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intirely; intitle; intitled; intituled; intment; intolerable; intolerably; intolerance; intolerant; intollerable
  1. From Japan she wrote letters home which were so charming and clever that her niece, Mrs. Alice Hegan Rice, the Louisville novelist, insisted that she make them into a book.

  2. I had fallen into a way of looking at her often--she was certainly an interesting study.

  3. The great American qualities, the American virtues, the American imagination, have thrown themselves almost wholly into business, the material development of the country.

  4. Looking now neither to the right nor the left, he pressed on through the clearing toward the buffalo track in the border of the forest which would lead him into the Wilderness Road.

  5. The classical dramatist is too sensitive to the beautiful, the sublime, the essential, and the universal to admit into his conception of fine art either moral and physical deformity or the accidental and particular aspects of life.

  6. I have influenced you into taking up various lines of work, that I might keep you from the pitfalls of love, until the proper time.

  7. The song finished, the singer ran into the dressing room and threw herself into the arms of the old negress half asleep there.

  8. The song grew louder as he advanced, until, emerging into an open space, he came upon the singer, a gray-haired negro trudging sturdily along with a stout hickory stick in his hand.

  9. The two remaining vacations he spent in travel through the mountains, journeying by Ohio river steamer along the northern counties, and by horseback far into the Kentucky hills in various directions.

  10. The world turned on in the lathe of time, The hot lands heaved amain, Till we caught our breath from the womb of death, And crept into light again.

  11. As a matter of fact, there was a very narrow little door opening into a very narrow little hallway that ran through the center of a very narrow, squalid little house.

  12. For an instant he listened, limbs quivering, nostrils dilating, a startled light in his soft eyes; then with a bound he was away into the depths of the forest.

  13. A fondness for dress, when it does not degenerate into vain show, has an elevating and refining influence on society.

  14. Gentlemen should not cross their legs, nor stretch their feet out into the passage-way of a public conveyance.

  15. Society is divided into sets, according to their breeding.

  16. To acquire a thorough knowledge of these matters, and to put that knowledge into practice with perfect ease and self-complacency, is what people call good breeding.

  17. In case there are no bridemaids, the ushers walk into church in pairs, just in advance of the groom, and parting at the altar, half of them stand at one side and half at the other.

  18. Beat up a fresh egg and rub it well into the hair, or if more convenient, rub it into the hair without beating.

  19. Still less will the well-bred person inquire into or narrate the private affairs of any other family or individual.

  20. Boil it until the color has well come out into the water.

  21. Many men, in taking retrospective glances, remember how they were devoted to women, the memory of whom calls up only a vague sort of wonder how they ever could have fallen into the state of infatuation in which they once were.

  22. Bring one of the commonest field-flowers into a room, place it on a table, or chimney-piece, and you seem to have brought a ray of sunshine into the place.

  23. Be careful not to destroy the spongy substance below the nails, as that is the great guard to prevent them going into the quick.

  24. Unconsciously she encircles herself with an atmosphere of unruffled strength, which, to those who come into it, gives confidence and repose.

  25. Then into this water dip the hair, and take it out and dry it.

  26. A bracing heartening air blew from French Foreland And as he was looking spellbound upon the little vessel coming into the mouth of the river, he was startled by a strain of music.

  27. She had no words to utter; she left him hurriedly, and ran fast into the house.

  28. Gilian took the girl's hand, and thus together they went deeper into the garden among the flowers that perfumed the air till it seemed drugged and heavy.

  29. He shook himself into the present world, and left behind the ashes of their fire and made for the shealing hut, all the way solacing himself with fancy.

  30. It stretched from their feet into a remote encroaching eve, no trees beyond visible, no break in all its grey-green flatness edged on either hand by wood.

  31. Well," said MacGibbon, "I supposed you would be for putting him into Ladyfield.

  32. Gilian, apprised by Nan of its exact situation, crept breathlessly into the barn, left his lantern at the door, and felt around with searching fingers.

