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ove; oveh; oven; ovenbird; ovens; overabundance; overactive; overall; overalled; overalls
  1. I saw him in his offices at Rotterdam, dictating his orders to his staff of clerks, and organizing a scheme of relief which spread its life-giving influence over great tracts of Europe where war had passed.

  2. He also knows that Joan loves him devotedly, pines for him when he is away even for a little while, and admires his knowledge and efficiency with undisguised hero-worship, except when she wants to queen it over him, for the sake of his soul.

  3. Over and over again these women told me of their gratitude.

  4. Environment puts it over heredity all the time," she said.

  5. America is the empire of the wage-earner, where even her plutocrats have but little power over the independence of the people.

  6. They had absorbed a lot of knowledge about naval tactics; and they were going to buy his photograph to put over their desks.

  7. He came over to our table and I had a talk with him--a strange conversation, in which this man of art spoke mostly of war, from unusual angles of thought.

  8. It seems likely that this paper had nothing to do with the African forts, but that it was submitted in connection with a controversy over some African goods, which were said to belong to the members of Crispe's company[24].

  9. It is a new State, and as such possesses many advantages over the old.

  10. We have not counted the list, but it is safe to say that it numbers over four thousand.

  11. In the parish of Caddo during the month of October, 1868, over forty colored people were killed.

  12. When the war was over American citizens in Toronto presented Gordon Brown with a gold watch suitably inscribed, an indication possibly of the opinion of that day with regard to his services.

  13. From the planters point of view, moreover, slaves had numerous advantages over white servants as plantation laborers.

  14. It was finally discovered also that he was in league with certain confederates to hand over slaves to him as captured runaways on the condition of receiving a price for their return.

  15. Polk was elected, and soon after the inauguration of President Polk in 1845 the great controversy over the Mexican War and Negro slavery arose.

  16. After being there about three months, one of the Freedmen's Bureau Officers came over from Manassas and placed me and my school back under the direction of the Friends' Association and the same Mr. Laing was still its president.

  17. Nau tells us that, as the pair escaped out of Holyrood, Darnley uttered remorseful words over Riccio's new-made grave.

  18. Lethington won over Balfour, who surrendered the Castle presently.

  19. Becaus I have over mekle to wryte, and it is lait: I give traist unto him upon zour word.

  20. I had begun it this morning' till she finished, and turned over the clean side.

  21. His hold over her would be gone, as soon as the Casket Letters were produced before the English nobles: he had then no more that he could do, but she kept her reserve of strength, her proof against him.

  22. Excuse my evill wryting, and read it over twise.

  23. He adds that whoever tries to take from him the lady's estates will have to pass over 'his belly.

  24. She was keeping her promise, given over Riccio's newly dug grave, that 'a fatter than he should lie anear him 'ere the twelvemonth was out.

  25. Next morning she called piteously to Lethington, as he passed the window of her room: he crushed his hat over his face, and did not even look up.

  26. If Mary had no issue, he and Darnley desired the crown to be entailed on them, passing over the rightful heirs, the House of Hamilton.

  27. The translators have blundered over an important phrase from ignorance of French.

  28. A change had come over the whole household, however; the lover had long been forgotten in the husband, the husband had been forgotten in the man of pleasure.

  29. As she wandered along beside me, her conversation was more imaginative, more full of deep thought; and we talked over a thousand things in which fancy and feeling linked our thoughts together, so as to remain inseparable for ever.

  30. In a few minutes the admiral himself, with a large body of cavalry, came up to support us, and the Catholics were driven out at the other side, and over the hill for nearly half a mile.

  31. No," I replied, with a smile at the sort of horror that came over the man's countenance at the very idea of visiting a Huguenot in Paris.

  32. And, as he spoke, the old soldier looked me over from head to foot with the eye of a connoisseur, as if calculating what portion of strength there was in my limbs.

  33. Thus Annie Deer enjoyed, to the full, the society of him she loved, though the expectation of his departure, upon his first voyage as captain of a China vessel, sometimes brought a cloud over the bright sky of their happiness.

