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dowers; dowery; dowghter; dowie; dowitcher; downa; downbent; downcast; downe; downed
  1. Then troops of warriors came down on snow-shoes, equipped with tomahawk and gun, to chase the retiring French.

  2. Their elders came down to Albany to condole with their Dutch and English friends on the late disaster.

  3. Sharp words passed between them and the ambassadors; but at last they all laid down their hatchets at the feet of Onontio, and signed the treaty together.

  4. During four successive Mondays, he had forced the chief dignitaries of the colony to march in deputations up and down the rugged road from the intendant's palace to the chamber of the chateau where he sat in solitary state.

  5. You are not to think, because we return you an answer, that we have laid down the tomahawk.

  6. The savage custom of forcing prisoners to run the gauntlet, and sometimes beating them to death as they did so, was continued at two, if not all, of the mission villages down to the end of the French domination.

  7. His canoe overset in a rapid at some distance above the site of Bangor: he was swept down the current, his head was dashed against a rock, and his body bruised from head to foot.

  8. Perrot and Fenelon set out together, walked on snow-shoes a hundred and eighty miles down the frozen St. Lawrence, and made their appearance before the offended count.

  9. Thus was conjured down one of the most bitter as well as the most needless, trivial, and untimely, of the quarrels that enliven the annals of New France.

  10. He declared that extreme necessity and the despair of the people had forced him into war, and protested that he should always think it a privilege to lay down life for his Majesty.

  11. They will keep us in this river till the vessels break down and all the little reputation we have made has evaporated.

  12. But the gaudy Zouaves of the outer battalion lost formation in their advance; whereupon "Jeb" Stuart, with only a hundred and fifty horsemen, swooped down and smashed them to pieces by a daring charge.

  13. The whole top of the hill was blown off, and with it some men who came down alive on the Federal side.

  14. Farragut therefore ran down himself, hoping to smash her by successive broadsides in passing.

  15. And the forward edge of the Ridge was wooded enough to let counter-attackers mass under cover and then run down to surprise the attackers by manning the cuttings and embankments.

  16. The river wing, under the general direction of Halleck, had also reached its limit for '62 about the same time, after having conquered Kentucky and western Tennessee as well as the Mississippi down to Memphis.

  17. As Jackson's army suddenly burst into view and swept forward to the assault the joyful news was shouted down the ranks: "The Valley men are here!

  18. In reserves the odds were very much greater; for while the South was getting down to its last available man the North began the following year with nearly one million in the forces and two millions on the registered reserve.

  19. In other words, the Government wished to cut off the branches first; while Farragut wished to cut down the tree itself, knowing the branches must fall with the trunk.

  20. Scott, on the other hand, was tied down by orders to defend Washington by purely defensive means as well as by the "on to Richmond" march.

  21. She came and sat down opposite to her mother, facing her, clasping her hands together, and looking at her with an eager look as if to anticipate the censure in her eyes.

  22. That a man should go down on his knees to prefer his suit had got to be old-fashioned in the time of their fathers and mothers.

  23. It seemed to her that she could take up her life where she laid it down six years ago, and that all would be as though this interruption had never been.

  24. Trains were laid in all directions under its doomed bastions, and the merest breath, a flash of lightning, a touch of electricity anywhere, would be enough to bring down its defences in thunders of ruin.

  25. Then he returned to his bed and sat down again, passing Rintoul as if he did not see him.

  26. Thus he flowed forth, doing his best, as usual, to smooth down the embarrassment of the others.

  27. Only, in that case, would she have cast down her eyes like that?

  28. When this interview was over, John went back to his library and sat down in his usual chair with a sense of exhaustion and hopelessness which it would be difficult to describe.

  29. Carry, in her widow's cap, had begun to move lightly up and down with a step quite unlike the languor of her convalescence.

  30. And he took them in the same way, and bent down his face over them, silent, not saying a word.

  31. Old Rolls stood and watched it go down the avenue, with his countenance firmly set, and a stern resolution gathering about his mouth.

