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giuing; give; gived; givee; giveing; giver; givers; gives; givest; giveth
  1. That a ball of given calibre fired through glass may make a hole enough smaller than the full size of the ball before firing to prevent an unfired ball of like calibre passing.

  2. Granted that a given wound was produced before death.

  3. Opinion given that the child had been accidentally choked to death by the hand.

  4. So also should due weight be given to the advancement of knowledge and education in the world in general, and in the medical profession in particular.

  5. If any abnormalities are noticed along the intestinal tract, an accurate description should be given of their situation and extent; as also the amount of congestion seen in different portions of the intestinal tract.

  6. The illustrations which have been given above exhibit the simplest form in which so-called direct testimony can be demonstrated to be not always positive and direct testimony, but somewhat a matter of inference.

  7. This is the call of the bush, it requires some little skill and practice, and when given well can be heard a great way off.

  8. To Edward Hammond Hargreaves be given the honour of this discovery.

  9. The names given to these gullies open a curious field of speculation.

  10. Our next care was to obtain our gold from the Escort-office; to do which the receipts given in Bendigo had to be handed in, and after very little delay the precious packets were restored to their respective owners.

  11. Some of the names given to the spots about Forest Creek are anything but euphonious.

  12. The good people of Victoria were rather jealous of the importance given by these events to the other colony.

  13. The puddling and cradling work had, I fancy, given the finishing stroke to his disgust.

  14. I give the tale, much in the same words as it was given to me, because it was one out of many somewhat similar, and may serve to show the state of morality in Melbourne.

  15. They would have given little heed had the earth rolled over on a new axis, and dawn come from the South Pole!

  16. Given an ax, some spice of ingenuity and a fair stock of patience, and any man can fashion an astonishing variety of useful articles.

  17. It was not a question now as to whether the Southern Cross would survive, but when and where she would strike, and what sort of fighting chance would be given of reaching a bleak shore alive.

  18. What a jolt it must have given you to find your wife on board the Southern Cross!

  19. Sturgess, who staggered and nearly fell when he tried to move after the brief halt, was given a few drops; Maseden himself had what was left.

  20. Clearly, though he had given no bond, he was imperiling the fulfillment of this unhappy girl's desire if he talked.

  21. A doctor announced that Senor Suarez must be given complete rest and freedom from public affairs during the ensuing week or ten days.

  22. Maseden himself was the first to admit that they had been given sound advice.

  23. In all likelihood, had the captain given the order "Full speed ahead," the evil thing might have been thrown clear before mischief was done.

  24. Of course, every facility will be given for the dissolution of the marriage.

  25. Given a quantity of malleable iron and a fire, it would not be an impossible task to construct some rough tools.

  26. Of course, any woman of average wit could have put a man in the wrong at once with equal readiness though given a far less vulnerable opening, but Maseden realized his blunder and drew back.

  27. The horse was given over to the care of a peon, and Maseden went to his bedroom.

  28. Mrs. Maseden, I have given you my name and all my worldly goods.

  29. He was very willing to have a holiday, so we shut the business up, and started off for the address that was given us in the advertisement.

  30. As to Mary Jane, she is incorrigible, and my wife has given her notice; but there, again, I fail to see how you work it out.

  31. When I saw how many were waiting, I would have given it up in despair; but Spaulding would not hear of it.

  32. You have given orders that Arthur should be liberated, have you not, dad?

  33. On the other hand, I would not have given her the name which I have the honor to bear”—he gave a little stately cough—“had not I thought her to be at bottom a noble woman.

  34. You will leave the papers here, and remember the advice which I have given you.

  35. Now, Robert, you have heard it all, and I am very sorry if I have given you pain, and I hope that you do not think very meanly of me.

  36. Evidence of a previous conviction for robbery having been given against the prisoner, the magistrate refused to deal summarily with the offence, but referred it to the Assizes.

  37. He picked out from his bundle a copy of the local Herefordshire paper, and having turned down the sheet, he pointed out the paragraph in which the unfortunate young man had given his own statement of what had occurred.

  38. In the earliest chapters of the Bible there are rules given for influencing the colours of breeds, and black and white sheep are spoken of as separated.

  39. No titles are given except in the case of § VIII.

  40. In the margin is written "Get young pigeons"; this was afterwards done, and the results are given in the Origin, Ed.

  41. He holds that November 1832 may be given with some confidence as the "date at which Darwin commenced that long series of observations and reasonings which eventually culminated in the preparation of the Origin of Species.

  42. In the margin Marshall is given as the authority.

  43. Pachydermata, to compose series as perfect as cattle, that if, as many geologists seem to infer, each separate formation presents even an approach to a consecutive history, my theory must be given up.