  34. Each landholder was in possession of a number of these strips, widely separated from each other, and scattered all over the open fields, so that he had a share in each of the various grades of land.

  35. The need for putting their land to some remunerative use was imperative, and it is surprising that the enclosure movement was of such a piece-meal character and extended over so many years, rather than that it took place at all.

  36. Yet it has been shown that the price of wool had been falling for over a century, instead of rising, and that the price of wheat held its own.

  37. Professor Cox thinks that the sturdy pioneers of the Southwest outstripped the diplomats, and that their deeds were the decisive factors in the settlement of the long and bitter controversy that was waged over West Florida.

  38. Not only did the small holders have rights of common over the rest of the land, but their own strips were intermingled with those of the lord and the large holders.

  39. The whole community still possessed claims extending over most of the land.

  40. The extension of tillage over much land formerly laid to pasture as well as that which had never been plowed at all is sufficient cause for doubting a prohibitive increase in wages.

  41. After a time the unstable period is over and the new equilibrium level is reached at which the soil will stop if the old husbandry continues.

  42. Land which, over a series of years, fails to produce enough to pay for cultivation is no longer planted.

  43. The yield for the year gives almost no information about the normal yield over a series of years, but the area planted depends very largely upon that yield.

  44. The customary services were here valued at over two shillings per acre; the average rent obtained was less than one shilling an acre.

  45. First, the cattle grazed over a wide area and the arable land all received some dung.

  46. In later life she published an immense volume, the Face of the Deep, extending to over 550 pages, a devotional commentary on the "Apocalypse.

  47. Great efforts were made to get him over to Ireland.

  48. Rest, rest, a perfect rest Shed over brow and breast; Her face is toward the west, The purple land.

  49. Wisest of swallows, that swallow which timely hath flown Over the turbulent sea to the land of its rest; Wisest of sparrows and swallows, if I were as wise!

  50. It is a sensitive description of the horror that creeps over even the most thoughtless heart on realising that below the surface of nature in her most peaceful moods lies a whole world of death and strife.

  51. Finally, in In Russet and Silver the tumultuous impulse is over, and the poet looks out with a serious resignation backwards over a life of genial effort and happy love, and forwards over a gentle sunset slope.

  52. He kept repeating the words over and over as he went, till they became by mere repetition something perfectly incomprehensible, so that when he reached Melazzo nobody could make head or tail of his message.

  53. As the two friends sat over the dessert, they discussed what at that precise moment might be going on over the battle-field.

  54. Indeed, it took a month before he got over the shock.

  55. No more shall the black-bearded tormentor terrorise over Baker Street, or lord it in the Edgeware Road.

  56. He pondered for a while over the paper, and then looked at his watch.

  57. On the march from Melazzo I got a severe strain in the chest by my horse falling and rolling over me.

  58. Think over the project, and drop me a hint as to the sort of place would suit you.

  59. Think of this, and think what is to become of us when the old, the feeble, the tiresome, and the interminable will all be thrown broadcast over society without an object or an occupation.

  60. And the next moment he was hugging Bob to his breast, sobbing over him and caressing him.

  61. While he was speaking, Thomas had taken Bob's lariat, which hung from the pommel of his saddle, and drawing the noose small had slipped it over his pony's right hoof.

  62. Making his pupil stand about twenty feet from it, he had him get used to whirling the rope around his head and then told him to drop the noose over the post.

  63. I intend to capture them and hand them over to the law.

  64. From thinking about his arrest and the men who had been its cause, Bob went over in his mind all the events that had transpired since that momentous happening, yet he had no regret at the course he had chosen.

  65. Dropping his chair back, the boy tried to go to sleep, but his anxiety over the safety of his pass made it impossible, though he dropped into a doze several times only to awake with a start.

  66. So long did Bob linger over the consumption of the modest repast he had ordered, that the waitress began to eye him with suspicion.

  67. Then suddenly Firefly stumbled, hurling Bob over his head.

  68. We will go over to that policeman and explain the matter to him, and I'll ask him to hold the envelope until those men come back.

