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gentium; gentle; gentled; gentlefolk; gentlefolks; gentlemanlike; gentlemanliness; gentlemanly; gentlemans; gentlemen
  1. I mean suppose a gentleman like yourself was to marry a girl like her, do you think you'd be happy?

  2. In those days, only one old gentleman lived at the "Manshun.

  3. His face looked long with the pointed beard he had stuck on with such care, and above the wide white ruff, might well have belonged to some gentleman adventurer who followed the fortunes of Raleigh or Drake.

  4. Now there was about Ger a certain loyalty and considerateness in his dealings with others, that had earned for him the sobriquet of "Gentleman Ger.

  5. He shadowed Grantly till nearly half-past three, when that gentleman appeared in the back passage clad in sweater and shorts, with a Rugger ball under his arm.

  6. A few minutes later he saw that the Elizabethan gentleman and Mary were seated on either side of his recent partner and were apparently well amused.

  7. He went regularly to church on Sunday morning, though it bored him extremely, because, like Major Pendennis, he thought that "when a gentleman is sur ses terres he must give an example to the country people.

  8. Her gentleman friend, if she has one, should be allowed to come to the home.

  9. One old gentleman swallowed his false teeth, and a six months old baby swallowed, or at least had lodged in its throat, a silver dollar.

  10. A gentleman who manufactured and sold a "laughing gas" and oxygen mixing machine for the use of dentists, insisted that this method of anesthesia should be used in the case of his daughter, who was about to be confined.

  11. Such unselfish service will become a habit of pleasure, and help the boy become a pure-minded, manly gentleman with that respect for womanhood without which a nation is doomed.

  12. Such a painful experience might have been saved this distinguished gentleman had his mother or caretaker not urged his standing too soon; and at the same time had fed him on the proper food, so as to avoid "rickets.

  13. You switch off the old gentleman from putting it in the hands of the police and everything will come out right.

  14. As I had no prospect of leaving New York, I thought nothing of it at the time; but now I determined to take the old gentleman at his word, and spend my enforced vacation in getting acquainted with my Virginia relatives.

  15. This gentleman also says he has "heard numbers of intelligent women state that they were sorry the ballot had ever been given to them.

  16. Doctor Elnathan Todd, for such was the name of the man of physic, was commonly thought to be, among the settlers, a gentleman of great mental endowments, and he was assuredly of rare personal proportions.

  17. That gentleman eyed the familiarity between his witness and the prisoner with manifest disgust, and indicated to the court that he was done.

  18. I will mention your wish, young gentleman (as you now seem), and will not fail to communicate the answer by five o’clock P.

  19. Do you let everybody run over your land in that country helter-skelter, as they do here, shooting the game, so that a gentleman has but little or no chance with his gun?

  20. Every man is a gentleman that knows how to treat a woman with respect and consideration,” returned the young lady promptly, and a little smartly.

  21. This gentleman was a colonel of the militia, in attendance on a court-martial, who found leisure to steal a moment from his military to attend to his civil jurisdiction; but this incongruity excited neither notice nor comment.

  22. Among the crowds who fled from France and her islands, to the United States of America, was the gentleman whom we have already mentioned as Monsieur Le Quoi.

  23. To which the gentleman replies, 'Oh yes, he's quite comfortable quite.

  24. The gentleman becoming more sleepy, returns no answer.

  25. The old gentleman muses a little time, and then says, 'What did he die of, Crofts?

  26. The gentleman coming up, and speaking to all the other ladies and nodding slightly to his wife, it turns out that he has been at Dover, and has just now returned.

  27. It was at supper-time that this gentleman came out in full force.

  28. The old lady reads aloud, in a tremulous voice, out of a great Bible, and the old gentleman with his hand to his ear, listens with profound respect.

  29. Among the latter class was a gentleman who had entered a moment before and now stood talking courteously to the hostess.

