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Example sentences for "turned"

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turnbuckle; turnbuckles; turncoat; turnd; turne; turnen; turnery; turnes; turnest; turneth
  1. The glass must be set in grooves in the slate, and bound outside with zinc or turned pillars of birch wood.

  2. Those formed of turned wood have the preference for elegance and safety; and, as the knob of the vase fits loosely in the depressed top of the stand, the vase can be turned round for inspection.

  3. The elytra are turned in at the sides, and the surface of each is marked with eleven striae or longitudinal lines, composed of minute punctures.

  4. A stone vase, or any ornamental object, with a suitable depression in the top, can also be turned to account for the purpose.

  5. When Mr. Roosevelt entered upon his public career heavy burdens were laid upon him, and to keep in condition to meet the hard physical and mental strain he again turned to boxing and wrestling for exercise.

  6. The animal turned and rushed at the man, who fired at him and missed.

  7. The former member of the New York Assembly, the man who had occupied a high place in New York social life, who in his earlier days was noted for his well-tailored figure and his eyeglasses, had turned his back on all this.

  8. After a description of the dramatic fight the Colonel suddenly turned to Sheehan and said: “But, Governor, I shall never be satisfied until I have killed a grizzly bear with a knife!

  9. He turned away, promising to return at a time when he would not have to compete with such an attraction.

  10. Then suddenly he caught sight of them and dropped on his fores, the hair on his neck and shoulders seeming to bristle as he turned toward them.

  11. Abruptly he turned back to the house--to face the hardest task of his life.

  12. Roosevelt accepted the offer of the vacant half bed and turned in.

  13. Half way across I turned to see how ‘the boss’ was getting along.

  14. The cheer was repeated and the demonstration turned to one for the commissioner instead of against him.

  15. After a few hundred yards the tracks turned off on a well-beaten path made by the elk.

  16. Then the Colonel turned to me and said: ‘I think I can do the same to you.

  17. The trail turned off into the tangled thicket, within which it was almost certain that the quarry could be found.

  18. I turned round and began to retrace my steps homeward.

  19. I threw down the bowl and turned to go indoors.

  20. The silence of death supervened, and my anger turned to fear.

  21. This is what happens in the daytime, when the hot summer sun has turned the meadow-grass a golden brown.

  22. This time I did not get into bed, but took my seat in an easy-chair by the fire (which I took care was well replenished with fuel), my face turned in the direction of the spot where the eyes had appeared.

  23. At half-past eleven William Achrow turned out the gas, and when we were all seated round the fire, he suggested we should each relate in turn, the most thrilling ghost tale we had ever heard.

  24. I was now able to move, and re-entering my room, I locked myself in, turned on the gas, and buried myself under the bedclothes.

  25. As a rule they cannot stand that, and whenever I have turned a pocket flashlight on them, they have at once dematerialised; often, however, materialising again immediately the light has been turned off.

  26. It was when it got turned broadside to the current that the two shivering figures, clutching at their uncertain support, became most apprehensive, and expected it to be overturned by the great pressure brought to bear against it.

  27. The next day they turned over their sole remaining wagon and their ambulance to a government quartermaster.

  28. He reached the shelf of rock in safety, and turned to look for his companion; but Glen was not to be seen.

  29. It was barely possible that Glen might have turned back; and, with the slender hope thus offered, the engineer retraced his perilous way across the snow-field to the place where they last stood together.

  30. To climb to the very summit of one of these was Glen's present ambition, and his longing eyes were turned more often to the snow-capped dome that rose in solemn majesty on the south side of the pass than in any other direction.

  31. Even now he is in danger of being turned back a whole year in school because he has failed to keep up with his class.

  32. Ere the swimmer had traversed more than fifty yards of this dim waterway, the channel turned sharply to the left, and the character of the lower portion of its wall, on that side, changed from a precipice to a slope.

