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  1. Milk (in which typhoid bacilli grow and multiply very rapidly) usually becomes infected by washing out milk cans with water in which these bacilli are present, or from the presence of the bacilli on the hands or persons of those handling milk.

  2. Have the patient sit erect; loosen all tight clothing around neck; fold the hands over the head; apply cold to the back of the neck and the nose.

  3. The hands and feet are cold, the pulse is small and irregular.

  4. They should never, while in the sick-room, touch any article of food or put their hands to their mouths.

  5. While it is in the bath its body, and especially its arms and legs, should be briskly rubbed by the hands of an assistant in order to keep the circulation active.

  6. It may clutch its throat with its hands as if something was tied round its neck.

  7. After disinfection, the hands should be washed in plain water and soap.

  8. The result of their activity is highly poisonous, and, as the good germs are virtually out of business and are consequently not working in our interest, we are absolutely in the hands of the enemy.

  9. When the foreign bodies are large enough to be seen they may be picked out with the fingers after the hands have been rendered sterile.

  10. The hands and feet are the last spots to scale.

  11. Those who take care of typhoid patients may contract the disease if they do not at once disinfect their hands after handling the patient, or clothing or bedding which has become soiled with the discharges.

  12. All persons nursing or handling the patient in any way should be careful to wash their hands very thoroughly with soap and water before leaving the sick-room.

  13. I would urge upon the student to hold a piece of music in his hands while he practises.

  14. The singing voice and the speaking voice are two totally different productions, the former never to be acquired except at the hands of a capable master, who, himself, has been properly taught the principles of voice production.

  15. This easy attitude not only gives the hands and arms their legitimate position, but also lends a grace and freedom to other parts of the body, all which points must be attended to in singing.

  16. Do not let your hands hang down, but keep them well before you, in some position which allows of your turning the palms uppermost.

  17. Apryll," together with a printer's device (two hands pointing towards each other).

  18. Nor will lend now His thunder to cry hold, His lightning to flame off the hands that grasp, Bidden to hurl thee o'er!

  19. By his advice, and through his assistance, I sunk in the hands of the magistrates one hundred and fifty pounds, as the most profitable way I could invest it--the interest to accumulate until my return in person to claim it.

  20. He dashed his hands upon his forehead, and groaned.

  21. Here we paused; and your father, clasping his hands in agony, gazed around for a few minutes in silence.

  22. Bright to the soul thy seraph hands convey The morning dream of life's eternal day!

  23. The puir callant's fa'en into a drow, and I'm feared he's gaun to dee upon our hands athegither.

  24. And, clasping her hands and raising her eyes, she remained for a few minutes in that reverential but death-like attitude which is assumed when a human soul prays in agony.

  25. He made a pen--he folded the paper--he rubbed his hands across his brow for a subject.

  26. Then placing the plume wands in the hands of the father, he took the banded plumes from him and breathed in from them, and out on the hands of the father, and folding his arms held upright in each hand the feather pertaining thereto.

  27. Uprose the fathers and all the watching people, greeting the God of Dawn with outstretched hands and offerings of prayer-meal, and words of thanks and welcome.

  28. And your feet shall be webless, And hands void of talons, Yet full-furnished, for fighting.

  29. Were these the hands that had mastered her without effort--the hands which had taken what they chose to take, gently violent, unhurried, methodical and inexorable?

  30. Not only what the hands of man erected is in ruins, but the very face of the earth itself is mangled out of all recognition.

  31. The next moment the door behind him opened and Karen's trembling hands were in his.

  32. General von Reiter folded his bony hands and rested them on the blotter.

  33. Her white hands were flying as she folded and placed garment after garment in the suit-case, serene, self-possessed, quite undisturbed by his presence at the rather intimate display of her apparel.

  34. Instantly she moved lightly aside to avoid him--just a short step--her back still turned, her hands framing her bright hair.

