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  1. And he could hardly wait for three day to pass, he was in such a hurry for Mr. Frog to finish his new suit.

  2. But maybe he would think twice--or even three times--before he went prowling through your crooked hall.

  3. That won't be ready for three days," Mr. Frog told him.

  4. Wilhelm, as the door closed behind the three gentlemen, continued his way.

  5. A short time after the three gentlemen had entered her aunt's house, a woman's figure ascended the stairs leading from the first to the second story.

  6. With the other children and counting the grandchildren, there'll be at least thirty-three for Christmas!

  7. And this is the first season in the past three I've ever been able to hunt Old Yellowfoot.

  8. Nor did they find Old Yellowfoot the next day, although they saw at least three bucks with imposing racks of antlers.

  9. Three years ago, for Christmas, I was given a pen of White Wyandottes.

  10. With Gramps' coaching him on leading, or shooting ahead of the target, he scored two hits, missed three and scored ten straight.

  11. Two grouse are plenty for the three of us.

  12. In addition to your regular night's sleep, lie down for at least three hours every day.

  13. Gramps grumbled and growled, but he took his medicine and accepted his three hours of daily rest.

  14. Three years had not dimmed Bud's memory of his first meeting with the tiny black fawn or lessened his feeling of bondship with him.

  15. At least three times a week and sometimes more often, Gramps went into Bennett's Woods to observe the buck.

  16. But the little table was big enough now that there were only three of them for most meals.

  17. Might and might not, and the chances are three hundred and sixty-four to one it won't.

  18. He sighted a second time on the stump, held his sight for a full three seconds, and turned to Bud.

  19. But the buck had backed up against three small trees whose trunks formed a triangle and held them off.

  20. According to the directions, the plants had to be set out precisely one foot apart in rows three feet apart.

  21. It sweeps upon the sight and smell In overwhelming tide, And then the sense of taste as well Betimes is gratified: Three noble senses drowned in bliss!

  22. FROM out Cologne there came three kings To worship Jesus Christ, their King.

  23. THREE comrades on the German Rhine, Defying care and weather, Together quaffed the mellow wine, And sung their songs together.

  24. That night when camp was struck the three wagons were drawn into a circle with the horses and cow inside.

  25. We have been out three weeks, and he was better, oh, very, very much better.

  26. They took all three teams, and while Mr. Peniman and Joe began cutting the long, rich prairie grass Lige and Sam guided the plows, turning over the sod for their fall planting.

  27. Greatly to the boys' astonishment they found packed away on the very bottoms of the two wagons three sets of window-casings and two stout wooden doors.

  28. They put up at the American House, and his father gave him three dollars, and suggested that he might like to buy some things to bring to the folks at home, and also to purchase some Christmas presents for the family.

  29. There is shade, and wood, and water--three absolute essentials to the comfort and safety of the settler, and an inestimable blessing in this barren country.

  30. The tough prairie sod was plowed about three inches thick in long furrows twelve to sixteen feet long.

  31. For three days the wind howled and the rain fell, while the gentle murmur of the river increased to a sullen roar and it rushed foaming and tumultuous over its rocky bed.

  32. The opposing forces met at Gettysburg, and the three boys were hurled into one of the most stubborn and bloody battles of the war.

  33. On the third day, or as Pashepaho expressed it, "three sleeps from the Pawnee settlement," Joe began to recognize the landscape.

  34. After dinner, when they all felt somewhat refreshed, Mr. Peniman began laying the sods, which were about twelve inches square and three inches thick.

  35. Beatrice James came to the homestead often, and the three girls seemed to have much to talk about together, frequently banishing Sara and Mary, whom they considered too young to share their confidences.

  36. Two or three times we had a scare about Indians, but they never came very near to us.

  37. The Prince met him with the argument that the King's commands extended to twelve years, and that, as only nine had elapsed, his step-brother must reign for three years.

  38. The King then sent for his three children by the dead queen and acquainted them with the soothsayer's prophecy, telling them at the same time that they must quit the Court and find a home elsewhere for twelve years.

