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eventuality; eventually; eventuate; eventuated; eveques; everblooming; everbody; everchanging; evere; evergreen
  1. Brother Timothy had ever a jest on his lips, and the more sober monks were sometimes scandalized at the noise and uproar he created in the convent refectory.

  2. Here dwelt the great man, Governor Wentworth, but no one shared its comfort with him, for he was a widower and childless, and though no one ever heard him complain, sometimes he felt his loneliness very keenly.

  3. So now you behold me a member of the holy brotherhood, ever striving by prayer and repentance to blot out the remembrance of my evil deeds.

  4. Lucifer, ever watchful lest the Prince should escape from his evil influence, was here too.

  5. He was beaten without mercy, and instead of luxuries and caresses he had to work harder than he had ever done before.

  6. He grew moody and restless ever thinking of thee, till at length he could no longer endure this quiet existence.

  7. Always thoughtful and kind to others, Elizabeth lived and worked on her lonely farm, ever patient and uncomplaining.

  8. As he worked he thought ever of Priscilla and knew that his happiness would not be complete until he might venture to ask her to share the fruits of his toil.

  9. At first I took it for the past of history, but now understand by it the past of his own life, at least its earliest and brightest period--that age which had been as a mother, the only mother he ever knew.

  10. Can any of your correspondents tell me where the original manuscript is to be found, and whether it was ever printed?

  11. Whether there is or ever was a fair at this place is more than I can state; but perhaps some of your correspondents dwelling in those parts can give information on this point.

  12. This shows manifestly that if the Bishop of Exeter's house ever belonged to the Temple, it did not at that time; and I am not aware of any earlier evidence proving that the Templars ever possessed it.

  13. Odds, my life, I had as soon be at a Foxchase without ever seeing the Dogs, as hear all this without understanding a Word.

  14. Did you ever see anything so metamorphos'd?

  15. Ram my Eyes, the same comical Son of a Bitch he ever was--mimicking the French--Scoundrels.

  16. My dear Monsieur de Broughton was there ever anything so barbarous and inhospitable!

  17. He'll be downstairs presently; a has taken another frolick, as he calls it, but if he sticks to it, it will be the best frolick I ever knew un to take.

  18. Was ever an unfortunate Gentleman in such distress?

  19. It is broken by Medford asking Boodels if he's ever seen the trick with the shilling in the tumbler?

  20. Should this ever meet the eye of Baron Rothschild, let him remember, that by his single act, he can attain to the happiness of eighty people.

  21. But I don't think there will ever appear a very voluminous collection of "Letters of Baron R.

  22. For my part I can't make out why you were ever born at all.

  23. Sooner than ever yield I'll fight for death or victoree!

  24. No one would ever have guessed how closely the table followed what now happened, for each man began talking in a voice even louder than before.

  25. D'you think you could ever catch that bird alive?

  26. Why, Drew, I can see the saddle-marks clear from here; I got a mind to slip down there and pick up the easiest hundred bones that ever rolled my way.

  27. Nobody but old Dan and me ever knowed it.

  28. Yesterday, after he found that Drew had been here and gone he seemed sort of upset; tried to keep it from me, but I'm too much used to judgin' changes of weather to be fooled by any tenderfoot that ever used school English.

  29. His hand wandered slowly across her hair, and he said: "Sally, how close can we ever be to him?

  30. That was the only way they was ever caught.

  31. He offered five hundred dollars to the man who could back him; and made it good by going out of the building and coming back inside of five minutes with two men leading a great stallion, the ugliest piece of horseflesh I've ever seen.

  32. I know that you're the best foreman who ever rode this range and I know that when you start things you generally finish them.

  33. You see before you the greatest band of subduers and breakers of wild horses that ever rode the cattle ranges.

  34. This is west of the Rockies, thank God, and a woman is safe with the worst man that ever committed murder.

  35. Then two things come in together and spoiled the prettiest little party that was ever started in Eldara.

  36. Through the ruddy afterglow she led the way homeward, a man's handkerchief pressed to her wounded mouth, her eyes preoccupied with the strangest thoughts that ever had stirred her virgin mind.

