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figuras; figurate; figuration; figurative; figuratively; figured; figurehead; figureheads; figures; figurine
  1. His manner of speech was somewhat stilted and precise, and scarcely what might have been expected of a pirate.

  2. There is one little point on which I--that is to say--Will there be any expense?

  3. These show a pre-war standard of living and the final index figure shows the percentage increase in expenditure necessary to maintain that precise standard of living absolutely unchanged at the present day.

  4. The retail price changes can then be "weighted" according to the results given by the budgets and the final figure arrived at by combining them on these lines.

  5. September will be the next month for which a figure will be determined.

  6. The weights used in England in compiling the British index figure were compiled from budgets collected as long ago as 1904.

  7. It is proposed to arrange for the calculation at intervals of three months of a cost of living figure on the same basis as that adopted by the Committee for the purpose of this report.

  8. Our final index figure therefore shows the percentage increase in expenditure which would have been necessary to maintain the present standard of living absolutely unchanged from July, 1914, to the present day.

  9. Glancing around, she beheld a little white figure distinctly outlined against an oak bookcase, and could just discern two large wistful eyes looking earnestly at her.

  10. Another change came to Browning, which redeemed him from the growing tendency to become a recluse, and made him a familiar figure in the great world.

  11. Mr. Kenyon had lost his wife some time previously; he had no children, and he was a prominent and favorite figure in London society.

  12. The Massons had as their guests for this great commemoration the Count and Countess Aurelio Saffi, the Count bringing with him his gorgeous Bologna gown, in which he had the resplendence of a figure in a stained glass window.

  13. For more than a quarter of a century Miss Blagden was a central figure in English society in Florence.

  14. Macready was not only a notable figure on the stage at this period, but he was also (what every great actor must be) a man of thought, intense sensibility, and wide culture.

  15. The incident instantly impressed itself upon his mind as a curious one, and in his evening slippers he sped lightly to the end of the deck and gazed after the receding figure of the fugitive.

  16. She stood, her left hand pressed to her heaving chest, a strangely pathetic little figure in her Court dress and glittering diamond cross upon her corsage.

  17. Absolutely helpless he stood gazing upon her prostrate figure and trying in vain to seek a solution of the difficulty.

  18. But as he passed on through the grove of dark cypresses a human figure crept stealthily out of the shadows and, looking after him, muttered a fierce imprecation.

  19. Her Royal Highness has fainted," Ghelardi explained, pointing to the prostrate figure upon the couch.

  20. Suddenly, however, he saw a figure in white approaching, and a moment later Lola was at his side.

  21. He knew quite well that His Majesty--who had that morning gone to the great review, a brilliant figure in uniform and sparkling decorations-- had ridden there and was standing at the saluting point with a quickly beating heart.

  22. How different was the pale recumbent figure in white to that dashing Andalusian dancer!

  23. Professor Marsh's kindness has enabled me to put before you a diagram, every figure in which is an actual representation of some specimen which is to be seen at Yale at this present time (Fig.

  24. Duke of Wellington, who was to figure in an after-toast with the Battle of Waterloo.

  25. Yet how hard upon him that he should seem to figure as a despot or a tyrant to his own children, whom he loved, when he had absolutely acted in an inevitable manner!

  26. Her figure was superb; her dark hair crowned with a tiara of curious workmanship.

  27. Her figure was as fine and commanding as her face was void of charm.

  28. The Captain of the Oppidans and the senior Colleger next to the Captain of the school, figure also in fancy costume, and are called 'Saltbearers.

  29. And those University honours that once were the great object of his aspirations, they did not figure in that grandeur with which they once haunted his imagination.

  30. These words figure in the prefatory epistle which two actor-friends of Shakespeare addressed to the two Earls in the posthumously issued First Folio of the dramatist's works.

  31. He was thenceforth a prominent figure in Court festivities.

  32. Edward Blount, the fifth partner, was an interesting figure in the trade, and, unlike his companions, had a true taste in literature.

  33. Shakespeare's purely comic power culminated in Falstaff; he may be claimed as the most humorous figure in literature.

  34. At the end of Barnes's volume there also figure six dedicatory sonnets.

  35. On Imogen, who is the central figure of the play, Shakespeare lavished all the fascination of his genius.

  36. All these details are of Shakespeare's invention, and do not figure in the old play.

  37. Her handsome figure and well-shaped limbs so attracted the attention of Dr.

  38. Fire, also, was put under it, but that soon went out, and the figure was torn to pieces amid the huzzas of the assembled thousands.