  33. The music ceased; the night for a space swooned into a numb and desolate silence.

  34. He found an unexpected relief in her consternation at his condition and in her bustle to get him into dry clothing.

  35. He stretched the upper part of his body over the low table with his arms spread out, and looked into the boy's eyes with a glance more judicial than severe.

  36. She pushed him before her into the room; her brothers were seated at the fire, and they only turned when her voice, in a very unaccustomed excitement, broke the quietness of the chamber.

  37. He spoke into an inter-office communicator, then looked up.

  38. He left the Ministry, his face thoughtful as he climbed into his waiting Zil.

  39. I had hopes of you working your way up into the enemy's organization, and I wanted no possible chance of you being betrayed.

  40. This was the second time in the past few days that Ilya Simonov had run into this matter of the former dictator's mental condition.

  41. Where would the Soviet Complex be if you took to throwing biologists such as myself into prison for making unguarded statements in an absent-minded moment?

  42. She turned the car left on Budensk√° and sped up into the Holesovice section of town.

  43. With a roar of rage, Kliment Blagonravov slammed open a drawer and dove a beefy paw into it.

  44. You were able to insert yourself into their higher circles?

  45. Has there ever been a country where the Party was voted into power?

  46. Such a case brought into the People's Courts might lead to all sort of public reaction these days.

  47. Blagonravov, his dying eyes registering unbelieving shock, fell back into his heavy swivel chair.

  48. He slapped the elevation lever, twisted the wheel sharply, hit the jets pedal with his foot and shot into the traffic.

  49. The origin of this, ah, club which turned into a tiny underground all of its own.

  50. Had he taken up his mug of beer and dashed it into Simonov's face, he couldn't have surprised the Russian more.

  51. And they delved further and further into matters that should be discussed only within the party--if even there--until they arrived at what point?

  52. Ance a baron aye a baron," said the lawyer, dropping into her own broad Scots.

  53. Even Miss Bell was calmed by the children's song as it came from the sunny street into the low-ceiled, shady kitchen.

  54. If the whistling ploughman and his team had burst into the school-room it would have been no greater marvel, brought no more alarm to the breasts of the little teachers.

  55. Bud dropped the dog at her feet and burst into laughter; in that instance she had certainly badly jumbled the identities.

  56. So Bell determined there and then to coax her into the gentle arts of domesticity that ever had had a fascination for herself.

  57. Thus Bell wondered, standing at her window looking into the solitary street.

  58. I suppose your Chicago ladies lower the temperature of their tea weeping into it the woes they have about their domestics?

  59. A large quantity of wood was brought into the kitchen, an extra amount of water drawn, and the cow given a generous lunch of clover after she had been driven into the stable.

  60. Then as the first golden rays of light shot across the sky and the birds burst forth into song, Jack felt a certain sense of relief.

  61. It would have been as good as a hundred dollars in my pocket if I could have lugged them youngsters into town," the farmer repeated over and over again as he blamed first his wife and then his son for what was really his own fault.

  62. None too soon, either, for the meal had just been finished when Mr. Chick drove up, fretting considerably because the party were not ready to get into the vehicle instantly he arrived.

  63. The rivers were low that we might cross them on our march into the North, just smoothing our way to Gettysburg, and now that Gettysburg has happened they're high so we can't get back to the South.

  64. The music of the sad old song throbbed and throbbed, and sank deep into Harry's heart.

  65. The current was strong, and he did not have to pull hard, but, observing presently that the far shore was fringed with bushes, he sent the boat into their shadow.

  66. He memorized it first, and, if capture seemed probable, he was to tear it into bits and throw it away.

  67. Colonel Leonidas Talbot and Lieutenant-Colonel Hector St. Hilaire turned their horses from the road into the path and saluted them with warmth.

  68. Moving his head into a higher place on the blankets he called.

  69. He was following a path, scarcely traceable, used by charcoal burners and wood-cutters, but when he heard the hoof a second time he turned aside into the deepest of the thickets and halted there.

