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twitterings; twitters; twitting; twix; twixt; twoe; twofold; twont; twoo; twopence
  1. With these two stories I should rank "Gusev" and "In the Ravine.

  2. It is perhaps not an accident that the first two stories are the best, but the collection is unusually even and seems sure of reasonable permanence.

  3. Fanny liked the last two best; chiefly the furs, which she wore through the whirling heat of an August day, as soon as she was strong enough to leave her couch, on an expedition to her native pavements.

  4. He hid the two suitcases in the bushes, piled the remains of the lunch into the car, took down the top of the car and crept down to the main road.

  5. He desired two things--to serve France, and to see Hazelton.

  6. With an air of ceremonious explanation, Miss Giddings turned to the two visitors.

  7. At the end of another two weeks Corey was still away.

  8. Only two of us lived to rejoin our army, Lieutenant Barres and myself.

  9. And then, one morning, just two months from the day he had left, Corey arrived unexpectedly by the ten-fifty train.

  10. For two mad, happy days he saw life simply.

  11. But two days later she announced her engagement to marry him, and in another month's time the knot was actually tied.

  12. For by mixing apple with plum the manufacturer sees the opportunity of concealing more turnip in the jam, as it were, at the junction of the two forces, than he might be able to do without this unholy alliance.

  13. Up to that moment he had been a lonely crank, and men thought he was queer; but now there were two of them and he became a Movement.

  14. But then there is the medal, probably two or three medals, and the glory of it, and it is such a splendid life.

  15. You could almost feel it baking the Marble Arch from two to four on Sundays.

  16. A Deed of Mercy As Hindenburg and the Kaiser came down, as we read, from Mont d'Hiver, during the recent offensive, they saw on the edge of a crater two wounded British soldiers.

  17. They and their bit of wire were somehow just between two waves of attack.

  18. Me, me terrible,'' two slaps on the chest and then a growl.

  19. At the top of those two white walls is a foot or so of brown clay.

  20. They'd one or two men that were handy at carving chalk; used to do the regimental crest and pictures of Hindenburg, and all that.

  21. As late as 1889 two Zuni Indians were hanged on the wall of an old Spanish church near their pueblo in Arizona on a charge of having blown away the rainclouds in a time of drouth.

  22. A contest for office was waging at that period between two lawyers, Colonel Dyer and Mr. Elderkin, and sundry of the people vowed that they had heard a challenging yell of "Colonel Dyer!

  23. The search went on for two days, and, at the end of that time, the girl's body was taken from the lake.

  24. He hastily blended the essences that he had made, though one or two ingredients were still lacking, and drank them off.

  25. After the sermon he announced that he was going to Waterborough to preach, and that on his circuit he had collected two hundred and seventy dollars to help build a church in that village.

  26. Here in the old days two lovers held their tryst: a sturdy and honest young farmer of the neighborhood and the daughter of a man whose wealth puffed him with purse-pride.

  27. The Eagle Range was said to be the abode, two hundred years ago, of a man of strange and venerable appearance, whom the Indians regarded with superstitious awe and never tried to molest.

  28. Witch Rock, as it is called, gained its name two centuries ago, when an old woman abode in a deserted cabin close by and made the forest dreaded.

  29. But the strangest thing was the arrival on Cape Ann of a force of French and Indians that never could be caught, killed, or crippled, though two regiments were hurried into Gloucester and battled with them for a fortnight.

  30. In my will I leave two thousand dollars to his widow and five thousand dollars to the church he was collecting for.

  31. When the exchange was made, two hundred and forty-seven Roman prisoners remained to be ransomed.

  32. To the second class he added two centuries of armourers and axe-men.

  33. Out of six thousand Spartans, two hundred only escaped, the rest with their king Euclidas were left dead on the field of battle.

  34. The crown of Sparta had been long divided between two families descended originally from the same ancestor, who jointly enjoyed the succession.

  35. This accounts for the different reception which commerce met with in the two nations.

  36. He adds, "that two unlucky incidents concurred to augment the displeasure of the citizens against the dictator.

  37. At his death he left the kingdom to his two sons Hipparchus and Hippias.

  38. Luther was probably as much surprised as any one to find that these were at once translated into German, printed, and in two weeks had been scattered all over Germany.