  33. Instead of it, he heard a crash, and turned in time to see the Indian pony and its rider pitch headlong, as he and Nettle had done a minute before.

  34. As "Billy" Brackett turned and missed the companion whom he supposed was close behind him, his heart sank like lead.

  35. Now is my long sorrow indeed turned to joy.

  36. Everybody paused in what he was doing, and every eye was turned in the same direction.

  37. But as the engineer, who could not resist the temptation to try the effects of a disappointment on the boy's temper, turned away his face at that moment, his words were heard, while the smile was not noticed.

  38. So now, while poor Glen was threatened with being turned back from the second class, Binney Gibbs had just graduated at the head of the first, and was ready to enter college.

  39. They sprang aside, hesitated a moment, and then turned tail and fled.

  40. They had hardly started, when Mr. Brackett turned to Glen and asked him if he had been to breakfast.

  41. Villa and gardens still remain, but monarchs have ceased to visit Portici since the days of Bomba, and the old royal demesne has been turned into an agricultural college.

  42. And miracle it truly was in the eyes of the people of Portici, when it was observed that the snow-white hands of their popular Madonna had turned black in some mysterious manner during the night hours.

  43. Sadly deserted appear to-day the historic buildings, which are fast falling into hopeless decay; even the large domed church of the Castle has been desecrated and turned into a stable.

  44. After subduing the southern half of Italy and the island of Sicily, the great Duke next turned his victorious arms against the Eastern Empire, with the secret intention, it was suspected, of ascending the throne of Constantine.

  45. As she again turned toward the enemy, the forward mast was shot away.

  46. The commander turned about and sent over his little canoe; in this and in our own canoe, in which two men could sit at each trip, we first transferred the sick.

  47. Sometimes, when I was positive that a furious cannonade coming from a certain position was German, it turned out to be French.

  48. Mr. Bryan's views, turned into a national policy, would mean national suicide.

  49. That was the French d'Ibreville, toward which we now turned at once.

  50. Several residents of Crookhaven turned out and went along the shore, keeping a sharp lookout.

  51. There were several dozen little white clouds vividly outlined against the blue before the French machines, all untouched, turned back toward their own lines.

  52. We turned our glasses on the other end of the village.

  53. But in 1904 the Democratic leaders, tired of defeat, turned desperately to the opposite wing of the party.

  54. None of the candidates before the convention was dominating or really of Presidential size; the convention was deadlocked for many ballots, and at last it turned to Bryan and nominated him.

  55. Oh, bells of Portsmouth Town, Oh, bells of Portsmouth Town, You rang of peace upon the seas Before the leaves turned brown.

  56. She turned and smiled; and he saw only the smile, not the swift, decisive battle against the onset of tears: she smiled, and he was too far away to see the swimming eyes.

  57. Mahomed-El-Gebel, the guardian of the Holy Yhiordes, had turned up, and the band was beginning to play.

  58. Truly his blood had turned to water, and he was worthy of death.

  59. He mentally turned it over and over as physically he was wont to do with post-cards left in his care to mail.

  60. He dismissed the ice-cold hand and turned again to the comforting warmth of his ardor.

  61. And when Mahomed turned his attention to this phase, why, he, Ryanne, would be at the other side of the Atlantic.

  62. For if George Percival Algernon Jones was a lonely young man, it was the result of his own blindness; whereas Fortune Chedsoye turned hither and thither in search of that which she never could find.

  63. He passed on, turned the corner, and strode toward his home, ecstasy thrilling his heart.

  64. And once he rose and turned on the lights to assure himself that the old Yhiordes was not a part of these vivid dreams.

  65. Jones was all right, solid and substantial, but the other two turned it into ridicule.

  66. I was turned loose at ten; been hustling ever since.

  67. Then he turned the palm upward and kissed it, lightly and loverly; and she drew it across his face, over his eyes, till it left in departing a caress upon his forehead.

