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bespotted; besprent; besprinkle; besprinkled; besser; beste; bestead; bested; besteht; besten
  1. And he wondered for the first time if Basil didn't write the best part of their books.

  2. He was splendid in the Games Week; for he could do the great jumps and "put" the stones as well as the best of the Skye men who came over to compete with the men of Dhrum.

  3. Even though Somerled brought the Dragon down to snail's pace, I couldn't do the subject justice, with my best eloquence snatched at random from notebooks.

  4. But--in my best moments, Princess, I've pitied people more for not knowing what they miss in life than for missing the things.

  5. To have lived respected and regarded by some of the best men in our age is enough for an individual like me; the rest must be as God wills, and when He wills.

  6. Constable said the name of the real hero would be the best possible name for the book.

  7. I wish you would allow your coachman to look out for me among your neighbors a couple of young colts (rising three would be the best age) that would match for a carriage some two years hence.

  8. One of his friends asked what he supposed might have been the annual revenue of the abbey of Melrose in its best day.

  9. I fancy you will also need a great number of (black) Italian poplars--which are among the most useful and best growers, as well as most beautiful of plants which love a wet soil.

  10. It will be out this week, and you shall have a copy by the Carlisle coach, which pray judge favorably, and remember it is not always the grandest actions which are best adapted for the arts of poetry and painting.

  11. We want to know how the British people may make the best of their country and themselves.

  12. You don't think you are going to make the best of life by selling for the sake of drudgery and bread and butter your proud man's right to work for, fight for, and die for the woman you love?

  13. A soldier story of great popularity which has already gone through several editions, and was long ago pronounced by Sir Evelyn Wood, and other great authorities on the army, to be the best story on army life ever written.

  14. We know they are not making the best of either at present.

  15. Self-interest will counsel you to secure the best conditions you can for yourself, and will warn you not to expect unselfish service from selfish men.

  16. The best patron is the People; the best employer is the People; the proper person to enjoy luxuries is the man who works for and creates them.

  17. Non-Socialists claim that this clumsy and costly way of going to work is really the best way there is.

  18. Appealing, then, entirely to your self-interest, I ask you to consider whether the workers of Britain to-day are making the best bargain possible with the other classes of society.

  19. It is bad for the rich, it is bad for the poor; it is against the best interests of the British nation and the human race.

  20. The Christian Globe says: "Instinct with generous and eloquent appreciation of what is brightest and best in our literature, we have only to complain that there is so little of it after all.

  21. They say that competition gets the work done by the best men and at the lowest rate.

  22. First, that we do not go to work in the best way, nor with the best machinery; second, that the farmer is handicapped by rent.

  23. Some of the best specimens of this kind of monster are to be found in the Russian tales about Koshchei the Deathless.

  24. One day he went away from his home feeling very cross, and left his wife and children to get on as best they could.

  25. He was the best and the cleverest of all the boys.

  26. Only the best of the best has been given.

  27. As a fortress to withstand a siege it was indefensible, but the ravines and ridges surrounding the city afforded the best field for intrenched positions.

  28. Upon their arrival a council was summoned to decide what was best to be done in the hopeless strait to which the Native cause was reduced.

  29. He handed the astrologer a well filled purse as the best tonic to stimulate his continued fidelity.

  30. In idea and execution this is one of the author's best works, and well worthy of its superb dress of silver and green.

  31. Thus Ahmad Khan, muttering all the curses in his vocabulary, was left to extricate himself as best he could.

  32. As Bipin had not been to the camp, he was not possessed of the information, but under the circumstances he thought it best to withhold his ignorance.

  33. The shutters of their windows can best tell.

  34. Soon thou wilt be wielding a sword with the best Afghan in my troop.

  35. The Rani accepted the challenge, rallied her troopers as best she could, and boldly fronted the oncoming force.

  36. I make no doubt when the moment comes thou wilt acquit thyself with the best of us.

  37. The Colburn Prize is a charming story of mutual sacrifice by two school friends, and is the last and best work of the gifted author of Denise and Ned Toddles and Pretty Polly Perkins.

  38. Mrs. Barr is at her best in Trinity Bells.

  39. Norton was the best swimmer of the trio, or, at least, the fastest, and Williams and Marvin were soon hopelessly in the rear.

  40. The Brimfield supporters were cheering wildly, imploring a touchdown, but it seemed that a field goal was the best they were to have.

  41. Tom gazed fascinatedly at his best trousers draped across the chair back.

  42. But done it was and on time, and, while the best that Mr. Daley would allow it was a C plus, Steve was distinctly proud of it.

  43. There was nothing wrong with Andy Miller, but it was thought best to save him for the final conflict.

  44. One of the best stories of life in a girl's college that has ever been written.

  45. And with the enemy, doing their best to upset or divert the pursuit, came a half-dozen of the 'varsity.

  46. You'll do your best for us, won't you, old man?

  47. But the best it could do was to drop a field-goal over the bar in the third period of the scrimmage, after having been held a half-dozen times by a desperate adversary.