  39. Men thus trained guided the destinies of Athens during some two centuries, and the despotism of the East as represented by Persia could not defeat them at Marathon, Salamis, and Plataea.

  40. From a number of extant catalogues of old monastic libraries we know that, even as late as the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, a library of from two to three hundred volumes was large.

  41. By the latter part of the thirteenth century the most extensive travel which had taken place since the days of ancient Rome had begun, and in the next two and a half centuries a great expansion of the known world took place.

  42. These two subjects constituted almost the entire instruction, the period of probation covering two or three years.

  43. With these two weapons in its hands, wealth and knowledge, the Third Estate forced its way into influence, and compelled the other two (Estates) to recognize it as a partner with themselves in the management of public concerns.

  44. Elocution was also given much importance in the upper classes as preparation for the ministry, two original orations being required each month.

  45. Latin grammar school for scholarly purposes there was almost no relationship, and the two developed wholly independently of one another.

  46. In this early evolution of the Prussian state school systems we find two prominent nineteenth-century ideas expressing themselves.

  47. Other scholars now helped to transfer the center for Greek scholarship to Paris, where it remained for the next two centuries.

  48. The Testimony of the Rocks; or, Geology in its Bearings on the Two Theologies, Natural and Revealed.

  49. Indeed, Miller never hesitated to declare that for the fibre of his whole thinking he was more indebted to Chalmers and to this almost unknown Cromarty minister than to any two other men.

  50. Of these two uncles, the James and Sandy of his Schools and Schoolmasters, Miller has spoken with deserved affection and loyalty.

  51. Four editions in the course of well-nigh as many weeks proved its excellence; and it was fortunate enough to secure encomiums from two men so different in their leanings as Daniel O'Connell and Mr. Gladstone.

  52. He wrote for the Tales a good deal of rather poorly remunerated work, and his papers on Burns and Fergusson afford a not unpleasing attempt to weave the lives of the two poets into an imaginative narrative.

  53. Yet these two garbled and distorted narratives are still the most widely known versions in England.

  54. Nor will he fail to note the exact and characteristic point of difference in the two children, and how in each the child was father of the man.

  55. The Testimony of the Rocks; or, Geology in its bearing on the Two Theologies, Natural and Revealed.

  56. I long to see you again, and to pass two months in quiet at Valestrand.

  57. Many times he had to repeat it, and finally, when he improvised two or three variations on the air, his delighted listener made him promise that whenever he passed the house he would come in and play that tune for him.

  58. When the time for the first rehearsal was fixed, he contrived very adroitly that Ole Bull’s notice should read two o’clock, while the orchestra were called for twelve o’clock.

  59. There were already two violinists in New York—Vieuxtemps, who was assisted by the famous singer Madame Damoreau, and Artot.

  60. Ole Bull gave two concerts to crowded houses in Cassel, and then went to Berlin.

  61. She was so glad to see me that I delayed my departure two days, to celebrate her birthday with my violin.

  62. He gave two more concerts there assisted by such artists as Duprez and Madame Ronzi de Begnis.

  63. I have sent two Arabian horses from St. Petersburg: one black, by name Godolfin; the other Caraguese, a golden bronze with black mane and tail.

  64. At three he was to play at St. James for the queen, and at the corner of the street two policemen were waiting with the warrant for his arrest, if the claim of the lawyer should not be conceded.

  65. But never now did he read more than one paper in a single day; the lesson of those two months had sunk in.

  66. Because he had so speedily got it back, Trencher had gone free again with the loss of but two days of liberty--or anyway, so Trencher firmly believed.

  67. It concerns me and somebody else--and yet only two persons are concerned in it.

  68. No, only one; but which one of two suspects she is I can't for the life of me decide.

  69. You remember that time about two years ago when I ran you in as a suspect and down at headquarters you bellyached so loud because I took a bum old coin off of you?

  70. Whut would yore pore daid mother say ef she knowed I wuz neglectin' my plain duty to you two lone chillen?

  71. But Parker can't find his duds at all; and so in putting two and two together it's easy for me to figure how the switch was made.