  35. Guild dropped his hands into the pockets of his belted jacket.

  36. Down tumbled the thick, burnished locks and her hands flew instinctively to twist them up.

  37. For a few moments she remained so, then her hands fell, helplessly again.

  38. She laid her cold hands in his, tried to speak, but could not.

  39. Still leaning against the tree, she fumbled for her handkerchief, touched her eyes with it leisurely, then, still turning her back to him, she lifted her hands to her hair.

  40. Their hands parted and their eyes rested on each other for a second's swift feminine appraisal.

  41. And he stepped forward and took the lieutenant's hands in both of his.

  42. Keep your eyes on the wheel and your hands on the road.

  43. Malone had seen Gamble speaking before, and had wondered if it would be possible for the man to talk with his hands tied behind his back.

  44. Have you got any idea how we might lay our hands on another telepath?

  45. She folded her hands in her lap and waited quietly.

  46. Lady Barbara screamed: "Keep your eyes on the wheel and your hands on the road!

  47. He reached across the desk to shake hands with the telepathy expert, and Dr.

  48. She dropped her knitting neatly in her lap and folded her hands over it.

  49. Instinctively he took a step towards Mr. Duckett, and instinctively that much-enduring man threw up his hands and cried to him not to shoot.

  50. He washed his hands of what happened to it afterward.

  51. Kardelj held his lean hands up, as though in humorous supplication.

  52. He flung up his hands again in his semihumorous gesture of despair.

  53. The office beyond held but one inhabitant who stood, hands clasped behind his back, while he stared in obvious satisfaction at a wall of charts, maps and graphs.

  54. He had recently broken himself of the smoking habit and was hard put to find occupation for his hands when nervous.

  55. Josip's hands were jittering so he jammed them into his pockets.

  56. Boldheart called all hands aft, and said, 'My lads, I hear there are discontented ones among ye.

  57. But the Princess Alicia put her hands over all their seventeen mouths, one after another, and persuaded them to be quiet because of the sick queen.

  58. She goes out to work, and her hands be pretty full at present.

  59. And of all this we talked to Connie as we went; and every now and then she would clap her hands gently in the fulness of her delight, although she beheld the splendour only as with her ears, or from the kisses of the wind on her cheeks.

  60. She clapped her hands with delight, then caught me round the neck and gave me one of my own kisses as she called the best she had, and began to call as loud as she could on her mamma and Wynnie to come and dress her.

  61. Mary's hands were trembling now, and she turned half away.

  62. I shook hands with them, and went for a stroll on the other side of the bay.

  63. The work of man's hands should be so in harmony with the place where it stands that it must look as if it had grown out of the soil.

  64. Connie eagerly, lifting her hands in the belief that we were on the point of undoing the bandage from her eyes.

  65. That is as if a man should give himself into the hands and will and caprice of an organ-grinder, to work upon him, not with the music of the spheres, but with the wretched growling of the streets.

  66. They shook hands in what seemed to me an odd, constrained, yet familiar fashion, and then stood as if they wanted to talk, but without speaking.

  67. Just God must know it to be very good, or he would not have taken it in his hands to make individual lives without a possible will of theirs.

  68. Whatever be the cause, she suddenly covers her face with her hands and bursts into tears.

  69. She has raised both her hands as if unconsciously, and is holding them clasped against her breast.

  70. It is true, at least of that young man, that he covers his face with his hands and sways from side to side, as if overcome by some secret emotion.

  71. Did she raise her hands as if to hold them out to him?

  72. Miss Wynter, picking up a milking-stool, advances leisurely towards him, and seating herself upon it just in front of him, crosses her hands over her knees and looks expectantly up at him with a charming smile.

  73. She is holding out her hands to him, the tears are running down her lovely cheeks.

  74. She lets her hands fall upon her knees, and turns a frowning, perplexed, but always lovely face to his.

  75. She clasped her hands in entreaty, and the charm of her appeal went home to the housekeeper's heart.

  76. Mrs Worthing held up her hands in smiling deprecation.

  77. But Mr Gresham from the farther side of the room "spotted" Miss Raynsworth at once, and managed cleverly to place himself in her way as she turned, with some little uncertainty of bearing, from shaking hands with her hostess.

