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  1. A few days before his departure--he was just twenty--he burned his love-letters.

  2. The days were often a misery to her, but the evenings and the nights were usually a bliss to them both.

  3. She did envy Edgar, however, his cycling with Paul, his Friday nights, his days working in the fields.

  4. She can't last many days now, Mr. Morel," he said.

  5. Two days later he sent her up a book and a little note, urging her to read and be busy.

  6. He went away on Sunday midnight, seeming better and more solid for his two days at home.

  7. It cast a shadow over him; but he had three days that were all his own, when he was going to do as he liked.

  8. It was capped by a round knoll, half of which was by now cut away, and on the top of which stood an ancient monument, sturdy and squat, for signalling in old days far down into the level lands of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

  9. It was two days after the men had been in.

  10. Two days after Christmas Paul was to go back to Nottingham.

  11. Indeed, as the days drew near for his departure, her heart began to close and grow dreary with despair.

  12. Four days were clear--not an anxiety, not a thought.

  13. At Whitsuntide he said he would go to Blackpool for four days with his friend Newton.

  14. In the soft glow she looked even more beautiful than in the days of her girlhood, and Selwyn's heart throbbed dangerously at sight of her.

  15. She is a particular friend of your Uncle Robert's family down south, and that is why I have asked her to spend a few days with me.

  16. And he did live; but for a long time it was a hard fight, and there were days when it seemed that death must win.

  17. She was due three days ago and there's no sign of her yet.

  18. Two days afterwards, she went to Mrs. Gardiner's lawn party.

  19. It was Nan's week to care for their room, but Nan had sprained her ankle three days ago and could do nothing but lie on the sofa ever since.

  20. October drifted into November and the chill, drear days came.

  21. As the days and weeks went by Worth grew dearer and dearer to the Grange folk.

  22. Only two days until Thanksgiving--but there would be no real Thanksgiving for her.

  23. I never thought before that the days could be so long as they are now.

  24. Winter is real pleasant when it does come, but I must say, I don't fancy these betwixt-and-between days much.

  25. Four days later commenced the struggle which ended in repealing that Congressional prohibition.

  26. This contract was technically called in those days an assiento.

  27. In these the Chief-Justice does not directly assert, but plainly assumes, as a fact, that the public estimate of the black man is more favorable now than it was in the days of the Revolution.

  28. In those days legislatures held the unquestioned power to abolish slavery in their respective States, but now it is becoming quite fashionable for State constitutions to withhold that power from the legislatures.

  29. A few days only have elapsed since the Congress of the United States assembled in this Capitol.

  30. Ten days ago, but what had happened since?

  31. True, word that he's still alive was a good ten days in reaching me.

  32. For four days the worst spell of weather ever to hit Casablanca kept their Air Forces transport plane grounded.

  33. Both Hall and Perkins were to have reported from that area days ago.

  34. Ten days ago Heinrich Weiden had sent word through to Major Crandall that his old address was not good, and that he should be contacted at a new one.

  35. The next few days he remained very quiet, lest his movements might have been observed; then, as no one questioned him, he one fine morning drove his sheep into the third valley.

  36. Before many days had passed, the King Hazil returned, and when he learned that his little daughter was dead, he summoned the Queen to his presence.

  37. Three days before the time appointed for the shoemaker's wife to fetch her son, the youth met her on the road and told her how to recognise him.

  38. I was standing at my door a few days ago, when this man Benezar came down the street, offering a purse of gold for news of Said.

  39. But the King swore a great oath, and vowed she should not, and for three days nothing could move him.

  40. A few days later Swanhild's marriage with Wulf was celebrated with great splendour, and they lived together in peace and happiness to the end of their days.

  41. He led the strangers into his splendid halls, and drank and feasted with them many days and many nights.

  42. During many, many days she continued to move her fingers in every way she could devise; but at length, growing tired of this useless play, she went back to her old friend the sorceress.

  43. LONG, long ago, in the days of good King Arthur, Count Morriss dwelt in the old chateau of La Roche Morice, near Landerneau, in Brittany.

