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shavings; shawl; shawled; shawls; shay; sheaf; shealing; shear; sheared; shearer
  1. It is the editor's experience that references to external authorities are, as a general rule, sign-posts to routes which are seldom travelled*.

  2. I now perceive, my dear brother, the wisdom of your humble choice.

  3. When in London he had modest housing in the Temple.

  4. The victor could not from his insults keep, 656 But laugh'd and sneer'd to see Apollo weep.

  5. The felicity and the misery which Goldsmith has brought close together belong to two different countries, and to two different stages in the progress of society.

  6. A man he was, to all the country dear, And passing rich with 'forty pounds a year'.

  7. And his wife,--was she not at that very moment, if not serving up a lie on the subject, at least paring the truth very thin indeed?

  8. Perhaps Flor would never have been entirely subjected to this state of mind but for an injury that she had suffered.

  9. So I held down my head and concealed my face in my sun-bonnet, as I felt the blood rushing up into my cheeks, and was determined that she should not have the satisfaction of discovering it.

  10. He thought within himself, what a glad smile of triumph would have been kindled upon the face of the lost Rachel, could she but have seen this tall youth with his kindly attentions and his graceful speech.

  11. Besides, she was sometimes so impetuous in giving utterance to these notions, that I was afraid she might thoughtlessly break out where he would overhear.

  12. And on the point of uncontrollable hilarity, she checked herself with the dignity becoming her new position.

  13. And she gives him an appealing look that must be answered.

  14. But this she says under breath, and to herself, as she rushes into the Doctor's study to question him.

  15. As Ducklow thought of it, he felt almost certain that Mrs. Ducklow had returned home, and that she was bargaining with the peddler at that moment.

  16. Over and over she makes a feint of illness to escape the noisy hilarity.

  17. In spite of the fact that he recognised in the curious impassiveness of these people the fundamental qualities of courage and endurance, he resented it as a barrier which he had never been able to break down.

  18. He was not physically helpless, by any means, but the fact that he had no remedy against the attitude of the men of Hog Mountain chafed him almost beyond endurance.

  19. She was pale as death, and her voice was low and gentle.

  20. The faces of the old women became curiously impassive.

  21. But on account er me an' Sis, I'm willin' to extracise my bes' judgment.

  22. I seed the women and little chillun cryin' and beggin' not to be separated, but it didn' do no good.

  23. He tells tales of having travelled by oxen to West Texas for flour and being gone for six months at a time.

  24. He says that he has plowed up arrows, pots and flints on the Reubens Bains place and on the McDaniel farms.

  25. I was 'bout 20 when I marries de fust time.

  26. His face lights up when he recalls how the Yankee soldiers came through Centerville telling the slave owners to free their slaves.

  27. All I had to eat was old stuff those people left, all scraps what was left.

  28. Dey looks like dey wild and dey is all in different performance.

  29. My maw was named Charlotte, my paw Parks Adams.

  30. My aunt run off 'cause dey beat her so much.

  31. But some I knew were put on the block and sold.

  32. En de tweede is in de blye verwachting, want haar man is op 'n kantoor in de accynsen.

  33. But that I knew his mother firm and chaste, My heart would say my head she had disgraced: Else would I swear he never was my son, But her fair mind so foul a deed did shun.

  34. Aye, by the Rood, Sir Lancelot, that she hath, But had she tried me, She should a found a man of me indeed.

  35. In good sadness, Tom, very well, excellent well; she speaks so prettily.

  36. But, sir, that she is wronged, you are the chiefest cause, Therefore tis reason, you redress her wrong.

  37. Content, sir: sblood, she shall be content, whether she will or no.

  38. And on her knees she begged & did entreat, If she must needs taste a sad marriage life, She craved to be Sir Arthur Greenshood's wife.

  39. Why, you say true, Sir Arthur, she was ybere to it so well as her mother: but I pray you shew us some zamples or reasons why you will not marry.

  40. Sir, she hath forsook her father and all her friends for you.

  41. Certainly she did not anticipate violence on Tom's part.

  42. I must go and tell him I'm sorry,' she said.

  43. Sally loved it, and took it with her wherever she went.

  44. As Ruth was wearing her hat and making for the door, and as she always left at this hour, a purist might have considered the question superfluous; but M.

  45. Because, she told herself bitterly, he wanted to show her that she mattered so little to him that it was not worth while quarrelling with her; because he wanted to put her in the wrong, to be superior.

  46. Write down on paper what she had said to him, and you couldn't object to that either.

  47. For one thing, she had depended so greatly on Eddy Moore, and he had failed her.

  48. She has smiled upon me as she retires to her room.

  49. But she do push dze zide of my face, and my lof is durned to hate.

  50. With her face buried in her hands she sat in her chair and sobbed desperately.

  51. The bludgeoning of fate had not wholly scotched in Ruth a human weakness for sweets, and it was with a distinct effort that she wrapped the box up again and returned it to the sender.