  78. He shook hands cordially with Evelyn; the circumstances made anything like formality impossible, yet Philippa thought she detected a touch of constraint in his manner as he turned to her.

  79. She buried her face in her hands and burst into fresh tears.

  80. He put the baguettes on Soetkin's hands and feet.

  81. Know that the hands of men burned do not render invisible, but only the hands of men hanged as thou shalt be one day.

  82. When Ulenspiegel and Soetkin passed along the street, their hands tied behind them, the fishmonger was posted on the threshold of his house, to look at them.

  83. Dubois gives His Majesty what he asketh, then puts upon him a gown of crimson velvet, wraps him in a gold cloak, girds on his sword, puts into his hands the sceptre and the globe, and the crown upon his head.

  84. Ah, beloved maid, will not my rugged man's hands wither that shoulder?

  85. Ulenspiegel trembled and cried out: "Master judges, her hands are bleeding and her feet, too.

  86. Why," said Soetkin, "do you wipe your greasy hands on your breeches?

  87. Ulenspiegel would have leaped upon the pyre and struck at the ravens: the constable said to him: "Wizard, seekest thou hands of glory?

  88. Soetkin looked at her son and could find no strength either to cry out or to speak; only she stretched forth her arms, fluttering her bleeding hands and showing thus that they must make an end of this torment.

  89. But you shall have all I have, and I shall work with my feet and my hands to maintain you.

  90. Suddenly Ulenspiegel shut the window, ran into the middle of the room, jumped on chairs and tables, his hands stretched up to the ceiling.

  91. Often Praet sighed, clasping his hands for prayer, and ever seemed filled with indignation.

  92. They brought him with both his hands tied into the kitchen where Soetkin and Nele were weeping and sobbing.

  93. In March 1868 dey sent to de field for all us hands to come up to de house to sign a contract.

  94. We told her we bent de rye down in de field and rubbed de grain out wid our hands and eat dat.

  95. I was only seven years old so dey put me on a pony at meal time to ride out to de field and call de hands to dinner.

  96. He sat beside me, layed his hands on my breast and about ten o'clock de next day I began to come around.

  97. His own account of his life and adventures follows: "Yes'm I remembers before de war, I remember being a water-boy to de field hands before I were big enough to work in de fields.

  98. If our white boss see a little grass we overlooked he would handcuff our feet to a whipping post, den chain the slave around de stomach to de post and strap de chin over de top of de post and place your hands in front of you.

  99. President Jackson say, 'Keep books and guns outa slaves' hands if you want to keep 'em slaves'.

  100. They cut the grain with the cradle and bound it with their hands and shocked it up.

  101. I hoed tobaccer when I was about so high, (measuring with his hands about three and one half feet from the floor).

  102. De master took two boards and tied one to de feet and another to de hands and tied her back with ropes and whipped her with a cat-o'-nine-tails till she bled and den took salt and pepper and put in de gashes.

  103. Den God will bless us all alike and everything we put our hands to will prosper.

  104. First thing I would know dey would be jumpin' up and dancin' around and pattin' their hands until all de grass was wore off slick.

  105. Mah feet hurt so bad an' mah hands got so stiff I couldn' work mah fingers, but ah had tuh keep on breakin' off de corn.

  106. Her first husband, Dave Goodman, was killed right at de start of de war by a gang of robbers something like de bushwhackers, who went in gangs of ten and fifteen, stealing niggers or anything else dey could get their hands on.

  107. We had straps over our shoulders and dey saved our hands and arms.

  108. A pair of beautiful long hands are crossed below the lady's breast.

  109. In appearance he was short and broad, with a swarthy face, legs slightly bowed from the saddle, a hanging nose and broad hands with black hairs on them.

  110. Madame de Lanrivain let the embroidery slip to her knee and folded her hands on it.

  111. That was better; and the prosecution rubbed its hands with satisfaction.

  112. The tender is so happy to get out of Confederate hands that it wants to dance, and it is indulging in a waltz," replied Deck as another pleasantry.

