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Example sentences for "boost"

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boorded; boords; boorish; boorishness; boors; boosted; booster; boosters; boosting; boot
  1. When a man delivers the goods we boost him; when he fails we fire him.

  2. Formidable long-term challenges include: preparing the economy for freer trade with the EU and US, improving education, and attracting foreign investment to boost living standards and job prospects for Morocco's youth.

  3. The coalition government faces tough choices in its attempts to boost Portugal's economic competitiveness and to keep the budget deficit within the 3% EU ceiling.

  4. The government hopes an expansion of tourism will boost economic prospects.

  5. Cocoa production has substantially declined in recent years because of drought and mismanagement, but strengthening prices helped boost export earnings in 2003.

  6. The current government has lowered income taxes and introduced measures to boost employment.

  7. Boost him along, and I'll promote you to his place, and he's getting forty-five dollars a month.

  8. He can only give you a boost on the path you eternally must tread.

  9. Or, if you do not wish to be boosted just yet, why not boost Cooky?

  10. Not built in, the way yours is, but I had a special medikit set up just in case; I have drugs that'll boost my strength and speed.

  11. As soon as you're ready, then, I'll boost the power.

  12. At this point Peterkin wandered off to the suit entirely and forgot Jerrie, who was to boost the house of Peterkin and make it "fust-cut.

  13. We need better blood than the Peterkins or the Moshers--need boostin'--and you must get a wife to boost us.

  14. It also permitted some private farming on an experimental basis in an effort to boost agricultural output.

  15. Bangkok has pursued preferential trade agreements with a variety of partners in an effort to boost exports and to maintain high growth.

  16. Offshore oil drilling was given a boost in 2004 when the State Oil Company (Staatsolie) signed exploration agreements with Repsol, Mearsk, and Occidental.

  17. The government has lowered income taxes and introduced measures to boost employment and reform the pension system.

  18. In 2005, Oman signed agreements with several foreign investors to boost oil reserves, build and operate a power plant, and develop a second mobile phone network in the country.

  19. The government faces tough choices in its attempts to boost Portugal's economic competitiveness while keeping the budget deficit within the eurozone's 3%-of-GDP ceiling.

  20. With high oil revenues enabling the government to post large budget surpluses, Riyadh has been able to substantially boost spending on job training and education, infrastructure development, and government salaries.

  21. But one may boost it,--one may boost it, my dear fellow.

  22. But--well, say, you just need a boost to make you feel like it.

  23. And now I guess you're going to boost your weight behind it too.

  24. Ain't there a thing I can say to boost you?

  25. As a matter of fact, I've always had Mirabelle sized up as a near-vamp who had worked up the act to boost sales and cinch her job.

  26. The ten, I take it, is a retainer for me to boost the yachtin' enterprise.

  27. Motor generators are frequently used as boosters to raise or boost the voltage near the extremities of long distance, direct current transmission lines.

  28. He went through the plane's airlock and jumped, helped by a hearty boost from Jonner.

  29. To boost the engine power and give us more Gs, we'd either have to carry more fuel or coast part of the way on momentum, like an ordinary rocket.

  30. Just look at what you did to boost Branton Hills!

  31. Now I am going to boost our famous Organization again, by stating that a boy from its ranks, Frank Morgan, was put in; for it was a hobby of Gadsby to put Branton Hills boys in Branton Hills Municipal jobs.

  32. It would give you a good boost towards your home on high, anyway.

  33. But a boost for the kid was worth a sacrifice.

  34. I'll boost from behind--we'll show him a trick or two.

  35. I spoke the words out loud to boost my courage.

  36. More details will show up in the ten-day interval; and one more cautious boost then should bring it out in full.

  37. Well, that should boost business," said Trigger.

  38. But we are still operating under a patchwork accumulation of old laws, which cost us $1 billion a year in CCC carrying charges alone, yet fail to halt rural poverty or boost farm earnings.

  39. There isn't a thing that the Bulletin can do except to boost local enterprise with a bit of reservation, then lay low and wait for developments.

  40. This was a great boost for cricket, and it has been popular in England ever since.

  41. A young lady and her mother from New England (both members), gave the Alley a boost at the last concert.

  42. He saw Tom's knees coming up out of the sand before he called: "Now, Payson, you can give me a little boost if you like.

  43. He has certainly given me a big boost forward in the world.

  44. And they'll boost their price with the rest of the retail men and make a double profit.

  45. I've not been asked to join any ring to boost prices; but I have been asked to sell out.

  46. I am taller than Carol and I think I could boost you high enough to get a look round.

  47. I can climb if you'll boost me, Alice," Chicken Little volunteered quickly.

  48. Continuing economic recovery in Western Europe should boost Czech exports and production but a substantial increase in prices could erode the Republic's comparative advantage in low wages and exchange rates.

  49. Until the end of 1993, Turkmenistan had experienced less economic disruption than other former Soviet states because its economy received a boost from higher prices for oil and gas and a sharp increase in hard currency earnings.

  50. The boost in export competitiveness from the depreciation helped lift Sweden out of its 3-year recession.

  51. Although short-term prospects for improvement are dim, improved political stability would boost Zaire's long-term potential to effectively exploit its vast wealth of mineral and agricultural resources.

  52. The government has hoped that dynamic growth would boost real incomes, broaden and deepen the technological capabilities of the industrial sector, reduce inflationary pressures, and permit the expansion of welfare benefits.

  53. I wisht I hed never let ye push an' boost me inter it.

  54. No kid of Vandecar's gets a boost up from me--a boost down, more like!

  55. Suppose you give me a boost through this window," Thede suggested, as the boys at last stood close against the rear wall.

  56. Now, if you've got that little scrap settled, you can give me a boost through this window!

  57. Uncle John was worrying about how to boost the circulation.

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