  39. Three of them twisted their silk pasohs up about their waists, and tried to wade the river; but it was too deep, and they returned, seemingly much perplexed.

  40. So time went on, and it wanted but three months for the money to be complete.

  41. It is seldom that two or three communities concur in repelling the common danger; and thus, while they engage singly, they are all subdued.

  42. An inconvenience produced by their liberty is, that they do not all assemble at a stated time, as if it were in obedience to a command; but two or three days are lost in the delays of convening.

  43. Thus eager and impetuous, he formed them so that the centre was occupied by the auxiliary infantry, in number eight thousand, and three thousand horse were spread in the wings.

  44. The Burgundian law lays a fine of three solidi on every man who refuses his roof or hearth to the coming guest.

  45. After murdering a centurion and some soldiers who had been incorporated with them for the purpose of instructing them in military discipline, they seized upon three light vessels, and compelled the masters to go on board with them.

  46. Under the hammer the big veins, in which the separation exists, are at once divided into two, or it may be into three lengths of fibre; but if the cotton be pure and clear, this is no very great detriment.

  47. This variety is found in the same range of mountains as that last mentioned, but at a much lower level; it appears to have been first brought to light by a landslip exposing to view a seam of it three feet wide.

  48. The extreme length which these fibres may attain could not be determined, but judging from exposed portions, it cannot be less than three feet.

  49. Three distinct kinds of asbestos are said to be found in Italy, viz.

  50. From under his three hats he grinned at me, and on that black hill, against that lurid sky, he danced and danced and danced.

  51. Both can present their best foot for three days when a stretch of three weeks would strain its tendons.

  52. The three have chosen, each according to her heart's requirements.

  53. Thus my three lady farmers; and now that question, Does their farming pay?

  54. The three I have under observation are quite different from those women farmers who have shouldered their husbands' acres when forced to do so by widowhood or other marital disability.

  55. If success lies in having what you want, then my three farmer friends have attained it.

  56. The three of us sit a-row in the front pew.

  57. If in all women the root of all impulse is to be always making something that shall tangibly shape to the impress of each woman's separate self, then Lady Three chose neither flowers nor fowls, she chose to create for herself a home.

  58. XV The Farm Feminine There are in my summer neighborhood three gentlemen farmers who are women.

  59. There were three of them; they stayed three days, they changed their dresses three times a day, and they never wore the same dress twice.

  60. Lady Three is not afraid to live alone with the stars out-of-doors, or alone indoors with her hearth fire.

  61. I did a great deal of jumping during three weeks in Scotland.

  62. Illusory asparagus, it takes three years to grow him!

  63. It is interesting to examine the difference in meaning of the three types of hostelry--hotel, boarding-house, and inn.

  64. We have just returned from Europe, where we spent nearly three years.

  65. The temptation to display those three beautiful faces is very great.

  66. Two or three stout fellows volunteered, and were led off by Margaret, who unfolded her plan to them, and was at once placed on a pedestal as an object of admiration.

  67. And I think if the three elder children were off her hands she would have better health, and look after the house more.

  68. She lay in an attitude of great exhaustion as the three physicians, accompanied by Harry, came in, and was, evidently, unconscious of their presence.

  69. She let the three children loose into the garden immediately, where they were soon joined by Mr. Heath, who chased them up and down the walks with all the joyousness of a boy.

  70. The three younger men departed, after a substantial country supper; and as Margaret continued to sleep, only rousing enough to take nourishment, Harry and Laura had Dr.

  71. Children ought not to need corporeal punishment after they are two or three years old; and if properly managed, I doubt if they need it at all.

  72. It is sufficient to say that so far only two or three names have been identified with those of historical personages, though more results may yet be obtained.

  73. Vasari tells us that in 1484 his grandfather found in the neighbourhood three vaults of an ancient furnace.

  74. The two parts seem to have been marked by corresponding letters to avoid errors, and there are two or three lower lamp-moulds in the British Museum from Ephesos and elsewhere, marked with an A on the under side for this purpose.

