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Example sentences for "boorish"

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boons; boor; boord; boorded; boords; boorishness; boors; boost; boosted; booster
  1. Eat not garlic nor onions, lest they find out thy boorish origin by the smell; walk slowly and speak deliberately, but not in such a way as to make it seem thou art listening to thyself, for all affectation is bad.

  2. Don Quixote laughed at Sancho's boorish eulogies and thought that, saving his lady Dulcinea del Toboso, he had never seen a more beautiful woman.

  3. The truth is that he could not help being at times semi-impertinent to young ladies; but then he had delicacy of breeding enough to know when he was so; he did not quiz them in mere boorish stupidity.

  4. To knock and jam and violently push a man into the other world is one of the most boorish and barbarous discourtesies that I can imagine.

  5. You even boasted about it to your sister, who told me of it, for she is fond of me and was disgusted at your boorish coarseness.

  6. It is much easier for a buyer to turn down an ill-bred boorish caller than one who shows the signs of being a gentleman.

  7. In fact the boorish caller invites the turn-down--he suggests it by his manner; while the gentleman suggests respectful treatment.

  8. The Prince, with all imaginable deference, then indicated the door of his castle to the cavasse and invited him to enter first; but the Turk with true boorish insolence, signified that the Prince was to lead the way.

  9. And of course, if she had wedded Clarus, a boorish and decrepit old man, you would have asserted that she had long desired to marry him of her own free will without the intervention of any magic.

  10. By inflaming the boorish indignation at a little frolic of our young men; and by coming with insolent demands, to yield to which would ruin us.

  11. But if he's a gentleman, it cannot be his intention to have a lady insulted by a boorish lackey!

  12. Sometimes he lost a family of the more boorish sort, because they did not think they got their money's worth out of him, unless they had something more than a taste of everything he carried in his saddlebags.

  13. You were a little boorish and I a little hasty.

  14. The cold, disdainful, bored manner in which he patiently endured the pleasures of the day exceeded even the privilege for boorish bearing willingly granted to gentlemen of unquestionable talent.

  15. His fellow-citizens he held to be for the most part of the boorish Fiesolan breed, rude and stony-hearted as the mountain in whose cleft the cradle of their race was seen from Florence.

  16. Then again he offered me his hand so frankly that I drew him aside, and begged his indulgence and forgetfulness for my boorish behaviour at Johnson Hall.

  17. I kissed her maliciously and praised her skill, vowing that she was a very Huron for slaughter, which boorish jest set her face a sorrowful red.

  18. However, I now saw that I could not with dignity notice either their boorish gallantry, their mischief, or the songs they were pleased to bawl out in the street.

  19. God raised him up in recent times after the many reverses of Spain (I suppose to revive the works of the ancients that we might not always grow duller from boorish rusticity), and set him as a sort of support.

  20. I myself would rather have the most boorish manners than such exaggeration of coquetry.

  21. We make acquaintance with Osmin's boorish character in many different situations; he is true to himself in them all.

  22. I had come across strange people in my travels, but I have no hesitation in saying that my host was the sullenest, sulkiest, most boorish specimen of human nature I had as yet met with.

  23. You won't come in here," was the brutal and boorish reply.

  24. Such a ruffian, boorish crew are not fit company for a prince.

  25. These boorish Saxons will count mercy as weakness; so no more of it.

  26. I despise his ignorance, and his boorish habits!

  27. I thought ye would now forget my fierce and boorish habits, and be my wife.

  28. I repeat, it was an occasion when it would have been boorish in me to refuse to meet them halfway.

  29. The fellow Hobbs, in the doorway of his bake-shop, was especially offensive, bursting into a shout of boorish laughter and directing to me the attention of a nearby group of loungers, who likewise professed to become entertained.

  30. He was in ecstasy; a long argument--an argument full of churlish flings and boorish slurs, which he fondly believed passed for polished satire and keen irony.

  31. The upper classes tend to be affected or unthinking, boorish pranksters; the lower classes can degenerate into a brutal, capricious mob.

  32. March 1753), a popular farce that satirized the boorish antics of a young English squire in a country where politeness is the mode.

  33. The selfishness and boorish behaviour of Will Levett not only kept us from walking on the Terrace in the afternoon, but also kept poor Nancy at home altogether.

  34. A man does not become selfish and boorish all at once.

  35. It is true that Frederick seems to have felt a deep and serious contempt for the rough Christian world of the North, for the boorish German Knights and the intriguing Italian priests.

  36. The boorish manners of the father offended the finer spirit of the son.

  37. I regret to say that so far he is as rough and boorish as ever.

  38. But do ye meanwhile to the fire be brought, That teem with boorish jest of sorry blade, Volusius' Annals, paper scum-bewrayed.

  39. But meantime, hence with ye to the flames, crammed with boorish speech and vapid, Annals of Volusius, merdous paper.

  40. These money-made aristocrats with their boorish manners and their inability to speak or spell the English language correctly are quite as repugnant to me as they are to you.

  41. Both are a memory of the {179} time when illiterate people were looked down upon as boorish and ill-mannered as compared with clerics or with men of learning in general.

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