  52. In the roar of New York Dunsterville had suddenly become very dear to her, and she found in Eddy a sympathetic soul to whom she could open her heart.

  53. Also, that she had done this on the actual wedding-day, causing annoyance to all, and had clinched the matter by eloping to Jersey City with the prospective bridegroom's own coachman.

  54. And she had been on the defensive against him accordingly.

  55. Now, for the first time, she seemed to know him.

  56. January 13 he said some of the rioters threatened to go to the United States consulate.

  57. Whatever its origin may be, it is certain that there are no finer specimens of horse flesh than are to be found in Cuba, and the natives take great care of them, almost regarding them as belonging to the family.

  58. The different constellations are indeed so greatly magnified as to give the impression that the power of the eye is increased.

  59. When slavery was abolished in 1880 fresh disturbances ensued.

  60. How Columbus Found the "Pearl of the Antilles" III.

  61. All that can be done here is to indicate briefly some of the more notable events in the history of the island after the British conquests and the relinquishment of the prize to the Spanish authorities upon the return of peace.

  62. As an ordinary tribunal, similar to those of other countries, it had existed there from an early period.

  63. My employes,' I replied, 'including one engineer.

  64. At present I am acting under instructions from the Navy Department to blockade the coast of Cuba for the purpose of preventing, among other things, any food supply from reaching the Spanish forces in Cuba.

  65. It originated in Rome when Christianity was established as the religion of the Empire, but its history in Spain and her dependencies has absorbed almost entirely the real interest in the painful subject.

  66. Some of them are heavy sea-going tugs and others are yachts.

  67. I've tried and tried to crack it, but nothing seems to click.

  68. About the first man to leave the earth and soar into space .

  69. He nodded to the guards, then moved on down the long neon-lit, gray hallway.

  70. Most importantly, though, he strained as if constipated in the snow, literally pushing his blood higher--the best maneuver of all.

  71. After the preamble, there's nothing on there but a long string of numbers.

  72. To save their system, they've been forced to turn to some nutcakes in Japan who can loan them billions.

  73. He listened as they chorused, the sounds of centuries past, their hymn to the rain.

  74. The Diet will never approve the treaty unless there is some dramatic symbol of the advantages of the alliance.

  75. The restored frescoes around them showed corridors crowded with lithe Minoan priestesses, eyes rounded with green malachite, faces powdered white, lips a blood red.

  76. She laughed her alluring laugh, the one he remembered so well.

  77. He should have stayed back home, maybe digging potatoes.

  78. Even for him, a man long used to the harsh winters of Baikonur, the almost Siberian weather along this coast was intimidating.

  79. The standard version is that this area was where the athletes performed ritual somersaults over the sacred bulls.

  80. Two seconds later a simulated voice from the computer granted him access, the door sliding aside.

  81. He liked to brag that he had upped his tolerance three G's through years of attempting to crap in his blue cotton undersuit.

  82. But he never trusted life to a chunk of metal, no matter how efficient.

  83. The gallant little nation was fighting for her life, and public honor demanded that she should be aided.

  84. As it has developed, she was acting under the direction of the German High Command.

  85. On her west she was facing the Austro-German armies; on her east Bulgaria; on the south Albania.

  86. Immortal and indomitable France had won over her foe more power than she had possessed even after the battle of the Marne.

  87. In doing this she forestalled Germany herself, for Germany had determined to seize Tripoli.

  88. She rejected the response of Serbia which gave to her all the satisfaction she could legitimately claim.

  89. Her losses in 1914, when she had driven Austria from her border, must have been at least two hundred thousand men.

  90. By this time Italy understood the situation well, and that same year, seeing no future for herself in Europe, she swooped down on Tripoli.

  91. Her strength now could not have been more than two hundred thousand, and though she was fairly well supplied with munitions, she was so much outnumbered that she could hardly hope for success.

  92. She hoped that when Hungary perceived her regiments sacrificed and her plains overrun by Russian troops, she would regret that she had allowed herself to be sacrificed to Prussian ambition.

  93. Zeppelin about five minutes, during which time she had ample opportunity to note and subsequently report the position and course of the British fleet.

  94. From the little time that elapsed between my leaving the ship and her sinking I feel certain Kitchener went down with her, and was on deck at the time she sank.

  95. Bulgaria, in spite of all she owed to Russia in the early days, was now ready to find protection from an alliance with the Central Powers.

  96. Italy was a member of the Triple Alliance; she knew the facts, not only what was given to the public, but the inside facts.

  97. I knew you were joking," was what Harry said, with a sigh; and his mother turned away as though she had known it too.

  98. She did not want to be unjust, she did not want to give in to Scrafton, but oh!

  99. I only hope, my boy," she added, "that they will pay you something.

  100. Harry overheard him telling his daughter she was five minutes late in a tone which made his young blood boil.

  101. She was walking on slowly ahead, and from her shoulders Harry feared that she was crying.

  102. Yet she looked alarmed, and her tone was only less agitated than his.

  103. When the last hymn had been sung, the schoolmistress read prayers; and when the boys said good-night she kissed each of them in a way that quite touched Harry on the Sunday evening after his arrival.

