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friendlies; friendliest; friendlily; friendliness; friendly; friendship; friendships; friendt; frient; frier
  1. I was invited to come to the home of Everett Glover to meet a few friends of his, and I judge that was on the 22d of February looking back at my calendar.

  2. I had an impression that he was not the type of person I could make friends with very easily.

  3. Except he seemed reserved, and I would call excessively polite, and the fact I don't think he made any effort to make friends with the other people.

  4. I am a member of the Society of Friends often known as Quakers.

  5. Do you know any other friends that Marina has other than those that have been discussed in this testimony?

  6. There were no other friends of hers that you know about who attempted to see her or call her while she was living at your home?

  7. Are there any other friends of Marina Oswald's rather than those I have asked you about that you--who attempted to contact her while she was living at your home?

  8. Did she mention that Lee Oswald was jealous of the Russian friends that Marina had?

  9. Only fully co-operate with these elements and continue to act conjointly with your spirit friends and all will be well.

  10. During my whole life I have had so very few real friends outside of my family, but I now know that my good spirit friends have more than restored the loss of earthly friends, who I may have lamented.

  11. Mr. and Mrs. Vandegrift's friends send their greetings from summer land.

  12. We have laid our friends in the grave, but they are around us.

  13. Your beautiful mother says it would not be heaven if we were shut out from the knowledge of our friends in the form.

  14. Green, the medium, gave a seance last evening to a few friends at her house, No.

  15. That is just what your spirit friends wish you to do.

  16. The surprise will be Grandpa Franks trying to communicate inside of the double slate, with your assistance holding the slate and all of your friends influence combined.

  17. This same Mr. Winterburn has had regularly one sitting a week with Mrs. Green for seven or eight months, and among other spirit relatives and friends who were active in communicating with him was his spirit sister Annie.

  18. However, as my friends have engaged me to stand in the front, those who have a mind to correspond with me may direct their letters to the Spectator, at Mr. Buckley's in Little Britain.

  19. He had succeeded in paying all his debts; he kept the love and esteem of all his old friends that were left; and his temper was sweet and gentle to the last.

  20. This I found still the more inconvenient because the better the host was, the worse generally were his accommodations; the fellow knowing very well that those who were his (25) friends would take up with coarse diet and an hard lodging.

  21. I have been often told by my friends that it is pity so many (15) useful discoveries which I have made, should be in the possession of a silent man.

  22. He carries a tulip-root in his pocket from one to another, or exchanges a puppy between a couple of friends that live perhaps in the opposite sides of the county.

  23. The two friends (25) on each side had wrought themselves to such an habitual tenderness for the children who were under their direction, that each of them had the real passion of a father, where the title was but imaginary.

  24. They would be worn, of course, by such of the friends as attended the funeral services; but not afterward.

  25. I have passed my latter years in this city, where I am frequently seen in most public places, though there are (25) not above half a dozen of my select friends that know me; of whom my next paper shall give a more particular account.

  26. I would have all my friends know that they need not fear (though I am become a country gentleman) I will trespass against their temperance and sobriety.

  27. He often told his friends afterwards, that unless he had found out this piece of exercise, he verily believed (122: 5) he should have lost his senses.

  28. Yet he did not slacken his industry, but to a decent old age spent the life and fortune which was superfluous to himself, in the service of his friends and neighbours.

  29. The sub-ranger and his friends and underlings are enjoying their big annual shoot.

  30. But the secret was loyally guarded by the small circle of friends in whom he had confided.

  31. She suffered and analyzed her feelings as Cuvier and Dupuytren explained to friends the fatal advance of their disease and the progress that death was making in their bodies.

  32. Calyste obeyed his father and went where he was told, from forest to forest, visiting friends and acquaintances in the neighboring chateaus.

  33. She has lived since 1830, the centre of a choice circle, surrounded by tried friends who love her tenderly and esteem each other.

  34. Their parents and friends were at the window, looking at them with a species of tenderness.

  35. She obtained the superficial people who are friends with every one from mere want of occupation, and whose object is to get out of a salon as soon as they have entered it; but she did not have time to make herself a real society.

  36. The two friends looked at each other with the keen attention of Venetian inquisitors; their souls clashed in that rapid glance, and struck fire like flints.

  37. The stories are written around some of the Mother Goose rhymes because the children love to meet old friends in books just as well as we do.

  38. It is your own fault, Maxwell, with good friends at your back, if you have not the power.

  39. I have not so many friends that I can afford to lose any for lack of courage to ask an explanation.

  40. A sharp pair of spurs are no bad weapons on occasion,’ said he; ‘but I am much afraid I must trust to other friends to-night.

  41. Shall you not send her back before her friends lose patience and a complaint is made at Court, and a coil, all for a pair of merry eyes and a wisp of yellow hair?

  42. As gallant after gallant strode up to the table at which the two friends sat, the conversation became general, turning, as such conversations usually do, on the congenial themes of love and war.

  43. You are a man: you cannot understand me; you will not believe in anything unless you can see it with your two eyes, and grasp it in your two hands, and be told by all your friends besides that it is there.