  44. The arguments against multiple centres of creation are given in the Origin, Ed.

  45. This simile is more fully given in the Origin, Ed.

  46. Brown's name is given apparently as the authority for the fact.

  47. The reasons for combining the two sections are given in the Introduction) 22 § vi.

  48. Finally, if views of some geologists be correct, my theory must be given up.

  49. My remaining collections in Natural History may be given to any one or any museum where would be accepted.

  50. The case of Trigonia, a great Secondary genus of shells surviving in a single species in the Australian seas, is given as an example in the Origin, Ed.

  51. This is the classification of selection into methodical and unconscious given in the Origin, Ed.

  52. His first attention having been given to the motor, he brought out very soon his famous two-parallel cylinder mounted horizontally on the body frame.

  53. Much also has been acquired from original sources and has never before been given to the public.

  54. It is worthy of note that to Delahaye is given credit for the practical adaptation of the radiator in the arrangement now generally used in the cooling system.

  55. His sales to that date of five machines for the Shah of Persia and landaulets for the Maharajah of Mysore and other notables had given him much prominence at that time.

  56. As a result he has made notable discoveries that, although not yet given to the world, will, it is confidently believed by those acquainted with them, prove to be of the greatest scientific value.

  57. In January, 1900, this was announced in Paris, and the custody of the trophy initially given to the Automobile Club of France as the first and foremost champions of automobiling.

  58. Bishop Wilkens, in England, also wrote about them in 1648, and showed a drawing that was made from a description given to him by those who had seen the car at work.

  59. For it is not held desirable by his majesty that publicity should be given to such matters until there can be no doubt that they are susceptible to proof.

  60. And now he was so much carrion that should be given to the earth.

  61. She carried me to Vauxhall, where a fuller scope might be given to the pursuit of my shame and mortification.

  62. You have given me no cause to think of you to your advantage.

  63. Mr. Caryll drew from an inner pocket of his coat the small leather case that Sir Richard Everard had given him.

  64. It was his boast that he could take a hint when one was given him; and so he could, provided it were broad enough, as in the present instance.

  65. Heard you no reason given why they should prefer me to your chamberlain, your ostler or your drawer?

  66. That is what you owe your father; that is the full extent of what lies between you--that you are of those at whom the world is given to sneer and point scorn's ready finger.

  67. If Mr. Caryll had had anything to hide, this would have given him the hint to take his precautions; but as he had nothing that was in the least degree in incriminating, he went his ways in supremest unconcern of the vigilance exerted over him.

  68. There were no conveniences provided on the first submarines for their crews; indeed, as we look back now on those pioneer attempts, it seems verily as if no thought at all was given to the health and safety of the men who manned them.

  69. To Whitehead, then, must be given the credit not only of having invented the submarine torpedo that is used with such telling effect in the present war, but of making a success of it.

  70. They were, however, thought very well of for coast patrols, and this was the duty given them to perform; each submarine had a stretch of coast which it was to watch and tactics and maneuvering were not needed for this service.

  71. You may have noticed this if you have been near a place where gasoline is stored, for the whole air is saturated with the vapor given off by it and this is what you smell.

  72. Due allowance must be made for the speed of the ship and the speed of the torpedo to the end that the distance both will travel in a given time may be known.

  73. To the end that you may do this, I have given in this chapter the plans and specifications, which mean the working drawings and a full description, of a 2-foot model submarine boat which you can easily make and run yourself.

  74. The way a submarine chaser chases a submarine is like this: each chaser is given a certain area of seaway to patrol.

  75. To make the deck, cut out a sheet of heavy tin the exact shape of and dimensions given in Fig.

  76. And I have referred to this source for the genealogy of the artist, as given by himself, and particulars of his early life.

  77. We are then given extracts from a mining diary--significantly left off at a particular stage of the proceedings--used as a sketch-book.

  78. The Blue-stocking, constantly running her nervous fingers up her forehead into her hair, has given to Girton a style of its own, equivalent to none at all.

  79. And du Maurier wrote his autobiography thus, in tales, which are histories too, in their graphic description of the aspect of places and people at a given time.

  80. But to him alone it seemed to be given to glimpse the splendour of it, and to suggest the link of romance that holds the present and the past together.

  81. He was a genuine Bohemian of the artistic fraternity (as given in his Trilby) with the true polish of an English gentleman, of the kindest disposition, and of the warmest heart.