  104. Less than half her private income by marriage settlement; that was all there was left, and five-eighths of it she would insist on making over to the men who advanced the ten thousand.

  105. His mother frowned at her miniature in the spoon she had in hand, and when he returned, brandishing a brace of Kaffir battle-axes, she would hardly look at them.

  106. Let him say what he likes," she whispered: "I have been with them all this time.

  107. Harry thoroughly enjoyed a Bohemian life in his mother's absence, though indeed she let him do exactly as he liked when she was there.

  108. Why, she must be ever so much older than I am.

  109. Doubtless it was just as well, especially when a person did not in the least resemble another person's ideal; still, he had not supposed she was so old as that.

  110. He was wondering whether the bag was full of jewels, that she was in such a state about it, when all at once she grabbed at the handle he still hesitated to relinquish.

  111. The maid went up to him in a great bustle, and said she had found Beaky stealing sugar, and she had plucked him as a punishment.

  112. She resolved that, after such a thing as that had spoken to her, she might just as well die, either by holding her breath or by starving herself.

  113. She thought somebody had caught her unawares; but when she saw it was Beaky she put on a sweet smile, and held out a lump of sugar, saying in a coaxing voice, "Pretty Poll!

  114. When they caught anything they used to keep a bit for her, because they were not greedy Lions, and they thought that if she did the work at home she deserved some of the game they got abroad.

  115. She said it over and over again, then lay down; and soon she was snoring loudly.

  116. She picked the locks of his cupboards and ate the sugar, she ate the biscuits, she drank the wine.

  117. She told him the same tale, though she was beginning to be sorry that she was going to die.

  118. But he began with the Parrot, because she looked the most miserable of them all; and then he dried the Rat; and next the Snake; and only attended to the man when he had comforted the other three.

  119. He nodded to his wife, who bravely stayed by his side; and then she began: "Dear Mr. Crab!

  120. And Mrs. Elephant was a beautiful elephant, with a shiny brown skin, and elegant flapping ears, and a curly trunk, and two white tusks that twinkled when she smiled.

  121. You know the crystal was transparent, and as she had never been there she could not tell he was really in a cave.

  122. The maid jumped as if she had been shot, and looked round.

  123. Now when the third brother came in, the Lioness was quite sure she didn't mean to die.

  124. As she said each word, she plucked out a feather from poor Beaky's head.

  125. The Duchess of Tyrconnell, sister of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, is said to have kept a shop here for her own maintenance, wearing a white mask which she never removed.

  126. In Taylor's "Records of my Life" it is stated she had as many as 600 persons in her saloon at one time, at two guineas per head.

  127. King and Mrs. Nellie as they call an impudent comedian, she looking out of her garden on a terrace at the top of the wall, and the King standing on the green walk under it.

  128. Timbs says that she occupied the house adjoining Craven House, which was connected with it by a subterranean passage.

  129. When Queen Mary ascended the throne, she gave the palace back to Bishop Tunstall, but Elizabeth regarded it as one of the royal palaces, and after her accession bestowed it on Sir Walter Raleigh.

  130. In 1770 she was at the climax of prosperity.

  131. So contented she looked you would say she was untouched by war.

  132. Yes, the old woman could imagine that; she could think it all the evening.

  133. Every detail of her dress, her young face, her hat, the little ornaments she wore, were minutely clear before him, looking out of the dark.

  134. The old man saw that she was breaking down and hastily he took up that feverish praise.

  135. Don't let him talk you over, Bill,'' she said.

  136. So great a War Lord, she said; the most glorious war there had ever been.

  137. But they will never let us eat it,'' she cried.

  138. I fall a Sacrifice to Love, She lives a Wretch for Honour's sake; Whose Tyrant does most cruel prove, The Difference is not hard to make.

  139. A sudden Passion seized her Heart, In spight of her Disdain; She found a Pulse in ev'ry Part, And Love in ev'ry Vein.

  140. My dear Mistress has a Heart Soft as those kind Looks she gave me, When with Love's resistless Art, And her Eyes, she did enslave me.

  141. Melting Joys about her move, Killing Pleasures, wounding Blisses; She can dress her Eyes in Love, And her Lips can arm with Kisses.

  142. How wise is Nature when she does dispense A large Estate to cover Want of Sense.

  143. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "she" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    ego; female; her; him; itself; oneself; self; she; them; themselves; they; you; yourself

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    she always; she began; she begged; she couldn; she does; she grew; she hadn; she knew; she meant; she must; she protested; she put; she ran; she replied; she retorted; she rose from her; she seems; she stood; she took; she turned; she used; she wants; she went; shell hole; shell holes; shew himself