  68. He kissed her hand, turned quickly, and went over to his blanket.

  69. She drained the cup, and as she turned to replace it upon the tray, dropped it with a clatter, a startled cry coming from her lips.

  70. They turned back into the enervating atmosphere of the winter-garden, and came suddenly face to face with Sir Timothy, who had escorted a little party of his guests to see the fountain, and was now returning alone.

  71. Wilmore's hand was in his pocket but the man turned deliberately away.

  72. She turned away from the rail and threw herself back in her chair.

  73. He made a little grimace, but lit a cigarette and turned up his coat collar.

  74. Francis bowed and turned away with a murmured word of polite assent.

  75. Sir Timothy turned over his cigarette to look at the name of the maker.

  76. Sir Timothy made his way to one of the pillars by its side and turned around to face the little company of his guests.

  77. The three other young men all turned around from the bar.

  78. It seemed to her that her friend had turned a little paler.

  79. Wilmore acquiesced willingly enough, but even as they turned towards the door Francis realised what was in store for him.

  80. He paid his respects to the two ladies and Francis, and turned a little eagerly to Sir Timothy.

  81. The little backwater into which they had turned seemed to terminate in a bed of lilies whose faint fragrance almost enveloped them.

  82. They heard Sir Timothy's voice a few yards away, and turned to look at him.

  83. Come, Marion, we must not keep our friend from his duties," said Mr Drew, nodding pleasantly to Miles as he turned away.

  84. He turned his back on his father's house, and caused the stones to spurt from under his heels as he walked rapidly away.

  85. He turned into the first street he came to, and then went forward as fast as was consistent with the idea of an artisan in a hurry.

  86. Without another word he turned and strode away as fast as his long legs could carry him.

  87. He turned just in time to divert the first spear-thrust, but not in time to draw his own long knife from its sheath as he fell.

  88. But it turned out to be a serious occasion to our hero, for it cost him one of his hands, and put an end to his soldiering days for ever.

  89. Sad thoughts filled the mind of our young soldier as he returned to the fort, but the sadness was soon turned to indignation when he got there.

  90. Naturally these thoughts turned his mind to his own case.

  91. As Miles came up, the younger lady turned round so as to present her full face to him.

  92. Then they turned back to back; Moses and Simkin did the same, and thus formed a little impromptu rallying square.

  93. Thus ordered a second time, Sutherland obeyed and turned the handle.

  94. He started along the trail by which the boys had reached the tree but presently turned back.

  95. He turned in time to see the half-breed rolling great stones against the mouth of the narrow opening by means of which he had entered.

  96. The bears sniffed at the blood stains where the boy had lain on the floor, and turned fierce eyes on the figure by the fire.

  97. Antoine threw an angry glance at the provoking youngster, but soon turned to Will once more.

  98. The tracks in the deep snow showed that he had turned in the direction of the cavern which the boys had known to their cost that morning.

  99. With the final pressure on an elbow Will turned a foot to the right and the Little Brass God opened exactly in the center.

  100. Without speaking a word, the two men who had been found in the cavern, turned and followed him.

  101. The boy heard him rolling rocks along the cavern floor and against the opening, and turned away hoping to find some other means of egress.

  102. He turned white and for a moment felt dizzy and faint.

  103. Then he turned to, the boys and shook his head gravely.

  104. I might get a bullet in my coco when I turned the angle of the house!

  105. Sandy stuck his head out of the entrance and turned his searchlight on the new-comer.

  106. Oje accompanied them part of the way and then much to their regret, turned back.

  107. As he bent over the teapot, a familiar sound caught Will's ears and he turned his head aside to listen.

  108. If it had been opened at all, the trick was turned by a man who understood the combination.

  109. The Indian gave a grunt of assent, and at once turned toward the river.

  110. At that moment, as he turned a bend in the walk, he caught sight of Roy.

  111. He then turned to Stockley, saying: "I must say that we are obliged to you for your candor.

  112. As the two friends were passing him he turned his knees aside for them to do so and took Roy's hand and gave it a warm squeeze.

