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  1. He never read the bulletin board posted outside, and the inside was a place of so little interest to him that he had not even seen the beautiful canoe that was exhibited there, and on which so many longing eyes had feasted.

  2. A couple of boys played mumbly-peg under the bulletin board tree.

  3. For details as to what the American railway companies are doing in the matter of "Education for Efficiency in Railroad Service" I must refer the reader to a bulletin written by J.

  4. Its present civilized population according to Bulletin No.

  5. The population of the island of Cebú, according to the census of 1903 (see Bulletin No.

  6. For a late discussion of the volcanoes of the Philippines, see Bulletin No.

  7. Gazetteer of the Philippine Islands, and Bulletin No.

  8. The civilized population now (see Bulletin No.

  9. Its present civilized population (see Bulletin No.

  10. The present civilized population of Malolos (see Bulletin No.

  11. Gazetteer of the Philippine Islands and Bulletin No.

  12. The last bulletin said that the Military Revolutionary Committee had delivered an ultimatum to the Committee of Public Safety, demanding the immediate surrender of the Kremlin, or bombardment would follow.

  13. But far more valuable than these is the Bulletin de la Presse issued daily by the French Information Bureau in Petrograd, which reports all important happenings, speeches and the comment of the Russian press.

  14. I found on the bulletin board one day an announcement of the summer term of Mt.

  15. The Eskimo of Baffin Land and Hudson Bay," Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, xv.

  16. Boas, "The Eskimo of Baffin Land and Hudson Bay," Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, xv.

  17. The Eskimo of Baffin Land and Hudson Bay," Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, vol.

  18. Five Million Soldiers' Garments Made by American Women A recent bulletin of the American Red Cross contains a report showing that up to Feb.

  19. It was placed at the end of the basement corridor above a small bulletin board, where those who passed might read.

  20. But the notice of the lost pin posted on the bulletin board brought forth no trace of the vanished butterfly.

  21. It's only the next night that I gives her the first bulletin from the front.

  22. Also that night I carried home the bulletin to Vee.

  23. An hour and a half after the bulletin announcing the failure of the search had been posted, Eldridge rushed into the wireless office.

  24. It's just a case of send out orders to your bulletin men.

  25. I regarded this bulletin of Mr. Stanton as a personal and official insult, which I afterward publicly resented.

  26. Bulletin of the United States Department of Agriculture No.

  27. This study has resulted in a very comprehensive bulletin issued by the College of Forestry upon the wood-using industries of the State of New York.

  28. As the airship boys stood there, a man came quickly out upon the veranda which held the bulletin board.

  29. For the lines on the bulletin board bore only such notations as these: “Number ten—abandoned at Winnipeg.

  30. Say,” spoke Hiram, with a queer anxious jerk in his voice—“the bulletin board!

  31. A flat surface, as of a panel or of a fence, on which bills are posted; a bulletin board.

  32. The Bulletin Officiel announced that "Tous les Actes du Gouvernement qu'il y a interet a rendre publics seront inseres au Bulletin Officiel.

  33. A later bulletin adds: "With this development of general order is combined an inevitable amelioration in the native's condition of existence wherever he comes into contact with the European element.

  34. It's about something important," he said in an undertone as they passed between the Bulletin Elm and Old Chapel, where the crowd was always thickest.

  35. One morning, a few days later, the whole University, on its way to and from recitations and lectures, saw a poster on the Bulletin Elm.

  36. These inscriptions have been published in the Bulletin de correspondance hellenique (viii-xii.

  37. Ramsay, and was first published by him in the Bulletin de correspondance hellenique for 1883, p.

  38. Much of it was written before the author had the opportunity of studying two very interesting documents first made known in the course of last year in the Bulletin de correspondance hellenique and the Philologus, viz.

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