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Example sentences for "hint"

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hings; hinn; hinna; hinny; hins; hinted; hinter; hinterland; hinterlands; hinting
  1. Facts hint that she often abused and took advantage of his good nature.

  2. In the earlier part of the play, a hint is given of Gonzales' rancorous hate of Laval, the undercurrent of which is now revealed.

  3. She was too politic to give even the slightest hint of her object in the conversation which ensued, but she used every possible allurement to fascinate her victim, while she would allow him no liberties nor caresses.

  4. Suppose you drop a hint to Dave Carter, or to the dealer to-night, before Bernardi goes there.

  5. I gave him a hint in Spanish before I came away, and I hope he will stop before they fleece him.

  6. Indeed, you can rest assured that I shall never mention a hint of it to any one," replied Lesparre.

  7. Again, the other hint is in reference to procreation, as some stress is laid to the connection between the conception of Sarah and the circumcision of Abraham.

  8. Another hint from Sylvie to the Dog-King—another sharp yell from the thief, now convicted of lying also—and the remaining three apples were surrendered.

  9. These songs, however inaccurately recorded, are of the greatest value for the hint they give us of Jamaican music as it existed over two centuries ago.

  10. Of the Negro's real religion, which is bound up with Obeah, we get hardly a hint in the sings.

  11. The journalist, who understood, took Gatien by the arm and pressed it as a hint to him to be silent.

  12. Dinah paid no more heed to her husband's hint to her to observe the proprieties than Lousteau had done to Dinah's significant warnings on the day of his arrival.

  13. And afterwards came the hint of romance, the feeling that strange things had happened to him in that great city, so strange and so intimate that they might not be spoken of.

  14. It may be that I am myself at fault for not following up the hint which you conveyed to me through my friend, Dr.

  15. Yet, not a word, not a hint is there, that the writer felt any interest in, or was disturbed by, anxieties about either.

  16. If Carlyle had been more heedful he might have taken the hint furnished by those 'thankless people.

  17. Yet no hint is there in the Seven Epistles that these thoughts were familiar to the writer.

  18. A word from him to his agents abroad, a hint to the editors of the News Letters, or a proclamation, would have dispersed those mischievious rumours, and would have reduced Charles to inaction.

  19. And, strangely enough, the Protector himself supplied a hint which might have provoked some curiosity about the nature of that 'Rebellion.

  20. Did any single person ever hint that father had not done.

  21. This he said with an air that conveyed very plainly a hint that Johnny should take himself off, which, without saying any more, he accordingly did.

  22. I suppose people talk about me: At your age I should have been angry too at a hint even from an old friend.

  23. The unmentioned fact was that Jack had taken a little flier in Oshkosh, and a hint from Henderson one evening at the Union, when the venture looked squally, had let him out of a heavy loss into a small profit, and Jack felt grateful.

  24. Jack's brief notes to her were therefore, as usual, indefinite, but with the hint that he was beginning to see a way out of his embarrassment.

  25. Mr. de Lara took the hint with a dignified equanimity.

  26. In the stiff dignity of the brownstone streets up-town there may be scarce a hint of it.

  27. If there is any hint in this to the profession at large, they are welcome to it, along with humanity.

  28. Or even where there is no principle in the bosom, why does not prudence hint to the mercenary and the vain to abstain a while at least, and wait the fitting of the times?

  29. Being ourselves no doctors, we merely throw out this hint for the consideration of those who are learned in such matters: but we beg pardon of our readers for this digression.

  30. This seemed to be a hint for entering into new reflections.

  31. This incident afforded me no hint from which I might conjecture my state.

  32. She opened the door as she spoke, and he, accepting it as a hint of dismissal, meekly followed her from the room.

  33. A sad prospect for poor Steve, unless I give him a hint to look well to his ways.

  34. No, Steve has been very good: but I know he had rather be with Kitty Van; so of course I feel like a marplot, though he is too polite to hint it.

  35. Does a hint of fame help me nearer to the prize I'm working for?

  36. Her full face rather belied the profile; it was an easy, good-natured face, though with a hint of preoccupation about the dark eyes.

  37. There was in it more than a hint of power.

  38. She looked at Henry with a hint of alarm in her face; said, 'How do you do!

  39. Queer that the impulse to write should come so overwhelmingly without giving him, so far, a hint as to what he was to write.

  40. It seemed to us all that this might serve as a hint for a poem, and the story here told was constructed, and soon after put into verse by me as it now stands.

  41. The gloss with which it was subsequently accompanied was not thought of by either of us at the time, at least not a hint of it was given to me, and I have no doubt it was a gratuitous after-thought.

  42. I have seen six or seven ridges rising above each other, all created in a moment by the vapours upon the side of a mountain, which, in its ordinary appearance, shewed not a projecting point to furnish even a hint for such an operation.

  43. I have never needed one," confessed Stewart; it was a pregnant hint as to the Morrison methods.

  44. There was a certain finality about her deliverance of the statement, a decisiveness that afforded no hint that she would consider any compromise or reconsideration.

  45. Then the big hand went out with no hint of any reservation in cordiality.

  46. There was a hint in that action; the Senator was showing his determination to handle matters without gloves for the rest of the evening.

  47. There was a hint of contempt in her gesture.

  48. Disregarding the injunction of his uncle, and in violation of one of the plainest rules of good breeding, he concluded to open one of the letters, and see if he could not gain some hint from it, to aid him in completing his own.

  49. One word, nay, the merest hint is sufficient.

  50. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hint" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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