  37. I mean that the only men who ever come to Star Pond are crooks," she retorted bitterly.

  38. Swimming was the only sport he ever had indulged in.

  39. That was the most real death that Leverett ever had died.

  40. And now she wondered whether, when freed, she could ever again find that rotting log.

  41. But let me tell you; Eve Strayer is the most honest and fair-minded girl I ever knew.

  42. At that Clinch reddened heavily--the first finer emotion ever betrayed before Smith.

  43. It's a good thing you hid, because there was a real man after you; and God help you if he ever finds you!

  44. If ever he had told anybody else about it, probably he had revealed the trail to Quintana.

  45. Hers is the loveliest character I have ever known.

  46. But it was a wild chance that he would ever run across her.

  47. It was the most beautiful love-letter any man ever received in all the history of love.

  48. For the girl was beginning to dare formulate the deepest of any thoughts that ever had stirred her virgin mind and body.

  49. But the best fire I ever went to was when the Brewster's Centre railroad station burned down.

  50. You had better get ready for it, because it's one of the most terrible things that I ever told.

  51. The only thing that ever happened up there was the fire, and that happened three or four years ago.

  52. And it shook the bridge, too, ever so little.

  53. I said, "that's nothing; the first time I ever saw you I laughed out loud.

  54. The trainman said, "That's the craziest old set of brakes I ever saw.

  55. The men climbed up on our car and in a minute, chu chu, along we went ever so slow, the engine pushing us.

  56. I said, "Pee-wee, don't ever quote the handbook to me again.

  57. I said, "Westy, this is the worst fix we were ever in.

  58. They said you were the floppiest flopper they ever saw," I told him.

  59. Believe me, I've been through eight different grades in school, but this one was the worst I ever saw.

  60. Be it ever so much in the wrong place, there's no place like home.

  61. Did you ever hear of a thief stopping to have his picture taken?

  62. Concerning the nautilus and whale, I learned more through this accomplished seaman than I had ever learned before.

  63. Should any ever come from your representations, direct them to me, and should I not require them myself I will give them such information as may lead them to find good masters.

  64. The largest earthen vessels I ever saw are made by these people, some of them being large enough for small cisterns.

  65. The policy necessary to the preservation of this element must be in our favor, if ever we expect the enjoyment, freedom, sovereignty, and equality of rights anywhere.

  66. I have frequently been wet to saturation in Africa, and nothing ever occurred from it, by pursuing the course here laid down.

  67. Therefore, it may reasonably be the greatest gathering of the colored people ever before assembled in a Convention in the United States.

  68. One of the most insistent errors ever put out was that statement of Rousseau, paraphrased in part by T.

  69. And in the interests of truth, we will have to make the embarrassing admission that the great Apostle of Pessimism was neither a dyspeptic nor an invalid--if he was ever aware that he had a stomach we do not hear of it.

  70. From his tower of speculation, Plato scanned the future, and saw that the ideal of education was to have it continue through life, for none but the life of growth and development ever satisfies.

  71. Theology has ever been the foe of progress and the enemy of knowledge.

  72. Swedenborg was cast in heroic mold, and no other man since history began ever compassed in himself so much physical science, and with it all on his back, made such daring voyages into the clouds.

  73. In various passages Humboldt does Comte the honor of quoting from him, and in one instance says, "He has summed up certain phases of truth better than they have ever been expressed before.

  74. No more frightful condition for any man or woman can ever occur than this: to take away all responsibility.

  75. To him no vain regrets belong, Whose soul, that finer instrument, Gave to the world no poor lament, But wood-notes ever sweet and strong.

  76. Margaret's sister Ellen had married Ellery Channing, the closest, warmest friend that Henry Thoreau ever knew.

  77. Seneca was one of the purest and loftiest intellects the world has ever known.

  78. Youmans, but no man ever did greater work in popularizing nature study in America.

  79. When will we ever learn that inspired books demand inspired readers!

  80. Napoleon smiled and answered, "Possibly the world would be as well off if neither of us had ever lived.

  81. Indeed, no governor of Puritan New England had ever equalled Dongan in hostility to Catholic New France.

  82. At the same time the Iroquois, through the English on the Hudson, now possessed facilities greater than ever for disposing of all the furs they could acquire; and they wanted this trade for themselves.

  83. If ever Canada needed a Moses this was the hour.

  84. Your thoughts are ever o' sweetmeats an' o' toys.

  85. An' my heart has ached ever since, nor could I hunt the hare for thinkin' of it.

  86. There's where they be, Mistress Marjory, with the gipsies; an' thank yer stars if ye ever set eyes on them agen!

  87. This act of 1822 was the first ever enacted against cruel and improper treatment of animals.

  88. The Comte d'Eigreville had introduced me to his sister, the Comtesse du Remain, who had been wanting to make my acquaintance ever since she had heard of my oracle.