  69. After an hour or more of riding, they came to the herd, spread out over a quarter of a mile of plain, and rode round it till they came to where four cowboys were lolling on the grass, smoking.

  70. Didn't I just tell you he has been gone over two hours, delivering an order that should not have taken him more than fifteen minutes at the most?

  71. Oh, there's one more thing: whenever you dismount for any length of time, pull the reins over the pony's head and either throw them over a post or else let them drag on the ground.

  72. Hannibal, the Carthaginian, carried the spirit of conquest across the Mediterranean to Spain, Italy, and over the Alps.

  73. Next he was elected prætor, whose chief duty was to preside over one of the criminal courts.

  74. To give the plot an air of respectability, he won over Brutus, ostensibly a student and man of letters, but at heart an unfeeling usurer.

  75. He looked round, and seeing not one friendly face, but only a ring of daggers pointing at him, he drew his gown over his head, gathered the folds about him that he might fall decently, and sank down without uttering another word.

  76. The earliest Roman portraits were waxen death masks formed from a moulding over the face.

  77. The teeth of the ratch and ratchet have so gentle an inclination on one side of each, that although the ratch applies force to the ratchet in the upward direction, they slide freely over in their return.

  78. Casting my eyes over the bright, full moon, I perceived that an eclipse was just coming upon it.

  79. When we undertook to explain to them the theory of the earth being round, turning over every day, sometimes getting between the sun and moon, they seemed to look upon us as telling very strange tales.

  80. Among the persons who recently laid in the Boston jail over Sunday, and were fined Monday morning for intemperance or rowdyism, were a member of the bar and a clergy man.

  81. If the proceedings are worth publishing, the press will spread them over the whole face of the civilized world.

  82. A heron measuring over six feet from tip to tip of his wings, and nearly four feet from beak to toe, was lately captured in Whately, Mass.

  83. No premium has ever been obtained over this machine at the American or any other Institute, as has been falsely represented.

  84. Last fall some of the inhabitants were riding in a wagon when an explosion was heard, and they saw the stone wall, which was apparently quite compact, fall over on one side of the way, and a second after upon the other.

  85. These are then dried by exposure to the heat of a smoke-fire: another layer is then spread over the first, and dried by the same means; and thus layer after layer is put on, until the whole is of the required thickness.

  86. In the first place, as the Americans grew in importance, in numbers, and in wealth, they felt more and more indignant that their trade should be hampered for the benefit of men over seas.

  87. I will repeal it,--and I could weep over it more than over a lost child.

  88. The remnant of the expedition fled, abandoned the country, left the frontier unprotected; and over the road which they had constructed came a stream of marauding Indians.

  89. Adams considered himself the successor to the policy of Washington, and committed the serious mistake of taking over his predecessor's cabinet.

  90. Unfortunately the States exercised unlimited powers over their own currency and commercial relations.

  91. The other party took upon itself the name of Federal, or Federalist, which had proved so valuable in the struggle over the Constitution.

  92. That arbitrary power was exercised by the Parliament of Great Britain; but, at that moment, by a combination which threatened the existence of popular government in England, the king was the ruling spirit over Parliament.

  93. He appointed none but members of his own party; many Federalists in office came over to the Republicans; and by 1809 the civil service was practically filled with Republicans.

  94. The combined American and French expedition against Newport was a failure, although, as Washington said, "it would have given the finishing blow to British pretensions of sovereignty over this country.

  95. Here the British Americans had a numerical advantage over the French.

  96. The Latin races have always had more influence over savage dependents than the Anglo-Saxon.

  97. The troops on the northern frontier had been badly provisioned and slowly reinforced because they could not readily be reached over the poor roads.

  98. Georgia, therefore, proceeded to assert her jurisdiction over them, without reference to the solemn treaties of the United States.

  99. During the night subtle electricity had carried the tale over all the wires of the continent and under the sea; and in all villages and towns of the Union, from the.