  113. Many heads were momentarily turned in the direction whence the sound had come.

  114. At the sound of his voice, they all, with Roy in the center, turned and faced Garrett as he stood two or three feet away.

  115. But," continued Roy with some hesitation, which his father did not fail to notice, "affairs turned out so differently from what I expected.

  116. He took one long look at the placid face of his dead sister, and turned away, going out into the open air of the warm night.

  117. Such a thing would be impossible for impecunious me," and the speaker turned his empty trousers' pockets inside out, and spun around on his heel.

  118. He turned suddenly to encounter the angry infirmarian.

  119. The trees had burst their buds, and the winter bareness of landscape had been once more turned into a thing of beauty.

  120. When he realized the force of the catastrophe which had happened to him he turned ghastly pale.

  121. The boys turned back into the yard, and the President went to his office.

  122. To add to the mystery Stockley and that boy Smithers, who had turned his pockets inside out in proof of his impecuniosity, were also spending considerable money, although a much less amount than Garrett.

  123. As Kosinski turned the door handle a woman stepped forward with her finger to her lips.

  124. They both turned their eyes on me as I stood on the door-step pulling the bell handle, and I saw a stupid grin overspread the countenance of the Limpet.

  125. Yoski lived in a turning off the Mile-End Road, but anxious to give no inkling as to my destination, I turned in the opposite direction, and after a lengthy détour stopped at my own door.

  126. During this repast I took an animated part in the conversation, which turned on recent books and plays.

  127. Slowly I moved towards the door, my eyes fascinated by the rigid lines of the sheet covering the dead woman; slowly I turned the handle and walked down the mean wooden staircase into the mean suburban street.

  128. After a time Giannoli turned to me: "I will write to you as soon as I reach Lisbon, Isabel, and let you know how I am getting on.

  129. Doctor Armitage, always eager for converts, turned his undivided attention to me.

  130. Carter and Simpkins turned up at the office one afternoon very much in earnest about it all and persuaded that a little British grit was what was needed in Cuba, "to keep things humming.

  131. Suddenly he seemed to wake to a sense of reality, and turned sharply round to me.

  132. But when she looked across the desk, the eyes had no appeal, the Search Light had turned on him.

  133. The young bureaucrat turned short on his heel and strolled down the Ridge Trail, with an air that only a bureaucrat, a very young bureaucrat, and a very cheap one could possibly wear.

  134. He shot, in quick succession, three times, his hand fumbling, his sight turned aside.

  135. Something in the old frontiersman's widening eyes and glowering brows stopped the flow of valor; and Sheriff Flood dragged his exhausted virtue across to the log with some difficulty as to knees and elbows, got himself turned round and seated.

  136. Matthews' ruddy face had turned livid; his blood-shot eyes were dark ringed.

  137. And when I turned to work the hoist, the Indian woman was nowhere to be seen.

  138. The high falsetto announced the Missionary's boy of twelve, who promptly turned a hand spring over the slab bench, never pausing in a running fire of exuberant comment.

  139. When the Senator turned his face to the handy man, he was very sober.

  140. Y'r own mother's people turned against y'r father for th' part he took in th' Rebellion.

  141. When the outlaw drovers had turned and galloped into the blue slashed gully of the opposite mountain, the Ranger had observed that their only remaining pack horse was white, an old dappled white running with a limp.

  142. A moment later, the yellow buck board had rattled down the River road, and her father did what he had never done before, he turned and lightly waved his hat.

  143. But this boon requires to be jealously guarded and sheltered from abuse, or its honey will be turned into gall.

  144. There is an objectivity in this inquiry, though it is turned inward, that contrasts strongly with the investigation of shadowy sentiments.