  44. And while the young Queen looked about her for friends and partisans in every direction, was it likely that she would forget her stout champion on the border, the warlike Earl of Bothwell?

  45. We were old friends once,’ said he, ‘though now we seldom even speak.

  46. I should like to be friends again once for all.

  47. It was treating him like a child, he thought, and he chafed under it inwardly, the while the girl herself was only striving to avoid a final rupture, and longing to be friends with him as before.

  48. I doubt not I can find you in vizards, for you and I are both well enough known in Edinburgh to meet fewer friends than foes.

  49. Leastwise," muttered he to himself, "I and my friends do take good care of our good sovereign's deer.

  50. We keep an inn, as it were, in the very depths of Sherwood, but so far from highroads and beaten paths that guests do not often come nigh us; so I and my friends set off merrily and seek them when we grow dull of ourselves.

  51. So my friends have left me; for not only am I poor but I have great enemies.

  52. Now, Robin, Sir Walter had great friends at court, therefore his kinsmen stirred up things against my son so that, to save him from prison, I had to pay a ransom of six hundred pounds in gold.

  53. Thinkest thou that the laws of the King of England are to be so evaded by one poor knave without friends or money?

  54. But I will arouse me and go back to mine own dear friends once more, and never will I leave them again till life doth leave my lips.

  55. And we are friends no more; it has made us brothers.

  56. Hazel, "the best friends must part when death takes one.

  57. He was grateful, or seemed to be, and we became greater friends than ever.

  58. But I thought you said Peters was going to see the newspaper man to tell him to put something in the Stamford Mercury about finding her, so that her friends should know she was saved, and come and fetch her.

  59. His friends are informed that his funeral takes place At precisely a quarter past four.

  60. Down a lane at the side of the civic building is the old "Lock Up," with an inscription as quaint as it is direct, for it tells us that it was erected "for the prevention of Wickedness and Vice by the Friends of Religion and Good Order.

  61. Their ancestors were an ancient Welsh family and great friends of their compatriots, the Tudor sovereigns.

  62. Charles and his friends waited in vain at the inn, the "dark gentleman" as insouciant as ever, the rest of the party greatly perturbed.

  63. The ill-starred prince knelt on the stones and thanked God "for having preserved the friends of liberty and pure religion from the perils of the sea.

  64. Molly Lorrimer, whom you have not yet seen, and Annie, here, are the two greatest girl friends I have in the world.

  65. You need spare no expense to make the day as truly festive to yourself and your young friends as you possibly can.

  66. If I were you I would try and make friends with her.

  67. I must get this young lady to her friends whatever happens.

  68. Molly was not yet sixteen, Hester was past seventeen, nevertheless they had been intimate friends for a long time.

  69. It is not in my nature to make friends easily," replied Hester.

  70. Their estates joined; they had been good friends from boyhood upward; they had been lads at the same school, and afterwards men of the same college.

  71. The Lorrimers were popular in the county, and although rumours of coming trouble were rife about them, yet their friends and well-wishers augured happy results from this present gaiety.

  72. We were old friends once, but I must do my duty.

  73. If any of his friends of the track, the billiard cloth or the square circle had wives they had never complained of the fact in public.

  74. As he sat there was not in the whole city for him a bed or a broiled lobster or a street-car fare or a carnation for buttonhole unless he should obtain them by sponging on his friends or by false pretenses.

  75. Wall Street speculators, driving home in their carriages, love to point out these men to their visiting friends and tell them of this rather famous lounging-place of the "crooks.

  76. It was not that Mr. Rawlence and his friends advised one to study Shakespeare, or to attend the better sort of concerts, or to learn something of art and criticism.

  77. Some of the Barthrop's Dorking friends are rather interesting people, so it will be just as well for you, my dear hermit, to make their acquaintance.

  78. We were good friends still, but there was a subtle constraint between us, as was proved by the fact that Ted did not again mention the suggestion of my taking to the road with him.

  79. Except when he was absent from Sydney, Mr. Rawlence always received his friends at the Macquarie Street studio on Sundays, and none was more regular in attendance than myself.

  80. Better get your Dutch friends to donate me about twenty gallons of gasoline if you want to get anywhere.

  81. We have friends fifty miles up river, and we want to get to the river in order to go up after them.

  82. Their newspaper friends were owner-editor and reporter for the Whiteside paper back home.

  83. Camillion and his friends were also somewhat interested in you.

  84. He and his friends are in the local jail.

  85. Then the three old friends were shaking hands and grinning from ear to ear.

  86. Now it's time to move in on our foolish friends at Calvert's Favor.

  87. A lawn table and chairs under the big willow looked inviting, and he speculated that Merlin and friends must spend considerable time there.

  88. Then Lefty Camillion and his friends have been intercepting data from our rocket launchings at Wallops," Scotty said unbelievingly.

  89. He and his friends are a bunch of chuckleheads of the very worst kind.

  90. Rick could appreciate how worried his friends must have been in spite of their half-humorous report.

  91. The figs were a novelty to them, and the abundance of good things assured the parents that Rico was among friends in the valley.