  100. He was already on his feet again, or would be if Mr. Bolton could tide him over shoal water for ninety days.

  101. Her trial will be over before Congress has half purified itself.

  102. The men were discharged, the tools were housed, the hopeful noise of pickman and driver ceased, and the mining camp had that desolate and mournful aspect which always hovers over a frustrated enterprise.

  103. Why, it is telegraphed all over the country and commented on as something wonderful if a congressman votes honestly and unselfishly and refuses to take advantage of his position to steal from the government.

  104. I wish it was all over and we could rest.

  105. The witnesses of the event had told it over so many time that they had worked it up into a most dramatic scene, and embellished it with whatever could heighten its awfulness.

  106. Sellers once more at the capitol of the nation, standing guard over the University bill.

  107. Mr. Braham again swept his eyes over the house as if in approval.

  108. He wrote to Ruth as if his fortune were already made, and as if the clouds that lowered over the house of Bolton were already in the deep bosom of a coal mine buried.

  109. Prince claims to have discovered the original Yellow Rareripe tree near Flushing, New York, over a hundred years ago.

  110. Old peach-trees can, of course, be either budded over or grafted over to a new variety but we take it that a century of experience has demonstrated that changing the whole tree is better than changing the top.

  111. This fruit is grown all over this province and occasionally attains an enormous size, and in that respect could easily compete with the best French peaches.

  112. No doubt Norwood is over enthusiastic in his praises and yet it is true that there were few pests of the peach at this time, most of these coming, one by one, with the development of the fruit-industry.

  113. After a fruitless search over the old ground, learned that O'Haniel Bailey died several years ago; that John Steven is visiting in Hoopa Valley, and that his daughter Laura is married to a white man.

  114. The obvious interpretation of the shorter confidence intervals would be that the economy of the people in question depended more on fish and fishing than on the general produce over the whole range of their territory.

  115. During a "run" at high tide flocks of sea gulls hover over the incoming fish, thus making their approach known.

  116. The women wore a front apron called Sahng; and on dress occasions an ornamented cloak-like skirt (Chah) that extended all the way around and lapped over in front.

  117. On this same range the coast Plume Fern is common and the ground over a considerable area is carpeted with delicate Vancouveria hexandra.

  118. A hill on the W side of South Fork near the bridge over East Branch.

  119. On the west it not only covered the South Fork drainage, but continued over Elk Ridge to the head waters of Upper Mattole River.

  120. It was originally found growing on burned-over places and the people planted the seeds in ashes, usually on a burned place.

  121. The Indians over whom Chief Lassik held sway had no common tribal name but consisted of a number of bands or subtribes, now mostly or quite extinct, said to have spoken the same or closely allied dialects.

  122. He wears a robe of bear hide over his shoulders.

  123. Ranges south over summit to Grizzly Creek and headwaters New River.

  124. A comparison of the two sets of figures would give us a perfectly adequate estimate, which could then be used subsequently over the entire area.

  125. Laura, speaking huskily, with her head bent over the bronze insect.

  126. What 's this I hear of some letter you have been barking about all over the city?

  127. The image of Vittoria, the traitress, floated over the soldiery marching on Milan through her treachery.

  128. Lieutenant Pierson leaned over his horse's neck, and looked narrowly at the man Barto Rizzo.

  129. Gulfs do not close over little female madcaps, my Laura; so we must not let her take the leap.

  130. The excitement all over the triangular space was hushed by an imperious guttural shout that scattered the groups.

  131. Checco passed the cafe looking at nothing but the huge hands he rubbed over and over.

  132. Some will move, some turn back, some run headlong over to treachery, some hang irresolute all are for the shambles!

  133. I watch over her for my Laura's sake: a thousand kisses I shower on you, dark delicious soul that you are!

  134. There should be extradition treaties all over the world to bring this arch- conspirator to justice.

  135. As, apart from bolting otters, he will not be called upon to do any great amount of travelling over rough country, short legs are no great drawback to him.