  48. But Benson was not in the best of tempers to-day and possibly his judgment was warped!

  49. Mr. Conklin tried his best to persuade him, but Steve refused firmly.

  50. The Burke [Illustration: {American Legion seal}] Kelly Post That spirit of dominant Americanism with which the war was fought seems in these times of peace to be best reflected by the American Legion.

  51. For your future careers in civil life or wherever Fortune may lay your paths, you will carry with you my sincere best wishes and my affectionate regard.

  52. But best of all, there were no casualties.

  53. We occupied some of the best sheep-pens, cattle stalls, and hen roosts in town and during our five-week stay we became really comfortable inhabitants.

  54. The Calas were only one--only the best known--of a long list of victims on whose behalf he entered the arena.

  55. At best there can be only mitigated hostility on the one side, and ironical submission on the other.

  56. His best effects are achieved in sudden striking images which seem to have in them a depth of fantastic diablerie worthy of the wreck-strewn "humming waters" whose secrets he loved to penetrate.

  57. It is not for long, at best or worst, that we know what it is to be conscious of being living children of the human race upon this strange planet.

  58. He is also placed in that special position from which the illusive phenomena of this challenging world are best caught, best analysed, and best interpreted, as we overtake them in their dreamy passage from mystery to mystery.

  59. It is by making our excursions in the aesthetic world thus entirely personal and idiosyncratic that we are best spared from the bitter remorse implicit in any blunders in this more complex sphere.

  60. I consider it Wagner's best work, and shall probably go to the performance.

  61. When one gets to my years it is best to stay at home, close to one's own folk.

  62. But the extraordinary success of his opera Rogneda in St. Petersburg, and the failure of Judith in Moscow, caused him to change his mind and wish to remain in that capital where he was best appreciated.

  63. The power of seeing the best side of people and of things was a gift inherited from his father, and it was precisely this love of his fellow-creatures which made him so beloved in return.

  64. Directly this rule ceases to be applied mechanically, and it becomes a question of initiative, all these young women, although inspired with the best intentions in the world, come hopelessly to grief.

  65. In my heart of hearts I feel sure it is the best thing I have done so far.

  66. It is the best concert-room I ever saw in my life.

  67. I may be wrong, but it seems to me my best composition, and a few hundred roubles would not repay me for all the work and trouble I have put into it.

  68. Around Simaki there are many delightful spots which I like best to frequent at sunset, or on sunless days like to-day.

  69. Afterwards, as the next best substitute, he would take to drumming tunes upon the window-panes.

  70. The best way of doing this would be to give one of his works at one of your next concerts.

  71. Some critics find the 'couplets' for Triquet the best thing in the work and think Tatiana's part dry and colourless.

  72. It is my best work; not one of them has come to me so easily and fluently as this.

  73. It seems from the papers as though Austria was not best pleased, and was rather aggrieved at the capitulation of the flower of the Turkish army.

  74. For the moment I regard it as my best work.

  75. I feel at my best when I am alone; when trees, flowers, and books take the place of human society.

  76. Cyrus considered in what way he could best persuade the Persians to revolt, and when he discovered what he believed to be the best plan, he wrote down his intentions in a letter and summoned an assembly of the Persians.

  77. Each morning, on waking, the Parsee prays: "The best purity is to the just, who is pure.

  78. The increasing severity of these attacks compelled the Bactrian soldiery to collect their forces for more successful resistance, and to place the best warriors at the head of the community.

  79. Strabo remarks, after Apollodorus of Artemita, that Bactria was the best part of East Iran (Ariana).

  80. The Persians of the best time held it a duty to sacrifice themselves for the king.

  81. Nothing therefore remained for the priests but to leave the corpse above the earth; in this case it served the pure animals, the birds and dogs, for nourishment, and was thus destroyed in the best manner.

  82. He collected the best warriors of great and little Armenia, and marched against the Medes.

  83. The Avesta repeatedly declares "that purity after birth is the best thing for men.

  84. The best thing we can do for her is to let her quite alone," When they had shut her in again they went to breakfast, with many fears, notwithstanding their mama's words of comfort.

  85. Prizes never go to the best players," said Mrs. Cecil Jerome in disgust.

  86. Mrs. Cecil Jerome was conceded to be one of the "best players.

  87. She consented to take one, and I taught her the best method of getting joy from those tubes of white and gold.

  88. We sailed along for days and days And had the very best of plays; But Tom fell out and hurt his knee, So there was no one left but me.

  89. Here we had best on tip-toe tread, While I for safety march ahead, For this is that enchanted ground Where all who loiter slumber sound.

