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facade; facades; facchino; faccia; faccio; faced; faceless; faceplate; facer; facere
  1. He indulges in an abundance of spoken language, but when in the quiet of his study he seeks to transfix on paper the fleeting theories of his brain, then is he face to face with himself, with actualities.

  2. His illness lasted for about a week, the erysipelas attacking his face and head.

  3. He was married to Gertrude that very day, but every one noticed that the ecstasy which transfigured his face seemed to be drawn more from the sound of the bells than the sweet face beside him.

  4. His face had a kindly expression, and he sat down and began to smoke a blue glass pipe.

  5. And the soul's grand power 'twas ours to trace, And its deathless hopes discern, As we gazed that night on the living face Of the Organ of Lucerne.

  6. Otto lay dead, his face full of peace and joy, for the weary quest of his crazy brain was over, and the Harmony Chime had called him to his eternal rest.

  7. He stands with his Bible in his hands, and his face upturned to heaven.

  8. The color forsook his face and his eyes filled with tears.

  9. The Master's mirrored face Was lifted from the keys, As if more holy was the place As he touched the notes of peace.

  10. But it was not death, and he came out of it with a look of serene peace on his face that it had not worn since boyhood.

  11. But the soul's grand power 'twas mine to trace And its deathless hopes discern, As I gazed that morn on the still, dead face Of the Organ of Lucerne.

  12. He was called "Black Henry" in his own country on account of his dark face and evil nature, and Valdemar had been warned against him as a false friend.

  13. His mother's cheerful face grew sad, as she laid her hand on his shoulder.

  14. He wears his beard; his face is not at all ugly or disagreeable, and he has a look that may be called sensible or sagacious for a savage.

  15. He came at last to a strange town, and looked around for some face that should seem pitiful and friendly.

  16. He gagged her then, struck her across the face with his cowhide, and set his bloodhounds on her.

  17. Still the strong face did not blench, and still the scornful smile played about the thin lips.

  18. It gave the spies a hair-lifting but pleasurable thrill to find themselves face to face with the Extraordinary Man who had filled the world with the fame of his more than human ingenuities.

  19. In 1880, in the night, he tied his young wife to a tree by the public road, cut her across the face with a cowhide, and made his dogs tear her clothes from her, leaving her naked.

  20. His face brightened, and he said: "I knew there was another one!

  21. All at once her face turned of a deep brick red, as if I had offered her an affront in only naming such a thing!

  22. And up he went, and stroked and patted the great mastiff, who, already knowing the little fellow, put his paws on his shoulders, and licked his face with great appreciation.

  23. The Wind had gone away, the scroll with the sun's face drawn upon it had vanished, and Paulina was not where she had been a few moments before.

  24. I wish some of you would paint up this mask for me like a North American Indian," Bertie interrupted, pulling a hideous pasteboard face from his pocket.

  25. Presently she crept down to the water's edge, and peeped over into the smooth glassy stream; and as she did so she saw a cat's face looking up at her.

  26. It's out of bounds," he went on, with a face of dismay.

  27. Paulina had a stick with a bit of chalk at the end of it in her hand, and she did not know whether she had drawn the face or not.

  28. A shade of regret for a moment darkened the face of the sleeper as he thought of his own inefficiency.

  29. Now here's mother herself coming after us," cried Duncan, anxiously scanning Elsie's face to see how she would act now.

  30. It seemed incredible, and yet the child's face and voice and words bore the living impress of truth.

  31. His face wore a look of great relief as he read it.

  32. When Miss Paul read her letter," said Victoire, "her lips quivered and her face became pale as ashes.

  33. She came up to his bedside, and then there seemed to come over William's face a bright light illuminating his countenance, and fixing his eyes upwards with a short sigh, he breathed his last.

  34. They arrived in safety within a few miles of Florence, when, looking up at a tall tower by the side of the road, my sister saw the face of the Family Spy watching them from its battlements.

  35. Then another in a corner, standing with his face close to the wall, quacked also at intervals, and then all the rest chimed in, till it was exactly like a farmyard.

  36. Cardinal Cecchi died last week, and lay in state all yesterday in his palace, on a high bier, with his face painted and rouged, wearing his robes, and with his scarlet hat on his head.

  37. Madame Mohl was a most extraordinary-looking person, like a poodle, with frizzled hair hanging down over her face and very short skirts.