  145. Thus at last our attention is turned from earth to heaven, from man to God.

  146. It is time we turned to another side of the question.

  147. It suggests that the grandeur which could be so easily turned to humiliation must have been somewhat tawdry at best.

  148. The Divine inheritance has been turned over to strangers.

  149. The poet having once turned to the refuge of prayer never altogether forsakes it.

  150. She is at once the object of general observation; every eye is turned towards her; and curiosity is only succeeded by ill-concealed disgust.

  151. He turned to the chief of the police and inclined his head.

  152. Nervously the big brown eyes turned from me to fall upon his possessions.

  153. We flashed into a hamlet, turned at right angles, missed a waggon by an inch and flung up a frightful track towards a farm.

  154. Believing it to be another dream, I turned over and shut my eyes.

  155. I turned to the custodian and took out a fifty-franc note.

  156. Its site, its bulwarks, however, turned the church into a castle.

  157. And, with that, I hooked my cane to the delinquent's collar and turned away.

  158. The rush of the cool air was more than freshening, and I turned up her coat collar and fastened the heavy fur about her throat.

  159. Then he let fall her fingers and turned about, flushing furiously.

  160. As we passed out of the gate, a sudden thought came to me, and I turned back.

  161. For the next sixty minutes he planked still more solemnly on the ones that had turned up least often.

  162. Berry put on his hat, cocked it, and turned to me.

  163. Imagine that all the francs in the world have turned into herrings.

  164. He turned nocht, na na mar langage maid; In raid battaill the king to Sulway raid, With mekill payn, fast vpon Ingland cost, Fyfty thousand in that trawaill he lost.

  165. The Bruce him myssyt as Wallace passyt by, Awkwart he straik with his scharp groundyn glawe, Sper and horsscrag in till sondyr he drave; Bruce was at erd or Wallace turned about.

  166. Quhen that the Bruce out off thair heryng wer, 455 He turned in, and this question can sper: “Quhy wyrkis thow thus, and mycht in gud pess be?

  167. Out off thair sycht, in till a forest syd, He sat him doun wndyr ane ayk to bid; His bow and suerd he lenyt till a tre, In angwyss greiff, on grouff so turned he.

  168. The wach turned in to witt quhat was his will; He thaim commaund in couert to bide still: “And we call, Feyr!

  169. Indeed, I was relieved that the indescribable something, which men sometimes in that condition feel, turned me away.

  170. The Professor turned to the boys and asked them whether the natives had guns, and they answered that when they were captured they saw a half dozen old weapons, but had never used them, as, apparently, there was no ammunition.

  171. An ample supply of food was then instantly set before us, and Tom went up to the chief, and tried to tell him what the instrument was for, and turned the hands to midday to show how it would tell the time of day.

  172. The approach was so unexpected that in spite of their efforts, the team could not be turned around before their approach was heralded throughout the tribal village.

  173. When one of them turned to discharge his arrow, John raised his gun to his shoulder, as each of them had taken one of the reserve guns, but before he could fire, the native turned and followed his companions, leaving the chief to his fate.

  174. He turned up a number of brass balls which he gave to Chief.

  175. They finally turned from their conference, and without a word or sign opened hostilities with a volley of arrows.

  176. But Harry mischievously turned it, and then it dawned on the Chief that it was simply a perfect representation of himself.

  177. But since alum and vitriol were substances capable of being turned to baneful uses, he thought that possibly it was a case of a criminal design clumsily executed.

  178. They both came to light in the rubbish dug out during the construction of the bastion afterwards turned into a garden for the governor.

  179. The brigands have only turned aside: every man must remain under arms.

  180. At this moment there had collected in the outskirts of Paris those troops whose presence was in the sequel so skilfully turned to account by the orators of the Palais-Royal.

  181. Saint-Mars ate with his prisoner, who had his back turned to the windows of the dining-hall looking on the courtyard.