  32. Mr Monypenny was out; and Rolls requested permission to sit down and wait.

  33. Why rush down in that silly way with his coat torn to make an exhibition of himself?

  34. He pasted them down on pieces of marbled paper, and other kinds of paper used in the ornamental binding of books.

  35. An elaborate frame, with mantling reaching far down the sides.

  36. Mantling profuse and reaching well down the shield.

  37. In a position quite impossible to imagine outside of the picture, are three books thrown upon a huge rock, holding a scroll outspread, which hangs down over a rushing brook.

  38. Quakers, too, as well as royal office-holders, and titled Americans are among those whose book-plates have come down to us.

  39. A very handsome design, the name-bracket being large and handsomely ornamented; rows of roses down the sides, and the graceful foliation, make a very handsome plate.

  40. A cherub coming down on the clouds carries a curtain before him, spread out, and on this the name is given.

  41. He always used a squarer copper than the Washington plate is engraved upon; but this has evidences of having been cut down after engraving.

  42. He went on the Crown Point expedition, 1756, and after his return, married, and settled down to the business he had already learned.

  43. A plain armorial plate with the mantling extending down the side of the shield.

  44. The plates are pasted down on mounts of a stiff white ledger paper, and are then placed in the book, four to the page, by slipping the corners of the mounts into slits cut for the purpose in the page.

  45. For a moment we let him remain there; and oh, what a cry of agony he gave as we tilted him up, and down he went straight into the deep sea!

  46. I stooped down to look at the path, as well as I was able in the little remaining light, and I found I was in no path at all.

  47. I would gladly have cut the villain down as I passed him, but I dared not, my eye quailed before his dark sneering glance.

  48. Dinna ye gang there, Sandie, to hear the Campbells come down the glen to cry the coronach over their dead, and them dead and gone themselves these hundred years.

  49. He dashed forward, and, with the impetuosity of youth, without asking any questions, cut down one of the robbers, and was about to treat the other in the same way when he made his escape between the trees.

  50. Sitting down on a low stool, furnished by the gaoler, I expressed my willingness to afford the prisoner every aid in my power that his awful state demanded.

  51. He gazed after her till she disappeared, and when he found that it was useless to follow, and that there was not the remotest chance of her returning, he sat himself down on a rock which hung over the sea to consider what he should do.

  52. A crew of Johnians were rowing down the Cam on a fine summer day, in their own boat Two of them were freshmen--sixth form boys in manners and pursuits; the coxswain had entered on his third year, and was reading for honours.

  53. A third time the ship lifted, and down she came with a tremendous crash, every timber in her parting at the instant.

  54. This was fortunate for us, for so mad had the captain become, that I believe he would have followed her till we all dropped down from fatigue, and he was not the man, in his present mood, the boldest of us dared disobey.

  55. Left alone, Harley went out and sat down on a little seat in the garden.

  56. But this I have heard, that when he told her of the death of Stanley Carew, she fell down like one dead, and presently, being delivered of a son, the infant died after a few hours.

  57. They gave her a military funeral; and I was told that a giant soldier, a corporal it was thought, kneeled down to kiss her before she was covered with the earth, then lay quietly down in the grass.

  58. Presently the door opened, and a man entered who took down a shutter, and the light streamed in.

  59. Captain Wilson, who was under considerable obligations to Mr. Easy, wrote in reply promising that he would treat Jack as his own son, and our hero very soon found his way down to Portsmouth.

  60. The latter--a cockney and a thief--had even been kicked down the hatchway by our hero.

  61. Hae, man, there's a cawker to keep your heart warm; and set down that bottle of Deacon Jaffrey's best brown stout to get a toast.

  62. We've been hammering wheat down and down and down till we've got it below the cost of production, and now she won't go any further with all the hammering in the world.

  63. One evening I was leaning on the parapet of the quay, smoking, when a woman came up the flight of stairs leading to the river and sat down beside me.

  64. A gentleman in a plaid cloak sat by me, and at the Elephant and Castle a drunken sailor climbed up by the wheel of the coach and sat down on the other side.