  38. Upstairs is a fine chapel, where the skeleton of the Saint lies under the altar, dressed as an Oblate (with the face exposed), but in a white veil and white gloves!

  39. Even then the face in its entire repose wears the same sweet expression of childlike confidence and peace.

  40. Here, also, enclosed in a cabinet, was a very awful mask taken from Cromwell's face after death, which Lady Frankland used to uncover with great solemnity.

  41. There was a stop near our seats of a minute or more, which gave us an opportunity to see the noble, benevolent face of the one man who stands for so much to millions of the faithful.

  42. The handkerchief we did see, and the face of the Saviour on it, which was distinct.

  43. Above the face and figure, which are lovely in their perfect repose, is a lofty canopy supported by graceful spiral columns.

  44. The mingling of surprise and delight on Zelphine's face entirely exonerated her from any complicity in this sudden appearance, although Angela and I chaff her unmercifully about her determination to return to see Mrs. B.

  45. A pleasant-faced young woman who unlocked the gate of the garden for us was evidently bewitched by Angela's charms, as she did not take her eyes off her face from the moment that she saw her.

  46. Dante's face appears among the many representative and mythological spectators who are gathered around the altar, where Christ himself gives the hand of the saint to the Lady Poverty, while the angels above rejoice over the holy marriage.

  47. She certainly has the face and bearing of a peasant, rather than of a grand lady," said Bertha.

  48. A little way beyond on the same street is the house of Bianca Capello, from whose windows her delicate, fascinating face looked forth for men's undoing.

  49. They, happily, did not grasp the situation at once, but when they did the terror written on that dear old lady's face was something never to be forgotten.

  50. Angela's face was a study as she received her portion.

  51. One of the bodies of the men who had been shot was lying on its side, with the face towards the fire.

  52. They did not approach by the course which Ghamba had indicated, but made their way quietly up the slope straight against the face of the crag.

  53. Kellson sprang to his feet and looked down at the kneeling woman; his eyes stony with horror, and his face white and rigid.

  54. There lay the dying woman, her deathlike face drawn and haggard from her long agony, breathing very shortly, the beginning of the death rattle being audible.

  55. For one wild moment terror at the lowering face of Death took possession of his soul.

  56. He drew back with a shudder, and his face changed from pale to ashen grey.

  57. I shall never forget her face--it was like the face of one that had been dead for several days--all except the eyes, which were full of fire.

  58. Her face was somewhat pale from overwork and want of fresh air.

  59. Those who beheld him thus, felt that they were before the very face of Death, embodied and visible.

  60. Kellson could not imagine whose face it was that the prisoner's suggested.

  61. In Mr. Schultz's case, this illusion had paled from time to time in the face of striking experiences, but it was too deeply ingrained in his character ever to disappear.

  62. It was a red bull with white face and feet--he knew every mark, and one might almost say every hair on the animal, having looked at it so often.

  63. His face had become thin and drawn, and his eyes looked unnaturally bright and prominent.

  64. The face that the prisoner's reminded him of, and that he could not localise, was his own.

  65. The King took the lump and examined it, and then looked sharply at the giver's face for a few seconds.

  66. A kind-hearted British officer, who noticed the pure, honest face of the young American spy, offered him shelter from the sun in his tent during a brief delay.

  67. It was the sailing of “Fulton’s Folly” which might have been said to change the face of the world, because it was the first step on the way to the wonderful steamships of to-day.

  68. At this memorable meeting the Great Heart of the White House stood face to face with one of the greatest-hearted women in the world of that day.

  69. Then, covering his face with his mantle, he fell down and died.

  70. His hair was dyed white, his face colored red, and he had painted wide yellow circles around his little, black eyes.

  71. Hamilton fell, face downward, and died next day, declaring that he forgave the enemy who had planned and practised to kill him.

  72. On his handsome face rested the resigned expression which is shown in the bronze and marble statues of Nathan Hale in the Yale yard where he used to play, and in the park before City Hall, in New York.

  73. In going below, while I was on the ward-room ladder, the captain of the gun directly opposite the hatchway was struck full in the face by an eighteen-pound shot, and fell back on me.

  74. It is moral courage that counts--the heroism that will face a sneer and bravely say, “That is not right and I will not do it.

  75. They did not face their hardships and sufferings with real courage.

  76. But the end came while he was on his way, and the Lee children were told, one sad day, that they would never see the dear father’s face again.