  30. There was a bustle in the hall, then the door was thrown open and a gentleman was ushered in.

  31. Howard felt a great and exceeding temptation to swear a very small oath at this crisis, but being too much of a gentleman to yield to this wicked whisper of the evil one, groaned very loudly instead.

  32. Xenie turned with a languid smile and bowed to the tall, elegant gentleman who bent admiringly before her.

  33. The gentleman is going to send a vehicle for you that you may go and see the body, if you wish--I can hear the roll of the wheels now!

  34. When sent home, it was discovered, on inspection, that although this gentleman in his portrait had one hat upon his head, there was another under his arm.

  35. Oh signior Captaine, you shewe your selfe a forward 1280 and friendly Gentleman in my Maisters behalfe, I will cause him to thanke you.

  36. Pleaseth it any Gentleman to entertaine A seruant of more wit then stature, Let them subscribe, and attendance shall be giuen.

  37. If I liue knaue I will bee reuenged, what Gentleman would entertaine a rascall, thus to derogate from his honour?

  38. Gentleman what shoo will it please you to haue?

  39. Any thing that concernes a gentleman to do, that can I do.

  40. The young girls did the work, very nicely, and allowed their lady and gentleman friends to write their names in the centre blocks, for ten cents each.

  41. I was a young fellow then, and I remember that your aunts wanted a new clock while the old gentleman thought the old one was good enough; but the girls always had their way with their father.

  42. One day while my mistress' little girl was sitting reading by the window, a gentleman came in who had made his appearance during the last few days, and whom the children called uncle.

  43. While the commandant of the station was absent on a leave, his place was supplied by a gentleman whom, for short, I will call Captain Smith.

  44. All orders from the captain must pass through him, and in the absence of that gentleman he became commander.

  45. That gentleman was so busy that he did not notice Frank, until one of his clerks exclaimed: "Admiral!

  46. I suppose Emily's pet fawn is a fine antlered gentleman by this time.

  47. The little gentleman in black, was very facetious, and very affable.

  48. The young gentleman threw himself into an arm chair, and puffed away with true German phlegm.

  49. The old gentleman who had asked her to sing had taken off his spectacles and was openly wiping his eyes.

  50. The artist thought to disarm the old gentleman by a decided manifestation of frankness and courtesy: "I feel that in a certain sense I am an intruder in your beautiful garden to-day.

  51. Who is that tall and rather distinguished-looking gentleman that just entered?

  52. If I mistake not, he is the same gentleman who met us in the corridor.

  53. It did not suggest the maiden who had come to visit, nor the quiet, dignified gentleman Mr. Mayhew was seen to be when at the touch of love's wand a degrading vice fell away from him.

  54. Yes, if he chooses," said the old gentleman with a laugh.

  55. Mr. Van Berg, one of the first rules that I teach my young ladies is to say good-evening to a gentleman when he grows sentimental," and she smiling vanished through a window that opened on the piazza.

  56. The words of the old gentleman had inspired them with kinder and more considerate feeling.

  57. She had then asked, "I say, Ik, who was that gentleman you were talking with?

  58. A gentleman who had been smoking rose hastily at this broad hint, which he could not help overhearing, and walked haughtily away.

  59. The old gentleman removed his hat and reverently bowed his head.

  60. The Latin translation the Cambridge gentleman might have found in Barnes; but where is the Greek, so different from that of Barnes, to be found?

  61. For herself, she was not in the habit of taking this stout and poisonous gentleman into corners.

  62. For sheer, genuine hypocrisy give me the frank English gentleman like--well, like you, Jack.

  63. Ha had thoughts of taking it for himself, his uncle Fesch (afterwards Cardinal Fesch), and a gentleman named Patrauld, formerly one of his masters at the Military School.

  64. I was sorry to hear the honourable gentleman who made this motion introduce statements of so pointed a character respecting the individuals who have been called upon to conduct the inquiry.