  90. It is simply a list of the most distinct varieties that respond satisfactorily to the treatment outlined, and from which the amateur gardener can expect the best results.

  91. There are many firms that advertise the best of seed at very low prices.

  92. Stout cord, such as is used in binding grain, is the best thing I know of, as it is rather rough, thus enabling the vine to take hold of it with good effect.

  93. Below I give a list of the best varieties for general cultivation, with a brief description of each: Auratum (the Gold-Banded Lily).

  94. The Wild Grape, though not much used, is one of our best native vines.

  95. The best large-growing vine for this purpose, all things considered, is the Wild Cucumber.

  96. Therefore I shall mention only such kinds as I consider the very best of the lot for general use, adding this advice: Don't attempt too much.

  97. But when we cannot do as we would like to we must do the best we can.

  98. Garden-work is the best possible kind of medicine for overtaxed nerves.

  99. I consider it the best substitute for barnyard fertilizer that I have ever used, for all kinds of plants.

  100. All of them have enthusiastic champions, and the best thing to do is to try them all.

  101. Maman Cochet is, all things considered, one of the best of its class.

  102. Here is one of the best resources a woman has.

  103. I looked for the best place to put a shipyard, picked on this spot because other people hadn't found it.

  104. She was now something like a great singer singing the highest note of her master-aria in her best rĂ´le--herself at once the perfect instrument and the perfect artist.

  105. So I took up the next best thing, office work.

  106. No two people in any one nation agreed on the best way to keep the peace.

  107. Well, I've usually found that the best place to look for things is where people say they don't grow.

  108. He watched her making the best of herself, as a skilful woman does when she is all dressed up in handsome scenery among toplofty people.

  109. Mr. Larrey decided that the best way to get a line on Jake would be to take a job alongside him and "watch his work.

  110. No, it was when he expressed them best that he was least convincing, since an emotion that can be adequately presented is not a very big emotion; at least it does not overwhelm the soul.

  111. He knew that the very best people, being those who are most sensitive to gratitude and to other people's pains, are incessantly let in for complications that never involve selfish or self-righteous persons.

  112. I have had what I tell you from the best authority.

  113. Abbie had not argued well, but sometimes that is best for the arguments, for then the judge becomes their attorney.

  114. If men would trust their intuitions oftener they would not go wrong so often, perhaps, since their best reasoning is only guesswork, after all.

  115. The best strategy that could be devised was to publish just how many Americans were landing in France.

  116. So each consul's family stays at home chiefly and amuses itself as best it can.

  117. Let those who went up through Spain make the best of it --these dominions of the Emperor of Morocco suit our little party well enough.

  118. I was glad to learn that our piano, our parlor organ, and our melodeon were to be the best instruments of the kind that could be had in the market.

  119. Flint's Theism may be recommended as one of the best attempts to state the theistic case with a minimum of technical Metaphysic.

  120. The nature and scope of Philosophy is best understood by examples: and therefore I hope you will excuse me if without further preface I plunge in medias res.

  121. I can best make my meaning plain to you by quoting a passage or two from his Principles of Human Knowledge, in which he extends to the primary qualities of matter the analysis which Locke had already applied to the secondary.

  122. If we want to worship and to work with Christ's Church, we must do our best to give the maximum of meaning {175} to the language in which it expresses its faith and its devotion.

  123. For the correction of Berkeley's sensationalistic mistakes the best course is to read Kant's Critique of Pure Reason or the shorter Prolegomena to any future Metaphysic or any of the numerous expositions or commentaries upon Kant.

  124. One of the best is the 'Reproduction' prefixed to Dr.

  125. The best men would no doubt go on acting up to their own highest ideal just as if it did possess objective validity, no matter how unable they might be to reconcile their practical with their speculative beliefs.

  126. When we bring into account our moral judgements or judgements of value, we have no difficulty in recognizing mind as the highest or best kind of existence known to us.

  127. The best chance was to catch the man at some one of the few water-holes.

  128. You see, I talk to you frankly because I have the best of reasons for knowing you will never betray me.

  129. His friends he had left to follow on foot as best they could.

  130. Without doubt Chad would do his best to stimulate the insurgent leader to impulsive violence.

  131. Young ladies don't always know what is best for them.

  132. He laved his face with water as best he could, picked up the belt he had thrown away, and drunkenly climbed the hill toward Ruth.

  133. He was one of the best amateur boxers in the West.

  134. The boys say you're the best ever with the mitts.

  135. The original suggestion of Lennox seemed the best under the circumstances.

  136. By Enrique he had sent to Governor Farrugia a map of the camp, giving detailed information as to the number and position of the troops and showing from what direction the camp could best be attacked.