  70. His impulse was to cry for help, to shout that the spy was here, but at the first sound of his voice Shepard would at once dart into the shrubbery, and escape through the alleys of Richmond.

  71. If he rode into Pleasanton's ranks they would merely take his letter to the general, and that would be the failure of his real mission.

  72. Harry sprang into the saddle, and, astride such a fine piece of horseflesh, he foresaw a speedy arrival in the camp of General Lee.

  73. A dozen men riding slowly and warily came into view, and though the moonlight was wan he recognized them at once.

  74. They ran into the house and a little further on Harry looked back again.

  75. This is the enemy's country and we may run at any time into a force as large as our own if not larger.

  76. Harry went deep into the thickets before he sat down.

  77. For I am weary, having laboured so, And for a cycle of repose would go Into that silence which but God may know.

  78. He shaped Himself before He shaped one world: A million eons, toiling day and night, He built Himself to majesty and might, Before the planets into space were hurled.

  79. Now as I take my heaven from place to place I find new rooms by love's revealing light, And death will give me but a larger sight To see my palace spreading into space.

  80. As babes Unstring a necklace, laughing at the sound Of priceless jewels dropping one by one, So have I laughed while precious moments rolled Into the hidden corners of the past.

  81. And all souls in sin or sorrow Are but passing through the night, And I know on some to-morrow God will love them into light.

  82. We have sworn the oath And will go barren to the waiting tomb Rather than breed strong sons at war's behest, Or bring fair daughters into life, to bear The pains of travail, for no end but war.

  83. The word was echoed from a thousand hills, And shop and mill, and factory and forge, Where throve the awful industries of death, Hushed into silence.

  84. Sing of war missiles humming, Strike into martial drumming, Sing of great victory coming, As forth he goes.

  85. Still the Great One, the All-Seeing Called your spirit into being - Gave you strength for any fate.

  86. When crossed opinions tangle into snarls, Let Courts untie them, and not armies cut.

  87. A tender dream, long in his bosom nursed, Spread love's illusive verdure for his feet; The barren sands changed into golden wheat; The way grew glad that late had seemed accursed.

  88. I saw myself glide peacefully with time Into the quiet middle years, content With simple joys the dear home circle lent.

  89. Back to the battle faring, Back into deeds of daring, Back to the fight.

  90. The whoop of strife was never raised by neighbor against neighbor, nor the coat trailed, or the caubeen thrown up into the air to challenge an opposite faction.

  91. Her humors had begun to ferment and to clear off into that thin vinegar serum which engenders the exquisite perception of human error, and the equally keen touch with which it is reproved.

  92. On looking into his face, her pale lips quivered; and as her mute wild gaze became fixed upon the body, slowly the desolating truth forced itself upon her heart.

  93. It is now, indeed, when the heat and burden of the day have passed, and refreshment becomes both grateful and necessary, that the people fall into distinct groups for the purpose of social enjoyment.

  94. Sure it wouldn't be the little-sup o' punch that Felix made you take that 'ud get into your head!

  95. Those eggs would hatch when it gets warm enough, and little worms would come out, and they would begin to eat, and the worms would change into moths later on, and the moths would lay more eggs.

  96. And the first man struck his pickaxe down hard into the ground, and it made the ground grunt, Mnh!

  97. So he looked about and he saw the man who had held the handles of the scoop, and who had held him that other day, while he looked down into the cellar and saw the masons building the wall.

  98. So the man poured some of the stuff from the big can into the little can, and he hung the little can from his belt, and he stuck the stubby paint brush in his belt.

  99. David had come up close, dragging his cart, but his cat had run off into the field.

  100. The men put the small end of one pipe into the flaring end of the next.

  101. And so they did until they had shoveled in the last heap; and the horse walked into the road, dragging the wagon after him, and there he stopped.

  102. And he got up into the cart, and the horse turned around and walked back to the pile to get another load.

  103. Then the racket had stopped, and the men had taken their chutes and thrown them into the wagons, and they had climbed up into their seats, and they had rattled off, in a procession, but they had left the cellar windows flapping.

