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enormes; enormities; enormity; enormous; enormously; enounced; enow; enquere; enquire; enquired
  1. They were a long way ahead, and it was some time before I could get near enough to attract their attention and tell them that Kahwa was missing.

  2. We were glad enough to live in peace, and to be able to devote ourselves to learning something about the new country.

  3. Bears, when they live far enough away from man, have absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

  4. For the first few days you really think of nothing but of finding enough to eat.

  5. The sounds came from where the lights were brightest, and it was long before I could make up my mind to go near enough to be able to see.

  6. There was no danger of its coming in, for I had taken care that the roof overhung far enough to prevent anything falling in from above, and the den was too well sheltered for the wind to drift the snow inside.

  7. With a couple of cuffs, hard enough to make us yelp, she would throw us to one side and the other, and there was no more play for that day.

  8. But I had also seen enough of him to have a contempt for his blindness and his lack of the sense of scent.

  9. In between the roots of the trees and under the rock was as good a house as a family of bears could want--roomy enough for all four of us, perfectly sheltered, and hidden and dry.

  10. Then she gave all her time to me, and at last, when nobody was near, I spoke just loud enough for her to hear.

  11. We can hardly believe that one clan could have been numerous enough to construct a house so large and massive.

  12. It sets somewhat back from the edge of the canyon, but near enough to make it clearly visible from all sides, especially the neighboring mesas.

  13. We have, however, knowledge of the lapse of time, because the mound had accumulated enough soil on its surface to support growth of large trees.

  14. Not at all, Oriana; Arthur will have smiles and welcome enough here at the manor house to make him proof against all the hard looks in Richmond.

  15. My sick-room has been the test of so much friendship, that I could almost be sinful enough to regret the returning health which makes me no longer a dependent on your care.

  16. But, dear Harold, let us not argue this sad subject, which it is grief enough but to contemplate.

  17. Mad," answered Philip, "but cunning enough to do mischief, if she has a mind to.

  18. They would have turned, but their impetus was too great, and they swerved only enough to bring the head of the off horse in a line with Arthur's body.

  19. She can't well get away before, but that will be time enough for the train.

  20. Don't you feel strong enough to get up and lie upon the bed?

  21. The dense, black smoke hangs over her like a pall, but prostrate as she is, it cannot sink low enough to suffocate and end her agony.

  22. Upon the hill-sides of his native State they had played together when children, and now she lay there before him, with scarce enough of woman's nature left to weep for her own misery.

  23. She was innocent enough when she first came, but she got to be as bad as any--until she got sick and died.

  24. Enough to make me welcome at headquarters.

  25. Arthur paused only long enough to understand the situation, and then stepping calmly a few paces to the left, stood directly in the path of the rushing steeds.

  26. Barely enough of the engraved design remains to show that it belongs to the class under consideration.

  27. The design is quite obscure, but enough remains to show that it does not differ essentially from the type already presented.

  28. All are fashioned from the Haliotis, and although considerably stained are still well enough preserved to show the pearly lusters of that shell.

  29. Not large enough for food vessels, they make most satisfactory spoons and cups, and are frequently found to retain portions of the pigments left from the last toilet of the primeval warrior and destined for use in the spirit land.

  30. The teacher must know the facts to be recited well enough to be independent of the text-book during the recitation.

  31. He knows what he ought to do, but the opposing motives are strong enough to inhibit action in the right direction.

  32. For this reason, psychology is by some appropriately enough defined as the science of experience.

  33. I have Hair enough on my Head not to stand in need of a Peruke; and 'tis gray, too, in spite of the Proverb.

  34. Yet he was jealous enough of his wife at times, and once sent a challenge to a Scotch nobleman, simply because some silly friend asked him if he had forbidden his wife to dance with the lord.

  35. It galled Mazarin to the heart, and he was undignified enough to revenge himself by cancelling the poor little pension of £60 per annum which had previously been granted to the writer.

  36. That he was a bear there are anecdotes enough to show, and whether true or not, they sufficiently prove what the reputation of the man must have been.

  37. Twelve hundred a year may be enough for a duke, as for any other man, but not for one who considers a legion of servants a necessary appendage to his position.

  38. He paused to consider, but she had jumped from her horse already, and he had just time enough to grasp the mare's snaffle.

  39. Despite his petty misgivings her husband's judgment had remained clear enough to appreciate the trustful purity of her conscience, and he sent his doubts to the devil with the laugh he usually reserved for his vulgar jokes.