  77. Falling on his knees, his eyes filled with tears of joy, he bowed his face and kissed the sand of the new world.

  78. There was a pleading look in the face of the little child.

  79. It was so hard for George to give up what he thought was his only chance in life, that his face turned white.

  80. You can mold us a pair of new face masks--big enough to cover the earphones," Tom suggested.

  81. A tiny mike, Tom explained, would be installed on the inside of each face mask, with its output feeding to a sonar transducer on the exterior.

  82. Instead of his chum, he found himself face to face with a bottle-nosed dolphin!

  83. Bud shoved back his face mask as they broke water.

  84. Tom buckled on his equipment belt and adjusted the face mask.

  85. He shut his eyes and screwed up his face in an expression of pain, pretending to be still groggy while he stalled for time to figure out his next move.

  86. Better hook it to his weight belt, with a tube to his face mask.

  87. As Admiral Walter extended a hand, his weather-beaten face softened.

  88. Bud whipped out a handkerchief and mopped his face nervously.

  89. Chow's leathery face broke into a grin as he picked it up.

  90. Then his face relaxed into a look of chagrin.

  91. The others saw from Tom's face as he hung up that something was wrong.

  92. Near the forward end of the unit, a semirigid plastic tube was connected, leading up to the face mask.

  93. As Tom's face fell, she burst out giggling and a second later Phyllis Newton emerged from the kitchen.

  94. Before adjusting his face mask, Tom mentioned that he had inserted scrambling circuits into the communicators to foil any enemy eavesdroppers.

  95. He walks still; and the face you let him wear When he was innocent, is still the same, Not blasted; is this justice?

  96. God always matches opportunity with ability, and when we stand face to face with opportunity, we must go forward or be recreant to every trust.

  97. The Assembly has done its duty by its colored members, and every colored member's face was radiant with delight.

  98. An old woman entering presently glanced at the closed windows of the apartment when she noted the flushed face of the merchant but she made no movement to have them opened.

  99. But it is a perplexity perhaps thou wouldst face at once.

  100. He halted silently back of his cousin and with a sudden flare of intent on his dead white face snatched a dagger from his girdle and drove it between the shoulders of the Maccabee.

  101. She was smiling the drawn, white smile of a mother who is forcing herself to be cheerful in the face of danger, for the peace of those she loves.

  102. The stream of wind on her face cooled and drove stronger.

  103. Her lips parted and her face grew grave, deeply compassionate and grieved.

  104. But even the flush on her face in restraining emotion made her loveliness more than ever winsome.

  105. Beside her, his old face radiant with emotion, stood Momus!

  106. Entire pallor covered her face and in her eyes grew a horror.

  107. I sleep with my door locked," she answered, "and I ever face you.

  108. Laodice with her intent gaze on the beatified face put her hand to her heart.

  109. Then Costobarus glanced up quickly at Laodice, made a sign to Momus, who, with a face devoid of expression, climbed back into his place on the neck of the camel.

  110. He shook his head again, but with her two hands she lifted his face from its refuge, and urging with her eyes and her hands and her lips she led him toward the stairs.

  111. A royal creature, daughter of an ancient and haughty family, with all her life purpose congealed in lofty and serious intent, her coffers lined with gold and her face as determined and unbending as Juno's with her jealousy stirred.

  112. As he recognized us his wan face lighted up with an angelic smile, and he endeavored to raise himself at our coming, but he was too weak, and his head sank nerveless back upon the pillow.

  113. His face was of ashy paleness, and his hair, black as night, fell in neglected masses around his head.

  114. Her narrow intellect and strong animal nature seemed to have expanded, even as I have seen the face of a child expand from pleasing infancy into idiotic youth.

  115. I felt an arm around me; I turned and met the smiling face of my son.

  116. Stunned with horror at this again repeated assertion, I sank down and buried my face in my hands.

  117. He turned toward me, his face flushed with pleasure, his eyes expectant.

  118. The face of this mountain was of many colors and glistened like precious stones.

  119. He had travelled much and could talk well, and under the influence of a sympathetic listener, his countenance lit up with kindly emotion, and the sad lines of his face disappeared beneath a happy smile.

  120. Drawing my veil closely to my face to hide a few falling tears, I looked around the desolate waiting-room, to see if any fellow-creature was expecting me.

  121. In the face of the great danger which Spiritualism or Liberalism has brought to their sight, they endeavor to return to their first estate, but in returning they lose their identity.

