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Example sentences for "frame"

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frailty; frais; fraises; fraish; fram; framed; framer; framers; frames; frameth
  1. Little Miss Mitford looked at the pale face in its frame of dark curls, lying back among the pillows.

  2. In stature, he was rather short; his frame was compact and muscular.

  3. In this thankful frame of mind did I afterwards continue, while I abode on the island, and for three years did my man and I live in the greatest enjoyment of happiness.

  4. With a nervous start, that benumbed his frame like a powerful shock, he awoke, bathed in perspiration and half dead with fright.

  5. His whole frame was perfectly poised for the thrust from which no dog placed as Sourdough was could possibly escape.

  6. But never had he seen a hound of any kind with such a frame as that he saw before him now.

  7. And so, trailing beside him the gnawed-off ends of his traces, Jan dragged his emaciated frame along in jerks over the hard-trodden snow while the folk of the town cheered the departing steamer.

  8. Finn would spread out his fore legs widely, and lower his great frame till his muzzle almost reached the ground, while his tail waved high astern.

  9. Within a hundred yards of Jan were groups of solid frame houses, with warm kitchens in them, and abundant food.

  10. The bones of his big frame were still a deal too prominent, and he carried more than even the bloodhound's proper share of loose, rolling skin.

  11. His body would thicken, and his frame would harden and set; his coat would improve, and his muscles would develop to more than double their present growth.

  12. A mere circling whisp of head and tail and feet had served them, and the upper half of Jan's magnificent frame lay fully exposed halfway down the slope from Bill's tree.

  13. And because of the warmth of the trail, Jan followed it at the gallop, his great frame well extended to every stride.

  14. The National Congress shall frame the Constitution, and shall determine its date of execution.

  15. Plato very correctly notes not merely the bodily conditions on which such visionary knowledge depends, and the possibility of the truth of the dreams, but also the inferiority of them to the reasonable frame of mind.

  16. In the case of man these points of dependence lose importance, just in proportion to his civilisation, and the more his whole frame of soul is based upon a substructure of mental freedom.

  17. But the essence of them all is to get the patient out of the general frame and system of ideas and perceptions in which his ordinary individuality is encased.

  18. Such a frame of spirit, where the empirical consciousness with all its soul and strength and mind identifies its mission into conformity with the absolute order, is the mood of absolute Ethics.

  19. Dependent as they seemed to be on the frame of mind of observers and observed, they defied the ordinary criteria of detached and abstract observation.

  20. The frame for such a shanty is a cross-pole resting on two crotches about six feet high, and enough straight poles to make a foundation for the thatch.

  21. The head-log is fastened the same way, except that it goes against the inside of the back posts; and the frame is complete.

  22. It needs no hemming, binding, loops or buttons, but is to be stretched on a frame as described for the brush shanty, and held in place with tacks.

  23. The frame was simply two strong crotches set firmly in the ground at a distance of eight feet apart, and interlocking at top.

  24. The same heavy white pitcher and basin stood in the old wash-stand with the sunken top and hinged cover; the same oval white soap-dish, the same ornamental spatter-work frame in dark walnut hung over the narrow walnut bedstead.

  25. Mother," said Domitia, her whole frame quivering with excitement; "I am sure of it.

  26. The long journey to that frail and broken frame will have exhausted her slender powers.

  27. The struggle in her bosom was terrible; her head spun, she tried to speak but could frame no words.

  28. We then took the wagon body off the frame and carried it into the cabin, and raised it on one side to screen us from the wind which came through the cabin walls.

  29. The lungs must be continually breathing, and the heart incessantly beating, and the blood perpetually running its mysterious round, or the whole frame would perish.

  30. At length his feeble frame gave way, and he sank into his bed to rise no more.

  31. The wonderful perfection and beauty of a flower or a feather would confound me; while mysterious adaptations in my own frame would fill me with amazement.

  32. When Adrienne laid me on the frame where I was to be ornamented by her own pretty hands, she regarded me with a look of delight, nay, even of affection, that I shall never forget.

  33. O Mother Earth," cried he, "who art no more my Mother, and into whose bosom this frame shall never be resolved!

  34. That night--despite the fact that he was going to travel with the circus, despite the fact that his home was not a happy or cheerful one--Toby was not in a pleasant frame of mind.

