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feverish; feverishly; feverishness; feverous; fevers; fewe; fewer; fewest; fewness; feyned
  1. One of the few writers of fiction who seems to me to possess an ear for the music of events is Miss Margaret Veley.

  2. The mass of mankind run much after the fashion of the sheep of Panurge, but there are always a few that-- Conscience.

  3. I had never written anything save a few ill-spelt letters; but no matter.

  4. The Marquise gave a ball some few days ago.

  5. I hated all that with the hatred of a passionate heart, and I longed for a simple stage, a few simple indications, and the simple recitation of that story of the sacrifice of the two white souls for the reconciliation of two great families.

  6. Dead and scattered are all those who used to assemble there, and those years and our home, for it was our home, live only in a few pictures and a few pages of prose.

  7. Maybe a few flippant remarks about my private friends; but to withdraw them would be unmanly, unintellectual, and no one may re-write his confessions.

  8. Amid the parliamentary faces, all strictly garrotted with many-folded handkerchiefs, there is a metal frame enchased with rubies and a few emeralds.

  9. A few days after, a telegram came, and my mother read that we were required at his bedside.

  10. There were for contrast Mallarmé's Tuesday evenings, a few friends sitting round the hearth, the lamp on the table.

  11. He explained, after some hesitation, that I owed him a few thousands, and that the accounts were in his portmanteau.

  12. Among them there are not a few that have seen better days at their native places, or are deeply learned in the Law.

  13. And even to this day thousands of the scattered race are ready to seize again the plough and the spade, if they are given a chance, and not a few have done so even under the most disheartening conditions.

  14. The few must own inherent sources of strength if the many resort to the coward's weapon of lies and slander.

  15. Is it by magic that a few bankers and brokers keep all their competitors in subjugation and handle them at their will and to their own profit?

  16. These prayers were, until a few generations ago, meant literally by every Jew, as they still are by the simple believing Jews.

  17. He was sharp enough to know his way home, in a very few days after we bought him.

  18. And we soon saw that he could only flutter a few inches from the ground, and hop in a very awkward sidelong manner; there was no fear of his escaping.

  19. As it was fine warm weather, Mamma expected that these peas would very soon appear; but in a few days, when she went to look at them, she saw that all the white markers had been pulled up and thrown on one side.

  20. She fed it with milk for a few days, and then it soon began to nibble at bran and vegetables, and in a week or two could eat quite as well as a full-grown rabbit.

  21. Now there was a large sort of waste field adjoining the Barrack Square; a few sheep and some old worn-out horses were kept in it, but I believe it was not used for anything else.

  22. There was another small fort about half-a-mile down the river: it consisted of a moat, and a low wall with a few guns.

  23. I never heard a parrot get beyond a few bars; and I wonder what is the reason that they will learn the commencement of half-a-dozen different songs, but still cannot remember any whole.

  24. The first sign of love to any of us was after my sister's short absence of a few days at a friend's house.

  25. A few days after, she tried to fly out of a window on the first floor, and came down in the same heavy way, on the flagged pavement before the door.

  26. Family Prayers for Cottage Homes; With a Few Words on Prayer, and Select Scripture Passages.

  27. Perhaps after a few hours, or a day, I would go up the back stairs, change my stockings--and the sun would shine again.

  28. So a few days later my mother and I joined her there at a hotel which was the temporary home of the songbirds.

  29. We remained but a few days here--only until we could install ourselves in an apartment in the Latin Quarter, very near the lovely gardens of the Luxembourg and close to the omnibus stations.

  30. A very few days afterward I had returned to Boston with my mother in response to a letter making an appointment for me to meet Mrs. Bertram Webb.

  31. Granted that I made a successful appearance, at best it could be but the sensation of a few hours; and I had no mind to be a singing Cinderella for one night.

  32. He therefore summoned Lilli as well, complimented her upon her pupil's achievement and then and there requested her to sing as guest artist at the Royal Opera, which she did a few weeks later.

  33. Some few years ago, in Boston, I told this story in an interview, and a physician wrote me from some other city that he was the man who had saved my fingers for me.

  34. Presently His Majesty entered and, with a few words, decorated me with the gold cross of the Order of Merit, which he personally pinned upon my gown.

  35. A few days later he went skating, the ice broke, and he was drowned.

  36. Therefore a few glimpses will be enough, that I may exhibit its moral rather than its story.

  37. The most embarrassing feature in the Florida case, however, has been removed within a few hours by the fortuitous collision of an army transport with this steamer, in the crowded roadstead at Fortress Monroe.

  38. The President spoke very briefly; but his few words will live as long as Time.

  39. In these few words the whole case is stated,--inasmuch as, whatever might be the pretension of State Rights, the war became necessary to overcome the baleful ambition of Slavery.

  40. A few extracts from newspapers attest the impression made by the Speech.

  41. A few follow the orator; but the larger part remain behind, and receive from their liberator the land he had promised, also money, flocks, and whatever was necessary for farmers.