  82. Tom Taylor has given up cigars and only takes a pipe occasionally.

  83. The name Palmella was given him in remembrance of the great friendship between his father's sister and the Duchess de Palmella, who was the wife of the Portuguese Ambassador to France.

  84. He goes on to say that, thanks to kindness of friends of his family, employment came: he was given an order for analysing various specimens of soil from a friend's estate.

  85. It was clear that Mr. Paulson had given his all for the cause.

  86. That is, given silk, one could easily mistake it for Enduron.

  87. They looked on at blows given and taken in good temper, hardship sharpening jollity.

  88. The landscape given off any of the airy hills of Surrey would suffice to do it.

  89. Turning to his daughter, he said: 'My child, I had almost given up the hope of ever seeing you again.

  90. To clear away any possible doubt, he showed the ruby which the Good Queen had given him in his childhood.

  91. The Herd-boy was so pleased to think what pleasure he had given that the next night he placed another bag of gold beside the girl's bed.

  92. On the threshold he was greeted by a servant with the news that his wife had just given birth to a boy.

  93. Then he remembered what the Princess had told him--that he had only to touch them with the rod she had given him and they would all awake; and the first he touched were his own comrades.

  94. So she was given three large needles, a plough-wheel, and three nuts, which she was to take great care of.

  95. This was exclaimed by a little boy, clapping his hands; they had been given to him because it was his birthday, and now he began setting them out on the table.

  96. She was given twelve servants, who each held a silken string which was fastened round her leg.

  97. Full of joy the youth hurried towards her, and begged her aid and counsel in the new piece of work he had been given to do.

  98. But Lagree had not given up her pursuit, and arrived just as Fairer-than-a-Fairy had fallen fast asleep.

  99. You may imagine the rapture with which the Queen received the daughter she had given up for lost, as well as the amiable Prince who had rescued her.

  100. And the girl gave them the bread that her grandmother had given her.

  101. In the evening, when she had washed up and was ready, she felt in her pocket and found the three nuts which the old toad had given her.

  102. The band has ceased to play, the sailors have given their last ringing cheer, even the echoes of which have died away, and faintly down the wind comes the sound of the evening bells.

  103. The sentence was read, and orders given to proceed with the punishment.

  104. The virgin keeping that which was meant to be given away.

  105. A detailed setting forth of the functions and proper exercise of these organs will be given later.

  106. She can thus originate her half of the in-and-out motion--a something she will delight to do, if given a fair chance.

  107. There are women who will conceive at any time in the month, if they are given a chance to do so.

  108. This egg, however, is infertile of itself, and must be given life to, by mingling with its germ, an element which only the male can produce and supply.

  109. As between the public, or your friends, or society, give them what of yourself you can spare, after you have given to your lover all that you can bestow upon him, or he can wish you to bestow.

  110. Now, if time is given for this fluid to be secreted and exuded, all the parts become covered or saturated with it, and they are admirably equipped for easy union.

  111. Thus, a man may hold his penis in his own hand for a given length of time, longer or shorter, and no result will be effected, no secretion of prostate fluid be made, at all.

  112. No matter what books you have read on sex information, no matter what question is agitating your mind, the information given in this wonderful book will solve your problem.

  113. The main surface towards the wing-tips is given a decreasing angle of incidence and corresponding camber.

  114. For instance, a given weight of coal or petroleum stores a given quantity of energy which may be expressed in foot-pounds.

  115. Lift, Margin of--The height an aeroplane can gain in a given time and starting from a given altitude.

  116. Their pitch angles are different, but their pitch (in this case altitude reached in a given time) is the same.

  117. The name which was given to a type of aeroplane of which the longitudinal stabilizing surface (empennage) was mounted in front of the main lifting surface.

  118. Angle, Pitch--The angle at any given point of a propeller, at which the blade is inclined to the direction of motion when the propeller is revolving but the aeroplane stationary.

  119. For a given pitch, and having regard to "interference," they are not so efficient as two-bladed propellers.

  120. The greater the speed of rotation, the less the pitch for a given aeroplane speed.

  121. For a given pitch, the gap of a four-bladed propeller is only half that of a two-bladed one.

  122. Could I have given it a larger angle, then the planes would have become a much more effective air-brake, and we should have come to rest in a much shorter distance.

  123. Moreover, greater velocity for a given power would be secured at a greater altitude, owing to the decreased density of air to be overcome.

  124. The best degree of fineness for any given velocity is found by means of wind-tunnel research.

  125. He hasn't given out any official opinion yet, but he's impressed.

  126. The punchers rode away without looking back, but many times in the days that followed their hearts turned to that roof which had given the word home a new meaning to them both.

