  196. Now, girls," protested Miss Sallie, "remember you were to take your rest this afternoon.

  197. You will be wanting to take your siesta now, I suppose.

  198. Everybody take a hand, and we will carry down everything we can find, and then we won't have to make another trip," called Stephen.

  199. But the girls were too intent on what they were doing to take any notice until it stopped at their own front gate, and the sound of gay laughter and voices floated up the walk.

  200. I tell you I'll take a ransom for you and nothing less.

  201. Let's take Zerlina as a guide, and go for a walk," cried Ruth.

  202. Ruth, you and Alfred take our three hats and go with Jennie for the water.

  203. If he were not so young, I should take him for an opera singer on a vacation.

  204. In the Endowment a list is made out the day previous, of those who are to take their endowments.

  205. Brigham directed me to take my family and a company and go and raise corn for the people.

  206. They halted when I came up and said they had had a big talk with Haight, Higbee, and Klingensmith, and got orders from them to follow up the emigrants and kill them all, and take their property as a spoil.

  207. One day the Danite Chief came to me and said that I must take two more Danites whom he named and watch the house of a widow woman named Clawson.

  208. He volunteered to go with me and take even chances.

  209. Take the trail over the mountain, and they will not know which way you have gone.

  210. I can remember the following as a portion of those who came to take part in the work of death which was so soon to follow, viz.

  211. The Prophet said that he wanted uncle Jim Pace to go with me and prepare dinner for him, and to go by my herd and take several fat kids along and have a good dinner for him by the time he got there.

  212. A wagon was sent to take Sarah Gibbons' goods to Nauvoo, and in it Mrs. Armstrong sent her valuable clothing and jewelry, amounting to more than two thousand dollars.

  213. I held to it until I dislocated the thumb joint, when he yelled: "Take him off!

  214. As soon as I could control my feelings I said: "Sister Bidwell, I will take you at your word.

  215. White must take and make use of all the means in his power to protect the people from the mob, for the Government officers were powerless to aid him.

  216. Here we intended to take steamer for Nashville, but no steamer would receive us on board at the landing, as it was a bad one for boats.

  217. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "take" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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