  42. A few days later Mr. Sumner called alone, and received from the President positive assurance of agreement on the suffrage question.

  43. This negro shall be your slave for the few days that you may have to live, and your soul shall be my slave through all eternity, as long as God is God!

  44. Such exchanges have in a few instances been permitted by the Rebel authorities, but in many others they have been denied.

  45. But, after the debate of a few days ago, and considering the apparent unanimity in the Senate, I feel unwilling to occupy time by any protracted remarks.

  46. I doubt not that in a few moments I shall feel at home in this one--and then, you know, you need not bother about your train back to London, for it leaves from this very spot in twenty minutes.

  47. With this will go a complete set of my works with a few press notices of the same, and the prices they bring on all book-stands.

  48. There are so few successful authors who may be said to possess the virtue of modesty in the presence of an interviewer that I determined to catch one who was indeed the only one of that rare class I had ever met.

  49. Most people have an idea that there is a North Pole somewhere, but up to the hour of going to press few have managed to locate it definitely.

  50. And the Rishi answered, "I lived for a few days in the abode of Ashtaka.

  51. And the illustrious Muni stayed there for a few days, while king Duryodhana, watchful of his imprecations, attended on him diligently by day and night.

  52. And in consequence of intellect having decreased, few are established in truth.

  53. When he finished speaking, we informed him of the death of his brother in a few words and also of this calamity that hath befallen thee!

  54. Boil the pineapple a few minutes, to make it more tender.

  55. Cook the same as veal cutlets, only instead of using soup stock use one cup strained tomato juice and a little onion; a few mushrooms add to the flavor.

  56. Beat yolks for a few minutes, add mustard, salt and pepper, then mix with the cream and put in double boiler; let come to a boil.

  57. Add one teaspoonful chopped parsley and a few drops of onion juice, brown one heaping tablespoonful butter, add one tablespoonful flour and gradually one cup hot water.

  58. In presenting this cook book, the compilers were guided by the fact that what each housekeeper needs, is not so much a great variety of ways, but a few successful ways of preparing each article of food.

  59. Drop in the oysters a few minutes before taking off the stove.

  60. Boil rapidly for a few minutes, then let simmer for a long time.

  61. The idea of the fireless cooker is an old one, bringing things to a boil, placing into a box of hay and leaving for a few hours to cook--that method has been used by housewives in some European nations for a good many years.

  62. The box selected may be an unpainted one, to be had from most any store for a few pennies, but the boards should be heavy enough to put on hinges and a hasp.

  63. After a few moments Tony entered, all his teeth agleam in his expansive smile.

  64. The unclouded sun shone down warmly upon his face, slowly bringing back the rose to his baby lips, and a small, paper-blue butterfly hovered over his head for a few seconds, as if puzzled to make out what kind of being he was.

  65. He staggered to his feet, swayed a few moments, and then, for all the pain in his head, he was practically himself again.

  66. In a few moments the landlord strolled forth in his shirt-sleeves, chewing tobacco, and inquired casually what he could do for his visitor.

  67. He dropped, for that night, all notion of the distinctly adventurous expedition to the farmyard, contenting himself with snapping up a few beetles and crickets as he went.

  68. Just here the channel was straight and clear of rocks, and though the rips were heavy the man had a few minutes' respite, with little to do but hold his course.

  69. The clamour of the crowd was hushed as Blackstock put a few questions, terse and pertinent, to the excited boy.

  70. Instead of instantly drawing off with a resentful growl, after his manner with strangers, the dog acknowledged the casual caress by a slight wag of the tail, and then, after a few moments, turned away amicably and lay down.

  71. Blackstock, who was close at Jim's heels, a few paces ahead of the rest, turned with one of his rare, ruminative laughs.

  72. A few minutes later down the rapids came wallowing a water-logged birch-canoe.

  73. But it brought no change in the weather, except a few light showers that did no more than lay the surface dust.

  74. Before he had battled his way more than a few hundred yards upwards through the raging smother, two more canoes, with expert polers standing poised in them like statues, had pushed out to follow him in his search.

  75. It'll save ye quite a few minutes in gittin' to the post-office.

  76. The tree was an ancient rock maple, its branches large but comparatively few in number.

  77. Even Big Andy, the boyish young giant from the Oromocto, wavered for a few hours in his allegiance to the postmistress.

  78. As a matter of fact, Farnsworth had chanced to overhear a few words that Philip said to Patty a short time before.

  79. There'll be a few extra guests, so you girls will have somebody to dress up for.

  80. But after a few weeks you get so tired of the patterns.

  81. She came forward a few steps, and then spied the tree and stood stock still.

  82. I've only known you a few days, and I'm head over heels in love with you!

  83. With a few folds, a newspaper was transformed into a three-cornered cap and placed on the baby's head.

  84. I'll catch you, no matter how much I have to sprint," Philip called after her, but he walked slowly for a few paces.

  85. A few more of these boxes, and the door will be completely blocked up.

  86. The Lord of Misrule had jumped up on a table, and was flourishing his sceptre, and announcing that he would now issue a few decrees, and they must immediately be obeyed.