  65. The yard of the fortress was surrounded by a high wall; the buildings appropriated for the prisoners were built with lean-to roofs on one side, and at each side of the square was a sentry looking down upon us.

  66. O'Brien and I remained in the battery with the armourer, the boat's crew being ordered down to the boat to keep her afloat and ready to shove off at a moment's warning.

  67. A trim, elastic figure, not unaccompanied, was descried walking down the shady lane.

  68. Bang I went the bottle, and the cork, after knocking out two of the lights, struck the squire in the eye, while the hostess had a cold bath down her back.

  69. He has taken down its fences, and "boulevarded" its grounds till it merges into those of his neighbors.

  70. The blind Samson of labor will seize upon the pillars of society and bring them down in a common destruction.

  71. Since all the other employers are doing this, there will be, under competition, a constant tendency to cut the prices down to the lowest that is consistent with what the employer has to pay as wages and interest.

  72. True, in such a case as this, "economic strength" would probably be broken down by the intrusion of physical violence.

  73. The increased volume of the supply thus produced inevitably forces down the price till it sinks to the point of cost.

  74. Even a minor dislocation breaks down a certain part of the machinery of society.

  75. The objection might at once be raised that with competitive producers the price will also keep falling down towards cost and will not be based upon the point of maximum profit.

  76. Or else, as the other possible alternative, the working hours of the world should have been cut down to about one in thirty of what they were before.

  77. The universal ignorance of the working class broke down the aspiring force of genius.

  78. This landing was on the beach within the mill enclosure, Mr. Frick having had the wire-topped fence carried down to low-water mark, so as to shut off all access by land.

  79. Early in the day, Mr. Frick had issued final orders to Captain Rodgers, directing him to tow his two barges down the Ohio River to the dam in time to meet the battalion of Pinkerton guards.

  80. It was free from disorder, the mill being shut down from the time the strike was declared.

  81. They were closely confined, not daring to go out, for some time after the mill was first manned, unless on Saturdays, when those who cared to go to Pittsburgh were taken down on the Tide and allowed to remain away over Sunday.

  82. He was first strung up by the thumbs with notice that he would be cut down as soon as he apologized.

  83. From the converting department of the mill down to the water's edge where the barges were moored runs a railroad switch, forming a steep incline.

  84. The Carnegie Company had a lawful right to protect its property, even with Pinkerton detectives, no matter whence the guards came, and the people on the shore had no right to shoot down the men on the barges.

  85. After this crowning stroke of misfortune, Captain Rodgers decamped with all possible celerity, and went on down the river to Pittsburgh.

  86. A body of desperate men had formed the design of burning the barges, and commenced by setting fire to a raft composed of timbers soaked with oil and floating it down the river.

  87. A young man named Foy went down to the gang-plank to plead with the men not to come ashore.

  88. O'Donnell, accompanied by two other members of the advisory committee, ran down to the river bank and received the message of the detective who acted as spokesman.

  89. Despite the plausibility and coherency of the charges and the prima facie evidence in support of them, the Amalgamated men unanimously set down this new move of the company as a scheme devised in order to prejudice their cause.

  90. In their ecstasy at the spectacle, the remaining boys leaped up and down in the water like happy little trout, clapping their hands and shouting: "Hurrah for Margery!

  91. From the top of the knoll she looked down the other side to a tiny pond where five little boys were playing and splashing.

  92. Margery sat down near the water's edge and gazed across defiantly at the little boys, who were clustered together at the far end of the pond.

  93. Her face was streaked with mud and her hair was drying in a stiff mat that hung down heavily over her eyes.

  94. She pulled off her shoes, rolled down her white stockings, and then, standing up, very deliberately began unbuttoning the back of her dress.

  95. So it happened that, when Freddy Larkin dodged aside, one handful of the watery mud caught Margery square on the head and splattered down over her face and ears.

  96. Thereupon, all three cautiously tiptoed off the porch and down the lawn.

  97. Her father stood over her a moment, looking down at her quietly.

  98. Their faces, bobbing about nervously on the surface of the water, blushed violently, and their jeers dwindled down to the merest quavers.