  40. Isn't it enough to make a man desperate after all he's done for you?

  41. The very words are enough to send a shiver of ecstasy through a maiden's soul.

  42. Each was correct enough in its way, and many another might have been written equally correct; but the truth, the genuine truth, which penetrated and illumined the whole, would appear in none.

  43. Quickly enough the courage had gone from her to ask Mrs. Asmussen for permission to visit St. Anne's early every morning, and soon she had completely forgotten that such a thing as a confession or a mass ever took place.

  44. I tell you, it's enough to drive him to a dose of castor oil.

  45. It's strong enough to express what took place in me.

  46. The triumph he had celebrated in the theatre was not enough for the colonel.

  47. Time enough after you've gone," said Lilly, rejoiced that she could smile so indifferently.

  48. You probably say to yourself: 'The stupid boy is good enough for a passing love; he's good enough for whiling the time away.

  49. They earn a great deal of money, and as soon as they have saved enough they return to Italy to establish a household.

  50. But he seemed taciturn and self-absorbed, as if a burden were weighing upon him which he was not strong enough to shoulder.

  51. The result will be rich enough in nuances.

  52. It was the only port to which blockade running was at all safe enough to be lucrative.

  53. With millions of acres of unsettled, useless, worthless pine barrens all around them, the prisoners were wedged together so closely that there was scarcely room to lie down at night, and a few had space enough to have served as a grave.

  54. With a saw made on the back of a case-knife we cut a hole through the boards big enough to permit us to pass out, and perhaps escape.

  55. There is not money enough in the United States to induce me to undertake the trip again under the same circumstances.

  56. Any one of them, if lying upon the docks of New York, would have yielded enough to make every one of us upon the train comfortable for life.

  57. As I lifted the hatch there rose an odor which appeared strong enough to raise the plank itself.

  58. Hommat had a full suit of Rebel clothes, and I had stolen sacks enough at Andersonville, when they were issuing rations, to make me a shirt and pantaloons, which a sailor fabricated for me.

  59. When we picked up Bickford we found he still lived, and had strength enough to gasp out: "You fellers had better let me alone.

  60. We procured enough to make our half-gallon bucket full and very strong.

  61. Owing to the shallowness of the water the latter could not come into close enough range to do effective work.

  62. The only business was the handling of the tar, turpentine, rosin, and peanuts produced in the surrounding country, a business never lively enough to excite more than a lazy ripple in the sluggish lagoons of trade.

  63. Within a gun-shot of the perishing men was an abundance of lumber and wood to have built every man in prison a warm, comfortable hut, and enough fuel to supply all his wants.

  64. I see you're old enough to go about alone.

  65. An' he's got two wounds here, either one enough to do for a man!

  66. You know well enough she couldn't stop you herself, you headstrong baggage.

  67. That she was well gowned and danced well, they were in general fair enough to acknowledge; but they could not see why so many men found her interesting to talk to.

  68. I wonder you are not ashamed, after all the trouble you made for us so lately, when you were old enough and big enough to know better!

  69. She had no quarrel with the rain that day, there being enough pleasures indoors to keep any maid's mind busy.

  70. Jerry Waite would have sense enough to go away, instead of standing there in that idiotic fashion with the punch.

  71. The little maid will be ready enough some day, I'll warrant, to acknowledge how lucky she was in having her Aunt Hitty to care for her.

  72. Since she was going away herself, Doctor John's going was easy enough to bear.

  73. Be good enough to wait here till I return.

  74. If the solder is used too hot it will quickly burn holes in the pipe, and if not hot enough a heat cannot be properly worked up, and the cloth may get torn trying to move hard metal.

  75. Gradually force the blast, and keep withdrawing the “heats” and roll them well in the flux, and so continue until it is thought that the heat is plastic enough to unite.

  76. Then cut out a tin disc large enough to cover the hole, and solder this in, using killed spirit as the flux.

  77. To do this, the flame should be directed on to the thickest part of the lug first before getting the tube too hot, and feeding the joint with borax before the metals get hot enough to scale.

  78. The only way to prevent this is to have the bit just hot enough to melt the solder, and not to let it rest any length of time on the soft metal.

  79. Make the latter just big enough to admit a fine needle.

  80. The Doctor's fat, leathery face was quite red now, and his sentences were hurled out in a sarcastic bass, enough to wither the marrow of a weak man.