  104. Then the foreman told the men to get all that stuff into the wagon, and he waved his hand toward the heaps of rubbish that had been raked up.

  105. Then they got longer spike poles, one man at a time, and they lifted again, and the big pole slipped a little farther down into the hole.

  106. And the men took shovels and shoveled the stuff into the wagon in no time.

  107. And the men with the bars stuck them into the ground and loosened the dirt, and the other man scooped out the dirt with his big mustard-spoon.

  108. And they took off their climbers and put them into the wagon, and they tied the wheels on behind, so that they would drag after the wagon.

  109. And the foreman and David worked together, and they piled the rubbish into the cart; and when it was full, they dragged the cart over to the place, and they emptied the rubbish out of it.

  110. Then he folded the paper and put it into his pocket, and he took David's hand and they went up the cellar stairs, and through a door into the kitchen.

  111. He stepped into the passage and a moment later a second door opened.

  112. He had dropped into a seat near them and had picked up a paper.

  113. Oscar detected that the man was just playing a good game of draw--he was trying to draw our hero into a private little game of draw-poker; but it was not the poker that he wanted to inaugurate.

  114. Oscar had fallen into the wiles of the siren.

  115. She is the beautiful siren who is to lure Ulysses into the den where he is to be slain with merciless precision and cold-blooded exactness.

  116. He went into other business, and met a very beautiful and accomplished girl.

  117. It seemed wonderful that he had in this most astonishing manner gotten right on to the whole scheme, was peering, as it were, into the very heart of the terrible organization.

  118. He stepped into the dark hall of the house, and then quickly worked a second change; then he stepped to the street.

  119. He is a general spy and sneak--a man who will go into court and perjure himself for a bribe, and he has made trouble for many a good fellow.

  120. The detectives filed into the room, but the siren had recovered her nerve.

  121. He is a reward seeker--a man who will ingratiate himself into the company of gentlemen.

  122. The man Credo carefully locked the door leading into the room where he and the detective stood.

  123. Oscar could see into the room and could overhear every word--almost hear a whisper, so cunningly had the eavesdropping trap been contrived.

  124. The two men were introduced into the room.

  125. The naked mountains rose stark and forbidding into the sky, which hung like a great, bejeweled bowl over the sun-scorched plains, where the dust of many ages lay undisturbed.

  126. For hundreds of miles its sinuous beams sprang into the sky, writhed about like great, hungry serpents with their tremendous sucking and receiving maws, then coiled back to earth bringing not a drop.

  127. Gray and nude save for their pall of dust the mountains rose into the sky, eternal in their ghostly majesty.

  128. It came to rest at last on the bottom of a great, bowl-shaped hollow situated at the end of a chasm whose gray, rock-strewn sides rose in rugged terraces for miles back into the sky.

  129. But despite it all they finally smiled into each other's eyes.

  130. In a frenzy he stared into the darkness, felt over the couch.

  131. In a perfect setting and exactly at the time set for the event Alpha came into the world, the child thrived from its first intake of earth's air.

  132. With the magic wand of science he had reached out into space and viewed the life of far-off worlds.

  133. For man with his machines had reached far back into the shadowy past and proved the immortality of all thought and action.

  134. Living for them, patiently awaiting the day when he, too, could enter into rest, he paid less and less attention to The Grinner, only noticing that he grew more horrible and repulsive as his size increased.

  135. And then in a twinkling the huge jaws seized the child, the head reared back, the jaws closed, stifling the lad's screams, and it started to draw back into the cloud.

  136. Heart-broken he finally went out into the cold dusk and gazed up at the heavens appealingly.

  137. Then he went to the airship and shot up into the blue and on around the world in a voyage of farewell.

  138. So saying again hand in hand they stepped off into space and floated easily down toward their last home.

  139. During these anxious, watchful days Omega and Thalma went often to the Mirror and gazed into it in search of vapor clouds.