  113. Zollicoffer has fortified the hills, three or four hundred feet high, and holds a very strong position; in fact, one of the strongest in the State in the hands of the enemy.

  114. The rifle was a terribly effective weapon in the hands of the sharpshooters.

  115. Fronklyn put his foot on the board, and then with his hands hold of one end of it, lifted it till it snapped on the line of the bullet-holes.

  116. The wagons, over a dozen in number, were safe from the hands of the enemy; for they had enough to do in the vicinity of Logan's Cross Roads, as the roar of the cannon in the battle was heard in the distance.

  117. He shook hands with both of them, calling them by name.

  118. Doubtless he believes that a flag in the hands of these fellows is not entitled to be respected.

  119. This same band raided me three days ago, and threatened to hang me in front of my mansion if I did not give up my money; but I would burn the bank-bills rather than permit them to fall into the hands of these miscreants.

  120. Because it seems to me you are running as fast as the mud will permit you into the very jaws of the lion; or, if that is too figurative for your plain common-sense, into the hands of the enemy.

  121. I 'd like to shake hands with him once again.

  122. The clasped hands and slightly bent-down head gave a character of patient, unresisting meaning to his figure, which the few words he dropped from time to time seemed to confirm.

  123. There is a row in the streets: a pickpocket has appealed to the public to rescue him from the ignoble hands of the police; an escaped felon has fired at the judge who sentenced him, in the name of Liberty and Fraternity.

  124. Young men,' he said, 'ran a greater chance of coming out of my hands followers of Paine than disciples of Newton.

  125. Jack, pressing his hands to his temples, and trembling from head to foot in the intensity of his anxiety.

  126. Jack, rushing over, and grasping Martin's hands between his own.

  127. She did not, however, resume her embroidery, but sat deep in reflection, with her hands clasped before her.

  128. Various hands were detectable in these documents.

  129. Put on your coat and hat, and we 'll stroll down the beach till she comes out; it can't be very long, for she has enough on her hands elsewhere.

  130. I have been robbed of papers," Tallente said quietly, "which in the wrong hands might ruin me.

  131. At least we can talk here," he said, shaking hands with Tallente, "without any suggestion of a conspiracy.

  132. In the background, Miller, with his hands in his pockets, was smoking mechanically the cigarette which he had just rolled and lit.

  133. Then, with a queer little cry, she stood up, covered her face for a moment with her hands and then held them both out to him.

  134. I have discovered very late in life, too late, many would say, that I cannot build the temples of life with hands and brain alone.

  135. Miller stood with his hands in his pockets, gnawing the end of his moustache, gazing covertly at the man who stood waiting for him to pass on.

  136. The signed manuscript of that article is in the hands of those who would rather see it published than have Tallente Prime Minister.

  137. She was trembling and half afraid, but her hands yielded their pressure to his.

  138. Then he climbed the last few stairs, rang the bell and held out both his hands to Nora, who answered it herself.

  139. Her hands were clasped around his neck, her lips forced his.

  140. Her hands trembled, and when she spoke her voice quivered.

  141. Kate's hot breath on her hands grew damp against her face.

  142. She linked her hands before her, and gazed out also.

  143. According to the goggans they lay hands on, so will be the trades of their husbands.

  144. Her clenched hands slackened away from his neck, and she stepped back from him, shuddering with remorse, and despair, and shame.

  145. Nancy blocked him at the foot of them with both hands on his shoulders.

  146. When he had stolen away on hands and knees under the parlour window she had been sewing at his new check night-shirt.

  147. He liberated his hands, and began to tramp the room as before, but with head down dud hands linked behind him.

  148. Fate was stretching out her hands to him.

  149. Kate was standing in her room with the door open, beating her hands together in the first helpless stupor of fear, when she saw a man coming up the stairs.

  150. Not a penny left to the man, and six thousand goolden pounds paid into his hands seven months ago.

  151. Pete was put ashore; his Nickey went round the Calf to the herring ground beyond the shoulder; a number of fishermen were waiting for him on the quay, with heavy looks and hands deep in their trousers-pockets.