  127. Say Sanders'll round up you an' Shorty pronto when he's given authority.

  128. With the power of quick recuperation which an outdoor life had given them, both Shorty and Dave were fit for any exertion again, though Sanders was still suffering from his burns.

  129. The fires of discipline had given him remarkable self-restraint.

  130. The week after he left Cañon City letters of thanks had reached both Hart and Crawford, but these had given no address.

  131. His years in prison had given him at least the strength of patience.

  132. He was not awkward or self-conscious; rather a man given to silence.

  133. Doble took it for granted that Sanders had done this, which was contrary to the orders he had given his outfit.

  134. He had been given time to recover from his dismay.

  135. His soul was filled with chagrin and fury at the defeat this stripling had given him.

  136. If the leak should be found to be gaining on the pumps, ample notice will be given you, and plenty of time will be allowed for transferring everybody to the boats without rush or confusion of any kind.

  137. The suggestion found immediate favour with the "white lords," for it appeared to indicate the shortest way out of the difficulty; and orders were at once given to carry it into effect.

  138. Your adventure of this afternoon has given you a rather bad shaking up.

  139. That would only have given our show away and spoiled everything.

  140. They were given to understand that the Chibcha country abounded not only in gold but also in gems, especially emeralds, and in illustration of the bounteousness of this wealth certain customs of the Chibchas were described.

  141. Early varieties of oats and spring wheat have given somewhat better results in portions of the Northwest than barley.

  142. Sour clover is grown rather extensively as a green-manure crop in orchards in portions of Arizona and southern California and when properly handled in these regions it has given profitable results.

  143. Those portions of the fields which received an application of phosphate not only contained many more plants on a given area, but the vigor and growth of the plants were most marked.

  144. Console me, Marquis, in respect of a wonderful game of piquet which I lost yesterday to a certain Saint-Bouvain, to whom I could have given fifteen points and the deal.

  145. Footnote: Compare the description of the horse given by the Dauphin in Shakespeare's Henry V.

  146. Fanny wept when we unpacked it, and you know how little she is given to that mood; I was scarce Roman myself, but that does not count - I lift up my voice so readily.

  147. I have given up the big house for just now; we go ahead right away with a small one, which should be ready in two months, and I suppose will suffice for just now.

  148. That day they did not come; but did come the next, and, to their vast surprise, were given six months' imprisonment and clapped in gaol.

  149. The expression is excellent; Fanny wept when she saw it, and you know she is not given to the melting mood.

  150. And there is one thing sure: no such feast was ever made for a single family, and no such present ever given to a single white man.

  151. Suppose it had made a book, all such information is given to one glance of an eye by a map with a little dotted line upon it.

  152. I have written six more chapters of the book, all good I potently believe, and given up, as a deception of the devil's, the High Woods.

  153. Story of a lion rampant (that was a toy he had made, and given to a girl visitor).

  154. I could not bear after that to take from him any of that class of books which I have always given him.

  155. It is a great chance if it be managed; but I have given directions and lent my own clock to the boys, and hope the best.

  156. We have given a ball; I send you a paper describing the event.

  157. The lady, examining the bottle more minutely, immediately suspected it was that wherein the wash used to be; terror seized her; she called the maid, and it was discovered that she had given her mistress the wrong bottle.

  158. Gianetto took leave of them, and went to Venice, found Messer Ansaldo's counting-house, and delivered him the letter his father had given him.

  159. The abbot fell on his knees, praying him to pardon him, for he had not known him, and particularly for the box on the ear which he had given him.

  160. And I swear," said she, "by all that I hold most dear, that thou hast given it to a woman.

  161. His servants, on their return to Paris, having given it out that he was dead, every body lamented the loss of so great a man, and so able a lawyer.

  162. Rest assured that I will preserve my faith in the care of the charge thou hast given me, while I live, as truly as I have to thee during this life.

  163. The lady ordered a horse and money to be given to him, and dismissed him, and he departed overwhelmed with sorrow.

  164. Santi-grande was his name, grande being added from a nick name given to his father.

  165. The accused should be given the benefit of the doubt.

  166. The first impulse of the presiding genius was to request him to move on, but his picturesque qualities suggested that he be given a chance to earn his supper by sitting as a model.

  167. Mr. Bowser when he had given up the search.

  168. I happened to be in the office of the Mercantile Review and Live Stock Journal recently in time to hear one of the best reasons ever given for stopping a newspaper.

  169. We learn that our genial friend Dick Tucker has given up his claim and returned home.

  170. Mr. Bowser suddenly looked up from his paper the other evening and asked: "Why is it that we haven't given a progressive euchre party this season?