  75. The designs are arranged in three friezes, of which the lower consists only of isolated bits of key-pattern.

  76. The story of Telephos also belongs to an early stage, and three incidents therefrom are found.

  77. At Verulam the tiles are arranged in three horizontal layers at intervals of about 4 feet, with flint and mortar between.

  78. The nasiterna, so called from its long spout or nasus, had three handles, and was used as a watering-pot.

  79. Hal now added his weight and strength, and the three of them, unmindful of Ken's advice, hauled back with might and main.

  80. Despite his alarm, Ken had to roar with laughter at those three dancing figures in the moonlight.

  81. There were three inches of water in the boat.

  82. And of course that trip meant opportunity to see England and France, and, what meant more to Ken, a chance to see the great forests of Germany, where forestry had been carried on for three hundred years.

  83. As he rounded a bend a hundred yards below he saw three natives come tumbling down the path.

  84. And three miles down the river from where the fish was hooked Pepe beached the boat on a sandbar and hauled ashore a tarpon six feet ten inches long.

  85. Two or three times he was tempted to turn off the trail into little bamboo hollows; this, however, owing to a repugnance to ticks, he did not do.

  86. I'll make a solution of three quarts water, one-half pint salt, and one ounce oil of vitriol.

  87. During this hot spell, which lasted from three o'clock until five, there was a quiet and a lack of life around camp that surprised Ken.

  88. Ken saw George wade out into the shoal and pick up three ducks.

  89. He kept that pace for three hours without a rest.

  90. Then Pepe rowed under the overhanging branches, and George killed three chicalocki with his rifle.

  91. He was alone on that unknown river with three sick boys in the boat.

  92. Three times he caught sight of a spotted form slipping away in the shade.

  93. But the three years when they had to wait to be asked have usually taken all their courage out of them.

  94. Even the servants can keep smiling through three days of extra work.

  95. A well-run home is three parts of a happy one.

  96. Nevertheless, I only wish that it were greedier and stole three months away from winter.

  97. Friendship resembles Love in the fact that there are usually three stages.

  98. And in these two-roomed flats families ranging from three to twelve members are forced to live, and for this benefit they must pay six shillings a week.

  99. Almost anybody can put up with almost anybody for three days.

  100. Two maiden ladies demand his life, and the town council have sent in a bill for two policemen and three lamp–posts.

  101. Oh yes, sir, a small piece, which he received three years ago on enlistment.

  102. For three years we used preliminary bombardments before making a great assault.

  103. I was made a lance–corporal for rescuing the captain’s bottle of whisky under a bombardment, and a full corporal for collaring three pimple–headed Huns who came over to ask me the time.

  104. And Tosher banged three rounds of blank ammunition in the air.

  105. Two hours afterwards we had captured the position, three hundred of the enemy, one gun, and lots of loot.

  106. The objective was reached, but we had only three hundred men instead of a thousand.

  107. Then, just ten yards from the tape, all were dumbfounded to see Ginger leap forward like a deer and breast the line three yards ahead of Beefy Jones.

  108. The lady in question is of uncertain age, but of great stature—six feet high, three feet broad, and built in proportion.

  109. In the past year we have successfully negotiated over three hundred happy unions between officers and our clients.

  110. As a matter of fact, after they had lived three months together, Ginger ceased to batter the Church, and often helped his clerical chum to get up concerts for the Y.

  111. You keep shouting for Democracy, but you’ve had it for three hundred years.

  112. Tosher, the Canadian, jumped up on the table and shouted, ‘Three cheers for the good old colonel!

  113. Three hundred men had dropped to two hundred.

  114. He discovered that he need only spend half–an–hour on correspondence instead of three hours.

  115. You must also remember that your training has been crammed into four months instead of three years, as we used to put in at Sandhurst.