  65. He's just as much a gentleman as any of yez.

  66. All the gentleman said to me was, 'Ye go to the place that's written down on the card and ye sit down there an' wait.

  67. At the dock a distinguished-looking gentleman came on board and after some considerable difficulty succeeded in locating Peg.

  68. There doesn't seem to be a sixpence circulating through the whole place," he remarked to the agent when that gentleman had concluded his statement of the position of matters.

  69. He turned back and spoke to the lawyer: "There's a young person sitting in the kitchen: came up and knocked at the door and said she had to wait until a gentleman called.

  70. Everyone had referred to this young gentleman as "Jerry.

  71. Meanwhile, that young gentleman had greeted Peg: "And how is Miss Peg this evening?

  72. As that young gentleman passed Ethel on his way to the bell he said: "It can't really be true!

  73. This gentleman has come from London to see her.

  74. Not even if you were to put out the light; and as a gentleman you won't press it.

  75. Bias," said he, "this is the gentleman that caused the mischief inside.

  76. This gentleman wants to see his new house, and I'm to show it to him.

  77. Yes, I see a gentleman over there without one.

  78. It was so long before the reverend gentleman descended from his comfortable parlor that the slaves left, and went to enjoy a Methodist shout.

  79. The gentleman replied, "You can do as you choose, sir.

  80. I understood this covert fling at the white gentleman who was my friend; but I merely replied, "I went to visit my friends, and any company they keep is good enough for me.

  81. The reverend gentleman knelt in prayer, then seated himself, and requested all present, who could read, to open their books, while he gave out the portions he wished them to repeat or respond to.

  82. I had been told that she once chased a white gentleman with a loaded pistol, because he insulted one of her daughters.

  83. This gentleman was a Northerner by birth, and had married a southern lady.

  84. Without my knowledge, Mrs. Bruce employed a gentleman in New York to enter into negotiations with Mr. Dodge.

  85. After the doctor left, a gentleman called, who had always manifested friendly feelings towards my grandmother and her family.

  86. This lady had a very wealthy relative, a benevolent gentleman in many respects, but aristocratic and pro-slavery.

  87. The reverend gentleman is asked to invoke a blessing on a table loaded with luxuries.

  88. To this day I feel grateful to the gentleman who gave me this timely information.

  89. At that moment I saw a white gentleman who was friendly to us; and I called to him, and asked him to have the goodness to come in and stay till the search was over.

  90. It was duly admired, and the gentleman returned with specimens to show his friends.

  91. The gentleman looked back imperturbably, no slightest shade of recognition in his glance, unless a gleam of amusement far, far down in the depths of his eye might be termed recognition.

  92. Giuseppe stared again, appealingly, but the gentleman did not help him out; on the contrary he repeated his request in a slightly sharpened tone.

  93. What if the gentleman in a sudden fit of melancholia had thrown himself into the lake?

  94. He saw a gentleman descend, a gentleman clothed as for a wedding, in a frock coat and a white waistcoat, in shining hat and pearl grey gloves and a boutonnière of oleander.

  95. He started ahead toward the garden, looking behind at every third step to make sure that the gentleman was still following, that he was not merely a figment of his own sleepy senses.

  96. The next time a young American gentleman blunders into the Hotel du Lac you send him around to me.

  97. No, the gentleman was not to be found in the garden.

  98. From where had the American gentleman dropped?

  99. It would be rather fun, don't you think, Dad, to have an entertaining young American gentleman about?

  100. For half an hour he listened with strained attention while the gentleman talked and toyed with the sugar bowl.

  101. Having paid the driver and dismissed the carriage, the gentleman fumbled in his pocket for his card-case.

  102. De Forest loitered around Jenkintown, and found that a gentleman who owned beautifully laid out grounds allowed the public to frequent them at certain times, so long as they did no damage to the walks or the flowers.

  103. I also suggested the propriety of placing a handsome, gentlemanly man at Jenkintown, who should be provided with a span of horses and a handsome carriage, and deport himself generally as a gentleman of leisure.