  89. I had resolved that if ever I succeeded in persuading Mdlle.

  90. The great d'Alembert was the most truly modest man I have ever seen.

  91. He was ever refractory against the summoning of a Parliament, and as willingly would embrace an opportunity to break it off.

  92. The merit of their polemic, and the obligation under which it has placed posterity, must of necessity be ill appreciated by an age which finds it difficult to believe that Filmer could ever be thought to require an answer.

  93. This opinion, which he admits to be that generally held, he endeavours to overthrow by the argument that no man was ever born in a state of freedom, for everyone comes into the world subject to the authority of his parents.

  94. Hewer and I walked upon the Downs, where a flock of sheep was; and the most pleasant and innocent sight that ever I saw in my life.

  95. These and many other services were rewarded by the bishopric of Salisbury, where, by the confession of his adversaries, he proved as charitable and exemplary a prelate as the Church had ever seen.

  96. Extraordinary he is too, for assuredly no one ever recorded his thoughts and actions with such absolute sincerity; or if anyone ever did, his thoughts and actions were not worthy of record.

  97. Bunyan,' says Macaulay, 'is almost the only writer who ever gave to the abstract the interest of the concrete.

  98. No one had ever heard of anyone calling himself the Earthman, and the technique wasn't familiar.

  99. They were the fastest ninety minutes Rick had ever spent.

  100. It was sunlight no human had ever seen before.

  101. He knew, as clearly and finally as anyone can ever know anything, that the electronic circuits were all in order and functioning.

  102. I was going to be the luckiest ringdangdoo that ever hit Vegas.

  103. He wondered briefly if Miller's identity would ever have come to light if he hadn't been trapped in the rocket.

  104. I've been a rocketeer ever since I graduated from college, and I can't leave.

  105. Each went back to his own unit, more on guard then ever before for the slightest hint of irregularity in personnel or equipment.

  106. The only one who ever sees it again is the man who owns the machine.

  107. Who ever heard of a non-airconditioned spacesuit?

  108. He remembered how often he had in vain looked to his mother for a smile of approbation, and how he had ever been disappointed.

  109. I received her here, and she has been here ever since.

  110. If she had hesitated to marry Paul while the disturbance lasted, it was not because she had ever thought of taking his brother instead.

  111. Balsamides looked at him with a sort of pity which I hardly ever saw in his face.

  112. It is as charming a piece of pure idealism as ever came from Mr. Crawford's pen.

  113. No complaint was ever made against Alexander.

  114. You never believed it,--nobody ever believed it!

  115. I would rather have been a living lion for ever so short a time, and be dead, than be a Pera dog forever.

  116. He could not imagine, after this interview, that he could ever think of her again as his possible wife, and if the idea had presented itself he would have cast it behind him as a piece of unpardonable weakness.

  117. I have been watching for you ever since you went in.

  118. Professor Cutter," I said, "you asked me last night whether I had ever heard anything more of the lady with whom I met you at Weissenstein.

  119. It was more prejudiced than ever against France, thanks to the recent and terrible revelations of M.

  120. Nicholas fell on his knees, and raising his right hand to heaven, swore to give to the successor of Francis all aid and succor he should ever need.

  121. In reality, these were the easiest conditions which have ever been imposed on a power at the close of a war so long, so bloody, and of such incontestable victories.

  122. In a word, the Russian vice-chancellor profited with prodigious dexterity by the good disposition of France and still more by its errors, without ever sacrificing the will, the decorum, and the principles of his own government to it.

  123. The waves of events first cast him ashore, then threw him back again, and seemed to remove him farther than ever from his goal.

  124. Was not this, as much as ever any solo on the flute had been, a triumph of high art?

  125. If they had not gone most ill do you imagine that I ever would have let my Anna go to you as your companion?

  126. Few visitors had ever knocked at his door since he had moved to that tenement.

  127. Young Vanderlyn, with downcast eyes, was feeling greater mortification than he ever in his life had known before.

  128. His interest continually deepened, and the voyage, which he had thought would be a tiresome trip, became one of the most absorbing journeys he had ever known.

  129. It is because," said he, "that in my family no father ever has allowed his daughter to marry any one who is not by birth her equal.