  152. They were both very busy, and Sally had her hands and her head full, with the office and her school, too.

  153. So Sally brought both hands around into view and cast a letter into his lap.

  154. Will this little boy shake hands with his Uncle John?

  155. She was angry with herself because her hands trembled as she lighted the gas in the kitchen and found the lantern and lighted it.

  156. And Sally smiled and shook hands with Harry and hastened to say--to save Horry the painful experience of mentioning the matter--that he could go whenever he wanted to, so far as she knew.

  157. The slight trembling of her hands did not matter so much in filling a pitcher with water and by the time the pitcher was full her hands were steady enough.

  158. One hot morning in early August, Horry Carling stood at the window, his hands thrust deep into his pockets, and he gazed at a row of oil casks; gazed thoughtfully and for a long time.

  159. At the second mill, the one of the broad square and the open lot, she saw the crowd of mill-hands pouring out of the gate as she approached.

  160. Either was disagreeable enough, especially at any time when the hands were in the street, and no girl would have chosen such a time to walk upon that road.

  161. It seemed that Charlie had been subjected to the usual mild hazing and, proving a refractory subject, he had had his hands and feet strapped together and had been left lying helpless in the yard.

  162. I know something of Doctor Beatty and I am sure you couldn't be in better hands--unless in the hands of Doctor Fox Sanderson.

  163. As she came, he held out his hands and she gave him both of hers.

  164. The Kaffirs obeyed, and Jacob, springing at the slashed bag, plunged his thin hands into it.

  165. In front stood her father, staring at her and waving his hands mysteriously in obedience to Jacob's directions.

  166. She collected her courage, and having clapped her hands and waved the lantern about to scare any alligators that might still be lurking there, hearing and seeing nothing more, she descended to where she had trodden upon the reptile.

  167. Then Benita placed the remainder of the oil close by her father's side, so that he could refill the lamp, for the use of his hands still remained to him.

  168. Then she might fall into the hands of the Matabele whose camp was a little lower down, as from her perch upon the top of the cone she had seen that poor white man do.

  169. Their eyes may seek one another, their hands and lips may meet, and yet they remain distinct, apart, and often antagonistic.

  170. Then she went back, washed her face and hands with some water that they had drawn on the previous night to satisfy their thirst, and tidied herself as best she could.

  171. I hate him; I almost wish that you had killed him," and she clenched her little hands and shook them in the air.

  172. Evidently he feared lest her father should catch him unprepared, and take the law into his own hands by means of a sudden bullet.

  173. I put my hands before my eyes that I might not see, and I hurled myself from the pinnacle.

  174. When they had worked at this task for several hours, and only succeeded in making a hole six inches deep, Mr. Clifford, whose old bones ached and whose hands were very sore, suggested that perhaps they might break it up with gunpowder.

  175. Down she went on her hands and knees, and thrusting the lantern in front of her, crept along that noisome drain, for this was what it resembled.

  176. Benita heard the bullet clap upon the hide shield, and next instant saw the Matabele warrior lying on his back, beating the air with his hands and feet.

  177. It turned ashen beneath the tan, his eyes grew large and round, he put up his hands as though to thrust something from him, his whole frame shivered, and his hair seemed to erect itself.

  178. Let us pray for deliverance from this hell and keep our hands clean of blood.

  179. He was silent, and then to her infinite surprise, as he sate leaning forward looking into the fire, covered his face with his hands as if to shut out an unwelcome sight.

  180. Let us shake hands over it to show there is no ill-feeling.

  181. For answer she slid her hands under the blanket he had thrown over the old woman's limbs, and began to rub them with a regularity matching his own.

  182. And though he tried hard to get up another thrill as their hands met, he failed utterly.

  183. So the serio-comedy might have ended as such serio-comedies usually do but for the merest triviality; nothing more nor less than the perception that he had tarred his hands in vaulting over the gate!

  184. A greyness had come to the handsome face, and, as he folded up the letter methodically, his hands trembled.

  185. She stood silent till, in the darkness, he seized her hands and drew her closer to him, peering into her face as if to read the answer there.