  87. Quite some few times I've thought to go, but something always interferes.

  88. But it had seemed to them that the arrangement they had planned would be satisfactory all round, for Mrs. Allen liked to spend a few weeks in New York each winter.

  89. After a few dances she found herself whirling about the room with Roger, and she determined to carry out her plan of reconciling him and Mona.

  90. I have a few faults, Jim, a very few, and very small ones!

  91. Werner took him by the hand, and then the Esthonian walked a few steps alone.

  92. She strolled into a deserted little garden with a few old, gnarled trees, and she seated herself upon a wet bench, from which the snow had melted.

  93. A few days later the master died of blood poisoning, and Yanson, when his turn among other robbers and murderers came, was tried and condemned to death.

  94. Then the sensation was forgotten, but it returned again a few hours later, and each time it grew more intense and of longer duration, and thus it began to assume vague outlines of some great, even unbearable fear.

  95. When Sergey Golovin and Kashirin had gone a few steps, Kashirin suddenly stopped and said loudly and distinctly: "Good-by, comrades.

  96. When he awoke in his cell the next day he realized clearly that everything between him and life was ended, that there were only a few empty hours of waiting and then death would come,--and a strange sensation took possession of him.

  97. But once, perhaps in his earliest childhood, he had heard a few words which had filled him with palpitating emotion and which remained during all his life enwrapped with tender poetry.

  98. But the joy of life and spring was stronger, and a few minutes later his frank young face was again yearning toward the spring sky.

  99. But who shall make light of the agonies often gone through in those first few years of married life?

  100. Nowadays, by the railroad, it takes but some few hours, but in those times over a day and night, to travel so far east as to Weimar.

  101. The water foamed in the wake of the boat, in which in a few minutes the couple had gained the island, where they landed.

  102. So a few days later, when the omnibus rolled over the Rhone bridge between Vallais and Vaud, Rudy was in it, in his usual high spirits, happy in the expectation of a favorable answer to the question he intended to ask that same evening.

  103. A few days later, when Rudy came to call at the mill, he found the young Englishman there.

  104. Wrap yourself in your mantle, for burning hot as the sun is just hereabout, it is as cold as ice a few steps farther.

  105. In a few years Rudy was to become an active chamois-hunter.

  106. If a child once begins this book, it will get so deeply interested in it that when bedtime comes it will altogether forget the moral, and will weary its parents with importunities for just a few minutes more to see how everything ends.

  107. I was never a chatterer, but now that we are not likely to have many more chances of talking, I want to tell you a few things, I will tell you something I have had in my head and thought over for a long time.

  108. Only a few are privileged to sit in a lady's lap and have milk to drink.

  109. Very few readers of poetry, in the first poems which they open, are fond of those, no matter how great their merits, which are written in the Spenserean stanzas.

  110. He embarked in commercial speculations; this proved a failure, and he stopped in time to save a portion of the large fortune which, a few years before, he brought from Europe.

  111. So far she had seen clearly and correctly enough; dimly, she had seen a little farther, and knew that for a reason she could not grasp there were in England some few families who had a cachet altogether independent of wealth.

  112. The site had been occupied till a few years before by a delightful bungalow structure, built of wood, with shingled walls, and surrounded on all sides by deep, shady verandas.

  113. I gave you perhaps a few years of life, you gave me life itself and love.

  114. I heard a few days ago that Mrs. Emsworth was going to act in New York this autumn.

  115. You inquired a few minutes ago whether Dorothy Emsworth was going to act in New York.

  116. Really, there are so few humorous things in the world that it would be murder to destroy it.

  117. I know you must say a few words, but let them be few.

  118. Bertie Keynes had not entered the water with the first wild scramble, but had stood on the bank a few minutes, divided between amazement and helpless giggling as he observed Mrs. Cyrus F.

  119. Thus Mary, a Frenchwoman and a Catholic, governing Scotland for her Catholic daughter, the Dauphiness, with the aid of a few French troops who had just saved the independence of the country, naturally employed French advisers.

  120. The beard was long, rather thick and black, with a few grey hairs in his later years.

  121. For themselves they were claiming a few merks, and a few bolls of meal, a decent subsistence.

  122. Why her brother, foremost to insult Mary and her faith, unless Randolph errs, in September, took her part in a few weeks, we do not know.

  123. Scots, while Knox and four superintendents got a few chalders of wheat and "bear.

  124. The Confession was drawn up, presented, and ratified in a very few days: it was compiled in four.

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    cursory; depthless; few; handful; inconsequential; inconsiderable; insignificant; least; little; low; lowest; meager; miniature; minimal; minimum; negligible; number; occasional; petty; picayune; rare; scarce; scattering; seldom; several; shallow; short; small; smatter; smattering; spatter; spattering; sporadic; sprinkling; superficial; tiny; trifling; trivial; uncommon

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