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  1. I wonder who gives these Directory men their information," Nares reflected.

  2. I said I had found out that Le Caron's camp did not exist in two years, did not have a meeting in two years, that the junior guardian given in the directory had not been in the town of Braidwood for over two years.

  3. This was that same Napoleon Bonaparte who had led the armies of the Directory to victory in Italy.

  4. He was succeeded by a Directory of five men which carried on the war of defence abroad and held France together at home for five years.

  5. And to private christians I thought it not in vain, to have at hand so universal a directory and resolution of doubts; not expecting that they remember all, but may, on every occasion, turn to such particulars as they most need.

  6. Clapart and led her into devout paths; the former Aspasia of the Directory had not confessed for forty years.

  7. The marriage was celebrated during the Directory or the Consulate.

  8. Even if the Directory were not jealous and the people enthusiastic, the number of relatives I have discovered in the last ten days would show that things are going my way.

  9. You have provided yourselves with food and clothes, and declared a dividend for the Treasury of France which will enable the Directory to buy itself a new hat through which to address the people.

  10. That night the members of the Directory came down with chills and fever.

  11. The Directory overthrown, Bonaparte turned his attention to the overthrow of the Consulate.

  12. These remarks, as may well be imagined, sent a thrill of enthusiasm throughout France and filled the Directory with consternation.

  13. If it were an Elite Directory it might be worth while, but it isn't.

  14. The Directory were quite as glad to have Napoleon go to Egypt as he was to be sent.

  15. Directory of a city, the, as affording profitable reading, 155.

  16. Perhaps the Directory of the county town is the only available volume.

  17. Anno 1643, the church laid a very great work upon him, together with Mr. Calderwood and Mr. Henderson to form a draught of a directory for a public worship, as appears by an act of the general assembly.

  18. Mr. Calderwood and Mr. Dickson, to prepare a directory for the worship of God, which not only had the desired effect, but at length brought about uniformity in all our churches.

  19. Their composing a directory for worship, an uniform confession of faith, a form of church-government and discipline, and the public catechism, which was done in about a week after he and the rest returned home.

  20. The Directory had the entire disposal of the army, the finances, the appointment of public functionaries, and the management of public negotiations.

  21. Three of the Directory sent in their resignations, and Napoleon assumed the reins of government under the title of First Consul, and was associated with Sièyes and Roger Ducos.

  22. During the absence of Bonaparte in Egypt, the French Directory became unpopular, and the national finances more embarrassed than ever.

  23. So far as possible the directory lists are exhaustive for the entire world.

  24. Take the telephone directory and the London directory, and sit you down at my desk.

  25. Well, the chemist or the directory will supply that if we want it, but I’m afraid he sounds a wheezy old bird.

  26. Not satisfied with threatening invasion, the Directory of France sought by every means to corrupt the Irish.

  27. Finding at length that the invasion of England could not be carried out, this pet projection was abandoned, and Napoleon advised the Directory to endeavour to cripple her resources in the East.

  28. To an expedition on so grand a scale the Directory objected at first, but the master-spirit who advised them was beginning to feel and exert that power which ultimately carried him to the throne of the Empire.

  29. We swear to endeavour "to bring the churches of God in the three kingdoms to the nearest uniformity in religion confession of faith, form of church government, directory for worship, and catechising.

  30. Finding the list in the directory incomplete, she boldly visited police headquarters, from which licenses are issued, and copied the name and address of every keeper in the city.

  31. One moment," said McCausland, running his forefinger up the directory page.

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