  92. How glad he was that he might bring her to his good friends on his return!

  93. Pericles then sank back, and soon died; but his friends always remembered that he had ruled Athens for more than thirty years without ever punishing any one unjustly, and that he had always proved helpful and merciful to all.

  94. His fine friends had of course deserted the lad; but, fortunately for him, Socrates was there.

  95. Of course, this wrongdoing could not bring happiness; and not only were they duly punished, but, as you will soon see, the crime of Paris brought suffering and death to his friends as well.

  96. In vain his friends and disciples begged him to save his life: he would not consent.

  97. When he had thus done all in his power to provide for the future welfare of his native city, Epaminondas drew out the spear from his wound with his own hand, for he saw that his friends were afraid to touch it.

  98. Here he was chained fast, yet his friends were allowed to visit him and to talk with him.

  99. Now, although Epaminondas was poor, quiet, and studious, and Pelopidas was particularly fond of noise and bustle, they became great friends and almost inseparable companions.

  100. Antipater, although master of all Greece, did not treat the people cruelly, for he was very anxious to secure friends who would help him to keep his share of Alexander's realm.

  101. Each gathered together an army, and tried to get as many friends as possible, especially among the Greeks.

  102. Gently raising him so that he could see the battlefield, his friends pointed out the Spartan army in full flight, and the Thebans masters of the field.

  103. Many of their friends advised them to abandon their city, and follow the other Greeks southward, leaving all Attica a prey to the foe.

  104. His friends wept over him, and one of them openly expressed his regret that Epaminondas left no children.

  105. The Athenians, who had been his friends and allies as long as he was prosperous, now basely deserted him.

  106. He loved her dearly as long as he lived, and her son Cly´tus was always one of his best friends and most faithful comrades.

  107. Nevertheless, most of Rossini's friends thought it a pity he should have given any sort of countenance to the production of this very unsatisfactory adaptation.

  108. That is what my friends said," replied Rossini, "to decide me to do it.

  109. Some of the friends bear the test, others prove insincere.

  110. Injudicious friends advised him not to invest his money in an opera only half new; but he was not to be dissuaded from his intention, and ended by purchasing the copyright of "Le Siege de Corinthe" for six thousand francs.

  111. But as Heine says of a composer whose friends had boasted that he was "not obliged to write,"--a windmill might as well say that it is not obliged to turn.

  112. Count Asdrubal, a rich and inquisitive man, wishes to know whether his friends and a certain young lady, the heroine of the piece, are attracted to him by his wealth or really esteem and love him for his own sake.

  113. Then, in the fewest possible words, the press man called for volunteers from the audience to act upon a committee to see fair play, and Mr. Houdini asked his friends also to step into the arena and watch his interests.

  114. Advertiser will expect to receive her own friends on the afternoons of not less than three days in each week.

  115. A party of friends came in to have a quiet pipe, and to plan a foray over the border.

  116. We allude to the friends of the deceased, who have unscrupulously furnished them with materials.

  117. But the Turks, who viewed Circassia as their main bulwark against the rapidly increasing power of their dangerous northern neighbour, made friends of the mountaineers, and stirred them up against Russia.

  118. The Church and European civilisation--the latter having grown up under the tutelage of the former--stand no longer in the relation of nurse and bantling, though Heaven forbid that they should ever be other than firm friends and allies!

  119. At Ostrok he underwent a grand reception, and fully won the hearts of his new friends by proposing a ride to the Turkish frontier, and affording them by the way an exhibition of Memlook riding.

  120. Night and day such a shop would be mobbed by friends and foes alike.

  121. How our friends will roar when they see the details in print!

  122. Ever in the van, their example gives courage to the timid; and their friends are bound in honour to revenge their death.

  123. Such was the fear of the vengeance of the Raiders and their friends that many who had been badly abused dared not testify against them, dreading midnight assassination if they did.

  124. It now became a part of, the day's regular routine to take a walk past the gates in the morning, inspect and count the dead, and see if any friends were among them.

  125. Among the many who had lost chums and friends was Ned Johnson, of Company K.

  126. He granted this, and we became friends from thence on until we separated.

  127. The unique and telling satire of these papers became a power and inspiration to our armies in the field and to their anxious friends at home, more than equal to the might of whole battalions poured in upon the enemy.

  128. The highest type of soldier which the world has yet produced is the intelligent, self-respecting American boy, with home, and father and mother and friends behind him, and duty in front beckoning him on.

  129. We found our friends had been way out by Decatur, where their brigade had got into a pretty lively fight on their own hook.

  130. Where a sick man had friends or comrades, of course part of their duty, in taking care of him, was to "louse" his clothing.

  131. One of his friends did that service for him, the fight ceased, and thenceforth Mr. Oliver resigned his pugilistic crown, and retired to the shades of private life.

  132. Pouncing upon him at night they would snatch away his possessions, knock down his friends who came to his assistance, and scurry away into the darkness.

  133. The question only became a living issue when he or some of his intimate friends fell into the enemy's hands.

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