  44. Many days and many nights Bjorn and his crew drank of the pearly wine.

  45. He was generally to be seen toiling along under a big bundle of brooms, which he made with the greatest skill from young birch branches, selling them on market days to the housewives of Saint-Amand or Saint-Sauveur.

  46. It would be better for her, too, to go back to the convent, to the dear old nuns who knew her and had loved her and would take her back as a sister, now, to end her days in peace and innocence and devotion.

  47. Two days after Aliandra's departure, Tebaldo was in this state, pacing up and down in his room and really struggling against the intense desire to drive instantly to the railway station and follow Aliandra to Sicily.

  48. The days were growing very long, and he generally regulated his stay in the church by the sun rather than by his watch.

  49. The letter went on to tell the story of the last four days in detail, from the time when Tebaldo had sent for the Moscio to sup with him at the inn, till Tebaldo's departure from Randazzo.

  50. Ten days earlier he might have had the boldness to do either the one or the other, but he lacked it now.

  51. It was at a garden party, in a great, old villa beyond the walls, two days after the dance.

  52. It is several days since he has telegraphed.

  53. She did not believe that she could really outlive him, but if Heaven should be so unkind to her, she had already made up her mind to return to the convent where she had been educated, and to end her days as a nun.

  54. She was too lonely not to love her love for its companionship, too weary not to love Orsino for his strength, and yet too desolate to believe that happiness could wait for her while the cruel hours and days crawled slowly on.

  55. Orsino was white and did not hold out his hand, not knowing what to expect, for it was the hand that had killed her brother but two days ago.

  56. They were set up in 1505, and the captured banners of Candia, the Morea and Cyprus used to flaunt there upon state festa-days while the doges ruled Venice and the sea.

  57. It could hardly have been a unique in the owner’s collection if the stories of his rapid prosperity and the character of the boon-companions of his early days be true.

  58. Her votaries may have had this reminiscence of her last days in mind, and a shadowy idea that her “manes,” in hovering about her grave, would be cognizant of their compassionate courtesies.

  59. Boy knew the point, and never wearied of hearing and telling— “How well Horatius kept the bridge In the brave days of old.

  60. They are of rich red marble, and between them, in the prosperous days of the Republic, stood the herald while he cried aloud the sentences of death just decreed in the Great Hall.

  61. In the garden, separating the hotel from the shore, was a group of American friends who had arrived from Milan two days before.

  62. Of the mysterious withholding for days and weeks of clouds threatening every minute to fall, we had never heard.

  63. Geneva”—wrote Knox to a friend during a visit to Calvin’s model town—“is the most perfect school of Christ the world has seen since the days of the Apostles.

  64. These seven days were to have been a breathing space after Milanese heats before we essayed the St. Gothard Pass—the gate of Switzerland.

  65. There are more festas than working-days in that laughter-loving land.

  66. But in the course of seven smoky-days we became slightly surfeited with “lions.

  67. It is true that the Earl of Huntingdon, at Leicester, only heard of Amy's death on September 17, nine days after date.

  68. Is it likely (it is, of course, possible) that they stayed on in town, and killed Godfrey twelve days later?

  69. I have put him, alone, in the third chamber of the Bertaudiere tower, having furnished it some days before with everything, by order of M.

  70. Here, then, she is, as Jehanne des Armoises, in Orleans for several days in 1439, feasted and presented with money by command of the town council.

  71. A few days later Worrall showed Coddington Fisher's receipt for the price paid to him by Worrall for the horse.

  72. There is a marriage in yonder hall, Has lasted thirty days and three, The bridegroom winna bed the bride, For the sake o' one that's owre the sea.

  73. It is equally certain that, eight years after the martyrdom of Jeanne, an impostor dwelt for several days in Orleans, and was there publicly regarded as the heroine who raised the siege in 1429.

  74. Here Horace, though writing from Berkeley Square, within two days of the fatal 27th, is wrong.

  75. Two days later he confessed that for three years he had been, in fact, trying to blackmail Leicester on several counts, Amy's murder and two political charges.

  76. Very recently had the Church of Gaul commenced the custom of going forth, on the days preceding the Ascension feast, to chant Litanies, calling down the Divine protection on field and fold, corn and wine, basket and store.

