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Example sentences for "connected with"

  • It is the county seat, and is connected with Portland, Oregon, by a trolley line.

  • Hall, of Fabrique street, Quebec, is connected with several of our most noted families.

  • From 1700 down to the time of the conquest, we appeal in vain to the records of the past for any historical event connected with it; everywhere reigns supreme a Cimmerian darkness.

  • Connected with Marchmont, there are incidents of the past, which will ever impress it on the mind of the visitor.

  • The Bill, if passed, would be mainly his Bill, and yet the world would never hear his name as connected with it.

  • I wish to say that I had pledged myself to the borough before I had heard his name as connected with it.

  • The setting fire to outbuildings or deserted houses almost every dark night, appears to be connected with it.

  • The word you, even when applied to one person, is plural, and should never he connected with a singular verb.

  • Pertaining to, or connected with, conchology.

  • At exactly halfway we passed a hill of trap-rock, connected with a low range extending towards still higher ground nearer Regent's lake, on the eastern side.

  • Avalokita is connected with a mountain called Potala or Potalaka.

  • Although these do not come strictly within the scope of English literature, they are so connected with it in the composition of general culture, and give such a complexion to the age, that it is well to mention the principal names.

  • As a silent partner in the publishing house of the Ballantynes, and as connected with them in the affairs of Constable & Co.

  • Pertaining to, or connected with, diphtheria.

  • There is episteme, which is connected with stasis, as mneme is with meno.

  • Pluto is connected with ploutos, because wealth comes out of the earth; or the word may be a euphemism for Hades, which is usually derived apo tou aeidous, because the God is concerned with the invisible.

  • If I go out of and beyond the conception A, in order to recognize another B as connected with it, what foundation have I to rest on, whereby to render the synthesis possible?

  • X, upon which the understanding rests when it believes it has found, out of the conception A a foreign predicate B, which it nevertheless considers to be connected with it?

  • So the Russians call their neighbours the Germans njemets, connected with njemo, indistinct.

  • The evil, connected with them, will depend solely upon the manner of their use.

  • If they view it as connected with an assemblage of persons, they must, they conceive, equally condemn it.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "connected with" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    being agreeable; beside her; certain weight; connected together; connected with; cross section; diabetes mellitus; empty space; great iron; had never seen her; how often; however little; inclined plane; knew them; life before; maintain peace; oppose the; people who; phrase used; read prayers; three arches; well disposed; would consider