  136. That an otter knows every inch of ground over which he has once travelled is made quite apparent to those who do much otter-hunting.

  137. Some Masters of Otterhounds are averse to early meets because they say that the drag is then often so strong that hounds are very apt to pass over their otter.

  138. In the Lake District, otters regularly travel the passes over the hills, visiting the mountain tarns, and going from one dale to another.

  139. At the top they hovered for an instant, then swept on left-handed over the hill.

  140. Although the otter is unable to climb like the marten, he can on occasion jump and scramble over high places in a wonderful manner.

  141. In July, 1914, having for two or three years prior to that date put over fifty puppies out to walk each year, I had just over forty couple of pure-breed otterhounds in kennel.

  142. When Reynard is rolled over by hounds it is the debt he pays for the privileged existence of himself and his kind, and the same thing applies to the otter.

  143. Eventually it took to some extensive coverts, and after running a ring through them, it was bowled over by hounds in the open as it was making its way back to the river.

  144. These rock-holts, many of which lie at a high altitude, are occupied by otters when crossing from stream to stream over a watershed.

  145. After great wandering and stumbling, he could collect his thoughts sufficiently to' form one idea: they had placed the Cathedral on his temples--the huge church was hanging over his head crushing him.

  146. The irresistible glamour that a powerful warrior throws over a man physically feeble was strongly felt by Gabriel, and it was augmented by the thought that so much bravery and haughtiness had been joined in a servant of the Church.

  147. It is better to reign over corpses than over heretics,' he said, and corpses the Spaniards really were, condemned not to think, but to lie in order to conceal their thoughts.

  148. He seemed to fear that Gabriel would read his thoughts, with that irresistible power that from boyhood he had held over him.

  149. The Señora Tomasa wiped her eye with the point of her forefinger, her voice shook and the tears fell over her wrinkled old cheeks.

  150. In these days he is given over to the fiends.

  151. I should wish to be as a statue on the doorway, as a pillar in the Cathedral, immovable, over whose surface centuries have glided without leaving the slightest trace or emotion.

  152. The war came to an end, the closely pursued rebels passed through the centre of Catalonia and were finally driven over the frontier, where they were compelled to give up their arms to the French custom-house officers.

  153. It is from that respect to his fellows which is felt by every elevated mind, from the consideration that all violence should be avoided, for if everyone gave themselves over to it, all social life must disappear.

  154. Quoth the proverb, 'A hundred years of the Sultan's tyranny, rather than one of the tyranny of the people, one over another.

  155. Over his head hung curtains of gold brocade, wrought with pearls and jewels, and the place was spread with cushions, embroidered in red gold.

  156. Then, when thou hast prayed over me and laid me in the dust, go to Baghdad and watch for the Khalif Haroun er Reshid, till he come forth, when do thou bear him my salutation and give him what thou shalt find in the breast of my gown.

  157. The thief had laid his mantle over them; so the merchant took the bales and the cloak and delivered them to the camel-driver, who laid them on his camel; after which the merchant locked the magazine and went away with the camel-driver.

  158. But the difference between thee and me turns upon the qualities that are sought as constituting excellence of intercourse and delight of usance; and thou hast adduced no proof of the superiority of the male over the female in this.

  159. Thereupon there came out an old man from one of the tents and stood over them, weeping sore and exclaiming, "Verily, we are God's and to Him we return!

  160. Then said Hassan, 'My father is older than I, and he and I are one thing; and it befits not to advance me over him.

  161. This formolization was found to be necessary to inhibit the action of autolytic enzymes over the period of time required to complete the investigations.

  162. Anterior to the acetabulum the origin is aponeurotic, and the edge of this aponeurosis passes over the proximal end of the femur.

  163. The anterior branch passes over the lateral surface of the external condyle to the posterior surface of the tarsometatarsus and there unites with the tendon of the m.

  164. The proteins remaining in solution were stable over the period necessary to complete the investigations.

  165. The tendon crosses over to the medial surface of the tarsometatarsus, passes distally, and perforates the sheathlike tendon of the m.