  77. True; but, as none knows better than thou dost, dear father and friend, the Arvernian blood has not cooled since the days of Caius Julius Caesar, and offences are frequent among the young men.

  78. All I look for is to end my days under the Cross, in the cause of the Holy Sepulchre, whether as warrior or lay brother.

  79. V Then, five days later, shout and yell, And shrieks and howls of slaughter fell, Upon the peaceful homestead came.

  80. I wish you might have seen her in those days of the early bud.

  81. But a few days later the unexpected happened.

  82. Some days before the crevasse occurred, he whom we know as the pot-hunter stood again on the platform of that same little railway station whence we once saw him vanish at sight of Bonaventure Deschamps.

  83. Dass four, five days now I been try to meck out what dat niggah at Belle Alliance holla to me when I gallop down de road.

  84. Many a cowering deer in those last few days that had made some one of these green fragments of the drowned land a haven of despair, the human castaway left unharmed.

  85. A few days of vacation, and then a bright re-union and resumption, the children all his faithful adherents save one--Sidonie.

  86. But a moment later they are the most fearful sight of all; for only too plainly does the fugitive see that they are the same two men who stood before the doorway of his hut six days before.

  87. They observe mourning during nine or ten days for an adult and make libations to the dead at the usual period in the month of Kunwar (September-October).

  88. The remainder of the first day's milk is taken by the grazier, and for the next few days it is given to friends.

  89. Sometimes the wedding lasts for eight days, and feasts are given for four days by the bridegroom's party and four days by the bride's.

  90. The following notice of Banjara criminals is abstracted from Major Gunthorpe's interesting account: [232] "In the palmy days of the tribe dacoities were undertaken on the most extensive scale.

  91. The bride is taken for four days to the husband's house and then returns, and is again sent with the usual gauna ceremony, when she is fit for conjugal relations.

  92. It is now strict etiquette for her father to refuse to send her on the first occasion, and they usually have to call on him three or four times at intervals of some days, and selecting the days given by the astrologer as auspicious.

  93. Mourning lasts for seven or ten days according as the deceased is unmarried or married, and during this time they abjure flesh and oil.

  94. We then rested three days and settled the rates according to which the booty should be shared.

  95. Other pilgrims to Singaji's shrine offer unripe mangoes and sugar, and an annual fair is held at it, when it is said that for seven days no cows, flies or ants are to be seen in the place.

  96. Muhammadan armies the Banjaras have figured in history from the days of Muhammad Tughlak (A.

  97. A few days before the wedding the bride-price is paid, which consists of 5 seers each of urad and til and a sum of Rs.

  98. Three days after the Diwali festival the Rawats sacrifice one or more goats to him, cutting off their heads.

  99. There shall no sign be given but the sign of Jonah the prophet: for as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the whale, so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth" (Matt.

  100. But know this, that in the last days grievous times shall come.

  101. Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up" (John ii.

  102. In the contests of this world men labour many days and suffer hardships; and for one hour they receive the crown.

  103. And all this was the case in the early days of the Roman Empire.

  104. We have the solemnity and importunity of one who knows that his days are numbered.

  105. And the other event which from the earliest days has been taken as a figure of baptism is of the same kind.

  106. Two or three days after I had been wounded the man from the Cape, who had been with me at the time, came to request that he might be allowed to leave the party and return to the vessel.

  107. For the next few days all was bustle and preparation.

  108. Duncan continues: When one dies or is killed they bury the body in the earth, but at the end of five days dig it up again and wrap up the bones, etc.

  109. For some days after our return from this excursion all hands were occupied in drying the stores, which had suffered a little from the late rains; in planting barley and potatoes; and in a variety of occupations of the same nature.

  110. I therefore certainly would not have ventured to make the passage in a gale of wind; but the weather did not seem threatening and it had been for many successive days blowing as hard as it was when we started.

  111. They were for some days among the watering party on very friendly terms.

  112. For twelve days he pursued this course, subsisting on native roots and boiled tops of grass trees.

  113. At dawn on Sunday the 1st the party started; and these two days I occupied myself in making magnetic and astronomical observations.

  114. For the next few days we had almost uninterrupted bad weather.

  115. About five miles from this place we fell in with a party of natives, who informed us that a few days before Mr. Elliott and those with him had arrived there in perfect safety, and my anxiety on this point was therefore set at rest.