  171. The man who is given to sober reflection seldom gets into a tight place.

  172. America is not given to jewelry, gauds or trappings, but those familiar with the business say that she has a seal ring.

  173. Well, John, as soon as you have given me that proof of your affection, I will believe that you love me.

  174. But why he said so strange a thing No Warder dared to ask: For he to whom a watcher's doom Is given as his task, Must set a lock upon his lips, And make his face a mask.

  175. To drift with every passion till my soul Is a stringed lute on which all winds can play, Is it for this that I have given away Mine ancient wisdom, and austere control?

  176. I tell him that Miss Horatia Bluett has given me news of him.

  177. And as soon as the signal was given that we were on the branch, all he had to do was to gain the foot-plate, kill the driver and stoker, slow the train and get off, leaving the steam on full to work up to full speed.

  178. And this reply was given in my own language, with a foreign accent.

  179. As to the numerous "medresses," the colleges which have given Bokhara its renown as a university--I must confess that I did not visit one.

  180. Number 3, that is Major Noltitz, is seated in front of numbers 9 and 10, the two Chinese to whom I have just given numbers in my notebook.

  181. When Popof had given me this information, I asked if he knew anything of our fellow travelers, I meant those who were going through to China.

  182. They were dressed merely for the grand dinner party which took place at eight o'clock in the evening--the dinner given by Ephrinell to his witnesses and to the chief first-class passengers.

  183. Suddenly there is a burst of shouting, the thicket has given passage to the gang in ambush--some sixty Mongols, nomads of the Gobi.

  184. On the bridge is the mate, pacing backward and forward, and watching the course he has given to the man at the wheel, who is close to him.

  185. So you must refer to the accurate description given of it by your great geographer Elisée Reclus.

  186. On this information from Popof, I will keep to the number nine I have given to young Pan-Chao, and to the ten with which I have labelled Doctor Tio-King.

  187. The actor has given place to the old sailor who has reappeared for the occasion.

  188. He was not given to the taking of unnecessary risks for the sake of abstract principles.

  189. Your ideas of what to do in any given case are not always good, but when I tell you what to do you do it, Sharp.

  190. I'm dreadfully given to it anyhow, and I've a notion to say one impudent thing right now.

  191. The bank might have been utterly bankrupt or entirely solvent, and that assignee would in either case have given precisely the same answers to our young friend's questions.

  192. Even Colonel Barksdale refused to read them, feeling that they were sacred, and that the permission given him to read the letter extended no further than the end of the sentence last set down in the extract above given.

  193. The rides soon in the morning must not be given up on any terms.

  194. This much you are in honor bound to do in any case, and you have also given me your word that you will do it.

  195. Pagebrook consulted me a few days ago about a note signed by Ewing Pagebrook, drawn in favor of Charley Harrison, which, Harrison said, had been given him when he advanced money to Ewing with which to pay a gambling debt to Foggy.

  196. While Foggy was at it he made a clean breast, telling all about his partnership with Harrison in the gambling operations, and admitting that the note Harrison held was dated ahead and given solely for a gambling debt.

  197. Bob had given his word of honor to Ewing not to expose him.

  198. The word of young Dionysius was very sensible: his father, reproaching him for a shameful action, said, "Have I given thee such example?

  199. The first chapter of Matthew begins with giving a genealogy of Jesus Christ; and in the third chapter of Luke there is also given a genealogy of Jesus Christ.

  200. The history of him is altogether the work of other people; and as to the account given of his resurrection and ascension, it was the necessary counterpart to the story of his birth.

  201. I have given as footnotes translations of such clauses and phrases of the French work as appeared to be important.

  202. He has, however, given no proofs of any to me.

  203. The "Age of Reason" is thus for the first time given to the world with nearly its original completeness.

  204. He had composed nearly the whole about a fortnight before the time of Parliament meeting, and had given me a proof of the next sheet.

  205. The accounts that are given of the circumstances, that they tell us attended the crucifixion, are differently related in those four books.

  206. The manner in which he was apprehended shows that he was not much known, at that time; and it shows also that the meetings he then held with his followers were in secret; and that he had given over or suspended preaching publicly.

  207. It seems as if God had given them over to a spirit of infidelity, and that they are open to conviction in no other line but that of punishment.

  208. Imagination has given figure and character to centaurs, satyrs, and down to all the fairy tribe; but titles baffle even the powers of fancy, and are a chimerical nondescript.

  209. I am sorry you have given me cause to do it; for, as I have always remembered your former friendship with pleasure, I suffer a loss by your depriving me of that sentiment.

  210. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "given" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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