  72. Its upper sources are near those of the Missouri and South Saskatchewan, and in its course it flows through two large and beautiful lakes, the Flathead and the Pend d'Oreille.

  73. Seattle and Tacoma are at present far in the lead of all others in the race for supremacy, and these two are keen, active rivals, to all appearances well matched.

  74. In two hours' ride the last snowbank was left behind.

  75. We found two well-formed and well-preserved craters on the summit, lying close together like two plates on a table with their rims touching.

  76. From the more southerly of the two peaks a long ridge comes down, bent like a bow, one end in the hot plains, the other in the snow of the summit.

  77. A few miles beyond the Willamette flows the renowned Columbia, and the confluence of these two great rivers is at a point only about ten miles below the city.

  78. It is a large, boisterous stream, draining the eastern slope of the Cascade Range for nearly two hundred miles, and from the great number of falls on the main trunk, as well as on its many mountain tributaries, well deserves its name.

  79. One species, blooming freely along the woodland paths, is from two to three inches in diameter, and more fragrant than any other wild rose I ever saw excepting the sweetbriar.

  80. In order to reach this height the chopper cuts a notch about two inches wide and three or four deep and drives a board into it, on which he stands while at work.

  81. It stands between two small lakes which previous to the last eruption, when the cone was built, formed one lake.

  82. Of the other two one is a small tree, crooked and moss-grown, holding out its leaves to catch the light that filters down through the close-set spires of the great spruces.

  83. The wildest of wild hay, made chiefly of carices and rushes, was sold at from two to three hundred dollars per ton on ranches.

  84. It is situated on the main river, where it plunges over a sheer precipice, about two hundred and forty feet high, in leaving the level meadows of the ancient lake basin.

  85. Lady Ogram's estate was distant some two miles and a half from the edge of the town; it lay hard by the village of Shawe, which was on the highroad to--places wherewith Dyce had no concern.

  86. But it a little surprises me that you had not learnt it already from Miss Bride, who knew all about the will two days ago.

  87. Whilst I am writing, I had better mention one or two other peculiarities of Lady Ogram.

  88. At his lodgings he found several letters; two of them were important.

  89. With her were two ladies, kinsfolk of hers.

  90. Every pound in his pocket meant a prolongation of liberty, a new horizon of the possible-- Two days later he was back again at Eastbourne.

  91. A day or two sufficed to prove the danger she was incurring; but she refused to take count of symptoms.

  92. But before two minutes had elapsed, the door opened, and a colourless domestic voice announced: "Miss Tomalin.

  93. For some moments, Lady Ogram sat looking towards the door; then, sinking together in exhaustion, she let her eyes move from one to the other of the two faces before her.

  94. Only a day or two ago, May, speaking on this subject, had expressed views diametrically opposite.

  95. These two are the only American Pines combining large pits with dentate tracheids, and are the only American Hard Pines with external resin-ducts of the leaf.

  96. The two positions of the umbo result from the relative growth of the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the cone-scale.

  97. The two species vary in the color of the cone, the anatomy of the leaves, the buds, and in the armature of the conelet.

  98. This distinction is employed by Koehne as the basis of his two sections, Haploxylon and Diploxylon.

  99. The two species, moreover, do not always agree in the position of the foliar resin-ducts.

  100. The wood-strands, forming the axis of the cone, differ in tenacity in the two sections of the genus.

  101. The two Foxtail Pines are so similar in most characters that they have been considered, with good reason, to be specifically identical; yet the seed-wing of P.

  102. The four exceptional species by this and by other characters unite the Hard Pines of the two hemispheres.

  103. The protuberance is usually reflexed from the unequal growth of the two surfaces.

  104. The presence of both adnate and articulate wings in these closely related species suggests that these two forms of wing are not fundamentally distinct.

  105. There are but two species of Diploxylon with deciduous sheaths, P.

  106. The two sections of the genus, Haploxylon and Diploxylon, established by Koehne on the single and double fibro-vascular bundle of the leaf, are even more accurately characterized by these two forms of bract-insertion.

  107. The two species known as Foxtail Pines are alike in their short entire falcate leaves, persisting for many years and forming long dense foliage-masses.