  122. No mortal man can describe the horror I experienced on finding myself in the midst of a boundless space, face to face with mine enemy.

  123. I see nothing strange about it," said Richard, with an assumption of indifference which made his handsome face look to me at that moment like that of a Judas.

  124. The astonishment and indignation of Count d'Harrach disabled him from speaking, but showed themselves upon his face in all their extent.

  125. Madame de Saint-Herem was the most singular creature in the world, not only in face but in manners.

  126. An instant recognition gave life to the face of the former, and threw a dark blush over the sullen features of the latter.

  127. Meanwhile Brandon, with his back to the pair, covered his face with his handkerchief, and to all appearance yielded to the voluptuousness of an after-dinner repose.

  128. Although the policemen had not dreamed of a rescue in the very face of the day and on the high-road, their profession was not that which suffered them easily to be surprised.

  129. Brandon, in a hollow voice; and from under the letters he drew some ringlets of an auburn hue, and pushed them with an averted face towards Mauleverer.

  130. Mauleverer raised one of them, and held it between his face and the lamp, so that whatever his features might have betrayed was hidden from his companion.

  131. With this Ned turned to the stables, and soon disappeared among the horses; but Clifford, eying the disappointed and eager face of the culinary sage, took ten guineas from his own share, and pushed them towards his quondam tutor.

  132. Brandon sat speechless, eying the mortified face of the courtier with a malicious complacency, and there was a pause of several minutes.

  133. But in the fast gathering gloom she soon became too indefinite an object to be reliable, Leslie was therefore obliged to face about once more and select a star for his guidance.

  134. Leslie, keeping his temper admirably in face of the other's offensive manner.

  135. With some difficulty they succeeded in getting the three prisoners down the face of the cliff and aboard the catamaran; and, this done, their transference to the Minerva and their confinement in irons was an easy matter.

  136. Finally, he snatched a small mirror from the nail on which it was hanging, and laid it gently, face downward, on Potter's mouth.

  137. Moreover, the walk promised to be an agreeably easy one, the slopes of the ground appeared to be gentle, and the face of the country finely broken; she therefore determined to wend her way in this direction.

  138. As for Leslie, the nearest approach to happiness that had been his for more than seven years came to him now with the conviction that he was at last face to face with inevitable, kindly Death.

  139. But when at length they had been induced to climb up the almost vertical face of the cliffs and found themselves at the mouth of the treasure-cave, their wonder at what they saw was greater than ever.

  140. And, to Leslie's unspeakable consternation, the girl suddenly buried her face in her hands and sobbed as though her heart would break.

  141. For some reason which she could not explain, Eliza's face grew crimson at something in his voice, rather than his words, and hurriedly excused herself and went into the kitchen.

  142. She could not face the people in the drawing-room.

  143. He was gone, leaving Miss Eliza wondering what strange circumstance made such a man a wanderer upon the face of the earth.

  144. She could not reenter the room and face the people.

  145. Near him was Doctor Dullmer, whose face even now had lost nothing of its helpful, cheery, optimistic expression.

  146. Then she leaned forward, looking intently at Beth, studying her face as an artist might study that of the subject he would put on canvas.

  147. The laughing dimpled face of the child looked down at her.

  148. Beth had moved so that her face was in full view.

  149. Mrs. Kilgore, bustling about with liniments and medicine bottles, her face radiant with the happiness of waiting upon the sick.

  150. Her face grew crimson, and she turned her eyes away that she might not meet Adee's glance.

  151. There was surprise, consternation, pathos in her face and voice, as she leaned her head against Adee's arm.

  152. Eliza joyously, her face brightening up as though she had been paid a great compliment.

  153. O gin her breast was white; "I might have spared that bonnie face To be some man's delight.

  154. The great religious and social upheaval that had already changed the face of England reached Scotland in a severer form.

  155. They that winna ride for Telfer's kye, Let them never look on the face o' me!

  156. The rosy face of the bride is wan, and her white bodice is full of blood when the gay bridegroom greets her, and he is left 'tearing his yellow hair.

  157. This is clear as light itself on the very face of the provisions of the Constitution, and its whole history tends to the same conclusion.

  158. I should not be willing to face my constituents.

  159. The face of the innocent sleeper is turned from the murderer, and the beams of the moon, resting on the gray locks of his aged temple, show him where to strike.