  81. But in various quarters there has been enough of it, and the consequent disorganization of at least one free and easy regiment is no more than might have been expected.

  82. Alexander and Caesar Borgia and the Lady Lucrezia are enough to drive religion from the world.

  83. Do what we would there was no persuading our driver to slacken pace enough so as to admit of a full enjoyment of the prospect that unfolded before us.

  84. The splendid rock-hewn road is just broad enough to admit of two carriages abreast.

  85. For the matter of that, it is an easy walk enough for all who can stand the burning sun and glare of white walls and buildings.

  86. Two hundred and forty pounds a year should seem enough for a young man, a bachelor brought up in bourgeois simplicity.

  87. The Tour de Roussillon is all that now remains of a place once important enough to give its name to a province.

  88. For already Ingres was fiercely attacked by Parisian authorities on art: he had become important enough to be a target.

  89. And true enough away we hied, But when our goal was almost won, God rest his soul!

  90. Whilst volume after volume of late years have appeared devoted to French travel, holiday tourists innumerable jotting their brief experiences of well-known regions, strangely enough no English writer has followed my own example.

  91. But having got the river and given the citizens more than enough water with which to turn their mills, supply their domestic wants, fertilize suburban fields and gardens, the Town Council seem satisfied.

  92. The next day Mr. Falconer was perfectly certain that Miss Gryll was not yet well enough to be removed.

  93. But one reason for not seeing harm in this Agapêmonâ matter is, that I hear so little about it The world is ready enough to promulgate scandal; but that which is quietly right may rest in peace.

  94. You will manage him easily enough now,' said Lord Curryfin.

  95. There must be sympathies enough in the world to make up society for all tastes: more difficult to find in some cases than in others; but still always within the possibility of being found.

  96. There is enough mirth for those who choose to enjoy it, and wisdom too, perhaps as much as he would have cared for.

  97. If I have had one wish stronger than another--strong enough to exclude all others--it has been for the day when you might be free to say to me what you have now said.

  98. He is far enough off from that while he lunches and walks as he does, and no doubt dines in accordance.

  99. So far from this, if he found any unfortunate opinion in a hopeless minority of the company he happened to be in, he was often chivalrous enough to come to its aid, and see what could be said for it.

  100. I am old enough to remember when, in mixed society in the country, it was played every evening by some of the party.

  101. We learn from Athenseus, and Pliny, and the old comedians, that the Greeks had a vast variety of wine, enough to suit every variety of taste.

  102. I think you have wit enough by nature, and I have poetry enough by memory, to supply a fair portion of the requisite materials, without assuming an absolute mastery of the Gai Saber.

  103. It had not entered into his thoughts that Morgana was in love with him; but he thought it nevertheless very probable that she was in a fair way to become so, and that even as it was she liked him well enough to accept him.

  104. Of course, if you assume a proposition as certainly true, it is easy enough to prove that proposition to be true, at least to your own satisfaction.

  105. He has seen enough of Median luxury to despise it and those who indulge in it.

  106. Likely enough in those days, when an Iranian noble or prince would have a quite different cast of complexion and of face from a Turanian herdsman.

  107. Has not our taste been trained by native authors, who were at least civilised enough to value the great past, without the need of any European crossing the seas to tell us of its wealth?

  108. To try to prohibit drink is to hinder progress; to say that there is more drunkenness now than formerly, is simply to say that the greater part of our race is considered strong enough to face the temptation.

  109. It is quite nice enough to be here having some one loving and petting me, without thinking about the future.

  110. It is a humiliating reflection that there is virtually no crime of which the best of us could not be guilty if the temptation were only strong enough and the circumstances propitious.

  111. It is often bad enough to be ruled over by those we respect, but to be slighted, or still worse patronized, by those whose instincts and habits revolt us is torture.

  112. I will give you briefly a summary of the chief conclusions which interested me, and which will be enough for the present purpose.

  113. I hope that you know me well enough to be certain that if there is any service I can do for you I shall be delighted!

  114. One evening after dinner I was sitting alone with Vera Soudin; her mother had not been well enough to come down to dinner, and the other men had retired to the billiard-room.

  115. The child is open enough until by mental or physical smacks he learns to cover his body with garments, and his thoughts with words most suitable to concealing them.

  116. Life is not long enough to polish off the ugly advertisements which were engraved upon him in youth.

  117. But come, we have wandered far enough out of the way, and I have by far the pleasantest part of my story yet to tell.