  116. Many bodies would, in a few days after this mockery of a burial, be exposed nearly bare by the action of the elements.

  117. In the disordered Napoleonic days they never could tell whether the flag floating at the peak of some armed vessel encountered at the antipodes was that of friend or foe.

  118. The enforced idleness of the Revolutionary days was not easily forgotten by the whalemen, and their discontent and complainings were great when the nation was again embroiled in war with Great Britain in 1812.

  119. It can not be said that their attitude in the early days of that conflict was patriotic.

  120. After twenty-eight days they found an island, but it proved a desert.

  121. From the earliest days American progress in maritime enterprise was viewed by the British with apprehension and dislike.

  122. In the diary of a privateersman of Revolutionary days is to be found the story of the capture of an Indiaman which may well be reprinted as typical.

  123. The crew had scarce time to get out the boats, with one day's provisions, but were happily picked up by a passing vessel two days later.

  124. In the earliest colonial days the carcasses of whales were frequently found stranded on the beaches of Cape Cod and Long Island.

  125. Take unto thee wheat and barley, and beans and lentils, and millet and vetches, and make cakes of them for as many days as thou art to sleep on thy side.

  126. In our days we have seen the royal family of Persia murdered, and strangers upon the throne.

  127. Could you be ignorant that the whole family were in search of her for twenty days and nights?

  128. For she has multiplied her fornications, remembering the days of her youth.

  129. It has been taken for granted since the days of Charlemagne that the clergy, besides their own lands, ought to possess a tenth of the lands of other people, which tenth is at least a quarter, computing the expense of culture.

  130. Profound politicians assure us that if Cromwell, Ludlow, Ireton, and a dozen other parliamentary leaders, had been assassinated eight days before Charles I.

  131. It may be concluded, then, that in his days it was a prevalent one.

  132. When in high perspiration he drinks iced water, and in the course of five days dies of the pleurisy.

  133. I have to-day received notice from an English banking-house that in a few days several bills first of exchange, amounting to sixty thousand florins, will be presented to be paid by you.

  134. His bronzed features attested long residence under Algerian skies, and the stars and medals on his breast bore witness that his days had not been wasted there in idle dalliance.

  135. She had been at the convent about ten days when she was informed that the travellers had arrived an hour before at a neighboring inn, and her cousin was waiting in the garden parlor to see her.

  136. As an instance of the effect which he has produced on the minds of the people, we may relate an incident which came to our knowledge a few days ago.

  137. The immortality promised them in their Walhalla was a long continuance of new days of slaughter, and nights of debauch spent in drinking from their enemies’ skulls.

  138. But I have only a few days to live, and I want to repent, and make what atonement I can.

  139. It was an additional relief to feel this struggle would soon end, that a means of departure was at hand, or rather of flight, and she would only have to courageously struggle and repress her feelings a few days longer.

  140. The smiling and happy children that one knew in the early days are no longer such; they are thin, emaciated, bloodless, and live amid conditions which have already wrought sad havoc among their companions.

  141. The men who fall in these days are interred in their blood-stained uniforms, since there be no time in which to dress their bodies.

  142. The siege drags on, however, the days seeming to be an endless monotony in which there is absolutely nothing to sustain one's interest.

  143. And the rest long days fought on, Dwelling with wives and children, not alone And joyless, like these Greeks.

  144. Go, bring them--such poor garments hazardous As these days leave.

  145. How savagely In days like these a free neck chafes beneath Its burden!

  146. So the days waned, and armies on the shore Of Simois stood and strove and died.

  147. And thou, grey Mother, Mother-Shield that bore A thousand days of glory, thy last crown Is here.

  148. Nor all thy days Nor all thy griefs have changed them yet, nor learned Wisdom.

  149. The days that are dead shall quicken, the seasons that were shall return; And the streets and the pastures of England, the woods that burgeon and yearn, Shall be whitened with ashes of women and children and men that burn.

  150. XLIII The days that made thee great are dead; The days that now must keep thee great Lie not in keeping of thy fate; In thine they lie, whose heart and head Sustain thy charge of state.