  140. A perusal of departmental files reveals that many persons and bodies have during recent times urged upon the Government the desirability of setting up a Committee or Commission of Inquiry to go into this subject.

  141. To inquire into and report upon the prevalence; of venereal disease in New Zealand.

  142. A committee was appointed, consisting of experts in medicine and pedagogy, to inquire into the best means of providing such education.

  143. That the present system of open certification tends to prevent candid statements of the causes of death, and thus introduces a systematic error into death statistics.

  144. SIR,-- The Committee of the Board of Health appointed by you to inquire into and report upon the subject of venereal diseases in New Zealand have the honour to submit herewith their report.

  145. Syphilis was introduced into Uganda when that country was opened to trade with the coast, and Colonel Lambkin reported that "In some districts 90 per cent.

  146. The earliest known account of the introduction of syphilis into the Maori race is in an old Maori song composed in the far North.

  147. I know myself that one of the results of this Bill, if passed into law, will be that in scores of cases medical men will not be called in to attend people suffering from infectious diseases .

  148. To inquire into and report any special reasons or causes for the existence of venereal disease in New Zealand.

  149. Children are led into bad habits through ignorance, and young men and young women grow up with utterly false ideals of life, and in many cases fall into deplorable laxity of conduct.

  150. I led them past Hebron into the south country, and so by the Vale of Eshcol, and over many hills beyond the Pools of Solomon, until my feet brought me to your fire.

  151. It will let you into the Garden of Good Dreams.

  152. Then he broke out into song: "Ce n'est point du raisin pourri, C'est le bon vin qui danse!

  153. And after the sun was set, when the longest shadows flowed into dusk, the lady came walking out of the wood toward the Tower.

  154. The daylight sifted dimly into the room through the cracks of the shutters.

  155. But, as he paused and turned, the Keeper of the Gate looked straight and deep into his eyes, and beckoned to him.

  156. The floor had been hastily swept and the rubbish shoved into the fireplace.

  157. They stamped the snow off their feet, put the sled under the porch, hung their coats and hats in the entry, and went into the parlour on the stroke of half past five.

  158. This is a thing that seldom gets into stories.

  159. She does not care," he said to himself, as he climbed into the stage, "and I will not care.

  160. He went out into the night and the young lord followed him, the sudden impulse to strong action leaping in his heart and pounding in his temples and ringing in his ears, like a madness.

  161. Moreover, he found great delight in the doing of it, which was something that did not enter into the world's account--a kind of daily Christmas present in addition to his wages.

  162. Perhaps Prosper had met with an accident, or he was sick; or perhaps the suspicions and unjust reproaches with which he had sometimes wounded her lately had grown into his mind, so that he was angry with her and did not want to see her.

  163. The moon in mid-heaven shrank into a bit of burnished silver, hard and glittering, immeasurably remote.

  164. I will go," said Ammiel, looking into his face, "for I think you wish me well.

  165. Well, every time a ship with Americans on board was sunk by a German submarine in the period preceding our entrance into the war, the stock market shivered and prices declined.

  166. In my opinion, such a warning would not have had to be translated into action, for in due course things were bound to come your way by the very force of cause and effect.

  167. The fact is that the Government would gain nothing in the process of capital conscription and the country would be thrown into chaos for the time being.

  168. Without firing a gun she had turned Holland and Belgium practically into German dependencies.

  169. In the hands of the Government it is apt to lose a good deal of its fructifying energy and ceaseless striving and to sink instead into placid and somnolent repose.

  170. It is not against our will that we have thrown ourselves into this gigantic adventure.

  171. After much backing and filling, at the last minute, Austria shrank from the calamity of a world conflagration and declared herself ready to enter into friendly negotiations with Russia.

  172. It sent an army into Spain, led by Scipio the Elder, known as Scipio Africanus.

  173. So completely did this remodel the whole administration, that the most despotic monarchy in Europe was transformed into the one most severely limited.

  174. After more than four centuries of steadfast devotion to that object, the descendants of the Visigoth Kings had come once more into their inheritance.