  118. When old enough I was sent to school, and as I was nearly seventeen when I left, you can fancy that my associations with home life were not strong.

  119. I said this, not because I wished for her services, but because there were enough reports about already without her adding a false one.

  120. The privacy of the hammam was secured for the Agha's daughter by hiring it for a day, and no one was to be admitted to the women's part of the bath except the few ladies who had enough social importance to expect invitations.

  121. Max knew that if he rudely rode up to them in this, Sanda's great moment, nothing he could say or do would really part them, even if he were cad enough to speak of Ahmara, the dancer.

  122. For one thing, though he had a fine bearing and a good enough figure (so far as she could tell in his flowing robes and burnous), in looks he was no hero of romance, but a disappointingly ugly man.

  123. Sign, or I'll smash you to a jelly," was his remark to one recruit who had not heard enough of St. George or Four Eyes to dash his name on paper the instant he saw a pen.

  124. But if there were still more--something harder and more dangerous--would you love me enough to do that thing too?

  125. Max had a queer feeling that they belonged to each other, and that, if it were not for her, he would be hideously, desperately homesick at this moment, almost homesick enough to turn coward and go back with his errand not done.

  126. If a man felt that he had borne all he could, and was desperate enough to risk death by starvation or worse, why let him go with his comrades' blessing--and his blood on his own head!

  127. Her ladyship knows enough of your language to understand.

  128. If it's enough for her, I suppose it's enough for you, St. George?

  129. Now, if you've looked at the ring enough off your finger, will you let me put it on?

  130. He chose a spot between a miniature palm grove separated from the main oasis and the artesian well, far enough from the gushing water for its bubbling to be heard through canvas walls soothingly, like the music of a fountain.

  131. He would not work, and there were not men enough in the regiment to get him into a fight.

  132. This record was enough of itself, to render the cavalry immune to ironical disparagement.

  133. I was not near enough to hear and do not pretend to quote from personal knowledge, but whatever may have been his exact words, the enthusiasm which they aroused was unmistakable.

  134. It did not take long to demonstrate that two regiments were not enough and the First and Fifth went into the action on the right of the Sixth.

  135. Enough had been seen of war to bring to all a realization of its horrors.

  136. Grant had confidence enough in Sheridan to believe that he would make his word good.

  137. Then the L--s and their little daughter came in with a cheery "good morning" and a steaming breakfast of coffee, cakes and other things fragrant enough and tempting enough to tickle the senses of an epicure.

  138. It took till dusk to reach Centerville, and the rain never stopped long enough to catch its breath, but kept at it, all day long.

  139. The alignment faced in a westerly direction, and was back in the timber far enough to be hidden from the approaching foe.

  140. They were not many, but enough to impel me to a quick resolve.

  141. There was no place big enough to spread a blanket, where there was not a puddle of water, and, all the time, the rain fell pitilessly, in torrents.

  142. Freeman interrupted him at this point, "A man should be courageous enough to own his own children!

  143. Oh, my dear boy, if I were only strong enough to go among those suffering ones.

  144. I do not mean there is not enough marrying and giving in marriage, or that the preliminaries thereunto are otherwise than they should be.

  145. And if we refuse to weep, 'tis not because there is not matter enough for weeping, but because we require our strength and serenity to carry her through her trouble.

  146. Carrière has painted, just enough visible, in his usual luminous haze, to give the mood.

  147. This villainous faculty, which puts us in a rage and forces us to be amiable, is almost enough to make us like, or at all events condone, its contrary in our own dear friends.

  148. There is not enough courtship in the world.

  149. XX It is enough for all the practical purposes of human existence if we find that our trust in the representations of consciousness is verified by results; and that, by their help, we are enabled "to walk sure-footedly in this life.

  150. CLXXI Ancient traditions, when tested by the severe processes of modern investigations, commonly enough fade away into mere dreams: but it is singular how often the dream turns out to have been a half-waking one?

  151. If you possess that equipment you will find leisure enough after your daily commercial work is over, to make an opening in the scientific ranks for yourself.

  152. Choose ye," is uttered audibly enough in the ears of every one of us as we come to manhood.

  153. If our ears were sharp enough to hear all the cries of pain that are uttered in the earth by men and beasts, we should be deafened by one continuous scream!

  154. Life has its competence--nor deem That better than enough were more; Sure it were phantasy to dream With burdens to assuage thy sore.

