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Example sentences for "dispatch"

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  1. Dispatch vs with all speed, least that our King Come here himselfe to question our delay; For he is footed in this Land already King.

  2. General French had already prepared his dispatch and this he placed in Hal's hand.

  3. He is one of the dispatch dogs taken from the French.

  4. The next public dispatch dissipated the idea; and it never crossed him again, till some other letter recalled the wish--to be as speedily forgotten.

  5. On quitting Agnes, I had made it my first business to dispatch a Peasant with a letter to Lucas at Munich, ordering him to take care that a Coach and four should arrive about ten o'clock on the fifth of May at the Village of Rosenwald.

  6. But first,' said Jacques, taking up his arms; 'first let me dispatch these Sleepers.

  7. If they join us, we are strong enough to dispatch the Domestics as well as their Masters, and the booty is our own; If Claude does not find the Troop, we must take patience, and suffer the prey to slip through our fingers.

  8. I began to think that He had scented our design, and that we should have been forced to dispatch him at all events.

  9. Let me beseech you, then, not to dispatch such a letter, for I am not the man to question your abilities; but having got the matter in train, you must not knock the fruit down before it is ripe.

  10. We determined, therefore, to dispatch some one in quest of our camels and our Lama.

  11. Those, indeed, which are employed to carry dispatches, are expected to travel eighty leagues per diem, but then they only carry the dispatch bearer.

  12. As soon as he had cleared the door I made him walk before me, for fear the sentinel should take notice of his walk, but I continued to press him to make all the dispatch he possibly could.

  13. Perhaps in no other country, at the same period, could the wrongs of an individual have been visited upon an aggressor with the same dispatch and ruthless determination as in the Highlands.

  14. Glad I am that Kolbein, my brother-in-law, at least does not bid some contemptible wretch to dispatch me.

  15. Another feature in the management which showed clear-sightedness and business acuteness, was the pains which the Editor took to ensure greater celerity of information and dispatch in printing.

  16. Dispatch won its way to popularity in Ireland as elsewhere, and Bianconi lived to see all the cross-posts in Ireland arranged on his system.

  17. Although the atmospheric railway was eventually abandoned, it is remarkable that the original idea was afterwards revived and practised with success by the London Pneumatic Dispatch Company.

  18. The following Tuesday a long dispatch from Rotterdam reached the department, stating, among other things, that one of the Dillingham diamonds could be distinguished by a heart-shaped flaw located just below the surface.

  19. He had been warned that Barlow was bringing the dispatch and the entire office was cleared for work.

  20. At eleven o'clock that night Polk sent a dispatch stating that he had taken a strong position for defense and asked that he be heavily re-enforced.

  21. Sheridan's division at once with all possible dispatch to support Thomas and to send the third brigade as soon as it could safely be withdrawn.

  22. From a dispatch written by the French Ambassador at Berlin, we gather that even in July 1913 the Germans thought war was "inevitable," for the following reasons.

  23. At home, the War Office[217] was working night and day to equip and dispatch an army for service in France.

  24. To him apply yourselves, and he 195 Will soon dispatch you for his fee.

  25. Nor shalt thou find him a Curmudgin, If thou dispatch it without grudging.

  26. On Tuesday, January 8, my father received a dispatch from the President to come at once to the White House.

  27. But Richmond suppressed the dispatch as Richardson had suppressed the letter.

  28. Footnote 564: "A dispatch from Douglas to Richmond was sent because a letter containing similar suggestions to Richardson had been kept in the latter's pocket.

  29. The urgent warning seemed to imply that dispatch is essential and may yet avail.

  30. He felt that dispatch was duty, and delay criminal.

  31. All we have to do in that case is to dispatch the work as fast as we can, and get rid of the beans with all speed; and as to the seed coming up or not, that is no business of ours; we are paid for planting, not for growing.

  32. Dick did as he was bid; he willingly went to work, and readily began to plant his beans with dispatch and regularity, according to the directions given him.

  33. I'll broach the tadpole on my rapier's point: 85 Nurse, give it me; my sword shall soon dispatch it.

  34. Mark highly commended it; and they determined to dispatch it by the next steamboat going the right way, that might call to take in wood at Eden--where there was plenty of wood to spare.

  35. The march was kept up all night, a short halt only being allowed in the morning near Dispatch Station.

  36. Owing to the swollen state of the river, and the impossibility of bridging it, the division was forced to march to Dispatch Station before effecting a crossing.

  37. Webster valued them particularly, and remarked that he "always laid aside every other correspondence to read a diplomatic dispatch from Mr. Irving.

  38. Quite often the Prussians dispatch our wounded soldiers with a lance thrust or a blow with the butt of a musket.

  39. Two years afterward I read in a dispatch from Berlin of his being brevetted as an aviator in the Kaiser's service, and recently I read of how he was working in the air-service of the German Army.

  40. In an unofficial dispatch a few days before he was said to have accounted for fifty-two enemy planes.

  41. Though the British post-office can demand the use of trains at any hour, and as regards those trains can make the dispatch of mails paramount to all other matters, the British post- office cannot fix the price to be paid for such work.

  42. As this is the case throughout the whole railway system of the country, it cannot be expected that such dispatch and punctuality should be achieved in America as are achieved here in England, or in France.

  43. To the purely American farmer a tree is simply an enemy to be trodden under foot, and buried underground, or reduced to ashes and thrown to the winds with what most economical dispatch may be possible.

  44. Borrowing for the sake of a war may be a bad thing to do, as also it may be a good thing; but if it be done at all, it should be so done as to bring the war to the end with what greatest dispatch may be possible.

  45. Their arming was only authorized at the last minute; for Brock's dispatch to Prevost shows how strictly neutral the Canadian government had been throughout the recent troubles between the Indians and Americans.

  46. Baynes explained to Prevost, and Prevost explained in a covering dispatch to the British government, that the fleet could not co-operate, that the fort could not be taken, and that the landing party was not strong enough.

  47. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dispatch" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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