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Example sentences for "boorishness"

Lexicographically close words:
boor; boord; boorded; boords; boorish; boors; boost; boosted; booster; boosters
  1. But whatever was prosaic in Potsdam was already established at Windsor; the economy of cold mutton, the heavy-handed taste in the arts, and the strange northern blend of boorishness with etiquette.

  2. The boorishness was in the Germanic or half-Germanic rulers who wore crosses and spurs: the gallantry was in the gutter.

  3. The Italian's contempt for Teuton boorishness is as ineradicable as the Italian's confidence in the brilliant future awaiting his own kingdom.

  4. To be sure, he did not "run an Indian muck" among the dancers, but he became the terror of the whole company for a rough boorishness which was certainly unknown before in any polite assembly.

  5. Nay rather you behave to all men with the proverbial Myconian(730) boorishness and ignorance and stupidity.

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