  155. Things are really bad enough in the library as it is; and they are as bad or worse in the Camera, where books are most shamefully ill-used.

  156. The way in which very precious volumes are knocked about is plain enough to any one who visits the interior of the library as constantly as I do, and as all Curators are by statute empowered and even ordered to do.

  157. The cant that is talked now-a-days about 'work' is enough to make one sick.

  158. They have not knowledge enough of books or of libraries to see that a library suitable only to scholars of a high class is not a library adapted to learners and schoolboys.

  159. We are quite strong enough to act properly, if we only had the infinitesimal amount of courage needful.

  160. The regular officials have quite enough to do, if they attend only to their necessary work, which pins them down to one spot, and totally precludes them from exercising (even if they possessed it) the saintly privilege of bilocation.

  161. But when, with no help but the adjacent tackle, which appeared to be hardly strong enough to hold up its pulleys, Hildebrand hoisted himself to the yards above, he seemed to lose himself in his excessive agitation.

  162. What the consequences will be if the Ti-pings are fortunate and wise enough to effect a junction with the Nien-fie can scarcely admit of a doubt.

  163. All that is mere pretence,' it has been argued; 'if they felt sure they were strong enough to attack us with advantage, they would do it.

  164. He said he would see with General Ching what he could do about the city, and that he had no fear of Mo-wang knowing of his having seen me, or of Chung-wang either; that he had enough troops to keep both in check.

  165. Naturally enough my readers may be inclined to wonder what business the British officials had to interfere with the capture of an Imperialist craft by the Ti-pings, they must therefore have an explanation.

  166. Reynolds, was public-spirited enough to erect a line of telegraph from Shanghae to the sea-coast.

  167. Without daring to turn my head for a moment, I replied: "All right, shove her off, and hail me directly she comes close enough for a jump.

  168. Of course, as usual, frightful accounts of Ti-ping atrocities on the march were concocted to harrow the feelings of those simple enough to believe them.

  169. Those who have been interested enough to wade through the compiled portion of this work will, no doubt, at once perceive the truthlessness of Lord Palmerston's charge against the Ti-pings, viz.

  170. The mandarins have braves enough to enforce their extortion; all passing junks are stopped until payment is made; and if the aggrieved people should complain, their petition goes before the governor who thrives upon the system.

  171. Whether the most Christian and civilized allies had not obtained sufficient loot, or killed enough fellow-creatures to satisfy them, I am unable safely to state, but I opine that in neither particular were they satiated.

  172. Some have been found daring enough to allege that personal profit was the motive which induced so many to incur suffering and danger in support of the Ti-pings.

  173. The process, however, was still long enough to compel the cousins to know more of each other than twelve months of ordinary circumstance would have made possible.

  174. Dawtie continued unwilling to see Andrew: he had had trouble enough with her already, she said; but Andrew could not quite understand her refusal.

  175. It was enough to be a Christian like other good and salvable Christians!

  176. And now in his old age he had lied who when a boy had honor enough to keep him from lying!

  177. She had not been at Potlurg a week before Meg began to complain that she did not leave work enough to keep her warm.

  178. To do what she ought, and not do what she ought not, was enough on her part, and God would do the rest!

  179. I have enough to occupy me where I find myself, and should certainly be oftener in doubt how to act, if I had bothered my brains how to think in circumstances foreign to me.

  180. George rejected his father's theology as false in logic and cruel in character: George knew just enough of God to be guilty of neglecting Him.

  181. It is enough that God knows whether you are a Christian or not.

  182. It was enough for him if through the merits of his Saviour he gained admission to the heavenly kingdom at last!

  183. That Andrew liked this or that, was enough to make Dawtie set herself to find in it what Andrew liked, and it was thus she became acquainted with most of what she learned by heart.

  184. There was money enough for the Governor to raise and equip two regiments, one of negroes, for intimidation of whites, but none for education.

  185. Had her table been large enough to seat the world, the world would have been welcome.

  186. Sharp contrasts in many ways, they were yet enough alike in personal appearance to have been brothers.

  187. In the suburbs the negroes held an angry meeting, but they had got enough of mob violence.

  188. In quiet country places where people did not live close enough for mutual sympathy and protection, the heavy hand was often most acutely felt.

  189. In short order, he had all the clothes hanging snow-white on the line; before he left, he cut enough wood for her ironing.

  190. Enough it was to wing the feet to know that the bronzed young soldier with his arm about your waist must leave you no more for the battle.

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