  130. She must do nothing which would shut her from it if ever it should become possible.

  131. But on his face no glow of pleasant anticipation ever shone.

  132. He did not wish to have her even tell her son that Anna ever had been suspected.

  133. That which he had played had been among the best the world has ever known.

  134. It was the first time he had ever actually lied to Anna.

  135. Most of them are not contained in any manual of English grammar nor ever taught as a school subject.

  136. Have you ever heard comments of this sort?

  137. Be the clock ever so well and ingeniously constructed, it will not go without some sort of mainspring; be the method ever so efficient as a method, it will not work unless the student is interested.

  138. If we do not secure habits of accurate observation, reproduction, and imitation during the first stage, it is doubtful whether we shall ever secure them subsequently.

  139. No student will ever be expected to work with one book only; each will gradually acquire a miniature library, and this library need not be the same for everybody.

  140. Many set out not so much to acquire the capacity for using the language as to learn its structure and peculiarities, just as a mechanic may wish to become acquainted with a machine without having the intention of ever using it.

  141. Few people (if any) have ever succeeded in speaking the language by a series of mental gymnastics; our progress is to be measured only by the quantity of language-material which we can use automatically.

  142. Have you ever been told that a certain class of adverbs (among them the word always) is placed before and not after the verb?

  143. Strangely enough, the psychologists, whose function it is to ascertain how we learn, have not been consulted by writers of language-courses, and few of them have ever intervened in the matter.

  144. Have you been told that there are twenty-three exceptions to the rule, and have you ever learnt these exceptions?

  145. How on the faltering footsteps of decay Youth presses--ever gay and beautiful youth In all its beautiful forms.

  146. And now, oh wind, that here among the leaves Dost softly rustle, breathe thou ever thus Gently, and put not forth thy strength to tear The branches and let fall their precious load, A prey to foxes.

  147. Thou wert not weary of thy lot; the earth Was ever good and pleasant in thy sight; Still clung thy loves about the household hearth, And sweet was every day's returning light.

  148. Nothing was ever discovered respecting the name or residence of the person murdered.

  149. But where is she who, at this calm hour, Ever watched his coming to see?

  150. All dim in haze the mountains lay, With dimmer vales between; And rivers glimmered on their way By forests faintly seen; While ever rose a murmuring sound From brooks below and bees around.

  151. He lifts it up; the drops that hang On the smooth surface glide away: He tries the string, no sharper twang Was ever heard on battle-day.

  152. But ever heaves and moans the restless Deep; His rising tides I hear, Afar I see the glimmering billows leap; I see them breaking near.

  153. Ever by her side Her little guide kept pace.

  154. Often did the banks Of river or of sylvan lakelet hear The dip of oars with which the maiden rowed Her shallop, pushing ever from the prow A crowd of long, light ripples toward the shore.

  155. The movement is ever forward, and upward--what matter the banner under which the armies move?

  156. Nowhere in this age canst thou ever find rest, and no power can deliver thee from the doom of Activity.

  157. Marcia, twisting and wriggling more than ever and vainly trying to put on an air of innocence.

  158. Aunt Fanny, if I had my own mamma here with me, I would feel very dreadful to know she thought I hid something to steal it, and told ever so many stories about it.

  159. Well, that does make me a great relief; for when I used to get good again after I had been so naughty as that, I used to think I must be 'most the wickedest child that ever lived.

  160. Then Mabel hurried into the cloak-room, a new fear taking hold of her, as fears without number or reason ever will of the guilty.

  161. Indulgent as Mr. Powers always was to his motherless little girl, she knew very well that he never would have overlooked such disrespect as that, nor could she have believed it possible that she should ever be guilty of it.

  162. Did oo ever see Willum what is in 'Slovenly Peter' boot?

  163. They are the worst savages I ever saw, and I have had some experience too.

  164. Yes, sir, I have seen as much of them as ever I want to see.

  165. Nor were these precautions unnecessary, for indeed, as we shall see, mischief of a very formidable kind was brewing, and indeed had been brewing ever since the departure of the legions, and even before that event.

  166. Martianus, who was not unkindly in temper, put all his resources at her disposal, and his readiness to assist put him higher in her favour than he had ever been before.

  167. But the usurper Constantine had actually removed the British army two years before; and, as he was busied with the conquest of Gaul and Spain for a considerable time after, it is not likely that they were ever sent back.

  168. Things have been very bad for some time in the north ever since the garrisons were taken from the Wall,(46) but, except for a troop of robbers now and then, we were fairly safe here.

  169. I have heard hints dropped unawares, and I know that there is a secret society, which has existed ever since the island was conquered, which has for its object the bringing back of the old faith.