  116. On our way home from the academy, we met a criminal, led by three watchmen.

  117. Suddenly, we received information that three warlike and formidable nations, namely, the Arctonians, Kispusiananians and Alectorians, had united against the Quamites.

  118. In three months I was enabled to speak with considerable readiness.

  119. It is the custom with most Europeans, to enter into a solemn compact with God, in the presence of witnesses, three or four times a year, which they invariably and immediately break.

  120. These three nations had been irritated by the uncommon progress of the Quamites as well as by the fall of the Tanaquites.

  121. Our progress was very slow, so that three days were occupied in our passage.

  122. The most splendid building in Kokleku is the Queen's harem, in which three hundred beautiful young fellows are shut up for life.

  123. When my conductor was polished, dressed and adorned, we departed for the president's palace, followed by three servants.

  124. In this kingdom are three academies; one in Potu, one in Keba, and one in Nahami.

  125. During this period she has borne me three fine sons, wholly worthy of their half brother, the prince of Quama.

  126. There are two hundred and thirty speculations concerning the form and being of God, and three hundred and ninety-six of the nature and qualities of the soul.

  127. Then three officers, each with a pail of cold water, approached him with measured steps.

  128. She had officiated for three years with the greatest honor, and was considered the most learned tree in the city.

  129. I remained in the orbit in which I was at first thrown three days.

  130. After three unsuccessful attempts to procure a verdict in the case of Gen.

  131. Further acknowledgments, both to him and to the other three editors named, will be duly and cheerfully made, as the occasions for them shall arise.

  132. It will form a large octavo of two hundred and fifty pages, with sixty-three engravings, and will be published by Mr. Putnam.

  133. The subscription is eight anas, or twenty-five cents a month, or six roupies, or three dollars a year.

  134. The three men continued to ascend the mountain, and after a while turned to the right and stopped in front of an old building partially in ruins.

  135. Hans lost his wife just three years ago, with whom he had lived in uninterrupted harmony.

  136. Besides, at the time of the arrest there were three other men in the house, and the ex-minister had almost forgotten the affair.

  137. It would take three months to reach the port, and long ere that we should starve.

  138. About three hundred and fifty persons, principally Frenchmen, are engaged in working the Buenaventura mines, which yield from two to three ounces per day to each man.

  139. At first, nothing but a shadow on the far horizon, like the ghost of a ship; two or three widely scattered rocks which were the promontories of Ireland, and sooner than we expected we were steaming along low-lying purple hills.

  140. Why else Should his dead face arise three nights before me, Bleached, ghastly, dripping as of one that's drowned, To freeze my heart with horror?

  141. Of the royalists a single man was killed, and two or three more were wounded.

  142. We lost one man, besides two or three wounded.

  143. Three weeks long Mondragon had been before Fort Lille, and two thousand of his soldiers had been slain in the trenches.

  144. The naval establishment consists of three steamers: the Aline, Ghita, and Young Harry.

  145. The Resident's entry was hardly a dignified one, as he had to clamber up the pole and into the building on all fours, drawing his body through the small aperture hardly three feet square, which formed the entry of the house.

  146. This was, I believe, authenticated in one instance, the woman returning to her tribe after a lapse of three months.

  147. Kanowit village consists of three long houses, built on wooden posts about 40 feet high.

  148. Consumption is unknown in Sarawak; and an English officer who came out to join the government service, afflicted with this complaint, completely recovered after a residence of three years in the country.

  149. It is done in the same manner as the above, with the difference that the executioner takes two hours and sometimes three before he gives the final coup de grace.

  150. The Kayan war-dance is not danced (as is the Dyak) to a lively measure of gongs and drums, a wind instrument being used constructed out of a gourd and three short pieces of bamboo.

  151. I left for Cadiz by the small trading steamer James Haynes three days after my arrival at Gibraltar.

  152. But the most interesting and novel sight in Kuching is its Bazaar, which is built in arcades à la Rue de Rivoli, the shops therein belonging chiefly to Chinamen, excepting three or four held by Indians.