  39. Early next morning the farmer was walking along the Edinburgh road, and came upon a white-robed figure stretched out on the footpath.

  40. Then they heard a shout, and behind a tombstone they saw a white-robed figure with extended arms.

  41. Suddenly at the door I realized how far it had carried me from Griffin; the figure of him was faint in my mind as one seen from the farther shore.

  42. The effect of boyishness that one derived from his tall, thin figure was increased now by the marks of weeping about his eyes.

  43. He had brought some estimates to figure out; evenings at work on these, he would call me to him and sit with his left arm thrown lightly about my chair, the pencil going as though my presence were an added fillip to activity.

  44. Her own notion of getting on was to figure as the sole female attraction in a song and dance skit in what she pronounced "Vawdville.

  45. I was a successful actress, there was no doubt whatever that I was a success; I would have been able to prove it by the figure of my salary.

  46. Pauline had two children by now, and a manner of being abundantly equal to the world in which she moved, a manner which I was only just realizing was largely owing to the figure of her husband's income.

  47. I hadn't anything to spare with which to consider what figure I might have cut in the eyes of the onlooker.

  48. To her, my husband was the victim of a cold, neglectful wife, and to him she contrived to be a figure of romance.

  49. I thought of Miss Dean and Griffin, of the Cecelia Brunes I had known, and Polatkin tracing the outline of my figure with his fat forefinger.

  50. It rose insistently against the depressing figure my draggled and defeated condition must have cut in the face of Pauline's bright competency and the quality of assurance in her choice of the things among which she moved.

  51. My mother had her hands to her head as she walked; her figure touched by the firelight, not quite spoiled by childbearing, looked young to me.

  52. On opening them one was found to contain a large coarsely painted figure of the Virgin and Child, another half a dozen small figure of saints, the third was full of flat leaden figures and crosses.

  53. Nigel, as several young people came slowly by, following a fair girl, whose beautiful countenance and graceful figure distinguished her from the rest, though many of her companions were scarcely less lovely.

  54. All was profoundly silent; and she was satisfied that no human figure was in motion.

  55. The unity of synthesis, by which they are composed into one figure of a cross, we know to be a mere accidental result from an arbitrary synthesis of human fancy.

  56. One deception melted away only to be succeeded by another; still I fancied that at last to a certainty I could descry the tall figure of Agnes, her gipsy hat, and even the peculiar elegance of her walk.

  57. That person was 'pussy,' whose little figure lay quietly stretched out in the arms of a smiling young nun, with eyes nearly shut, yet peering a little at the candles.

  58. He spoke of himself often under the figure of a gymnastic artist, who had continued for nearly fourscore years to support his balance upon the slack-rope of life, without once swerving to the right or to the left.

  59. Here I stationed myself, for the air was so clear that I could distinguish dress and figure to a much greater distance than usual.

  60. The Cutter two figure table may be used for a small collection of material.

  61. As he spoke, he turned his eyes on the spare yet muscular figure of the Englishman, then again glanced down on his own stately person.

  62. Ere the dinner was finished, a figure crossed on the outside of the large window which lighted the eating-hall, the sight of which seemed to occasion a lively sensation amongst such as observed it.

  63. Arthur and I are paltry ciphers, and our absence might easily pass over unobserved; but you are too important a figure not to be missed and looked after, when the sum of your number is taken.

  64. Sir Herman held up the torch, and discovered that there was indeed a tall dark figure standing in the stall, resting his hand on the horse's shoulder.

  65. But, as I am a true man, methinks your port and figure resemble an envoy of defiance rather than a messenger of peace.

  66. The pedestal on which she stood, or rather was perched, would have appeared unsafe had any figure heavier than her own been placed there.

  67. The silver lamp was extinguished, or removed from its pedestal, where stood in place of it a most beautiful female figure in the Persian costume, in which the colour of pink predominated.

  68. The figure was supposed to work miracles, and the ferry became renowned from its being under the protection of the Holy Image of Our Lady, and her no less holy servant.

  69. Recollections overpowered me, and in all of them was interwoven the figure of my wife.

  70. Twenty steps before me I see half-buried in the ground the figure of a Roman knight in grey iron armour.

  71. I saw the figure of Gustavus Adolphus in the ashes of the stove.

  72. When I place the figure in the sun, it casts strange shadows.

  73. I clasped a figure in my arms, and, with a strange dis-ease, bore it down the shaking stairs and out into safety.

  74. The door opened slowly, slowly, slowly, and the figure of my dead wife came in.

  75. Just as I got over the first stile, a dark figure seemed to spring out of the ground.

  76. There was a splodge of a darker tint in the middle, but whether it was figure or tree or house no man could have told.

