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evicted; evicting; eviction; evictions; evidemment; evidenced; evidences; evidencing; evident; evidente
  1. It will be remembered that the man had not yet had time to arrange his suddenly acquired mass of evidence in logical order and to make deductions from it.

  2. There is not," said Hartley, "one particle of real evidence against him that I'm aware of.

  3. The man would have been amazed if he could have known what a mountain of information and evidence had piled itself up over his head all in twelve hours.

  4. We stood there at the casement of the palace, gazing with a growing terror at the visible evidence of the tragedy which threatened.

  5. There was nothing startling in this evidence of underground and sub-sea transportation.

  6. In granting certificates of genuineness, the Church guarantees only that there is sufficient historical evidence or probability for the belief that particular bones or other objects belonged to a particular Saint.

  7. There is an obligation of commutative justice to offer testimony, if one is under contract to do this, as when one is hired as a detective or agent to gather evidence against lawbreakers.

  8. Neither is it lawful to take money as compensation for trying one case before another, or for hastening a case, or for giving unusual diligence to a complicated case, or for deciding for one side when the evidence is equal on both sides.

  9. Sometimes it is a conclusion based on probable evidence, and which by jurists is called violent, strong, or weak presumption according to the evidence (see 658).

  10. Hence, if the accuser does not believe that his accusation is just, or if he knows that there is no suitable evidence for his charges, or if he is excluded by law from making an accusation (e.

  11. But manifestly such duels are a temptation of God, since they rashly call on Him to disclose, through a duel between the litigants, what the evidence in court did not disclose.

  12. According to the civil law the rules on evidence also favor the accused in cases of doubt.

  13. Some authorities hold that there is sufficient evidence for vision at a distance as a sixth sense in certain individuals, especially among primitive peoples and persons bound by a tie of blood or intimate friendship.

  14. An article of the Creed deals only with those doctrines concerning eternal life and Christ which are in a special manner unseen or difficult, for faith is "the evidence of things that appear not" (Heb.

  15. If, however, the witnesses are giving false evidence of their own accord, they take the risk of revelations by the defense.

  16. But if the evidence stands and the judge has to pronounce sentence, it is not easy to determine the course that should be followed.

  17. We found in the universal existence of religious institutions further evidence of this profound human need of spirituality.

  18. But the internal evidence alone, as we shall see, would be sufficient to establish their authenticity.

  19. Nor had he, or Carlyle either, before him the evidence of the letters to Temple.

  20. The capacity for sustained effort, when set to it, of which he had boasted over his condensation of the evidence in the great Douglas case, stood him now in good service amid all his vexations, dissipations and follies.

  21. He is soon in a sort of Byronic fit, and he continues in a strain with which we should have not credited the 'gay classic friend of Jack Wilkes' and of that Sienese signora, unless he had turned evidence against himself.

  22. On my return to Brussels, after my visit to the Congo, a state official who has never been in Africa asked me with interest and some evidence of concern whether in my judgment it was true that those in Africa were always a little crazy.

  23. At no point did we see the slightest evidence of difficulty in furnishing the service or of dissatisfaction in supplying it.

  24. I have never seen a white person who could have stood the operation with so little evidence of suffering.

  25. The prisoner squatted down upon the veranda without a word of discussion, laying the fruit, evidence of his guilt, upon the floor at his side.

  26. One of the chief aims in life is to accumulate cloth, not for use as clothing, but as evidence of wealth and for the final display when the man dies and is buried.

  27. A court was immediately assembled for his trial; but the evidence was not thought sufficient to convict him, and he was consequently acquitted.

  28. Strong presumptive proof, indeed, was frequently adduced; but the kind of evidence necessary to establish the offence was almost constantly withheld.

  29. The case was from the first so clear, the evidence so conclusive, that the prisoner was perhaps the only man in England who expected any other result.

  30. The changeableness of fashion, the perishability of all instrumental music, is of itself sufficient evidence of this.

  31. The editor continues: "In the deep gloom of the future position of these countries we see no evidence of a single periodical grasping with energetic vision the coming time.