  175. It is said that Roderick, the degenerate successor of Alaric, went into battle in a robe of white silk embroidered with gold, sitting on a car of ivory, drawn by white mules.

  176. She resisted all her brother's efforts to coerce her, and finally took the matter into her own hands by sending an envoy to her handsome young lover to come to her at Valladolid, with a letter telling him they had better be married at once.

  177. But when Constantius, a disappointed Roman lover of Placidia's, instigated Honorius to send an army against him and his Goths, he withdrew into Spain, and established his court with its rude splendor in the ancient city of Barcelona.

  178. In the North the feeble colony planted in 1620 had expanded into thirteen vigorous English colonies.

  179. They were a Semitic people, Syrian in blood, and their home was a narrow strip of coast on the east of the Mediterranean, where a group of free cities was joined into a confederacy held together by a strong national spirit.

  180. The Pope proclaimed a Crusade, this time not into Palestine, but Spain.

  181. They stood out, breaking into many sects; the spiritual descendants of most of these blended into one body as 'The United Presbyterian Kirk' in 1847.

  182. The Earl Marischal and Keith his brother (the Field-Marshal) came into Paris broken men, fleeing from Glenshiel.

  183. Horace Walpole does not speak of him again, which is odd, but probably the Count did not again go into society.

  184. An English ship, connected with either the English East India Company or the rival Million Company, put into Leith Road to repair.

  185. In 1843, half the ministers of the Established Kirk in Scotland, or more, left the Kirk, and went into the wilderness for what they believed to be the ideal of Knox.

  186. Too high praise cannot be given to the translators for the manner in which they have rendered the legend into pure and delightful English, whilst preserving the beauty of thought and the romantic picturesqueness of the original.

  187. On April 11 the mob raged round the meeting-place of the Privy Council, rooms under the Parliament House, and chevied the Chancellor into a narrow close, whence he was hardly rescued.

  188. No large water-course was crossed, but several small creeks form here and there, and afterwards run out into the plains, finally finding their way into the Murchison.

  189. The telegraph line divides Australia into two portions, nearly equal in dimensions, but very different in character.

  190. That expedition had brought the colony into note, and the good results from it would soon be apparent.

  191. For the first nine miles over scrubby sand-plains, kangaroos very numerous, when we came into and skirted a chain of salt lakes and marshes.

  192. It may well be imagined how disappointed we were on reaching the spot to find only a small brook running into a salt marsh, with water in winter, but dry in summer.

  193. What the colony looked for was, that every man who went into the Council would do his duty.

  194. If Mr. John Chambers's liberality were known, and the way he had entered into the question of exploration generally were known, his name would be brought into more prominence than it had.

  195. There were many fine fresh pools for the first four miles, after which they were all salt, and the river divided into so many channels that it was difficult to know the main river.

  196. The benefits conferred on the colony can best be appreciated by those who have the greatest capacity of looking into futurity, and as long as Australia has a history, the names of Mr. Forrest and his companions will be borne down with honour.

  197. I am always thankful to any person that brought me into city of Perth.

  198. All the creeks to the west of this range (which I named Kimberley Range, after the Right Honourable Lord Kimberley, the Secretary of State for the Colonies) trend towards the Murchison, and finally empty into the main river.

  199. The pearl shell and pearl fishery may be said to have sprung into existence within the last few years.

  200. He trusted the gentlemen going into Council would not, like the French, get the colony into a hole; but, if they did, he trusted they would do their best to get it out of the hole.

  201. The same motives, no doubt, led the warrior into the battle-field, as the explorer into a new and unknown country.

  202. She sat on the edge of the bed, slowly feeling her way into her little yellow leathern slippers.

  203. Giovanni took it, looked round to see where the iron plate for testing was placed, and thrust the ladle into the aperture, holding it lightly lest the heat should hurt his hand.