  77. As I trod its long length, I saw a figure in pink come out of one of the houses.

  78. After he had seen the last of the little figure on the platform he leaned back in his corner and kept silence for a minute.

  79. The figure by the bed swayed a little unsteadily.

  80. I took long walks in the country, and her figure was always just round the next turn of the road--in the next glade of the wood.

  81. He describes the work-table as well as the other instruments; and gives a figure of the whole, which he appears to have considered as the first[209].

  82. Another old figure of such a mill was shown to me by Professor Meister, in Recueil de Plusieurs Machines Militaires, printed in 1620.

  83. The date in the title-page of my copy appears properly to have in it a 9, which resembles a zero, only because the compositor used a type on which the lower part of the figure was broke.

  84. See a figure of the Teltow rapes in Kerner, tab.

  85. See the figure of the Mayrübe in Kerner, tab.

  86. The first correct figure of them is to be found in Marsigli.

  87. What I consider to be the oldest, have on the barrel the figure of a hen with a musket in its mouth, because perhaps they were made at Henneberg.

  88. Such pencils must at that time have been scarce, because he has given a figure of them in a wood-cut.

  89. Below it, on each side of the pyramid, were seen a great many figures, which I will venture to assert were attributes or images of the winds, to which the female figure pointed.

  90. Those who have hitherto given us any account of them have contented themselves with describing their external figure and shape.

  91. The sounds are heard through a speaking-trumpet, which the figure holds in its mouth.

  92. Translucent bodies permit light to pass faintly, but without representing the figure of objects seen through them.

  93. The following Friday when St. John entered the Art School he found a very subdued little figure waiting for him--the old style of Jill with her hair tied with ribbon, and the big pinafore over her shabby frock.

  94. Do you think that because I have adopted art as a profession that I have turned into a lay figure and have no heart at all?

  95. I wish to go in for the figure from life," he modestly observed.

  96. St. John looked the tiniest shade put out, the waiter stared, and a good-looking man with a lightish moustache who happened to be passing their table at the moment glanced down at the small grey figure in careless amusement.

  97. You do not wish to go in for the figure then?

  98. I am trying to finish this canvas with its sole aid," pointing to the work that she had been engaged upon at his entry--a female figure recumbent on a night rainbow.

  99. And then there's her husband to figure on.

  100. No man can figure to a certainty on a woman.

  101. The buyer was pleased with them, and when the price came up for discussion Deweese artfully set a high figure on the saddle stock, and, to make his bluff good, offered to reserve them and take them back to the ranch.

  102. The principal figure in the allusions of Eastern poetry is Solomon.

  103. His well-knit figure is slim and almost youthful, and he holds himself as erect on his saddle as a dragoon on parade.

  104. Then, looking out, I can just discern, deep in the shadow of the building opposite, the figure of a man.

  105. In 1854 a discovery was also made by some miners excavating on the other side of the mountain on which the White Pebble Pit is situated; this was a fine figure of the heathen god Hercules, which was found in an old working.

  106. Thus, if a man knows how many miles he walks in an hour, and how many hours it takes him to walk to a certain place, he can very easily figure up the number of miles it is away.

  107. His figure was slight and fragile, and yet his bones and joints were large and strong.

  108. The fine figure was meagre, prim, and constrained.

  109. His figure was slight, and his aspect remarkably youthful, even at our table, where all were very young.

  110. He is touching the eye of the figure with his modelling tool, and the task, one of some delicacy and difficulty, adds to the animation of the operator.

  111. For a time Cipriani gave instruction in the gallery, and it is recorded that the result was a purer taste among British artists in the drawing of the human figure than they had previously displayed.

  112. According to Smith, however, he was dotingly fond of his little girl; was for ever painting her picture; and in one portrait of her asleep, he introduced the figure of a guardian angel rocking the cradle.

  113. Mr. Ruskin argues, unsoundly enough, from effects; the great Italian designers of the figure all drew leaves thoroughly well.

  114. According to Hogarth, 'he converted an old meeting-house into an Academy, and introduced a female figure to make it more inviting to subscribers.

  115. He had great knowledge of the human form, and would sometimes begin a figure at the toe, draw upwards, and complete it at the top of the head in a curiously adroit manner.

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