  166. The tendon then passes over a sesamoid bone between the first metatarsal and the base of the second digit and is bound to this bone by a sheath.

  167. Approximately half way down the crus, the three heads give rise to the tendon of insertion, the tendo achillis, which passes over and is tightly bound to the posterior surface of the tibial cartilage.

  168. The turbidities were allowed to develop over a 24-hour period.

  169. The tendon passes distally over the surface of the second trochlea, and its insertion is sheathlike on the posterior surface of the first phalanx, and on the proximal end of the second.

  170. It will not be enough to limit, or rather abolish, the supremacy of Turkey over aliens and martyrised peoples; it will be necessary to abolish the supremacy of Germany over Turkey.

  171. Indeed, it would be easier to enumerate the industries and economical developments of Turkey over which Germany has not at the present moment got the control than those over which she has.

  172. For years this went on very quietly, and all over the great field of the Ottoman Empire the first tiny blades of the crop that Germany was sowing began to appear.

  173. A Stuttgart journal chants a characteristic "Lobgesang" over this feat.

  174. But thorough as is the control of Berlin over Constantinople in military and naval matters, it is not one whit more thorough than her control in all other matters of national life.

  175. Had she, then, no influence in Constantinople, or how was it that she had obtained complete control over all Turkish branches of government?

  176. They are divided into two classes, the junior class ranging from the ages of twelve to seventeen, the senior class consisting of boys over seventeen but not yet of military age.

  177. The object of this pamphlet is to trace the hewn and solid staircase of steps by which Germany's present supremacy over Turkey was achieved.

  178. Walking over the hills one day he came near to a strange, black animal eating berries from the bushes.

  179. One day a loon flew over the hut, and, seeing the poor blind boy at the door, resolved to restore his eyesight.

  180. After the image had dried in his hands, he waved his wings over it as he had done with all the live things, and it came to life and stood beside Man, a beautiful young woman.

  181. Looking through the water must look like a fog to you, but you must not walk about; you must lie down, and if you become tired you may turn over upon the other side.

  182. He drew down the mask over his face, changing again into a bird, and flew far up into the sky where he disappeared.

  183. Raven waved his magic wing over him and then he said: "I do not wish to be a bear, for then I would have to live on the sea while my son would live on the shore, and I would be unhappy.

  184. He followed in the direction his wife had taken, and went over all the land in search of her.

  185. She had taken a new husband, but after thinking it over she returned to Kiviung, and they were very happy.

  186. It angered the son to hear the husband gloating over him.

  187. This ground I made later and it is still soft and thin, but it is harder and thicker over there.

  188. Now come with me to this knoll over here.

  189. The waves arose and one whitecap after another broke over him till he was soaked, and it was only with the greatest difficulty that he could get his beak above the surface to breathe a little between the billows.

  190. She took it out of the water and cried over it, letting her tears fall upon it; and the warm tears brought it to life and made it feel sorry for her and the boy.

  191. The father and mother were about two cubits high, and the boy not over the length of one's forearm.

  192. Thus it came about that inquiries were made in likely quarters, and a letter was despatched to one who could be trusted, and who was known the country over for the dogs he owned.

  193. Here many of the meadows were thirty acres and over in extent, flat as any floor, with great elm trees in their hedgerows.

  194. He is King over all things living, both great and small; and this constitutes at once his endowment and his responsibility.

  195. Job Nutt took a deep draw at his pipe, and turned and looked down at Murphy, now just over three years old.

  196. The Over-Lord was passing a hand as well as he could over the frightened hare, holding it high to his chest.

  197. It is never necessary in the case of ordinary offences and with ordinary dogs to be over severe with the stick--if a suitable one is handy, which it generally is not.

  198. There was quite a bandying of words over the matter.

  199. But the hand that was beckoning him now was from over the border--from the land where there is room for both the man and the dog, and where there shall be a blessed reunion with old friends.

  200. It came sweeping over the fields, tearing with angry gusts at the snow-laden briars in the fences, and passing on with a moaning sound into the dark of the approaching night.