  137. If you're dead keen on a mix-up, Harrison, why not come over to the studio where I can get the best light?

  138. Personally I did my best to get him to stay.

  139. But as you say, he laughs best who laughs last.

  140. Steve had already made up his mind exactly what was best to do.

  141. Soon, however, he saw that our party had the start of him; and Ben Gunn, being fleet of foot, had been dispatched in front to do his best alone.

  142. And John would touch his forelock with a solemn way he had that made me think he was the best of men.

  143. I have drawn blood enough to keep him quiet awhile; he should lie for a week where he is--that is the best thing for him and you; but another stroke would settle him.

  144. He had still a foot in either camp, and there was no doubt he would prefer wealth and freedom with the pirates to a bare escape from hanging, which was the best he had to hope on our side.

  145. I'm cap'n here because I'm the best man by a long sea-mile.

  146. I began to see that here was one of the best of possible shipmates.

  147. For my part, I must do my best to save this fellow's trebly worthless life; Jim, you get me a basin.

  148. Well, gentlemen," said the captain, "the best that I can say is not much.

  149. You found out the plot; you found Ben Gunn--the best deed that ever you did, or will do, though you live to ninety.

  150. Do as you pleased, she always made more leeway than anything else, and turning round and round was the manoeuvre she was best at.

  151. It is best to prepare a set of the precipitates and to preserve them in well-stoppered vessels, and not to try to take the time and care necessary to effect a perfect fractionation as a lecture experiment.

  152. The theory forms now, as before, in fact, the best quantitative basis for the expression of the experimental results.

  153. Berthollet have obtained, with the aid of Avogadro's hypothesis, values for the molecular weights of gases and for the atomic weights of their components, which compare in accuracy with the best analytical work on solutions and solids.

  154. He is the kindest, best man in the whole world.

  155. She did her best to be sympathetic and dutiful, having been brought up to respect her elders sincerely.

  156. Some situations, Margaret, are best met in silence.

  157. What would you like best to have done about the little people?

  158. I am not so sure about that," Gerald admitted; "I know he was the best wrestler, and that he and my father were generally neck and neck in all the running races.

  159. Frances and I have always been the best of friends; we shall get on perfectly, I have no doubt.

  160. Well, Mert's the best boxer, and he can sing and draw.

  161. I thought it'd be best if she found out herself when things was needed.

  162. A new volume in the "Hildegarde" series, some of the best and most deservedly popular books for girls issued in recent years.

  163. I'm the best runner, of course, 'count of my legs being long, you see.

  164. And while you was mixing the dose with the best ecclesiastical intentions, I hintroduced a foreign element.

  165. Australian, Canadian, To tone old veins with streams of youth, Our trust be on the best in man Henceforth, and we shall prove that truth.

  166. Tis known how the permanent never is writ In blood of the passions: mercurial they, Shifty their issue: stir not that pit To the game our brutes best play.

  167. The wisdom of humaneness best avails For serving justice till that fraud is brayed.

  168. Yield into harness thy best and thy worst; Away on the trot of thy servitude start, Through the rigours and joys and sustainments of air.

  169. Best method of tracing or copying a picture, 52 54.

  170. The best flint glass is composed of 129 lbs.

  171. The best crown glass is composed of 60 lbs.

  172. In a part of this gum-water, grind a small quantify of best prussian blue; you may thus bring it to any depth of colour you choose.

  173. To make a rose coloured varnish, proceed as above directed, only substitute one-fourth of an ounce of the best lake, finely ground, in the place of turmeric.

  174. This is best performed by applying the solution with a brush, which must be followed directly with a sponge of clear water.

  175. You've given me the best a man can have, and nothing else will ever be worth much to me.

  176. Well, then--may I suggest that, to bring matters to a point, the best way would be for you to write to him?

  177. I've told her she simply must come to Ruan, and bring the best accompanyist she can find.

  178. You mean: Nat and Grace may after all be having the best of it?

  179. Why should two people who've done each other the best turn they could by getting out of each other's way at the right moment behave like sworn enemies ever afterward?

  180. You may count on our taking the best of care of him.

  181. I believe in trying for it--even if the trying's the best of it.

  182. And Coral sent me a postcard to say that she would take the best of care of him.

  183. She was determined to keep her promise to Ursula; but she meant to look her best when she did it.

  184. She was exceedingly kind to them, but left them, as it were, to bring themselves up as best they could, while she pursued her own course of self-development.

  185. He wanted for her, oh, so passionately, the best; but his conception of that best had so insensibly, so subtly been transformed in the light of their first month together!

  186. He chose, fastidiously, the best the cellar could produce, grumbling a little at the bourgeois character of the dishes.

  187. London was a desert; the rain fell without ceasing, and alone in the shabby family hotel which, even out of season, was the best she could afford, she sat at last face to face with herself.

  188. In all this, what was there to wail or knock the breast between two people who prided themselves on looking facts in the face, and making their grim best of them, without vain repinings?

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