  32. These worthies would willingly have made him paternise the thing; but he had evidence of its having been found abandoned in the street.

  33. Charles drank his coffee and spiked some half-dozen eggs, darting occasionally a penetrating glance at the ladies, in hope of detecting the supposed waggery by the evidence of some furtive smile or conscious look.

  34. Some ingenious antiquarians think they find evidence that this gigantic profile was made to commemorate the victory obtained by Alfred and Ethelred over the Danes at the ancient Æscesdune.

  35. This fact furnishes direct evidence that right conduct must be held as a certain intelligent adjustment to the relations sustained.

  36. Upon this fundamental and unsurpassable evidence rests the great fact of free-will.

  37. The primary and fundamental evidence is the great fact, already set forth, of the moral distinctions which arise out of its action and fill personal consciousness and the life of the world with their attesting presence.

  38. Whether or not its account is satisfactory is another question, to be decided according to the evidence furnished.

  39. It has only secondary forms of suggestion and support--the precarious evidence from special theorizing in ontology and metaphysics.

  40. The distinguished anthropologist Quatrefages is sustained by the fullest evidence when he asserts that man is essentially a religious being.

  41. It is the form of evidence in which all psychical facts, activities, powers, and laws, are made known and stand certified in our knowledge.

  42. This lengthened presentation of the evidence of the existence of the conscience as an essential endowment and part of human nature, may seem to the reader to have been unnecessary or beyond the importance of the question involved.

  43. The very errors that appear in its action are at once evidence of its existence and proof of limitations which harmonize it with the aggregate human psychology.

  44. The actual attempts of evolutionist writers to construct an ethical view which shall explain the phenomena of conscience and justify its authority, has added further evidence of the difficulty on this point.

  45. And there can be no evidence more immediate and authoritative than that of consciousness.

  46. This appears to me an unproved conclusion, and the evidence of it needs careful attention.

  47. If he was convinced of the truth of this testimony he would have been disposed to accept as conclusive evidence which would not be so regarded by critics.

  48. I shall not here state more than in brief form, the sufficient evidence that can be quoted in favor of the first and second requisites.

  49. There is no evidence that the Green river was well enclosed immediately north of the Uinta mountains at the time of their first elevation; hence the likelihood of its temporary ponding or enclosure is increased.

  50. The direction of the streams is indisputable evidence that the elevation of the fold was so slow as not to divert the streams, although the total amount of elevation was many thousands of feet.

  51. Want of other explanation for the Watchung streams is not satisfactory evidence in favor of the explanation here suggested.

  52. It may perhaps be regarded as one more evidence of the approaching supremacy of the Drama, which many literary prophets have foretold.

  53. Before beginning to write, Sienkiewicz reads all the authorities and documentary evidence he can find.

  54. Miss Dewing has a fine feeling for comedy and gives evidence of both genuine talent and a fresh and vivid outlook upon life.

  55. Favourite, which came to grief at the siege of Bea in 1840, and often cited by the Tongans as evidence of how they beat a British man-o'-war.

  56. The coal, the sole evidence of their dilemma, was now a hillock of crumbling, chocolate-coloured gravel, overgrown with creepers and long unrecognisable as fuel.

  57. The inhabitant of a tropical climate is confounded at the sight of falling snow, and he almost discredits the evidence of his senses when he sees a frozen river carrying loaded waggons on its surface.

  58. The proof which the eye thus receives of the seal being raised, overcomes the evidence of its being hollow, derived from our actual knowledge, and from the sense of touch.

  59. Sir Walter has given sufficient evidence in his novels and romances of his acquaintance with the superstitions of our own and remoter times.

  60. The translation made for the Family Library exhibits evidence of the utmost care, and the misstatements into which the author inadvertently fell are corrected by the translator.

  61. I have quoted but sparingly, and I have thought quotation better than comment, but despite the double meagreness I think I have given evidence that La Wallonie was worth editing.