  201. Thus we come deliberately to the opinion that dogs will have a place in the land over the border.

  202. His eyes were ranging over the valley to the skyline.

  203. It was Pamela sauntering in, smiling over her shoulder at Mhor, who was swinging on the gate with Peter by his side.

  204. Next morning the sun peeped in at all the odd-shaped windows on the two boys sprawled over their beds in the attitudes in which they said they best enjoyed slumber.

  205. I was thinkin' of this as I came paddin' over the bridge listening to the sound of the wind and the water.

  206. Wilfred the Gazelle and the excellent Stark carried the party on exploring expeditions all over the countryside.

  207. It just came over me for a minute how your father said it.

  208. Jean awoke early on her wedding morning and lay and thought over the twenty-three years of her life, and wondered what she had done to be so blessed, for, looking back, it seemed one long succession of sunny days.

  209. And all over the house hung old prints of scenes in the plays; glorious pictures, some of them--ghosts and murders over which Mhor gloated.

  210. Oh, please don't let's go over it all again.

  211. You see, we have a burn in our garden with a little bridge over it; almost no one else has a burn and a bridge of their very own.

  212. I used to lie on my face poring over them.

  213. At the end of the month, take a hasty mental trip over the month's experiences.

  214. No one can climb a tree or get over a gate without being more or less an athlete.

  215. And, equally interesting will be the degrees of progress noted after playing this game over several times, allowing time for rest between the series of games.

  216. Algebra and Geometry have long been known to exercise an influence over the mind which gives to it a logical trend and cast.

  217. This process is repeated over and over again, until the pupil has proved that he has observed every possible detail of interest in the object.

  218. Induction hands over to deduction a ready-made major premise, e.

  219. In reading, we should endeavor to hold our minds closely to the text instead of hastily glancing over the page as so many do.

  220. It is illogical to skip or pass over intermediate divisions, as for instance, when we divide animals into horses, trout and swallows, omitting the intermediate division into mammals, fish and birds.

  221. But as there is no river within two miles of the place, this bridge appears to have been built over the Wash, which lies about a quarter of a mile to the east of the Castle.

  222. We may now pass over matters of minor importance in the history of Pontefract to the time of Charles I.

  223. Permon, the ports being still open, makes a run over to London to place some money in our funds.

  224. He was not, however, permitted to speak; but a certain Gascoign took him away, and having put an old hood over his head, set him on a lean mare without a bridle.

  225. On the first floor are rooms of different dimensions for dinner parties; and over these, rooms for the resident officers.

  226. One thing only mars the harmony: over against a tumbledown thatched cottage a pert, shallow erection in reddest of red brick and shiniest of slate hideously obtrudes itself on the greenness.

  227. Following it over Deadman's Hill, the sweeps of Ashley Walk slope steeply down to Amberwood and Island Thorns.

  228. After the ford the hills rise again steeply to Picked Post, a high point which looks across the intervening forest, over wood beyond wood, to Bramshaw Telegraph, a hundred feet higher still.

  229. Bolderford Bridge over Highland Water is a good starting-point, and begins with Queen's Bower, a very favourite spot.

  230. The glory of the furze will take some time yet to recover, but already the ground gorse creeps about with trickles of pale gold, and the heather spreads a rich crimson mantle over the blackness, the true purple of kings.

  231. From dense woods, hushed in noonday stillness, the wayfarer emerges on some unexpected crest, looking clear away over the Wiltshire Downs.

  232. The average lover of the picturesque fancies a moor is brown all over alike.

  233. At Burley one can see their paces tried over the open lawn, and great and smart is the concourse of horsemen, carriages, and motors.

  234. In Mr. Gilpin's day it had been recently cleared of its fine oaks, and bitter are his lamentations over their disappearance and that of the grove of yews that flourished below.

  235. Presently in February comes a moment when a purple flush, like the bloom on a ripe plum, steals over the massed woodland, though yet no green leaf shows, and we know that life begins to stir.

  236. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "over" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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