  99. Margery's stockings were down in rolls about her ankles.

  100. Enervated and empty Orr went down and out to a little restaurant across the street.

  101. It was, though, not that which she saw, but a hope that was slipping away, sinking away, sinking down into death dishonored.

  102. Mr. Annandale went upstairs, came down again and went out.

  103. He shook hands with Orr, sat down beside him, turned and gave his hat to the keeper, turned again and looked over to a gated inclosure at the right of the Bench where, in a sort of proscenium box, Sylvia sat with her mother.

  104. But to this Mrs. Price replied that Fanny after an attack of nervous prostration was now down with typhoid, though with every prospect and assurance of recovery.

  105. She looked down at her hands and then at her cousin.

  106. When she put it down she put with it the subject.

  107. From the veranda where he stood Annandale ran down to meet them.

  108. On the table where she sat she put her head down and sobbed, paroxysmally, as sobs a child.

  109. He took it off, put it down on the table and taking a cigar from his pocket lit it at the chimney of a lamp that was there.

  110. Then when at last he did sit down it was with an air of mastery that would have become Napoleon at Marengo.

  111. And shall I be the first to break the customs of the family, and perhaps bring down a curse on all our heads?

  112. Their houses are composed of slender poles covered with skins, or a coarse cloth, and therefore easily erected, or taken down and stowed in waggons, for the convenience of transporting them in their marches.

  113. At length he was ready to die with fatigue, and lay down in despair in a large cavern which he found by accident.

  114. If I could get any wood, and had a hatchet, I would cut down some branches of trees, and stick them upright in the ground, near to each other.

  115. The frightened servants had just time to waken the merchant and hurry him down stairs, and the instant he was down, the staircase itself gave way and sunk with a horrid crash into the midst of the fire.

  116. The root now cracked and split on every side of the wedges, till a prodigious cleft appeared quite down to the bottom.

  117. But his sufferings were not yet at an end; for as he jumped down from a stile, he felt himself very roughly seized, and, looking up, found that he was in the power of the lame beggar whom he had thrown upon his face.

  118. And must not this be exactly the case if you could rise up into the air, higher and higher, and look down upon the earth?

  119. Yes; I went down for the sake of renewing an old acquaintance, and I renewed it.

  120. After lunch on the second day Maude Hippesley came down and found her amongst the trees in the shrubbery.

  121. It was the one possible break-down in her triumph; but had been, she thought, so unlikely as to be hardly possible.

  122. Could not I go down to Durton," he had said, "and could not she come to me there?

  123. Miss Altifiorla, as soon as it was known that Mrs. Western had reappeared in Exeter, had rushed down to greet her friend.

  124. Even on the day after their wedding he had been able to sit down with her in a quiet and assured conviction that she was all that he wanted to make him happy.

  125. But as she walked up and down the platform she had an opportunity for settling her thoughts.

  126. Lady Grant, when she received this letter, immediately sat down to write to Cecilia, but she soon found it to be impossible to put into a letter all that there was to be said.

  127. But still he resolved not to be put down in the expression of his opinions, although he might in truth be turned off at a moment's notice.

  128. On the next morning Miss Altifiorla was despatched by an early train so that she might be able to get down to Exeter, viâ London, early in the day.

  129. At one time she had declared that she would go down to the station to meet him, but that idea had been soon abandoned.

  130. Were she to ask for everything I possess she must have it,--down to the barest pittance.

  131. He seems to have lived in very good clerical society down in Exeter,--a very different class from those with whom he has been intimate here.

  132. I will come down and see Mr. Gray if you will leave me.

  133. Down here, where he is well known, a great many even of the racing men fight shy of him.

  134. The offence is so small that I will not let myself down by asking your pardon.

  135. Laura hesitated, looking down the curved lobby, where there was nothing to see but the little numbered doors of the boxes.

  136. Why had she written and signed that wanton falsehood about her going down to Lady Watermouth?

  137. When the dinner-hour came she sent down word that she had a headache, that she was going to bed.

  138. Personally I greatly preferred good weather, but as I went down I found myself vaguely wishing, in the interest of I scarcely knew what, unless of decorum, that we might have half a gale.