  182. Some devoted themselves to carpentry, turned wood, made small articles of furniture.

  183. My rage against the despots was turned to despair.

  184. It seems as though under the Regency everything at the Bastille turned on love--a reflection of the epoch itself.

  185. An inquiry was made which turned out not unfavourable to the keeper, and he was left with the prisoner.

  186. I am not likely to forget it," he replied, and then he turned away abruptly and left her.

  187. She turned away from him and sank down again on the couch, looking up at him with the tears gathering in her tired blue eyes.

  188. Lamien pushed back the portieres and, walking rapidly across the library, turned as she reached the open door and looked back.

  189. Good-bye," he said sadly, and turned from her.

  190. He turned away slowly, and, drawing Dick's hand within his arm, led her to the carriage that stood some little distance down the street.

  191. Well, he certainly hasn't turned out an angel," answered George, in his slow fashion.

  192. Were not all those cruel faces turned upon him, those hundreds of eyes peering with wonder and delight at him?

  193. The hot summer sun beating in through the bare windows fell across a sea of expectant, excited faces, all turned in one direction, towards the slight, dark, upright figure seated within the railed off space.

  194. She had turned her head away as he spoke, and taken one of the yellow roses from the vase.

  195. As he did so he turned his head slowly towards her, and in the dark haggard face, the burning feverish eyes, Olga beheld the countenance of Vladimir Mellikoff!

  196. The officers had cast but one glance at her tense, pale face, then turned their eyes away.

  197. Then it was that he turned and cast that comprehending glance at the two in the distant observatory.

  198. As he waited for the line, which was "busy," he turned and sternly surveyed her.

  199. He turned his cigar in his hand and looked intently at it as he reflected that this woman had already done harm enough in his life.

  200. Even the glance of her dimmed eyes was a caress as she fondly turned them toward the child.

  201. So dull he was, so unaccustomed to blocks and turnings and city squares, that after an interval of futile explanation the stranger turned out of his way and walked a short distance with him.

  202. He rose and turned with his easy, lithe grace towards the gun-rack, but Briscoe sat still in pondering dismay.

  203. The scanty population of the district turned out to the last man.

  204. His literal eyebrows went up to an angle of forty-five degrees; he turned his belittling eyes on Mrs. Marable, as if she were a very inconsiderable species of wren, suddenly developing a capacity for disproportionate mischief.

  205. He flushed deeply, then turned pale with excitement.

  206. This scarecrow turned out to be an Italian marquis; and no doubt the singularity of his smoking apparatus was of a piece with the singularity of his attire.

  207. He was looking across the lawn when a sudden alertness came into the scene; the silk-hatted line of callers stepped aside; those who were seated arose; newspaper correspondents turned with vigilant ears.

  208. A member of the Russian Embassy turned to his companion--a distinguished visitor from the Court of St. Petersburg: "What would a peasant say to the Czar?

  209. When the road turned there was a light high ahead and a moment later the two men entered the cabin.

  210. The President gazed intently as the old man wiped the window pane, nodded his head, and turned to face the table.

  211. Description would but tire my Muse; In short, they both were turned to Yews.

  212. Then softly turned aside to view, Whether the lights were burning blue.

  213. That Time sits with his scythe to mow Where erst sat Cupid with his bow; That half your locks are turned to grey; I'll ne'er believe a word they say.

  214. Then Lucan threw a lance; but AEsculapius came unseen and turned off the point.

  215. Where, soon discovering how high the quarrel was likely to proceed, he tried all his arts, and turned himself to a thousand forms.

  216. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "turned" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    bad; blown; foul; gamy; high; off; rancid; rank; rotten; sour; soured; stale; strong; tainted; unpalatable

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    turned about; turned abruptly; turned again; turned and; turned around; turned aside; turned back; turned down; turned from; turned himself; turned his; turned into; turned loose; turned out; turned over; turned pale; turned quickly; turned sharply; turned suddenly; turned the; turned toward; turned towards; turned under; turned unto; turned upon; turned upside