  204. She could not tell why she had despised Jacopo Contarini from the moment she looked into his beautiful eyes.

  205. And if your brother finds out that you have been here he will go into a fury like a wild beast!

  206. Beroviero's look of interest gradually turned into an expression of disappointment.

  207. The low and steady roar of the flames was varied by the occasional sharp click of iron or the soft sound of hot glass rolling on the marver, or by the hiss of a metal instrument plunged into water to cool it.

  208. When he entered, Zorzi was introducing a new mixture, carefully powdered, into one of the glass-pots with a small iron shovel.

  209. The effort it cost him to move the latter told him plainly enough that his injury had weakened him almost as an illness might have done, but he succeeded in getting the stone into its bed at last.

  210. Nevertheless, he looked about the laboratory and went into the small room where Zorzi had slept.

  211. Many a risk he had run, and more than once in winter he had slipped down the rope with haste to let himself gently into the icy water, and he had swum far down the dark canal to a landing-place.

  212. The sound grew more piercing as she went on, and the words were soon lost, as she broke into a violent fit of hysterical crying.

  213. The upper part of the woodwork was built into the wall.

  214. The second, springing forward, was caught up like a child by his terrible assailant and whirled through the air, to fall with a noisy splash into the shallow waters of the canal.

  215. When she first set foot in Italy as a bride, three and a half years before, the Lombard plains were in the first flush of spring, roses and myrtles were breaking into bloom, and the flowers sprang up under her feet.

  216. The Emperor firmly refused to admit her trusted Councillor, Bassompierre, into his presence, being convinced that he had betrayed his mistress and played into the French King's hands.

  217. But their joy was soon changed into mourning.

  218. Unfortunately, the messenger fell into the hands of Huguenot soldiers, who took him into the King of Navarre's camp.

  219. Vaudemont, having neither health nor capacity to cope with these difficulties, had retired into private life, and by degrees Christina resumed most of her old functions.

  220. Here Philip received them at the water-gate, and led them up the steps into the great hall, where Mary welcomed her guests.

  221. The truce was converted into a lasting peace, and several marriages between the two families were discussed in a friendly and informal manner.

  222. Courtenay, and his cousin, Lord Montague, the son of Lady Salisbury and brother of Cardinal Pole, were thrown into the Tower on the charge of high-treason.

  223. He ere long, however, relinquished that office, and again withdrew into private life.

  224. A thousand contemptible men will not bring a respectable profession into so much disrepute, as a contemptible profession will a thousand respectable men.

  225. Fascinating in its subject; fascinating in its style: fascinating in its power to lead the reader into castle-building of the most gorgeous and bewitching description.

  226. She will establish a new order, of which the stubborn fanatic shall be founder; the new order is built into the old church organization, and its founder becomes a dignitary of the ecclesiastical establishment.

  227. He could laugh the husband into half-a-dozen shirts, flatter the wife into calico and gingham, and praise the children till both parents joined in dressing them anew from top to toe.

  228. Her love of poetry was conspicuous at so early an age, that I have before me a tiny album made of small note-paper, into which her favourite passages were copied for her by her mother's hand before she herself could write.

  229. I thought of this when I looked down into his grave, after he was laid there, for I looked down into it over the shoulder of a boy to whom he had been kind.

  230. The constitution will go down, sir (nautically speaking), in the degeneration of the human species in England, and its reduction into a mingled race of savages and pigmies.

  231. The ministering hand that had copied the verses into the tiny album was soon around her neck, and she quietly asked, as the clock was on the stroke of one: "Do you think I am dying, mamma?

  232. The perusal of an advertisement in yesterday's paper, announcing a lecture on the Ragged Schools last night, has led me into these remarks.

  233. What the condition of this country will be, when its standing army is composed of dwarfs, with here and there a wild man to throw its ranks into confusion, like the elephants employed in war in former times, I leave you to imagine, sir.

  234. Just above the water-line was a wall of rock, and built upon the rock was a small house, and into this house the goods were carried.

  235. I ran into the cove on account of the storm, and came over here to stay until daylight, or later if the storm holds.