  139. Mr. Wendover's smile became perfunctory as he looked down at her.

  140. A lady and a gentleman had taken their place in the carriage (it was not yet the moment for the outward crowd of tourists) and had left their appurtenances there while they strolled up and down the platform.

  141. A quarter of an hour before dinner Lionel sent word to her room that she was to sit down without him--he had a headache and wouldn't appear.

  142. His first impulse was to rush down and stop him; but he paused, with the sound of Everina Brant's sobs still in his ears.

  143. This idea added to the curiosity with which he looked up and down the long table as he settled himself in his place.

  144. After dinner she carried her companion into the drawing-room, by the arm, and they sat down to the piano together.

  145. But I proposed to her to walk a little before she sat down and she took my arm after I had put her accessories into the chair.

  146. I desire to see the world, to rub off some of my provincialisms, to broaden a little before I settle down to a prosaic existence.

  147. If she says anything about a desire to get back to school, you can put it down as a bluff, and I trust that you will not swamp her with attentions and with company lest it should turn her head.

  148. Bell himself was shouted down with the cry of "Hearst!

  149. As he grows interested in the subject, he kicks his chair back, thrusts his hands way to the elbows in his trouser pockets and strides up and down the room.

  150. Broken to bits, its population dying of hunger, its industries unworked, its soil untilled, and Germany coming on with her great feet, stamping down the few who are brave enough to interpose themselves between Germany and her end.

  151. Whenever Abrams and Vecchi say that they have done all that they can, if you are still in condition to travel, I want you to try the Arkansas Hot Springs and I will go down there to meet you.

  152. Down an elevator, through a labyrinth of halls, down an inclined plane, up a flight of steps, two turns to the left and then a group of the grumpiest girls I ever saw or heard or felt.

  153. If she was torpedoed why didn't she go down or up like a heroine?

  154. The whole back and top of my head blew out, and I expected an eruption of lava to flow down my back.

  155. A woman of such a super-soul may marry a man of most carnal nature whose children are held down to earth and gross things, and her fine spirit is lost, unless it lives elsewhere.

  156. Haul down my yard-arm with a marling-spike!

  157. Even the cab in which I was taken off was, so the coachman informed me, 'put down to my account.

  158. The only way of clearing the offal was by the obscene birds that flew down from the hills; Messieurs the landcrabs, who were assuredly the best scavengers of all, not stirring beyond the Palisadoes.

  159. They brought us some Straw every day, and littered us down Dog Fashion, and that was all we had for Lodging Gear.

  160. So they led him out to a wood full of tall trees, far up on whose upper branches sat hooded crows, looking down on them in solemn silence.

  161. Tis a tumble-down old place, and no man would think it worth his while to pay thee a price for it.

  162. He played on for a time, till he was certain that no one was left awake, then he laid down his harp, and slipped off his shoes, and stole silently down the broad staircase, smiling to himself as he did so.

  163. But the sun was so very hot that by and by the governess laid down her needle and fell fast asleep, while her pupil grew tired of running backwards and forwards, and, sitting down, began to toss her ball right up among the branches.

  164. When they drew near, they settled down among the trees which surrounded the castle green, and sat there, each on his own branch, like sentinels, watching the sport.

  165. Then she whistled so softly and sweetly, and stretched out her white hands above her head so entreatingly, that Prince Florentine left his branch, and flew down and alighted gently on her shoulder.

  166. On came the sows, until we could look down and see the men they carried, with upturned faces, and hands busy with the ladders they were raising to place against the walls.

  167. No steel can break that charm, but mayhap if thy men bore him down with their lances, he might be taken.

  168. We crossed the stream, and going in an opposite direction, saw our cows lying down on the other side, and not very far off.

  169. But the death of these young girls is still more admirable than their life; many of them stricken down in the very bloom of youth, fortified with their medal and ribbon as with a precious talisman, smile at death and defy hell.

  170. I could not depict the astonishment and admiration of every one, who saw on the morning of March 14th this person so helpless the very evening before, walk with all ease imaginable, bend, kneel, go up and down high steps.