  151. For a' things come and a' days gane, What needs ye rend your hair?

  152. XLII The strong spring wind blows notes of praise, And hallowing pride of heart, and cheer Unchanging, toward all true men here Who hold the trust of ancient days High as of old this year.

  153. X Love armed with knowledge, winged and wise, Should hush the wind of war, and see, They said, the sun of days to be Bring round beneath serener skies A stormless jubilee.

  154. But it was not the watch who broke into your house: they were robbers, who within these few days robbed another house in this neighbourhood.

  155. He afterwards made him tell him where his money was, took it all from him, and banished him for ever, after having made him ride three days through the city upon a camel, exposed to the insults of the people.

  156. By virtue of that admirable balsam, I was in a few days perfectly cured, and my wife and I lived together as agreeably as if I had never eaten of the garlic dish.

  157. I carried each of the merchants their money, and waited some days with impatience for the eunuch.

  158. He acquainted the king he was desirous of taking the air, and, if he pleased, would go and hunt for two or three days with Marzavan.

  159. These three days were rendered more remarkable by prince Assad's marriage with queen Margiana, and prince Amgiad with Bostama, for the service she had done his brother Assad.

  160. Two or three days after, the princess Badoura, that he might be nearer her person and in a more distinguished post, made him high treasurer, which office had lately become vacant.

  161. At last he entered a kind of path, which he followed, and travelled on ten days through an uninhabited country, living on herbs, plants, and wild fruits.

  162. The ten ships chased Behram's vessel two whole days without seeing her.

  163. I went on other days to pass the morning sometimes at one merchant's house, and sometimes at that of another.

  164. Be pleased to come in, Sir, said they, "our mistress expects you impatiently; these two days she has talked of nothing but you.

  165. A few days later the representatives of the so-called A B C powers, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, tendered their good offices for a peaceful settlement of the conflict and President Wilson promptly accepted their mediation.

  166. Two days after the delivery of his now famous message Monroe wrote to Jefferson in explanation of the form the declaration had taken: "Mr. Canning's zeal has much abated of late.

  167. Ten days later, General Sickles requested that the telegram tendering his resignation and the reply be published.

  168. Six days after the receipt of General Woodford's note the Spanish ministry resigned, and on October 14 the liberal ministry of Sagasta assumed office.

  169. It came in fifteen days from Potosi to Arica, thence by sea in eight days to Callao, and in twenty days from Callao to Panama.

  170. After two days of hot debate, the Senate reconsidered, and the House resolution prevailed.

  171. This fair was the great event of the year, and lasted forty days from the time of the arrival of the fleet.

  172. Five days after the battle of Maipo, San Martin returned once more to Buenos Aires and began organizing an expedition for the liberation of Peru.

  173. He landed at Tampico July 12, but was seized and executed a few days later.

  174. And so he proceeded for many days till all his water and corn were gone.

  175. The Queen died of a burning fever, only three days ago.

  176. In a few days it will be officially announced," Roberto said.

  177. Though the hard days are gone, the sun still rises after you.

  178. In a few days there will be horrible work on board here; a new conspiracy has been formed against the captain, and his death is inevitable.

  179. After continuing our journey for several days more, we were obliged, by a storm, to land again, and found a hut where three men dwelt.

  180. From the few Europeans on board, we learned that the ship was from Sumatra bound to London; we therefore landed them on the Isle of Bourbon whose port we entered two days after.

  181. For four long and dreary days had we lain among ice and snow, when a south wind sprang up, and once more opened a passage for us.

  182. Until the 29th of December, we experienced dreadful weather; snow fell in abundance, and for three days we were unable to leave the hut.

  183. Stormy days were the more unendurable, as the fire would not burn, but filled the hut with smoke.

  184. He supplied the Dolphin with water and provisions for ten days and loosened it from the schooner.

  185. Eight days later we perceived a reddish tinge, which we hailed as the harbinger of the near approach of the sun.

  186. Four days later, we discovered land, which was not noted down on the chart; it proved to be an island some four miles long, and evidently hitherto unknown.

  187. Two days afterwards, an English frigate set sail for home.

  188. A few days later, and we lost sight of the English coast; and with it the last land in Europe faded from our eyes.

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