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Example sentences for "first time"

  • She has been there and all over the world; and now visits England for the first time.

  • Every man hearing that for the first time from a pair of loved lips is privileged to go mad for a brief season, and to go through certain manoeuvers much more delectable to the enjoyers than to society at large.

  • The Girl hesitated and for the first time a hint of colour flushed her cheek.

  • You should know without being told that when a woman born and reared in a city, and all her life confined there, steps into the woods for the first time, she's bound to be afraid.

  • First time I ever struck him, and didn't intend to then.

  • But when he spoke thus frankly and feelingly of the change in him, Susan looked at him--and, not having seen him in two weeks and three days, she really saw him for the first time in many a month.

  • When she came out, her face was bright for the first time.

  • When Susan had finished, she unlocked her lips for the first time to say: "The room's took.

  • Jack saw and comprehended for the first time in his life the real nature of a pure woman, the depths of tenderness and self-abnegation, the heroism and calm trust and the nobility of an unworldly life.

  • No doubt, if we had now known her for the first time, we should have admired her exceedingly, and probably have accounted her thrice happy in filling so well her brilliant position.

  • In Italy the worlds of music and painting were for the first time opened to him.

  • Sweet took the Battery out to drill this morning, first time he ever acted in that capacity, but he is a thorough tactician, and is at home at any post.

  • May and July, sixteen dollars per month for the first time.

  • Our guns were fired for the first time, giving a crack which almost demolished my "tympanum".

  • There, no doubt, grocery and poetry embraced for the first time in the flesh; although they have, and ever have had, intimate secret relations.

  • Spaniard, whose little eyes began for the first time to show fear; while his swarthy yellow face, which seemed as it if could never change color, whitened.

  • It would appear however from certain passages in the notes here printed for the first time, that Leonardo was in a position to study the spots in the moon more closely than he could have done with the unaided eye.

  • The impression appears to awaken neither displeasure nor pleasure; the perception seems now for the first time to be distinct.

  • Social-Democrats in the legislature were allowed for the first time to write the reports for important committees, such as those on the schools, factory inspection, and town or township taxation.

  • But mine's a hayseed, daughter of a friend of Aunt Nell's up from the country for the very first time in her life!

  • Letting the dear child go off all alone by herself this way for the very first time!

  • And taking the initiative for the first time in his life, he stooped down and kissed her.

  • It is worth remarking that this was the first time Mr. Brice had been called "Steve" and had not resented it.

  • I had all the sensations of an aspiring young brave who for the first time is admitted to the councils of the tribe!

  • Accordingly I remained till Friday morning, when I went with the rest of her suite to see the hounds throw off, which she herself saw for the first time.

  • June 1839, and entered the Cabinet for the first time as Lord Privy Seal.

  • Railway, first time of travelling on the, i.

  • We met him at the dinner last night for the first time.

  • You've guessed it first time; though his name's Vladimir Selinski.

  • The political character of this reaction against the growing power of the high priests and the town of Amon was pointed out for the first time by Masporo in 1878.

  • What, then, happened in the beginning, when the larva bit for the first time into a luscious victim?

  • I take the field with an equipment which I am carrying across the country for the first time: a glass bell-jar, a wire-gauze cover and the various implements needed for handling and transferring my irascible and dangerous subjects.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "first time" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    black dots; first and; first arrived; first battle; first call; first captain; first coming; first concert; first cousins; first degree; first edition; first gentleman; first glance; first mate; first period; first principles; first quality; first secretary; first thing; first time; first trip; first very; first voyage; first went; long have; waste products