  171. These are the two things that weigh down my Son's arm.

  172. It is this which weighs down my Son's arm.

  173. He had sinned much against her, but all that lay like feathers on his side of the scales, while that which she had done weighed down hers like a load of lead.

  174. In years he had never looked at a flower or, at any rate, had never wished to possess one; to-day he stooped down over the blossom that graced the rock, meaning to pluck it.

  175. By mid-day the strips of shade too had vanished, where she had found shelter from the rays of the sun, which now beat down unmercifully on her un protected head.

  176. Lean confidently on me, and before we go down the slope, we will go up and down the level here two or three times.

  177. He had once heard it said, that sleep-walkers always threw themselves down when they heard their names spoken; this statement now recurred to his mind, and he forbore from calling out to her.

  178. Here at least I need not cast down my eyes, for I am alone with my God, and in his presence I feel I need not be ashamed.

  179. You sit down here; the rocks are already throwing long shadows, and before the sun disappears behind the mountain I will return.

  180. She is as timid as a bird, and flew off as soon as she had set down the jug.

  181. Paulus heard the soldier's steps as he paced up and down the court-yard, but they soon ceased, for Dame Dorothea appeared at the door with her husband, and on her part emphatically declared that she knew nothing of Sirona.

  182. In the middle of May he sent down his last orders.

  183. The Marigold went down in the tremendous encounter.

  184. Roving squadrons of them flew down to the Spanish coasts, pillaged churches, carried off church plate, and the captains drank success to piracy at their banquets out of chalices.

  185. The gold, pearls, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds they carried down straight to their ship.

  186. The captain sent a complaint to London, and Cecil--who disapproved of Hawkins and all his proceedings--sent down an officer to inquire into what had happened.

  187. They sent the warrant down to Fotheringay at their own risk, leaving their mistress to deny, if she pleased, that she had meant it to be executed; and the wild career of Mary Stuart ended on the scaffold.

  188. Elizabeth, being now in comparative safety, affected to listen to remonstrances, and orders were sent down to De la Mark that he must prepare to leave.

  189. He was set on shore three miles down the spit.

  190. With just wind enough to move the Lord Admiral led in the Ark Raleigh straight down on the Spanish centre.

  191. The Minion's men instantly cut them down or drove them overboard, hoisted sail, and forced their way out of the harbour, followed by the Judith.

  192. Still she fought on, defeating every attempt to board, till at length De Baçan sent down fire-ships on her, and then the end came.

  193. Our West-country annals still tell how the country people streamed down in their best clothes to see the great San Philip towed into Dartmouth Harbour.

  194. They weighed anchor and brought up again behind Selsea Bill, where Lisle proposed to run them down in the dark, taking advantage of the tide.

  195. The men went down in hundreds with dysentery.

  196. To knock a man down for telling lies about Elizabeth might be a breach of the peace, but it had not yet been declared heresy.

  197. He laid down at starting what he conceived to be the correct doctrine as to the position which a Secretary of State holds as regards the Crown in the administration of foreign affairs.

  198. Suddenly, a burst of music, rushing among the arches and ringing from the roof, aroused and entranced all, who peered eagerly down upon the procession of small figures; the central one looking the slightest and most fragile of all.

  199. And when the christening was over a marked sobriety settled down over the Court, and continued during all the summer of 1842.

  200. Her Majesty's chair was half way down on the right, the various guests being seated according to their ranks.

  201. He went out shooting while there, got wet, and, as the Duke of Kent had done, was so imprudent as to sit down without removing his wet clothes.

  202. She then took Prince Albert's hand, and passed down the aisle.

  203. She had not advanced many yards, when she came down heavily to the ground.

  204. Then she sank down into the nearest chair, feeling cold as ice, and trembling from head to foot.

  205. They sailed on the first of July, and spent three months cruising about the coasts of Norway, Iceland, and down to the Western Isles.

  206. Rose's five hundred pounds had sunk down to fifty pounds, and then indeed she did begin to grow impatient for the return of her husband.