  153. Within the three weeks after the First Division had landed, the work of army-building began.

  154. The 2d Colonial French Corps made the slight advance required of it on very difficult ground, and the 5th Corps took its three ridges and repulsed a counterattack.

  155. But Generalissimo Foch, with his stanch determination not to be done out of his reserve, held the Americans back, and they were destined to remain behind the main battle-line for three and a half months longer.

  156. The three objectives were named Mackensen, Von Kluck, and Ludendorff.

  157. The work that began then had no let-up till the first three battalions went into the trenches late in October.

  158. The month that the reinforcement of the French and British Armies was planned and accepted the transport figures jumped from forty-eight thousand odd to eighty-three thousand odd.

  159. Weaving through this picture of military precision, three little groups of men waited restlessly to get aboard the ship.

  160. Forty divisions have arrived, of which the infantry personnel of ten have been used as replacements, leaving thirty divisions now in France organized into three armies of three corps each.

  161. An American general had brought his fighters three thousand miles because a principle of world order and world right needed the added strength of his arms.

  162. I don't believe you did take more than three men by the shoulders and put them aside.

  163. Just three days more, precious mother, and I will leave for home.

  164. Weeks, too, could get his wife that fur coat he'd been wanting her to have for three years.

  165. Three squares away was his sister's house, and in it was the girl with the fresh, clear voice.

  166. I expected to stay three weeks, and will have stayed five before I get back.

  167. I have three hours and forty-five minutes," he said, under his breath.

  168. Yes; one that she must have become acquainted with during her visit to Washington three years ago.

  169. Two or three negro women were gathered around him, variously occupied with rubbing his hands, chafing his temples and wiping the oozing foam from his lips.

  170. And Cloudy turned to a side door on his right hand, and went into the little receiving-room, three sides of which were like other rooms, but the fourth side was a grating instead of a wall.

  171. They were nearly three times the number of the foraging soldiers.

  172. He had been back to his native place about three weeks.

  173. A ride of three miles through the old forest brought them to the open, hilly country.

  174. In these five past years, Cloudesley had been at sea, and had only returned home once--namely, at the end of the stated three years.

  175. But there were plenty of graves, filled with the results of three years' hard fighting.

  176. It seemed probable enough therefore that, so far as depended on the operations from the eastern side, the siege of Ostend, which had now lasted two years and three months, might be protracted for two years and three months longer.

  177. Christendom, in his opinion, should belong in three equal shares to the families of Stuart, Bourbon, and Habsburg; but personal ambition and the force of events had given to the house of Austria more than its fair third.

  178. It having been estimated that the labour would take three weeks of time, without more ado the inner line was carefully drawn, cutting off with great nicety and precision about one half the whole place.

  179. This seemed the necessary fate of the commandants of Ostend, where the operations seemed more like a pitched battle lasting three years than an ordinary siege.

  180. There should be three religions, said Elizabeth--not counting the dispensation from Mecca, about which Turk and Hun might be permitted to continue their struggle on the crepuscular limits of civilization.

  181. And thus, while conveying a French ambassador and three hundred Frenchmen on a sacred mission to the British sovereign, this redoubtable mariner of England prepared to do battle with the ships of France.

  182. There were three thousand effective men in the garrison.

  183. Yet this most redoubtable folk only numbered about three millions, one- tenth of them inhabiting London.

  184. What more convenient counters in the great game of state than an infant prince and princess in each of the three royal families to which Europe belonged!

  185. He stepped back from the keyhole, drew himself up to his full height, and looked from one to another of the three by-standers in mute astonishment.

  186. There had been no handkerchiefs to work upon for two or three days, and the dinners had been rather meagre.

  187. I should say three pound ten was plenty,” said Mr. Limbkins.

  188. In this marriage-feast three well-known incidents in the life of Buddha and his teaching's on the three occasions are united.

  189. Mara dispatched three pleasure-girls from the north quarter to come and tempt him.

  190. Three days the sweet Yasodhara remained, For her long journey taking needful rest.

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