  160. On the face of the facts now proved, nothing could be more improbable than that the plan of robbery was concerted at Exeter.

  161. There is no evil that we cannot either face or fly from, but the consciousness of duty disregarded.

  162. All this is apparent on the face of the Constitution itself.

  163. In the silence of sunrise and sunset, and on star-crowded nights, he has sat face to face with the Infinite, waiting for the revelation that opens up the heart of all that there is.

  164. This it was that led me to found a school in Bengal, in face of many difficulties and discouragements, and in spite of my own vocation as a poet, who finds his true inspiration only when he forgets that he is a schoolmaster.

  165. This hymn rang out of his heart when he came to the end of his pilgrimage and stood face to face with the Divinity, glimpses of which had already filled his soul with restlessness.

  166. Calcutta is an upstart town with no depth of sentiment in her face and in her manners.

  167. She fixed her star-like eyes upon my face and startled me with the question, "When are you coming to meet me underneath the trees?

  168. After a while a familiar face with fixed eyes and an open mouth became visible in the intense obscurity amongst the boulders.

  169. I shall keep them back, for they have no firearms, and landing in the face of a man with a gun is certain death for some.

  170. His face was impassive, and he kept still like a man in a trance.

  171. It had laid its unclean hand upon the spotless draperies of his existence, and he had to face it alone with all the world looking on.

  172. He flung his arms wide open, let them fall along his body, then stood still with unmoved face and stony eyes, staring at the sun.

  173. The anguish of his feeling had been so powerful that he more than half expected to see some distorted wild face there, and he was pleasantly surprised to see nothing of the kind.

  174. Before his face the sun showed its edge above the tree-tops rising steadily.

  175. His mouth was as dry as a cinder, and his face was wet with perspiration--and tears.

  176. A chill gust of wind, wandering through the damp and sooty obscurity over the waste of roofs and chimney-pots, touched his face with a clammy flick.

  177. The people were dismayed; Matara's face was blackened with that disgrace, for she knew she had been promised to another man.

  178. There were there a couple of reels of cotton, a packet of needles, a bit of silk ribbon, dark blue; a cabinet photograph, at which Hollis stole a glance before laying it on the table face downwards.

  179. The room, and the howling dead, and the black portent before him circled dizzily around, as with a last effort of departing consciousness he drew his pistol and fired full in the face of Count Albert.

  180. But Tom drew an acanthus leaf across his face and showed no signs of moving; so I filled my pipe again, and we missed the train.

  181. From the dead face stared mad eyes that gleamed like the eyes of a cat, fixed on hers with insane persistence, holding her, fascinating her as a cat fascinates a bird.

  182. All the clothing of the bed was in perfect order, and on it lay a book, open, and face downward.

  183. I fought to wrest my mouth from this awful Thing that sealed it, but, if ever I succeeded and caught a single breath, the wet, sucking mass closed over my face again before I could cry out.

  184. And the moon was going out; the shadows swept one by one over the windows; she stared at the moonlit face for a last fascinated glance--Mother of God!

  185. Brixleg had ceased to be but a mark on a map, and had become a place of rest and delight, a home for homeless wanderers on the face of Europe, while Schloss Matzen was a synonym for all that was gracious and kindly and beautiful in life.

  186. This malevolent old portent, whose gray and crafty face was often seen in the Rue M.

  187. To return to this present substitution of ethics for checks, a very singular circumstance connected with it is the ignoring, by both MR.

  188. As Robert turned away from the little group he came face to face with a tall young officer dressed with scrupulousness and very careful of his dignity.

  189. Master Jacobus appeared in a few moments, his face showing great relief.

  190. The staring face was distinctly unpleasant and menacing.

  191. Mounted on a black horse, he rode up and down the lines, waving or pointing his sword, his dark face alive with energy.

  192. Elderly and bookish though he was, his heart throbbed at the tale of the great perils through which they had gone, and his face darkened when Robert told anew the story of Ticonderoga.

  193. The teamster's face fell and he stepped back.

  194. A drop of water fell on his face and he looked up.

  195. He had plenty of warm clothing and it pleased him to walk on the beach, his face whipped by the gale, and to watch the great waves come in.

  196. He glanced again at Benjamin Hardy, but the New Yorker was helping himself to an especially tender bit of venison and his face expressed nothing but appreciation of his food.