  170. He is as strong as any horse, and as keen and intelligent a youth as I ever saw.

  171. Though it somewhat hurt his Roman pride that a barbarian should ever have the strength to hold out when all others fail, he did not suffer his vexation to take anything from the hearty warmth of his thanks.

  172. You are the heiress of the great Caradoc, the noblest king that Britain ever had, whom even the Romans were compelled to admire.

  173. The only thing that ever seemed to rouse her attention was the sight of her son-in-law when he chanced to enter the chamber without disarming.

  174. He owed the Saxon more than he could ever repay, for he shuddered to think what would have happened to Carna but for his strength and energy.

  175. She was trained to hunt before ever she was given to Papa, and so were her ancestors before her.

  176. I do not believe Grandma Luty ever laughed harder than when Tattine told her all about it as they sat together in the porch that morning after breakfast.

  177. I think it's a good deal more important to know how you'll ever get them out," answered Rudolph, who was of a practical turn of mind.

  178. Soldiers are sometimes wounded without ever knowing it until they see a little sign of blood somewhere.

  179. Tattine did not see how she could ever have lived without them, for they were almost as much a brother and sister to her as to each other.

  180. We parted with tears, and swore to love each other as brother and sister ever after.

  181. In the evening I had one of the best suppers I ever had in my life, if I except those I enjoyed during my stay at Turin.

  182. My readers, more especially my lady readers, if I ever have any, will no doubt pronounce me a detestable fellow after this.

  183. I called on Madame R----, who had been awaiting me impatiently ever since Victorine had brought news of me.

  184. When I had dined, I hastened to call on the fair marchioness, whom I loved more than ever after the delicious night she had given me.

  185. Though I have always felt losing my money, no one has ever seen me put out, my natural gaiety was heightened by art on such occasions, and seemed to be more brilliant than ever.

  186. I was ever thinking what would happen when we met, for I knew that he would have the same influence over you as he has over me.

  187. Voluptuousness was all the more rampant when thus restrained; and so it ever will be while men have passions and women desires.

  188. She put back her head at this, and I grew daring, and after sundry experiments I was more than ever charmed with her.

  189. The moment of meeting those charming girls once more was one of the happiest I have ever enjoyed.

  190. I have repented of this lie bitterly enough, for in the week I spent at that profligate woman's house I have had to endure the most humiliating insults that an honest girl ever suffered.

  191. The turn of Helen (who was six years younger than Hedvig) now came, but the finest fleece that I have ever seen was not won without difficulty.

  192. He informed me that he had written three hundred sonnets against the abbe, who would burst with rage if they were ever printed.

  193. I don't think you can see any difference between her present appearance and that of eighteen years ago, for I don't see how she can ever have been handsomer than she is now.

  194. Why, right round here, over acrost the Square, in the queerest little store you ever laid eyes on.

  195. She wondered now how she could ever have supposed that Mr. Ramy's visits had another cause than the one Miss Mellins suggested.

  196. I'll ask Mr. Hawkins soon as ever he comes home.

  197. They took him back at the store, and gave him another chance; but the second time they discharged him, and he drifted round for ever so long before he could get another job.

  198. It was the first time that Ann Eliza had ever seen a flaw in her sister's beauty, and her involuntary criticism startled her like a secret disloyalty.

  199. I couldn't ever ha' gone there if I hadn't been made a Catholic.

  200. She was taken sick in the cars on the way home--I guess she caught cold--so I made her go right to bed as soon as ever she got here.

  201. It was the first time it had ever occurred to her to criticize Evelina's taste, and she was frightened at the insidious change in her attitude toward her sister.

  202. I think he'd a' told me everything ever happened to him if I'd had the time to stay and listen.

  203. It is like no storm we ever knew," they whispered, one to the other.

  204. It is Loke who has done this," thundered Thor one day, when, from old age and weakness, he had been defeated in a battle with the now ever youthful giants.

  205. No one knew whence he came; no one had ever looked upon him; but there he sat, ages upon ages, singing forever the story of the creator of the earth and the wonderful deeds of the gods who dwell in the shining city of Asgard.

  206. But I can do the work of any nine workmen that ever served you.

  207. Then will your victory, if you win, lend lustre to your greatness; and the fear of you throughout the land of the Frost giants be greater than ever before.

  208. In Midgard the leaves ran like fire before the gale; the trees rocked; and ever and anon the moaning wind rose and fell like the voice of a mighty tempest.

  209. And as such, was ever after acknowledged by all living creatures,--gods and men, dwarfs and giants.

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