  108. A grant was made, under which he was required to found two or more towns and erect two fortresses.

  109. The Araucanians had elected the aged chief Paillamacu as their toqui, with two younger warriors named Pelantaru and Millacalquin as his lieutenants.

  110. Velasquez probably contributed a small vessel to the two vessels which were fitted out by the others.

  111. The two cuts, one or the other, and a mingling of the two, have given rise apparently to a variety of imitations.

  112. The two friendly monks in this view were the two distinct persons Juan Perez and Antonio de Marchena (p.

  113. The vessels parted company one night, but they reached the island of Cubagua within two days of each other.

  114. Seeing his determination, two of the chiefs consented to accompany him; and they came to a hill, from which they could look down upon the city.

  115. There were two copies in the Murphy sale, nos.

  116. The two huge volumes of his script found their way to Spain, and were lost sight of till Muñoz discovered them in the convent of Tolosa in Navarre, not wholly unimpaired by the vicissitudes to which they had been subjected.

  117. Pizarro therefore ordered two officers of distinction, Hernando de Soto and Pedro del Barco, to follow them and remedy the mischief which they were doing.

  118. The two sides were espoused warmly and respectively by Greenhow in his Oregon and California, and by Travers Twiss in his Oregon Question, during the dispute between the United States and Great Britain about the Oregon boundary.

  119. There, on the 14th of June, his caravel well-nigh foundered, and his two smaller vessels undoubtedly perished.

  120. The whole force, when united in the distant valley of Jujuy, consisted of five hundred Spaniards, with two hundred horses.

  121. It is a parchment collection of twenty-seven maps showing the Portuguese possessions in the two Indies.

  122. But he drew his pistol, advanced two steps, and, taking aim, fired at the late monarch.

  123. They barely had time to conceal themselves behind the altar, before two men came in, one of whom was carrying a dark lantern.

  124. It corresponds to, those two contradictory tendencies in literary art, which seek always to render life in motion with the most intense coloring, and still to make more and more subtle the impression of this life.

  125. The two soldiers, seated before her, gazed at her with emotion and delight.

  126. And the sick-nurse replied: "Well, she may last two days, perhaps three.

  127. A stream of light burst out into the night; Karl had fired, and the two dogs ran forward.

  128. Then I went to bed and fell into one of my terrible sleeps, from which I was aroused in about two hours by a still more terrible shock.

  129. After having each swallowed two cups of scalding coffee, followed by glasses of liqueur brandy, we started, accompanied by a gamekeeper and our dogs, Plongeon and Pierrot.

  130. It kept me awake till two o'clock in the morning, and then I went to sleep so soundly that I should not have heard the angel shouting at the Last Judgment.

  131. And inside, we saw two fantastic forms, those of our dogs, who were warming themselves at the fire.

  132. The fact is that neither of us moved any more than if we had been two tree-stumps.

  133. In two weeks he had induced sixty-three men to volunteer in defense of their country--married men, fathers of families, prudent farmers and merchants of the town.

  134. In two former communications on a subject incidental to that to which I now beg leave to call your attention, I hinted at a result far more important than the discovery of the author of the Taming of a Shrew.

  135. In the relationship between these two plays there always seemed to be something which needed explanation.

  136. A lucky mortal Am I, if the hour draws nigh That will two revenges offer.

  137. But if this is he we wait for In the night-time like two blockheads Faith!

  138. Like twin stars that seem one to the naked eye, but resolve themselves into two beneath the telescope, so the single author of the printed text of Calderon appears distinct persons in the pages of Montalvan.

  139. Sir, I've seen you Here the last two nights; your object?

  140. And thou, O Philip, know That thrice an angel saved thee from the blow Of my sharp sword: two nights I watched for thee To slay thee; may my error pardoned be.

  141. Mateo Rodulfo," printed as the names of one author in Calderon, separate into two persons in Messingham and Montalvan.

  142. The first two properties, assimilation and reproduction, overshadowed by the possibility of death, are properties of life of every kind, plant life as of all other.

  143. I will take two analogies: one from Magnetism and one from Politics.

  144. A few observations of mine in reply to this article emphasise one or two points which perhaps previously were not quite clear; and so this reply, from the October number of the Hibbert Journal, may be conveniently here reproduced.

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