  197. Once or twice he thought he could see the face of Tododaho with the wise snakes, coil on coil in his hair, but, without his full faith, it was not given to him to have the full vision of Tayoga.

  198. It may have been partly the effect of the moonlight, and partly the mirror of his own mind through which he looked, but the captain's face had become wholly that of a demon.

  199. It was far more the look of the hunter, and when the hulking mate, Carlos, passed near him his face bore a kindred expression.

  200. Robert saw the captain's face grow anxious, and he began to wonder if they would reach the island in time.

  201. The voice is nearly the same as I remember it, but the face has changed.

  202. The face of Master McLean relaxed into a smile.

  203. The lad leaped to his feet and the pirate sprang back aghast, thinking perhaps that he had come face to face with a ghost.

  204. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "face" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    account; acting; affectation; affront; air; anticipate; appearance; approach; arrogance; aspect; audacity; await; back; banner; banter; beard; bearing; bedaub; belly; besmear; bevel; bluff; board; body; border; brass; brassy; brave; brazen; breast; brew; brick; brow; calcimine; cap; capital; carriage; case; cast; challenge; cheek; circumference; clad; cloak; coat; color; coloring; colors; complexion; conceit; confidence; confront; contemplate; contend; contrast; corrupt; cortex; countenance; counter; counteract; cover; covering; crag; crust; dare; daub; deception; defy; delusion; demeanor; dial; dignity; dip; disguise; display; dissemblance; dread; dye; effrontery; emblazon; enamel; encounter; endure; engage; envelope; envisage; epidermis; escarpment; expect; experience; expression; exterior; external; facade; face; facet; falsity; favor; feather; feature; features; feint; fill; font; fore; forefront; foreground; foresee; fraud; fresco; fringe; front; frontage; frontal; frontier; frontispiece; gall; gamble; garb; gather; gild; gilt; glass; glaze; gloss; grain; grapple; grimace; grip; groove; guise; head; heading; hope; hover; hue; humbug; illuminate; imbue; impend; imposture; independence; ingrain; inlay; integument; kudos; lacquer; lap; lath; letter; ligature; likeness; line; lineaments; lines; load; look; looks; loom; lour; lower; makeup; map; mask; masquerade; match; meet; menace; mien; mouth; mouthing; mug; mush; muzzle; near; nerve; nick; obverse; oppose; ostentation; outline; outside; overhang; overlook; pack; pad; paint; palisade; pan; paper; periphery; persona; pica; pigment; plank; plate; point; port; pose; posing; position; posture; precipice; preface; prefix; presence; present; prestige; presume; presumption; pretense; pretension; pretext; prime; print; priority; proscenium; rank; rate; representation; right; rind; risk; scar; scarp; script; seeming; semblance; shade; shadow; shake; sham; shank; sheathe; shell; shellac; shingle; shoulder; show; showing; side; simulacrum; simulation; skin; slate; smear; speciousness; stain; stamp; stance; stand; standing; station; stature; status; steep; stem; stipple; stone; stuff; subtend; support; surface; tackle; take; thatch; think; threaten; tile; tincture; tinge; tint; tone; top; trait; trap; turn; type; value; vanity; varnish; veneer; venture; visage; wad; wainscot; wall; wallpaper; wash; weatherboard; whitewash; ligature; likeness; line; lineaments; lines; load; look; looks; loom; lour; lower; makeup; map; mask; masquerade; match; meet; menace; mien; mouth; mouthing; mug; mush; muzzle; near; nerve; nick; obverse; oppose; ostentation; outline; outside; overhang; overlook; pack; pad; paint; palisade; pan; paper; periphery; persona; pica; pigment; plank; plate; point; port; pose; posing; position; posture; precipice; preface; prefix; presence; present; prestige; presume; presumption; pretense; pretension; pretext; prime; print; priority; proscenium; rank; rate; representation; right; rind; risk; scar; scarp; script; seeming; semblance; shade; shadow; shake; sham; shank; sheathe; shell; shellac; shingle; shoulder; show; showing; side; simulacrum; simulation; skin; slate; smear; speciousness; stain; stamp; stance; stand; standing; station; stature; status; steep; stem; stipple; stone; stuff; subtend; support; surface; tackle; take; thatch; think; threaten; tile; tincture; tinge; tint; tone; top; trait; trap; turn; type; value; vanity; varnish; veneer; venture; visage; wad; wainscot; wall; wallpaper; wash; weatherboard; whitewash

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