  236. He let the detective into the secret of the real business of the crew of the yacht, and told him that daily they were expecting a schooner from the West Indies with a big cargo for them.

  237. Suddenly there shot up high into the air a rocket and when far toward the clouds, a "bomb burst in air," and there followed a shower of many colored lights.

  238. The detective heard all these strange revelations, and he made up his mind that there was a big job falling into his hands.

  239. The wounded man as he uttered the fatal words had fallen back, seemingly into a dead faint.

  240. All the bags were put on board, and the "Nancy" was ready to run into the bay and land her contraband cargo.

  241. No; I was in the way of duty when I fell into the hands of the smugglers under such peculiar circumstances; but never mind, we will not discuss that matter.

  242. It was an exciting moment when the detective was led into the cabin; as many as could get in, crowded into the low-ceiled room.

  243. The old man had just concluded his narrative when an intruder walked into the cabin.

  244. I mean you will rest here until morning, until I can notify some of the citizens here, so they can come and take you into custody; it's my idea you are a bad character.

  245. Has any touch of human kindness ever entered into your passion?

  246. As he stepped out into the street, the first breath of the cool night air on his face blew away his intoxication.

  247. She was a good deal surprised he did not take her by the waist or think of dragging her into the garden under the clump of trees where there was a bench.

  248. But just at that moment the crowd swayed back violently and Monsieur Bargemont darted into the forecourt of the Mairie.

  249. Meantime, you translate Myrrha into French verse; then I introduce you with your manuscript into the sanctuary of Melpomene, when you bring with you a double gift--fame and love!

  250. The bookbinder, case-hardened as he was against beggars, who on winter evenings drifted into his shop with the east wind, nevertheless experienced a certain sympathy and respect for the Marquis Tudesco.

  251. Monsieur Bargemont wheeled to the right, into a fairly broad street, empty and badly lighted by petroleum flares that supplied the place of the gas lamps.

  252. But then, I know you have a good heart; you have not got into your stride yet, that's all!

  253. He used to empty ink-bottles into his desk, stick cobbler's wax on his chair, and let off crackers in the middle of school.

  254. The instrument must be beautifully made and come from the workshop of a right skilful maker; more than that, it must fall into the hands of an accomplished player.

  255. Martinez-Vigil, that attributes to Augustinians the introduction of typography into the Philippines?

  256. We now pass on to the question of the introduction of the press into the Philippines.

  257. Suppose he was a prisoner, and threw it from a window into the road, chancing its discovery and mailing by some passer-by.

  258. Attired in a neat waiter's apron and entering heart and soul into the enjoyment of the occasion, Stet, general utility boy for Haven Bros.

  259. Then, his eyes fixed steadfastly upon the street, Markham deliberately jumped down into the cistern out of sight.

  260. Frank ushered the stranger into the next office, pulled a chair near the window, and handed him the daily paper from the city.

  261. Frank drifted off into generalizations on his mail order dreams to lead his mind into more pleasant channels.

  262. At the risk of his life he saved fourteen inmates penned up in the burning attic of the hotel, by helping them across a plank leading into an adjoining building.

  263. Darry welcomed him with effusion, and he and Bob at once led Frank into their little editorial sanctum.

  264. It pleased Frank to note how he seemed emerging from a worried-looking, distressed refugee into a bright, laughing, happy boy.

  265. Frank looked about him curiously as, the door once opened, all hands passed into the room beyond.

  266. He went out into the hall and drew back into the shelter of a big fuel box there.

  267. Mr. Pryor had gone to the clouded glass door, which Frank knew opened into the main office.

  268. I shall be left if he gets into action first.

  269. A bareheaded, wild-eyed youngster turning a corner had bolted into Frank with considerable force.

  270. These ran into a spiral tube which penetrated the apple without injuring it, and a twist on a knob cut the core out clean as a whistle.

  271. Young man, you get your traps out of here within the time limit of the law, or I'll throw you into the street, bag and baggage.

  272. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "into" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    deep; hip; inside; through

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    into her; into his; into the; into their; into this; into which