  104. He met a gentleman and passed a good deal of time with him, but had no business transactions with him; merely using him as a companion to help kill time.

  105. In a moment it stopped, and looking up Roch saw Maroney almost leaning over him and conversing with a gentleman in the office.

  106. When a lady and gentleman go out for a drive they like to be by themselves, and generally find a child somewhat de trop.

  107. Green discovered afterwards that the gentleman was a partner in one of the heaviest wholesale clothing-houses in the city.

  108. He had waited about an hour, when a gentleman walked up the steps to the stage office, which was in the tavern.

  109. Mrs. Maroney and the gentleman soon came out; he bade her good-bye, and she drove to several business-houses in the city.

  110. They arrived at New York on the eighteenth and were met at the wharf by a gentleman named Moore, who conducted Mrs. Maroney and Flora to his residence.

  111. The gentleman looked over his book, and said: "No, nothing; but it may have been detained in the New Orleans office.

  112. The rule is often broken, especially in the South, where the polite messengers dislike to ask a gentleman to leave their car.

  113. Here she went into a large building occupied by an extensive wholesale clothing establishment, remained some time, and then came out with a gentleman who accompanied her to the Eldridge street jail.

  114. A gentleman alighted and walked into the hotel.

  115. A gentleman who had come from St. Joseph stayed over night at the hotel where I put up.

  116. The one who was usually their spokesman, and who knew how to be a gentleman if he had a mind to be, said reverently, "We were afraid.

  117. I was traveling home from Topeka, and on the railroad train I met a gentleman from Atchison--an intimate friend of this young lawyer--and I was congratulating him on the reformation of our mutual friend.

  118. The Doctor tells the following story at the expense of a Southern gentleman: A good anecdote is told by a gentleman from one of the Southern States, in regard to these Free State prisoners, when under the charge of Captain Hampton.

  119. The reader will recognize this gentleman again in Atchison.

  120. The old gentleman had no desire to see any more of these thieves, murderers and assassins.

  121. This was a family of hospitable Kentuckians, who were born to a love of music, and the old gentleman was a fiddler, and next to his Bible he loved his fiddle.

  122. Freddie cried fiercely, flashing his light again and again in Benjamin Bat's eyes, until that gentleman blinked so fast that it seemed as if his eyes must be in danger of turning inside out.

  123. And when he came back to the place where he had left Benjamin Bat, that odd gentleman had vanished.

  124. Then there is another instance, where a gentleman of large means and a cultivated and business mind, called in the assistance of the deep plough, and by dint of sheer subsoil ploughing grew corn profitably several years in succession.

  125. A very polite gentleman immediately came forward, rubbing his hands as if he were washing them (which is an odd habit with many), and asked if there was anything he could do for me.

  126. Moreover, almost all landowners do take an interest in improvements, and are ready to forward them; but can a gentleman be expected to go round from cottage to cottage performing the duties of an inspector of nuisances?

  127. I should recommend any gentleman who is going to equip himself as a sportsman to ask himself before he starts the question that occurred to me too late in D.

  128. Often one gentleman will represent a village for twenty years, being simply nominated, or even not as much as nominated, from year to year.

  129. David de Busanton, a gentleman of Hainault, and a refugee, then residing at Geneva.

  130. A gentleman of Hanover, a refugee at Geneva.

  131. It is true also, that on your part you have great bars which lie in the way to obstruct your progress, and also the gentleman on his side yet many more.

  132. A benevolent gentleman in New York proposed to purchase the copy-right of the Letters and transfer it to the Presbyterian Board of Publication.

  133. This was doubtless that gentleman of the chamber of King Francis I.

  134. This gentleman is known only under the pseudonyme of Maurus Musaeus, a secretis et cubiculo Regis Galliarum.

  135. Some one came to me and told me that a gentleman named so and so, who had retired to Strasbourg, &c.

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