  35. It was while he was in this frame of mind that the procession, all gaudy with flags, streamers, and banners, entered the town.

  36. Eliza Schuyler preserved a lively memory of playing about a little square frame building on the Common, and though she never spoke of it by name it was the first Poor House of the city.

  37. It was a plain, square, frame dwelling with brick chimneys reaching high above the pointed roof, kept by Mrs. Mary Brennan, and Poe rented rooms of her.

  38. A two-story frame house, the ground floor is made into a store, as though it made an effort to keep up with the business character of the street.

  39. To the south was the square frame building, close by a clump of thirteen trees, where Alexander Hamilton had lived and where his widow stayed on after his death.

  40. After this the remaining pap of plaster of Paris is added until the frame is full to overflowing.

  41. The surface is smoothed down after the plaster has settled somewhat, and in a short while the matrix in the frame may be removed from the type.

  42. This plaster of Paris, of which a sufficient quantity should at one time be mixed to the consistency of pap, using clear water, is poured over the frame containing the type in a thin layer, so as to barely cover it.

  43. He was handsomer than ever; bronzed by Nigerian sun, all the superfluous flesh marched off him; every muscle in his frame taut and vigorous.

  44. Within her tiny frame the soul of her had risen to maternal heights, embracing and sustaining Diana.

  45. The mother at last fell back upon her pillow, her eyes shining with the joy of a great relief, while the father was seized with a fit of coughing that cruelly racked his gaunt frame and left him weak but smiling.

  46. When the decision had been taken he lay in an ecstasy of anticipation, feeling new pulses in all his frame and the blood warm in his face.

  47. They thus stepped out of the frame within which we were able to follow their movements; but I was able to perceive, by the gestures of the officer, that they were forming up opposite Nurse Cavell, between her and us.

  48. The picture is outlined in the very frame which I constructed, on the very canvas which I prepared; and, as you will perceive, Victorien, it is my will that makes the phantom which you are about to see emerge from the darkness.

  49. Stepping down from the chair, she examined the back of the frame, which was closed by a piece of old card-board the edges of which were fastened to the sides of the frame by strips of gummed cloth.

  50. She was working at a tapestry stretched on a frame and from time to time raised her eyes to cast a fond look at a little girl playing by her side.

  51. At different times people came and leant against the balustrade of some lofty balcony or appeared in the frame of the tall windows; and the costume of these people enabled us to note their successive periods.

  52. The frame was made of wood and stained oak; it was about five feet high, and fitted into a corner back of the dining-room door, being about four feet across the front and three feet deep.

  53. Over this frame green burlap was tacked smoothly with fancy brass-headed nails.

  54. And it was in this frame of mind that he followed her into the wide hall of the house, which was to Bristles the home of mystery and the seat of all his trouble.

  55. It was in this happy frame of mind that they came in to the little float that had been made by using a number of empty water-tight oil barrels; and from which the boat was to be launched, as well as taken from the water.

  56. He faltered and his lips trembled and refused to frame the words of a dream that was coming true.

  57. A tubular strut from the frame of the ship made the blow-pipe.

  58. And Bert noted that, although his face and frame indicated that he was not more than thirty years old, his hair was snowy white.

  59. Frame houses were picked up and carried along like straws.

  60. Leaning down until his body touched the top frame bar, he coaxed ever a little more speed from the fire-spitting mechanism beneath him.

  61. A frame made to fit in exactly, and having open slats, like a Venetian door, is a good screen for a summer-hearth.

  62. For this purpose, the embroidery-frame must be placed in a perpendicular or upright position, and two persons employed together; both equally skilled in needle-work.

  63. In bespeaking a bonnet of a milliner, always request her to send you the frame to try on, before she covers it; that you may see if it fits.

  64. In a similar manner, you can make an excellent and handsome footstool, employing a carpenter to construct the frame or box.

  65. His heavy frame trembled as if under the effects of a bad ague; the hand which had struck the blow shook so violently that the stick dropped from it.

  66. The bed-frame is often enlarged so that many of the chief mourners may be able to sit on it.

  67. This flask he then suspends from his kitchen roof above the itaka frame or hanging-shelf that in almost all kitchens is placed above the fire-hearth.

  68. Sometimes torture is used: a common mode is to roast the condemned over a slow fire, which is made under a stout bed-frame built for the purpose.

  69. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "frame" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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