  62. When Captain Coons reached the Rosecrans house he found evidence of troops having been there recently, and soon discovered smoke and heard the snapping of caps on a mountain spur towards Elk Water camp.

  63. To his honor it must be said, however, that he never faltered, and the evidence is overwhelming that he never entertained a thought of joining his State--Virginia.

  64. There is no evidence that he ever wavered in his loyalty to the Union.

  65. There is convincing evidence that General Scott and Hon.

  66. Mosheim's Church History, as evidence that the Bible not only sanctioned slavery but authorized its perpetuation through all time.

  67. We secured the two guns mentioned, some muskets and supplies at the enemy's camps, and found evidence of a hasty flight of the Confederates.

  68. He referred to the quiet of the day as evidence that they had no purpose to assail him in his works.

  69. All was peaceful enough on the 20th, though on every hand the evidence of the preceding day's struggle was to be seen.

  70. Then Mr. Nash continues: 'This external evidence is altogether wanting.

  71. We see in this similarity only an evidence of the existence of a common stock of ideas, variously developed according to the formative pressure of external circumstances.

  72. But I am content to let it pass, because it is true, that without internal evidence in this matter the external evidence would be of no moment.

  73. In common justice toward Miss Dunross I ought surely not to accept the conviction of her deformity on no better evidence than the evidence of a dream?

  74. To our certain knowledge, he was privately married to another woman some years since; and we have no evidence whatever that the first wife is dead.

  75. My mother looked at me as if she doubted the evidence of her own senses.

  76. The great scientific discoveries of the nineteenth century came to men more prepared for the shock of new surprises, and they carried evidence less tangible and indisputable to the senses.

  77. If it be true, as has been often asserted, that the spirit of an age is to be found best in the work of lesser men, his complete identity with the thought of his time is in itself evidence of his inferiority to his contemporary, Browning.

  78. When I was younger and more rash in judgment and feeling, I was led into a sad mistake by the evidence of eye, ear, and a girl's imagination.

  79. It was but a spark--the merest point of light that showed her the verge of the precipice toward which one link after another of the chain of circumstantial evidence was dragging her.

  80. The need of dissimulation is the evidence that something is radically wrong in your moral nature, and is derogatory to your lawful partner.

  81. She never doubted from that moment, what she had more cause in after days to believe, that he loved the woman he had won with a fervor of passion that seemed foreign to his temperament as the evidence of it was to his conduct.

  82. That she had gained in queenliness within the past year was not evidence of austerity or the callousness that ensues upon the healing of a wound.

  83. He had, indeed, given more evidence of his unconquered passion for Mabel than she had expected.

  84. Intense as was my anxiety to learn the particulars of the story, and upon what evidence they were induced to believe it, I dared not press my inquiry into what it was plain they intended to guard as a family secret.

  85. Mrs. Sutton assumed a collected air, and delivered herself with the mien of one who was determined to submit to no trifling, and to credit no scrap of evidence against her friend which counter-reasoning could set aside.

  86. We should accept the evidence that some monstrous herd, making its way through a mountain pass, somehow went crazy and bolted for the plains.

  87. All he could possibly do was try to make contact and give warning by such means as would leave no evidence behind that he'd done so.

  88. It was a risky guess to make on such evidence as Calhoun considered he had, but no other guess was possible.

  89. There's no evidence for anything of the sort," protested Calhoun.

  90. Korvan's found evidence of one that's making blueskin no longer a word with any meaning.

  91. Certainly they put no obstacles in the young people's way, which may be taken as evidence that they approved of it.

  92. Finally he moved that his client be discharged on the ground that there was no real evidence connecting him with the theft of the diamond.

  93. You see," said the accused, brightening up, "there is no evidence against me.

  94. It showed evidence of having been struck by lightning a long time since.

  95. Now they have new evidence that he deliberately murdered the man.

  96. But you have no evidence against the man," said the policeman.

  97. It is, in fact, the best possible evidence that his belief in their affinity was well founded.

  98. Then, some two months ago, when I was at Brooch, a fellow gives evidence before me in a burglary case.

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