  207. Only ten in all sat down to the table, viz.

  208. Sit down and breathe after climbing all these stairs.

  209. The abbess put her arms around the young girl and drew her head down upon her own pitying bosom, as she replied: "Have I ever known one so heavily stricken as you?

  210. I shall be well enough here," she added, as she sat down on one of the painted, wooden seats.

  211. So she went down into the small drawing-room to be ready to receive him.

  212. The marquis brought two chairs to the stand, and they sat down to go over the book.

  213. He dropped on one knee beside her, and embraced and kissed her hands, and then sat down next her.

  214. If not, you can run down to Greencombe to-day or to-morrow.

  215. The duke, refreshed by his supper, felt no sense of weariness, no disposition to lie down and sleep away the three remaining hours of his stay.

  216. As he put down the helm she once more rose, and in another minute was under the lee of the point; and he steered in towards the only spot of sandy beach which the bay afforded.

  217. I don't think God would be well pleased if we all were to knock off, and go down on our knees to pray and ask Him for help while we were neglecting to help ourselves.

  218. The sea had by this time so much gone down that the operation of lowering the women and children into the boats was less hazardous than otherwise would have been the case.

  219. The two friends hurried down to the cove, and in a short time the cutter was seen coming round and standing in for it.

  220. Three more were shot, but scarcely had the bullets entered their brains than down they sank, and were lost to sight.

  221. Little Broke, it was observed, as soon as he got his allowance of water, always crept near little Bessy, and poured a few drops down her throat before he would take any to quench his own burning thirst.

  222. While the men were hewing down the trees, Mrs Rumbelow, with four of the most active women, set to work to cut the grass for thatching.

  223. In another instant the struggles of the wounded albatross ceased, and immediately several of its companions pounced down upon it, and, ere the ship had run it out of sight, the body was almost torn in pieces.

  224. Perhaps it may be our lot never to leave this place, and how selfish in me to think thus when my poor mother is weighed down with such a burden of grief, which it should be my sole thought how best to alleviate!

  225. It was a lovely spot, and the eyes of all were gladdened by a sparkling stream which ran down the hillside.

  226. Willy, who had hurried down to the cutter, looked anxiously for Peter Patch.

  227. I'll never forget who it was that told me I should meet him again down here on earth, for I felt sure we should be joined up aloft there.

  228. During the night, I had the deck bored in various places and water poured down through the holes; but that again seemed all of no use.

  229. Andre fell upon his back, in which position two of the sailors held him down so tightly that he could not move, whilst Burke and Sandon carried off their victim to the front.

  230. I was at a loss to comprehend him, and, turning away, laid myself down at the end of the raft.

  231. Even if the cords that bound us should retain their hold, it seemed perfectly incredible that the raft itself should not be overturned, so that we should be carried down and stifled in the seething waters.

  232. Here at least we have a comparatively solid platform beneath our feet, and we are relieved from the incessant dread of being carried down with a foundering vessel.

  233. Curtis and several of the men tried their utmost to control him, but in spite of everything he broke loose, and tore up and down the raft, uttering fearful yells.

  234. I went down occasionally to see him, but invariably found him in a state of abject terror, uttering horrible shrieks, as though possessed with the idea that he was being scorched by the most excruciating heat.

  235. There was no doubt it was only a question of time, and not for an instant must the efforts for keeping down the level be relaxed.

  236. I saw Falsten calmly consult his watch, and note down the time in his memorandum-book, but I was far from sharing his, composure, for I was overcome by a nervous agitation that I could not suppress.

  237. As though he were really intoxicated by the stimulants of which he had been raving, Flaypole at last sank down in a heap in a corner of the raft, where he lay lost in a heavy slumber.

  238. For, behold, Yahweh comes forth out of his place, and will come down and tread on the high places of the earth.

  239. Now she will be trodden down like the mire of the streets.

  240. For the inhabitant of Maroth waits anxiously for good, because evil has come down from Yahweh to the gate of Jerusalem.

  241. Therefore I will make Samaria like a rubble heap of the field, like places for planting vineyards; and I will pour down its stones into the valley, and I will uncover its foundations.