  186. A smile comes to his face as he takes out an old letter and reads the last words she ever wrote to him, "Yet I stretch out my hands to you and say, again and again, Friendship is a bigger thing than Love!

  187. She covered her ears to shut out the sound and bent closer to her book, until suddenly she found herself blindfolded by a pair of strong, slender, supple hands--hands that could not be mistaken for an instant.

  188. He shook his head, and she flung the hands she had been detaining from her with a cry.

  189. Blanche, as she stood there with disclaiming hands and eloquent voice, felt herself no mean exponent of the new order of things, and rose to the occasion.

  190. There was a dead silence, until for the first time Blazes lifted up his loud, mellow voice, as he stood disregarded by a chair smearing his tarry hands stolidly over its cover in a vain effort to amend matters before nurse appeared.

  191. There was an instant's bewilderment, and then Tommy Kennedy, who had risen at her first word, took a step forward and both his hands went out gladly.

  192. A thousand unseen hands Reach down to help you to their peace-crowned heights, And all the forces of the firmament Shall fortify your strength.

  193. The things that come into our hands come not for the purpose of being possessed, as we say, much less for the purpose of being hoarded.

  194. When we come into harmony with this Spirit of Peace, evil reports and apparent bad treatment, either at the hands of friends or of enemies, will no longer disturb us.

  195. Do what your hands find to do, and do it well.

  196. When she had completed it there was put into her hands an amount of money far beyond what she had expected.

  197. It also carries a lesson,--Don't fold your hands and expect to see things drop into your lap, but set into operation the higher forces and then take hold of the first thing that offers itself.

  198. They come into our hands to be used, to be wisely used.

  199. Each has it in his own hands to determine what comes.

  200. She bent with her own hands the towering stalks; and, detaching the ears, flung to the ground a few in all these places, on which it was meant that the heaps should be accumulated.

  201. Some of these Iracana condescended to take from the hands of Aphon.

  202. The latter had grown strong by consultation together, and the true men urged the less guilty of the conspirators with promises of pardon at the hands of Laudonniere.

  203. Meanwhile he fell sick of a fever, and the authority passed into the hands of Jean Ribault, whose return was welcomed by crowds of Indian chiefs, who came to the fortress to inquire after the newly-arrived strangers.

  204. In an open space within the thicket, beneath a great moss-covered oak, which wore the beard of three centuries upon his breast, the chief conspirator yielded himself to the hands of the Indian.

  205. They soon recognised the chief by whose hands the stone pillar had been reared, which stood conspicuous at the entrance of the river.

  206. It was only when the offenders were fairly in the hands of Laudonniere, beyond escape or remedy, that they were taught to apprehend that they had too greatly exaggerated their sense of his mercy.

  207. At that moment Laudonniere had gladly redeemed by a glorious death, at the hands of the fierce Asturian, the errors and the failures of his life.

  208. Already were these to be seen slapping their sides, tossing their hands in air, and, with loud shrieks, lashing themselves into a fury like that which enflamed their prophets.

  209. What hope have you at their hands and mine?

  210. She followed him to the river banks, clinging to him to the last, and stood there ringing her hands and filling the air with her shrieks, while the people of Laudonniere lifted him into the bark, and pushed out to the middle of the river.

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    Other words:
    administration; auspices; authority; care; charge; claws; clutches; command; control; cure; custody; disposition; domination; dominion; empire; extremity; fang; finger; fingernails; firepower; forces; government; grasp; grip; gripe; guardianship; guidance; hand; hands; helm; help; hold; hook; jaws; jurisdiction; keeping; management; mandibles; mastership; mastery; men; ministry; nail; oversight; palm; pastorate; patronage; paw; personnel; pincers; pounce; power; reign; rule; sovereignty; stewardship; sway; talons; teeth; troops; tutelage; unit; ward; wardship; wing

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    hands and; hands clasped; hands employed; hands together; hands upon; hands were; handsome building; handsome face; handsome fellow; handsome fortune; handsome girl; handsome house; handsome present; handsome woman; handsome young; handsome youth; handsomely bound