  242. I will cut off the cities of your land, and will tear down all your strongholds.

  243. The mountains melt under him, and the valleys split apart, like wax before the fire, like waters that are poured down a steep place.

  244. Therefore night is over you, with no vision, and it is dark to you, that you may not divine; and the sun will go down on the prophets, and the day will be black over them.

  245. Brian, even before he had got down from the driving seat.

  246. Just as we were going in Trask bore down upon us.

  247. This pestilent savage was squatting on his haunches, holding forth volubly, emphasising his points with a flourish of his kerrie in the air, or bringing it down with a whack on the ground.

  248. So I left Bindley to laze in peace and took my way down to the beach.

  249. A Dutch farmhouse, rough of aspect, stood on an open space beyond the drift, and hard by it a few tumble-down sheep kraals and two or three native huts.

  250. However, the voyage had inured me to tropical heat, which this wasn't; wherefore I sat down to take a rest, and smoke a pipe.

  251. And with a glad, mischievous laugh, again she bent down her lips to mine.

  252. Did you know those chaps were stalking you down when you started back for the two remaining horses?

  253. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "down" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    air; anthill; bad; basin; beard; beat; beaten; beaver; below; bested; blubber; blue; booked; bottomland; breeze; bristle; bubble; butte; butter; cascade; cash; cataract; chaff; champaign; chapfallen; check; chip; chute; clay; cobweb; collapse; complete; compose; conclude; confined; confounded; conquer; consume; cork; crash; cushion; daintiness; dashed; debacle; deciduous; deck; declension; declination; declining; defeated; defluxion; dejected; delicacy; delta; depressed; depressing; descend; descending; descent; desert; desolate; despondent; devour; digest; discomfited; discomfiture; disconsolate; discouraging; disheartened; disheartening; dispatch; dispirited; disregard; documented; doleful; done; dough; down; downcast; downfall; downgrade; downhearted; downhill; downpour; downright; downturn; downward; droop; drooping; droopy; drop; dull; dune; dust; earlier; earnestly; eat; eiderdown; ended; entered; ether; faint; fairy; fall; fallen; falling; feather; fell; filed; finish; finished; fixed; flat; flats; flatten; fleece; floor; floored; floss; flue; fluff; foam; foothills; forlorn; foundering; froth; fur; fuzz; gloomy; glum; gossamer; grassland; gravitate; gravitation; ground; heartless; heartsick; heath; hew; hill; hillock; hummock; hurdle; hypochondriac; ignore; ill; imperial; inclination; indexed; indisposed; indubitable; inferior; ingest; inscribed; joyless; kapok; kill; knob; knoll; languishing; legal; level; lick; licked; lint; logged; lour; low; lower; lowest; lowlands; malice; mare; master; mesa; molehill; moor; mote; mound; off; official; oppressive; outdone; over; overcome; overmatched; overpowered; overthrown; overturn; overwhelmed; panicked; parachute; pessimistic; pile; pillow; pining; pitch; plain; plateau; playa; plummet; plummeting; plunge; plunging; plush; pocket; posted; pounce; prairie; precipitate; prostrate; pudding; puff; rain; rapids; raze; refinement; registered; reversal; reverse; rocky; rubber; ruined; sad; sagging; satin; savanna; scattered; seedy; seriously; setback; setting; settled; sick; sickly; silk; sinking; skinned; slack; slay; sluggish; softness; spiritless; sponge; spume; steppe; stomach; stoop; straw; stubble; subdued; submerging; subsiding; suicidal; surmount; surround; swallow; swansdown; swell; swoop; table; tableland; take; terminated; through; throw; throwback; topple; tottering; trimmed; trip; tuft; tumble; tumbledown; tundra; under; undone; unhappy; unwell; upland; upset; veld; velvet; waterfall; wax; whipped; woebegone; wool; worst; worsted

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    down again; down along; down and; down before; down below; down from; down here; down house; down river; down south; down stairs; down stream; down the; down there; down town; down upon; down with; down yonder